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Read the three Golden Rules before you go to buy a Bitcoin Wallet – How do you Get a Bitcoin Wallet

best local bitcoin / bitcoinx wallet download app login in android. Also check hot and cold wallet 

Bitcoins are one of the most popular asset which people are preferring nowadays. I have written a small article which has given some basics of bitcoin.  What Is A Bitcoin , All About Buy & Selling

How to Invest in Bitcoin 2018 (Updated) – Can I make Money with Bitcoin?

Before you Invest in Bitcoin
Before you Invest in Bitcoin

As you are reading this, I am sure that you have decided that you are ready to invest in Bitcoin. Here we are going to tell you some of the tips that will help you to choose a Bitcoin wallet. As you know that there is so many variety of Bitcoin wallets , that confuses a person to choose one from them.

But if you will keep the following points in your mind while choosing , then you will be in profit as always.

Note :- The information is based on the basics of Bitcoin wallets , but the principles are useful in other crypto currency as well.

What is a Bitcoin Wallet ? – Types of Crypto Wallets

Bitcoin wallet is a program that helps the person to exchange bitcoins in a easy & simple way. For example , we use E-mail service to manage our sent & received e-mails.

As we now knew about Bitcoin Wallet, now we should be heading to the concept of private key. A Private key is a long string contains text & numbers which becomes the password to the bitcoins.

How to Use Bitcoin Private Key ?

This private key is the key of your Treasure of Bitcoin wallet. This helps you to access your bitcoins in a secure manner. The private key must not be shared with anyone , as they can steal your bitcoins by the private key.

How to Use Bitcoin Private Key
How to Use Bitcoin Private Key

Nowadays wallets uses a seed phrase other than long cumbersome private key. This changes the private key into a 12 to 24 random words which acts as a private key. This simplifies the process in a very efficient way, but this also gives more chance to steal the private key. Always remember that the Private key must not be known to other person.

After reading the above para, you now know that the private key or seed phrase is the most important part of a bitcoin wallet. The private key can be used to restore your bitcoin wallet in case your wallet is stolen or destroyed.

Let’s learn to choose a Wallet.

How to Choose a Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Cold Storage

If you are storing a large number of bitcoins, then Cold storage wallet must be used. Cold Storage wallet are not connected to Internet. Nobody will be able to hack your wallet remotely & steal your bitcoins.

There are some of the examples of cold storage wallets.

Paper Wallets :– Here you can store your private key on a sheet of paper. The key is only stored in the paper & to steal the key someone needs to see that paper. The only problem is that life of paper is not so much & it gets corrupted easily or can be lost.

The other limitation of a paper wallet is that you can only receive Bitcoins & no way to send them. If you want to send the bitcoins to somewhere, then you need to connect to the paper wallet to digital wallet by importing the private key. This will allow you to process your transactions.

Bitcoin USB Wallets / Hardware Bitcoin Wallets

Hardware wallets :- The hardware wallets are the most common paper wallets. The physical device hold the private key for the user. During the transaction, this device need to connected to your computer & complete your transaction with the desired amount.

Bitcoin USB Wallets
Bitcoin USB Wallets

The hardware wallet will verify the transaction digitally & broadcast it to the network. The hardware wallet is a secure device that creates a safe handle while user completes the transaction. Th technical details of the security is not written here but the basic can be known.

The hardware wallet is the best alternative for Bitcoin wallet security which provides security as well as ease of use. The most popular companies which produces hardware wallets are TREZOR and Ledger.

The cost of hardware wallet is very high as compared to other alternatives. This is suitable to those who have a good amount of bitcoin. You can easily afford the hardware wallet as it gives the best way to secure your wallet.

Hot Wallets or Software Wallet

The next option is a less secure but is more faster than the first one i.e. Hot wallets. A hot wallet is a wallet which is connected to the Internet in some way. This wallet is installed in a mobile phone , laptop or hosted in a website.

Hot wallets can be hacked in general. There must be less amount that should be kept in these wallets. The value must be less. The number depends on your financial status. The amount should be less that you can afford to get stolen. For someone , this amount can be $100 & for someone it could be 1000.

