Month: January 2017

Whatsapp tricks

Whatsapp tricks & techniques in 2017 –

January 26, 2017

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging app in the world. Because of it popularity whatsapp has millions of users who use the app at least one time in a day. Whatsapp. In this article , I will be telling you some whatsapp tricks which will be helpful to you as a whatsapp user. […]

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virus infection

How to remove virus infection by Command prompt in Windows 10 – Delete Trojan using Cmd

January 21, 2017

You can delete the virus from the computer via command prompt. This can also remove the virus infection from the drive. This can be a little longer process but it is more effective in some of the cases where antiviruses fail to do it. Know what damage a virus could do to your Laptop or […]

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DOS commands

Useful DOS Commands You Should Know – Helps you to become computer expert

January 15, 2017

DOS is one of the underrated operating system. As it is a very powerful operating system. If you know about the commands that can be used to do some very great stuff. The knowledge of these DOS commands will help you in the your daily life as well as in the hacking world. Some of […]

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pen drive bad sector

How to clean bad sector in pen drive – Remove pen drive bad sector

January 15, 2017

Many times when our pen drive becomes more usable then the windows would pop-up the error regarding bad sector. As your pen drive¬†becomes older & the sector of pen drive contains some bad sector. These sector keep ¬†on increasing with the period of usage of pen drive. Pen drive Bad sector are those sectors which […]

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How to save Instagram Photos in your Device

January 12, 2017

Facebook has acquired whatsapp & instagram. You know everything about these two applications. Whatsapp is the mostly used messaging service in the mobile phones. Instagram is the application mostly used for the photo sharing.Most of us want to know about how a photo can be saved in our device for offline use. Read here to […]

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