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What is a Backlink SEO & how it is useful in a website

Backlink SEO

Backlink is a very common term for a blogger or a website owner. If you don’t know much about Backlink SEO, you should read our content so that you would be able to use them for your website SEO.

What is Backlink SEO

Those who want their new blog or website to have a high ranking in google or any other search result should be aware about this. A link of another website in an article is considered as a backlink. A backlink SEO is a major factor in search ranking. A website with more backlinks ranks better in Google or any other search engine.

Terms in Baclink SEO

Here I am going to explain you some of those terms which are related to the backlink SEO concept.

Link Juice

If a website links to another website, say your website it passes a link juice. This link juice improves the ranking of an article & improves the domain authority. You can use a no-follow tag to stop the link juice.

No-follow tag

If a website has a no-follow tag, then the link will not produce link juice. You can use the no- follow tag when you don’t want bother the ranking of an article.  No follow tag will let you unconnected from a website which is not a reliable site.

Do-follow link

This works exactly the reverse of no-follow tag. It passes the link juice.

Linking Root Domain

It counts the unique domains that refer a backlink to your website. If a website created multiple backlinks to your site, then it will be considered as one backlink.

Low Quality Backlinks 

These backlinks are made by a low grade sites or low esteem sites such as porn sites. These backlinks will not help you & degrade your articles rank. If you are buying backlinks from somewhere then you should know about this concept.

Backlink SEO
Backlink SEO
Internal Links

The links which are placed in the a site to another page of same site are internal links . This process is called interlinking.

Use Anchor Tag

If a keyword is used to make a backlink, then the article will rank for the particular keyword used in anchor tag. This information can be sued wisely for ranking.

Advantages of a Backlink SEO in a Website Ranking

Earlier when the backlink concept was new, the low quality back links were also used to help for the ranking. After the Google penguin algorithm, there are some changes that every blogger must know.

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A backlink should be from a high quality domain. Second the backlink must be made in the relevant site. If a site like mine which focuses on technical niche creates backlinks in a food site, then the backlink will be of no use.

Now have a look on the benefits of having the backlinks SEO for a website

Improve Organic Rank

If a website has backlink from other websites then it will help you in getting more organic traffic & rank in search engines. It is recommended to make backlinks for a post with the heading of the article.

Faster Indexing

The search engine bots will discover the link & make better crawling for the website. If your website is a new one, then some backlinks will be helpful for you.

Referral Traffic

It helps to get a referral traffic for website. Referral traffic provides lower bounce rate to the website.

How to get Backlinks for a website

As I explained above that the number of backlinks do not matter, it is the quality of backlinks that matters. There are three methods that I know to create quality backlinks for a website.

  • Improve quality of articles
  • Comment on other Websites
  • Submit to web directories
Improve quality of articles

If you write good quality articles then there is a higher chance of getting good backlinks from other sites. Other sites will place the links in the website to refer on your site.

Comment on other Websites

A safe method of getting backlinks is to comment on someone’s article & place a link of your website in the comment. This will provide you link juice. A recent study has shown the use of no-follow tag does not matter in getting link juice for a backlink.

Submit to web directories

If you can find some good web directories which can help you for creating a backlink then you can use them for a backlink.

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That’s all for this article, I Hope the information given here is useful for you. Follow us on Facebook for more updates from us. Thank You.

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