Types of Hot Wallets

Hot wallets are classified into two types. Let’s check both of them.

  • Web wallets :- These wallets holds the coins for you. You can’t get the access for the private key & you are totally dependant on the wallet issuer. The examples of such wallets are exchanges, gambling sites or anyone who don’t provide you any access to the private key.
  • Self-hosted wallets :- Here you download the program in your personal device i.e. Desktop , tablet or mobile. The private key is stored in the device. You will get the full control on your bitcoins but the risk of losing is also equal.  If your device is stolen or broken, then your access to the bitcoins will be gone. To avoid such situation , you should create a wallet backup.

Backup & Restore the Private Key of a Bitcoin Wallet

The most important security measure for having a bitcoin wallet is to create a backup for the same. In other words , you should create a copy of your private key /seed phrase.

The backup of your Private key must be kept in a piece of paper or in a digital storage. But the backup should be kept secret & offline. The unauthorised access to the private key can result in losing of the bitcoins.

We hope , that this information must be quite helpful for all the readers who are trying to get the required awareness before they start investing in the same. This is completed for now.

We will be back with some more information about Crypto currencies. You can share this with your friends to let them know more about this. Thank You.

Yubico Yubikey Neo security key Review – Working and Features of Yubico Lastpass

Read Yubico key , Yubico Neo and lastpass. Also check for Yubico iPhone and detailed review. You can also see the features and working of Yubikey security key.

U2F is an open authentication standard which helps Internet users to securely access multiple online services with a single security key. regradless of any software or hardware dependency.

yubikey key Neo working and features
yubikey key Neo working and features

U2F is a key which is created by Google and Yubico from NXP. It mainly aims to provide strong public key crypto to the market. The technicalities of U2F are hosted by the open authentication industry consortium i.e. FIDO Alliance.U2F is used by many tech giant companies Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox, GitHub,, the UK government, and many more.

Origin Binding:  Defense against Phishing

A Yubikey is used to outbound the login process.. With U2F, you can authenticate your online accounts with key. The authentication is done on the legit sites. If a phishing attack will be done , then the login won’t be done. This prevents the various hacking attacks done on the various phishing attacks and stops account takeovers.

U2F Advantages

  1. Strong security :- Using public key crypto , a strong two factor authentication is done to create protection phishing, session hijacking, man-in-the-middle, and malware attacks.
  2. Easy to use :- U2F can be used in any platform or browsers i.e. Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla. It enables quick authentication to any number of services, there is no codes or drivers to install.
  3. High privacy  :-  It provides better security and control to your online accounts. User can get the multiple identity which is never associated with the identity. U2F creates a new pair of keys for each service and the service stores the public key. This approach helps to prevent key to leak between service providers.
  4. Multiple choices :- It provides standard flexibility and product choice. It is designed for phones and computers with different communication methods (USB and NFC).
  5. Cost-efficient :- User can buy an U2F online. It provides free and open source server software for back end integration via Yubico Developer Program.
  6. Electronic identity :- In organizations, there is a need of higher level of identity assurance. With service providers , you can bind your U2F Security Key to your real government issued identity.

Working of Yubikey

There are multiple functions of a Yubikey which helps to provide access to the e-mail , apps and the physical spaces. Yubikey is a universal key which needs no software installation or a power. It works on plug and play.
Yubikey provides security which is more than just a password now. There is no username and password to hack only the physical key.

Features of a Yubico Key

Yubico One-Time Password (OTP) :- Yubikey generates an encrypted password which can be used only once. Yubikey require a physical access to hack the online accounts to get the OTP. This feature is available on every YubiKey except the U2F Security Key.


Yubico generates a 6 or 8 digit OTP password to log in to the service. This supports OATH HOTP authentication standard. This is an event where each an every time new password will be generated for each event. The OATH-HOTP feature is available on every version of YubiKey except the U2F Security Key.

Prevent , Secure Facebook Hack from getting hacked by Hackers

Prevent facebook password and avoid facebook hack with mobile security

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. Everyone of us must be having their accounts on it. Your accounts be prevented from being hacked by hackers if you follow these simple tricks to prevent Facebook hack.

