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Mozilla Common Voice Speech Recognition project 

Mozilla Open Source Speech Recognition System Project Named Common Voice asks for Volunteer voice

A new open source project named Common voice has been launched by Mozilla. This project is based on speech recognition system where online volunteers are invited to submit the voice samples of them & validate the samples. The aim is to collect ten thousand samples of voice for speech recognition

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Fappening 2.0 is still not in control – Private pictures of Sarah Hyland Star of Modern Family were leaked

Fappening 2.0 is not stopped yet, the new victim of this creepy thing is Sarah Hyland. The private pictures & videos are posted on a website named as Celeb Jihad. Sarah is going to make legal actions on the Website for posting such content on the International platform. The real

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21 years old Vulnerability Kerberos dubbed Orpheus’ Lyre

21 years old Vulnerability Kerberos dubbed Orpheus’ Lyre – Patch is now Developed for both Windows, Mac & Linux Distros

A bug has been discovered in Kerberos Network by a team of security researchers in Network Authentication protocol. It is named as Orpheus’ Lyre. This bug is related to man in the middle attack attack which can lead to steal security info. The fixes has been developed in the form of patches. Kerberos

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Facebook Stories Feature -  Stay Aware if you are Stalker on Facebook 

What is Facebook Stories and how does it work? – Creepers & stalkers must be aware of Facebook Stories Update

Today I am here to tell your something about Facebook. Those who are always watching the profile of anybody to collect information from people's profile. It is a very common practice done by many people to check the details of someone who we don't know properly. Facebook Stories Update - How

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