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Chinese Engineer did not found any Girlfriend – Ended up in marrying a Robot girl

robot marriage

It is not a strange thing when Robots are slowing emerging in our society , when marrying a robot has become a real news. This  robot marriage news has come from China.

Chinese Engineer Married Robot Girl

Slowly we are surrounded by machines & machines are slowing replacing many human task. This has happened twice. First it happened in France. In France a lady started loving a 3-D printed Robot & end up engaging with him. She also announced her plan to marry the robot when the marrying a robot will be considered legal.

Following this incident, one more incident happened in China where an engineer named Zheng Jiajia married a Robot. Zheng Jiajia is a AI engineer who is also the designer of this robot.

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According to him , when he was pressurized by his family to get married he could not find any girl for him. After being tired of not finding a girl, he designed this Robot. This robot is named “Yingying” can identify Chinese characters & speak some words according to some actions.

robot marriage
robot marriage

Robot Marriage is the Future

He dated the robot for two moths & then he took her in the family gathering with him. After these formal introduction he took this to the next level & marries her. The marriage is not yet legalized by Chinese authorities.

The reports says that Zheng & his robot partner wore a black dress during his wedding as per the chinese traditions . The entry of Zheng & Yingying is like he carried the bride in his arms. The robot is not yet able to walk. Zheng says that in near future the robot will be upgraded by him to walk & do some household chores.

His official statemet says “My dream of making my own spouse finally came true. I want to see robots in every home, and ultimately I want to build a realistic robot girlfriend.”

Previuosly he worked for Huwei in 2014. After he quit the job & started a company called Brain of Things in his home town Hangzhou. Yingying is also the product of his company.

Many people says that this is just a publicity stunt that is made to popularize his start-up in the outer world.

According to him, By 2050 humans will be able to marry robots & live a happy life with these bionic creatures.

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