Tips to prevent Facebook password from getting hacked by Hackers

If you talk about the security in Facebook then it is very good & secured.A Facebook cannot be hacked , but this statement is 99% correct. What about the rest 1%, some accounts on Facebook were hacked. In this article we will provide some security measures that will prevent your account to be hacked by someone. To prevent Facebook hack please read them carefully & follow them properly.

The Most Simple methods to Secure Facebook are

  1. Secure Facebook Privacy Settings
  2. Protect my Facebook Account from Block
  3. Secure your Account Facebook Message
  4. Secure Facebook Profile Picture
  5. Secure Facebook Login

Methods to prevent Facebook Hack – Want to prevent criminals from hacking your Timeline?

  1. Using key logger :- A very effective way to get someone’s passwords. Key logger is a program that will record all the keystrokes entered by the user. This record can be send by the program through the network. This method is a very smart way to get someone’s passwords. This method can trap many computer professionals too. This can be prevented by  scanning flash drive, downloading legal software & get a good antivirus to detect & clean the system.
  2. Phishing:- This is also a method where the hacker creates a replica of a website & imply the user to enter his login Id & password. If a user do not have any knowledge of the replica page then he will enter his login details which will be send to the hacker & now the hacker can do anything to your Facebook account.To prevent Facebook account from these attacks you must keep some things in mind like:-
  • don’t use Facebook from someone else device.
  • Use Google chrome for identifying phishing.
  • Don’t follow the instructions of any e-mail who ask you to login to Facebook.

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  1. Session hijacking :- This attack is prone to http website & LAN , wireless networks. In this process hacker steals the cookie of the browser where the login process is done.As no Facebook protocol has been changed to https from http. This attack is not prone now.
  2. Saved password in browser :- We always save the login details in the browser of our device, these details can be seen by the password manager of the browser & taken out from it.
  3. Firesheep Hijacking :- This is tool that is used for many unethical purposes.This attack is similar to session hijacking but it is more specific to Wi-fi users.
  4. Hacking through mobile :- Facebook users use the website by their mobile devices. Some spying software are spying on the mobile devices so that the login details can be leaked. To prevent Facebook details to be leaked , you need to uninstall unethical apps. Another tip for the same is use only trust worthy apps that are to be installed from Google Play.
  5. DNS Spoofing :- If the hacker is on the same network then he can replace the web pages with his own web pages & get the access of their Facebook. Always secure the server against cache poisoning.
  • Manage the DNS servers
  • Use different server & separate authorization functionality.

Some Other Methods

  1. USB Hacking :- If a USB that has programmed to access the passwords of your browser. This can leak your privacy & left your device in a very hasty condition. Never use anyone else USB device without scanning for virus.
  2. Man in the middle attack :- It happens when the user & hacker are in the same LAN. Hacker act as a gateway between the server & the user. This false gateway will capture all the information from the user. The process can be prevented by using a good VPN service.
  3. Botnets :- This is a network of computer that are controlled by remote location. These botnets are expensive to setup & it tries to catch the passwords in the network. Use firewalls & strong passwords to be safe from these.
  4. Social engineering :- This techniques is based upon guessing password of your Facebook by gathering more & more information as possible. Be safe & don’t share your password or other details like birthday, mobile number , your gf/bf name etc that will help the hacker to guess your password.
  5. E-mail ID hacking :- The hacker is willing to access the e-mail ID that is connected to your Facebook. If he gets the access of your e-mail Id then he can easily reset the Facebook password & login to it. Use two step verification in your e-mail Id & strong password that are too private to be guessed by anybody.
  6. Hacking Wi-fi :- If you use a Wi-fi router to access Internet & use it to login your Facebook then you must keep a strong password so that it is less prone to be hacked.If someone hacked your Wi-Fi router then he can track all your Internet traffic & access your Facebook password.
  7. Log Out is Mandatory :- People login to their Facebook & do not log out after the use. If the Facebook session is stored in the browser then the person who is using it after you will check your account & can do any activity in it.

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These tips to prevent Facebook hack described here are correct up to my knowledge. If you any questions about them , then please let us know in the comment box. If you have any other information regarding Facebook hack then please tell us. Thank you.

