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How to use Pen drive as RAM for gaming – Convert USB as RAM in your PC

How to use Pen drive as RAM for gaming

Hello my Techy friends ,I am back with a new trick that can let you use your Pen drive as RAM. If you are facing low RAM in your PC & trying to increase RAM without spending on a new RAM, then use this RAM Booster trick. Using this trick your Pen drive will work as a RAM for your PC.

Yes it is Possible you can use yor USB drive as RAM in your computer. If your PC’s RAM is out of memory on all times then you have to buy a new one. But if the shortage of RAM only happens for some special applications. you can use this trick & use that application software smoothly.

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Convert USB as RAM in your PC – RAM Booster trick

The method is very simple as the method works for Windows Users only. It is generally called RAM boosting or USB. To do this simple trick you need to follow these steps. After you will complete these steps your PC will provide better graphics & memory & help boosting your RAM while playing games of high graphics.

How to use Pen drive as RAM for gaming
How to use Pen drive as RAM for gaming
  1. Format your Pen Drive as if it empty then also. If there is any data make a backup of your data.
  2. Now right click on Pen drive & select Properties.
  3. A window will open up.
  4. In this Window Click ReadyBoost & set the maximum space as your RAM & click on “Use This Device”.
  5. Click on Apply & click on OK & to use your pen drive as RAM.

Now its done Enjoy your Games.

How to use Pen drive as RAM for gaming
How to use Pen drive as RAM for gaming
Note :- Never remove your Pen drive while using it as RAM otherwise it will crash or freeze your PC. But if it happens due to any reason , insert your Pen drive again & restart your PC , everything goes fine.
Now to reserve your pen Drive back to normal just reverse all the setting done before. Open ReadyBoost in Properties & click on Do not use this device.

Now it’s back to normal acting as a storage device.

Why you should not use Pen drive as RAM for gaming

  • Using your pen drive as RAM will shorten the life of pen drive. The number of write is limited in the case of apen drive.
  • If you use the Pendrive as RAM , the no. of write occur very fast & soon after using too many times, your pen drive will be dead

A strong recommendation to you by me is that buy a RAM if you are going to spend hours while using Pen drive as a RAM. While using High end software , use of Real RAM is better than any other thing.

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