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Nokia Releases Android Smartphone in America – Now official announced

Nokia Releases Android Smartphone

Nokia Releases Android Smartphone. Nokia confirms the release of their new Android powered smartphones for America. Three smartphones are going to released now. HMC has confirmed the news in Mobile World Congress.  Follow us to know the details.

Nokia Releases Android Smartphone in America

From a long time we are hearing about the Nokia return in the Smartphone world. The news is now confirmed by Nokia for the three smartphones. All three smartphones are powered by Android OS. The release will start from America.

The announcement was made in Mobile World Congress. During the session in Mobile World Congress, HMC the parent company of Nokia has announced the news. The main focus is to divert the mobile phone user to smartphones. All the three smartphones are designed on the same goal. The name of these three phones are Nokia 3, Nokia 5 & Nokia 6.

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Nokia 5 is a cheaper version of Nokia 6.While Nokia 6 is featured by Snapdragon 430, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a 5.5 inch 1080p screen and micro SD support for extra storage.

Nokia Releases Android Smartphone
Nokia Releases Android Smartphone

The launch of these three phones are confirmed from the Nokia’s official twitter account on 22nd march. The development team of these phones have confirmed that the phones will run the basic android OS with the security updates released by Google.

How to get Nokia 6 or Nokia 5

The biggest question that arises now is how & when the phone’s distribution will start. At present America is leaning on the subsidised phones, so how these Nokia phones will excel in the market.

HMC who is still a small company says that having Nokia’s name is going to give them a wide exposure. Those who don’t know about HMC. HMC is a small start-up company that is started in Finland with limited resources with them. According to the experts the move can be a risky one in terms of Marketing.

The safest marketing move can be selling online without SIM cards. This will let all the users to buy the phones worldwide & the exposure that HMC need can be given.

This post is written with some personal views too. There are many aspects that I don’t know. If you find any problem in the article please write us in the comment box.

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