Create your VIP Whatsapp No. with a USA Phone Number – Free virtual Number with WhatsApp

Whatsapp is the mostly used app in the Android as well as other platforms in India & other countries. There are so many features which do not let the app to be replaced by anyone. If you are a Whatsapp user then you should be knowing the hidden features of Whatsapp.

Free virtual Number with WhatsApp – Get free number for WhatsApp

This tutorial is the best Whatsapp trick of the year. After reading this you will be able to create a VIP number on Whatsapp in USA. The method is 100% working & fully tested. After creating a VIP Whatsapp USA number , you can fool your friends & prank on them.

How To Make Your WhatsApp VIP with USA Number – Whatsapp Fake Number 2017

To make a Whatsapp account with a US number legally, you can follow this tutorial. Most of the Tutorials that are on Internet are jut a waste of time. If you follow them then you will just waste the time & will get nothing.

This tutorial is tested by us. After following this you will be bale to create a VIP US number Whatsapp with +1 country code.

Create your VIP Whatsapp No. with a USA Phone Number
Create your VIP Whatsapp No. with a USA Phone Number

For this, you need to be a resident of a country which is other than US. Now just stay with us & follow the steps given so that you can achieve that you want to.

How Helpful it is

  1. This trick provides you better privacy.
  2. Your personal number can’t be seen & you can’t be traced.
  3. It nice to tell people that you have a USA number.

Steps to make your WhatsApp VIP no. with USA number (+1 Country Code)

  • This first step is to install this app in your phone. i.e. primo.
  • After installation, just open the app , complete the sigh up process & verify your original number with the help of OTP.
  • After the verification is done , tap the left corner of the app & see the end of the app where you can see the US numbers with +1 country code.
  • Note the US number that is allotted to you by the Primo app.
  • Now open your whatsapp number & verify the USA number with Whatsapp to verify it.
  • If you an android user then click on Call me Button to verify the number or if you are iPhone user, then wait for five minutes to see the call me button. The verification number will be given to you soon.
  • Now receive the call & enter the verification code.
  • It’s done now use your whatsapp number freely as you like.

Note :- Do not try to do anything unethical that means you can call someone for 25 minutes for free. We do not take any responsibility if you do any illegal activity using this trick Thank You.

Manjaro GNOME OS 17.1.12 Update & Screenshots -Manjaro KDE , GNOME , Architect

Download Manjaro mate, Manjaro xfce vs kde manjaro gnome & read Manjaro linux review and system requirements 

After the September release of Manjaro Linux 17.1.12, the developers of Manjaro have released the new updated Manjaro Linux 17.1.12. They released on the last day of 2018. So in 2018, you can start with new release by Manjaro.

The new Manjaro desktop oriented operating system was released by the Manjaro with a New year wish to all. The project leader i.e. Philip Muller has tried again with Xorg server v1.19.6.The other packages i.e. Firefox,Wine & GIMP. Some other updates are Manjaro Mesa-Stack, the dri/drm also changed.

Different versions of Manjaro 17.1.12

  • XFCE (it’s Manjaro’s flagship edition and it gets all the attention it deserves)

  • KDE


  • Manjaro-Architect ISO

Manjaro XFCE Edition (17.1.12)

The Manjaro Xfce desktop environment is a lightweight OS which aims to provide a faster and less resource consuming machine for the user. The Xfce is based on traditional UNIX modularity and re-usability.

There are so many features which provide good functionality of a modern desktop environment. You can can your own combination to create a personal working environment. The minimal ISO is a very basic selection of additional software for everyday usage.

Direct Download

Torrent Download

Manjaro KDE Edition (17.1.12)

This flavor of Manjaro Linux is a versatile desktop environment that provides different styles of menu to access the applications. It has an excellent built-in Interface to acces its new themes and widgets, etc ,from the internet.

The user friendly and flashy KDE is a resource intensive slower to start and uses a desktop environment like Xfce.

64 Bit installation

Manjaro 64 bit installation of KDE uses about 550MB of memory.

Direct Download

Torrent Download

Manjaro GNOME Edition (17.1.12)

The GNOME desktop environment is a part of GNU project, which aims to be simple and easy and fully accessible. The default display server is Wayland. The appearance is quite unique and very customizable and a variety of extensions is available from
Like KDE it uses more resources than Xfce.

