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Uninstall Windows 10 pre-installed apps

How to remove pre-installed apps & other apps in Windows 10

This article is written for a basic problem that is caused by Windows update & the apps that come along with them. These apps keeps on degrading the PC's performance & battery life. In my opinion you must uninstall windows 10 pre-installed apps so that your PC could not contain

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UK demands encryption Backdoor

A terrorist in london used Whatsapp before the attack, UK demands encryption Backdoor

Again the technology is used for unfair means. WhatsApp which is sued to talk to friends & family is used by terrorist organisations too. The end to end encryption made by WhatsApp is used as hide out for the terrorist activities. Now UK demands encryption Backdoor for its prevention. UK demands encryption

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Messenger Live Location sharing

Facebook Messenger now enables a private live location sharing for one Hour

Facebook is improvising its quality features with more innovations. Some times the features are copied from somewhere , sometimes not. Well Facebook must have thought something about. Here we are going to tell you a new option that is messenger live location sharing on Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger Live Location Sharing Yes,

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Luna robot Robots Without Borders

Luna , a human like AI wants to be the most intelligent in future

Luna robot Robots Without Borders who is a human look alike robot thinks to be more intelligent than now. Luna is developed by a non-profit organisation name as Robots Without Borders. If you don't know about this, you can watch the demos & conversation of Luna on the Internet. Luna robot

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