Year: 2017

zcash cryptocurrency

What is Zcash | How it is better option than Bitcoin & How to mine ZCash

December 29, 2017

Zcash (ZEC) is a popular crypto currency like other crypto which we have already talk about in other previous articles. If you haven’t read them, then you can check these here. Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018 What is Ethereum? How Bitcoin Works Why LiteCoin is a better than Bitcoin for Investment? Read the three […]

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New Features in FrozenBox Parrot 3.10

Parrot 3.10 is released & available with New Security Patches , Updates & other features

December 16, 2017

Hello , friends,all of you who love Parrot Linux , I come up with a good news for you. Parrot Security OS has released a new version i.e. Parrot 3.10. This is the latest version of security oriented GNU / Linux distribution.Before reading this, you can see some useful articles of ours on Parrot OS […]

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Why LiteCoin is a better than Bitcoin for Investment?

Why LiteCoin is a better than Bitcoin for Investment? – Know more about Altcoins in 2018

December 15, 2017

Hello friends, As i told you about the various crypto currencies day by day. If you haven’t read them yet, then links are given here below. What I Bitcoin & how to invest in it? Read the three Golden Rules before you go to buy a Bitcoin Wallet What is Bitcoin Gold Best Cryptocurrency to […]

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Five Reasons why you Should Buy a VPN Right Now

Why Surfing Internet with a VPN is a good idea for anyone? – Why you Should Buy a VPN Right Now

December 14, 2017

Hello my fellow readers, as you have read the title you know what title we are talking today. Yes it’s VPN. Today I am going to tell you the uses of a VPN for an Internet user. In the digital world, the world has become a global village. A person sitting in any place can […]

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What is Checksum in Linux?

How To Verify MD5 Checksum File in Linux Image (ISO) using Command Line

December 10, 2017

This post is aimed to explain the concept of Checksum (md5, sha256, & sha -1). The use of checksum in Linux & why it is used. What is Checksum in Linux? Checksum is a digital identity of a file. In other words you can say that Checksum is small size unit of data in a […]

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