Direct Download

Torrent Download

Manjaro-Architect ISO (17.1.11)

Now you can install any of the Manjaro’s official or community maintained edition or alternatively configure freely your custom built system with our console-based net-installer Manjaro-Architect.

The packages can be downloaded during the installation in the latest versions. This supports systemd, disk encryption and a variety of filesystems, including LVM and btrfs.

How to verify our install media

You have to read the user guide of Manjaro User Guide to verify the downloaded install media. Here you can also get the gpg verification and developer signature from Manjaro.


gpg --import manjaro.gpg
gpg --verify manjaro-xfce-17.1.12-stable-x86_64.iso.sig

Manjaro32 for 32-bit support

After Arch Linux has left the 32 bit support , Manjaro also followed their footsteps.  Besides Arch Linux 32 is still there as a community project & is also followed by Manjaro 32.

If you want more info on Manjaro, visit their official website. Write your comments , if you wanna add something here. Thank You.

Hello, Linux users!!!. Today we are going to review a fast growing linux distribution i.e. Manjaro Linux 17.0.2. This is the latest version of this distro by Manjaro Inc. If you are going to use this distros latest version then you can read our review & the features that are provided by them in the latest version.

Manjaro Linux 17.1.12 Download

The Manjaro developers have released a new version of this distro i.e. Manjaro Linux 17.1.12. This is one of the fastest growing linux distro. The release has include many package updates & security fixes.


The new version of Manjaro linux is based on Kernel 4.9. This version is featured with Plasma 5, Xorg v1.19, and Mesa Stack 17.1.3. You can download the Xfce , KDE & Gnome editions from the official website of Manjaro linux.

Features of Manjaro Linux 17.1.12

Manjaro Linux is a fast user friendly desktop oriented linux based OS. The main features of Manjaro linux are

  • An intuitive installer
  • Automatic hardware detection
  • Stable rolling publishing mode
  • Support for installing multiple kernels
  • Special Bash scripts for managing graphics cards
  • High degree of desktop configuration ability

Manjaro Linux 17.1.12 System requirements

  1. 1 GB of memory.
  2. 30 GB hard disk.
  3. 1 Ghz processor.
  4. HD graphic card & Monitor
  5. Broadband Internet connection.
Manjaro 17.0.2 system requirements
Manjaro 17.1.12 system requirements

Manjaro Linux provides Xfce Desktop in the core & a minimalist version of Net for advance users. You can also get the GNOME 3 or Cinnamon & KDE version of the community. Users can get help through Manjaro’s community forums

Philip Muller, who is the lead developer of Manjaro Linux (Arch Linux for Humans) has announced that they have made an addition to another version i.e. Manjaro Gellivara v17 series. They have also bring the fixes to the various security issues that were not present in the previous release in March.

Updates & security fixes in Manjaro 17.1.12

The latest release includes improved version of Calameres installer & better hardware detection. The other updates version are Kernel 4.9, MHWD v0.6.0, Firefox, Thunderbird, redesigned themes, Xorg v1.19, Manjaro Tools & Profiles, Mesa Stack 17.1.3.

Weaker password in v17.1.12

There was an issue for weaker password hashes which is now fixed by the team in 17.1.12. This was a big problem in the original release of Gellivara version which took three months to complete.

Manjaro’s flagship Xfce edition now comes with Xfce 4.12 desktop environment, it was one of the most focused part in the new version. KDE edition featuring Plasma 5.10 along with KDE Apps 17.1.12 (updated version).

Features that are partially updated in Manjaro Linux 17.1.12

  • Kernel 4.9 upgrade.
  • X.Org stack series upgrade to 1.19
  • Latest KDE Plasma 5, Applications, Framework and Qt
  • Package manager with graphical interface
  • Manjaro Tools and Profiles are improved

That is all for now. if you find the information useful & installed the Manjaro Linux then please write a comment to tell your personal experience. Thank You.

