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Get a detailed comparison report for the OS: Windows, Mac and Linux

The three operating systems that rule the PC world are – Windows, Mac, and Linux. But have you ever thought over that what sets them apart?? There are many other OS that exists in the PC World viz. Funtouch OS, Ubuntu (A version of Linux itself) and lot more. The famous ones are named above.

While many people would think to switch to other OS, they may not be well aware of the fundamental differences of these Operating Systems. Let us drive into them for looking one by one.

The Most Popular One: Windows

Launched in the year of 1985, Windows was an implementation of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) on the MS-DOS Operating System. Let us have a look at the differentiating features of the Windows.

  • Price: Usually costs in between $69.00 for students and $199.00 for the bigger industries depending upon the version of the same. The Pro Version of any Windows software would cost you around $199.99.
  • Developer, Manufacturer, and Distribution: Windows is developed, manufactured and distributed by Microsoft only.
  • User Community: Everyone
  • Update Methodology: Windows Update
  • Licensed by: Proprietary
  • File System Support: FAT, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT
  • Default User Interface: Graphical i.e. Windows Aero
  • Source Model: Closed / Shared updated
  • OS Family: DOS
  • Text Mode Interface: Command Prompt with Single Command Interpreter
  • Programming Language: Assembly Language, C and CPP (C++)
  • Target Audience: Personal and Business Individuals
  • Compatibility: Can coexist on local networks with Windows other Unix-like systems.
  • Reliability: Not too reliable as compared to other OS

Upcoming Player: Macintosh

If you consider the advent of the Macintosh OS, then it is even older than that of Windows. The Macintosh OS is the first successful GUI based OS, which was released before its Microsoft counterpart.

  1. Price: Not available in devices other than the Apple ones.
  2. Developer, Manufacturer, and Distribution: Apple
  3. User Community: Everyone
  4. Update Methodology: Apple Update
  5. Licensed by: Proprietary
  6. File System Support: APFA (Apple File System)
  7. Default User Interface: Aqua Graphical User Interface
  8. Source Model: Closed
  9. OS Family: iOS
  10. Text Mode Interface: Unix-command line
  11. Programming Language: Swift
  12. Target Audience: Everyone
  13. Compatibility: With all the Apple devices
  14. Reliability: Reliable than Windows but lesser than that of the Linux OS.

The Lesser Known: Linux

  • Price: F-R-E-E-E
  • Developer, Manufacturer and Distribution : Developed by Open Source development, manufactured by Linux community, and distributed by different vendors.
  • User Community: Everyone from home users to developers and other enthusiasts alike.
  • Update Methodology: Many like direct update or update with the downloaded software and lot more.
  • Licensed by: GNU General Public License
  • File System Support : Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, Jfs, ReiserFS, Xfs, Btrfs, FAT, FAT32, NTFS
  • Default User Interface: Gnome or KDE
  • Source Model: FREE Software
  • OS Family: GNU
  • Text Mode Interface : BASH (Bourne Again Shell) which is a default shell for Linux.
  • Programming Language:
  • Target Audience: Server to Personal
  • Compatibility: New version of Linux supports many kinds of hardware.
  • Reliability: More reliable than Windows.

Stats Regarding the Usage of the OS

The below stats would inform you about the total usage of the Internet using different OS and its platforms.

Your Call…!!!

Are you ready to switch? Perhaps yes, or maybe no!! Decide for and get a call for yourself.

Author Bio: Ashton Blagden is working as a Community Manager at Dealslands.co.uk  When He have leisure time, He utilizes that time in writing.

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