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Find Windows Activation Key

Find windows product key manually using CMD or Powershell & Windows registry

Find windows 7 product key from command prompt Here we are talking about the problem when we have to reinstall windows in our computer. This could be of any reason. This might happen because of any virus or you were using another operating system for some time & now want to

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How to see Hidden Friends List on Facebook Timeline

How to see hidden Facebook Friend List on Facebook Profile – Reveal Friends Extension

Facebook has become too much aware about all the aspects in security for a Facebook user. For example , you can hide the friends from others using the privacy settings. May this could restrict an ordinary person to stay away from your friend list. But there is way by which

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find the hidden phonebook of your Facebook account

How to find the hidden phonebook of your Facebook account – Facebook contact phone Numbers

Here we are going to provide you an application of Facebook that you do not know. Facebook can also be used to find phone numbers of your Friends. Facebook Friends Phone Number Search Facebook creates a record of all the e-mail address & phone numbers in the database to find a relevant

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Difference with Between Oppo R11 & R11 plus

Oppo R11 preview, Oppo r11 plus release date – Oppo R11+ specs, price in India

Oppo R11 preview, Oppo r11 plus release date - Oppo R11+ specs, price in India. Oppo has released the R11 & R11 plus in the press event of China in Shenzhen.The two phones are the successor of R series  which combines the design, quality, performance, camera & selfie features in it. Oppo

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How to play with fidget spinner in Google search?

Fidget Spinner Game in Google Search – Virtual wheel of fortune game in Google

Fidget Spinners are very popular in Social media feeds these days. There are various reasons for this. People have different response on it. Some are saying that the craze is gone now, others are still killing their time on it & watching it spinning. But the popularity of Fidget spinner has

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