Top 10 Cheap Drones with Camera in 2019 – Top Models Hubsan X4 H107D Quadcopter

best drones for beginners with camera for photography in 2019. dji spark drones, mavic pro for beginners nd cheapest drones in India 

The drone industry has experienced a boom in the last few years. It is driven by the demand for bigger, better, durable and cheaper unmanned aerial vehicles for a diverse range of applications. The result is that there is a piece for every type of application. Some of these include the recording of visuals, security, sports racing and delivery of products among numerous others. Additionally, advances in technologies are opening up the scene to endless possibilities.

Top 10 Cheap Drones with Camera
Top 10 Cheap Drones with Camera

Top 10 Cheap Drones to Buy in 2018 with Camera

There are high-end models packed with the best and the latest gadgetry as well as functional and affordable ones. You are spoilt for choice. Instead, your decision will be guided by your preferences and intended application. Let us briefly look at some of the models available that feature a camera and don’t cost you a fortune.

1. Hubsan X4 H107D Quadcopter

Perfect for beginners and entry-level enthusiasts, the Hubsan X4 is easy to fly, achieves a reasonably good speed and handles like a doll. It features a big screen that enables the pilot to get a spectacular first-person view. The spares are readily available and a breeze to set up.

2. Force1 UDI U818A HD+ Quadcopter

It comfortably fits in your hands and is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor flying. It’s lightweight and easy to control. It features an HD camera and an advanced stabilization system to ensure a smooth flight. It also comes with a removable Micro SD slot to enable you to save the extra camera footage.

3. Syma X5c

A light, robust craft that offers an HD camera that is adequate for entry-level video. It has a 6-axis gyro stabilization system and comes at a throw-away price. It’s easy to fly and perfect for those who want to start experimenting with upgrades. It is excellent for outdoors and handles moderate winds without a hitch.

Buy Now

4. Blade Nano QX

Another craft that is excellent for beginner pilots. It is easy to customize and upgrade. It has admirable flight characteristics. It’s small enough for indoor flying. It features cool functions such as preprogrammed flips and an advanced radio frequency system that enables you to use a high-quality transmitter and achieve better control.

Buy Now

5. JXD 509W

This drone is made of ABS plastic, which gives it a longer flying life and cushions you against minor crashes and bumps. It looks impressively professional. Some of the highlights include automatic landing, altitude holder and a first-person view camera with decent video quality.

6. Holy Stone F181

The craft is one of the most popular beginner drones on the market. It spots one-key flips and an extra battery in the box. It has a stable, built-in HD camera. The battery gives you around eight minutes of flight, which translates to more than 250 feet in good weather.

7. UDI U845

It features a UFO look with the centerpiece hosting six propellers held in place by a robust frame. It has an excellent HD camera that supports first person view. Impress your friends with one-touch 360 flips. The controller has an LCD screen and works like a charm.

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8. UDI U818

This drone handles smoothly with a reliable and extremely durable frame. Minor crashes will not dent it. It has a solid HD camera and is fun to fly. It also has one-key flips and headless mode to give you bragging rights.


The HD camera guarantees crisp, clear images. It features real-time Wi-Fi transmission enabling you to capture the flight details directly to your mobile device. A durable construction and heavy-duty materials ensure a longer life even in the hands of inexperienced pilots.

10. Honor-Y Drone with Camera for Beginner

It has a fantastic HD camera with Wi-Fi to enable you to quickly connect to your smartphone and watch a live signal of your flight. The altitude hold feature lets you set the height to fly. You can also control it conveniently via a mobile app on your phone. It has wind-resistant management to enable you to experience the feeling of flying outdoors without worrying about the weather.


There is a drone for every budget and application. Newbies are encouraged to start at the bottom of the list and work their way upwards. This gives you the chance to learn about the features you want, handling and the possibilities a bigger machine can offer. There are customizable options as well as pieces that are ready to fly straight out of the box.

Facebook pro tricks that are useful for every Facebook User in 2017

Hello friends many of you may be using face book with many new tricks & tips. If you a regular reader in my blog then you must know I provide tips to use Facebook more effectively. This article has many Facebook pro tricks

Facebook Pro Tricks

Today I am not going to tell you about any marketing tip for Facebook. Here I am going to tell you about some facebook pro tricks that can be used for personal matters.

