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A New App for Android & iPhone Users by Pornhub in Snapchat Style

Pornhub Trickpics App

PornHub has released an app for Android & iPhone users to send nude selfie to your lover. Sending nude selfie is not the end of picture, you can use many filters to make enhancement in it. Here we present you Pornhub Trickpics App.

Pornhub Trickpics App

Pornhub will let you send selfie nude safely with your better half or your lover.

Using an app ade by the biggest pron entertainment website pornhub. The app features many snapchat like filters that will let you send the nude selfies to your dear ones safely. The app is inspired by Snapchat filters that is one of the most useful features.

Using this app user can enhance their breast & other private parts with 3D array animations. These filters convert the images into NSFW  to SFW & share them among your friends.

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There are wide variety of filters available in the app. The most popular filters are rouser Snake,” “Dick-In-A-Box,” “Dixelated,” “Magnum,” “Hand Solo,” “Big Wig” and “D-Moji” for penises, and “Big Blimpin,” “Knock Knockers” and “Mile Highs”.

Pornhub Trickpics App
Pornhub Trickpics App

According to Pornhub’s Vice President, Corey Price “Selfies have become a popular form of self-expression in today’s society,”.

Selfie is now a society’s identity. There are various selfies that are made popular like duck face, bathroom pose,  obligatory gym pic & the most secret Nude Selfie.

He also added that We are proud to announce our brand new app that provides graphic animation which overlays an image’s NSFW components to create SFW, shareable image.

“Our fans can now share sexy pics with a twist, in a fun way that evokes their creativity.”

How to use Pornhub TrickPics

The basic work of this app is as follows. You can take a selfie as you like or use a phone ‘s library & make various filters into it to have fun with your friends. And as the photo can be shared only the app of pornHub this gives the assurance that the picture can’t be shared anywhere else by mistake.

You can download the Pornhub Trickpics App can be downloaded from Android Play store or App store for iPhone users.

Check the video to see how it works.

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