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Why LiteCoin is a better than Bitcoin for Investment?

Why LiteCoin is a better than Bitcoin for Investment? – Know more about Altcoins in 2018

Hello friends, As i told you about the various crypto currencies day by day. If you haven't read them yet, then links are given here below. What I Bitcoin & how to invest in it? Read the three Golden Rules before you go to buy a Bitcoin Wallet What is

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What is Checksum in Linux?

How To Verify MD5 Checksum File in Linux Image (ISO) using Command Line

This post is aimed to explain the concept of Checksum (md5, sha256, & sha -1). The use of checksum in Linux & why it is used. What is Checksum in Linux? Checksum is a digital identity of a file. In other words you can say that Checksum is small size unit of

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Best companies to intern for software engineering internships

Best Tech Internship 2018 – Companies for internship computer science for College Students

Internship in a company is mostly considered with an unpaid job where the intern is just doing some unusual jobs in the company without being paid by the company. This could be true in some industries but not in the Silicon Valley. Best companies to intern for software engineering internships This article

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Monero cryptocurrency

List of cryptocurrencies by market cap – Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018

 Bitcoin is the most popular Crypto currency in the World. After the cyber attack i.e. Bitcoin has gain more popularity than any other crypto currency. Due to this there are so many alternatives of Bitcoin that are not known to more people. Top cryptocurrency list Other than Bitcoin The currencies which are

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What Is Bitcoin Gold

What Is Bitcoin Gold & Why Bitcoin is splitting again – An Introduction to Bitcoin Gold

In August 2017, we have seen that the Bitcoin was split into a new new name called Bitcoin Cash. Currently the Bitcoin has focused on High Speed & volume of Transaction. The Block size is increased to 8 MB & SegWit2x proposal is removed. Now, Bitcoin is splitting once more i.e.

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