Update Blank Status

You can update a blank status in your profile. First log in to your account & enter @[3:3: ] in your status box.

If you want to update multiple lines of blank status. Copy the following code below.

@[3:3: ]
@[3:3: ]
@[3:3: ]
@[3:3: ]

Post Animated images on Facebook

Gif can be shared in Google+. If you want to share the gif images in the facebook status than you can visit & share one of the selected window from many of them.

Facebook pro tricks
Facebook pro tricks

Invite all friends to Facebook page with a single click

You have created a new page. In order to get some likes you need to invite people on it. You need to invite all but clicking the invite so many times is a waste of time. You can download the chrome extension called Invite all which will invite all your friends in a single click.

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Download Facebook Album in one click

You can download all the photos of a Facebook album by visiting & pasting the album link into

  • As you will visit the website, it will ask you to login.
  • Now select the photo album that you want to download.
  • Now click on the download button to download the album in your PC.

Post & Create Facebook Status

If you like to make any fake activity on your Facebook profile then you can do this by visiting a website called

  • Visit The Wall Machine website.
  • Connect your profile through it & log in with your account.
  • Now you can create any fake Facebook activity which can include the comment of any Famous person like Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates.

Make a videos from your Facebook pictures

You can make a video from your existing photos on Facebook & post them as a video on your Facebook wall by using

Find the culprit

If you feel that someone has unfriend your from your Facebook profile, then you can get the name of that friend by using  Application to find this out.

Post a single status multiple times

If you have a single that you need to post on multiple places like on you profile, group or Page. Then you can use Multi post application to make this happen.

Facebook Calendar & Google Calendar

If you use both i.e. Facebook calendar & Google calendar then you can synchronization by using this simple tip.

  • Open Facebook >Events > Calendar.
  • Click on settings & then export.
  • Now select & copy the link of that which you want to export either Friends birthday or upcoming events.
  • Log into your Google account & go to the calendar.
  • Click on other calendars & tap on Add by url.
  • Now paste the link from the FB Calendar & click on Add Calendar button.

Accept all friend request at once

Go to the friend request page & copy the given code on your Address bar & press Enter. All the requests will be accepted at once.

javascript:for( i = 1;i<document.getElementsByName(“actions[accept]”).length;i++){document.getElementsByName(“actions[accept]”)[i].click();}void(0);

Stay Online for Some friends

If you want to stay online for some friends & for other you want to stay off-line then you can use this tip.

  • Open your Chat window & go to Advance settings.
  • Now click on the second option i.e. “Turn off friends for all friends except”.
  • Now add all the friends for whom you want to stay online.
  • Now click on save.

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That’s all for now. if you find this post useful then please write a comment & share your feedback. Like us on Facebook or Subscribe us to get all the latest updates from us.

What to do after you have been Hacked – 10 tips to Minimise a hacking attack

Here I am going to tell you some tricks which will provide you the tips which will let to minimise the losses after you have been hacked. So here we have 10 tips that can tell you to minimise a hacking attack.

10 Tips to Minimise the loss after Hacking attack

So here we are going to tell you some tips to defeat the effects of hacking. The digital age is a boon to all of us, but there are some bad sides of it. Phishing, ransomware & some other hack techniques are no common in the world of hacking & many of us becomes victim of these. There are daily data breaches happen & new malware comes in the world.

If you found that your system is hacked & your system is vulnerable then you should be focusing on how to minimise the loss & securing the system. Afterwards you can think about the other things.

10 tips to Minimise a hacking attack
10 tips to Minimise a hacking attack

What to After you have been Hacked

These tips are as follows.

Stay Calm , there is nothing permanent & focus on solutions

If your system is breached then it is not dangerous always. First sit quietly & think about the online security measures that you were taken earlier.

Change all the passwords & defeat the attacks

The first step after the attack is that you need to reset all the passwords. Use all the new & strong passwords that are better than those which were used earlier.Create your password using the combination of uppercase, lower case & special characters.

Do not use any old password or any combination of your personal information in your password. Sometimes we use a password which is close to previous one sub-consciously.

Check your financial Accounts & change them

Check all your financial accounts & check all the recent & previous activities for any suspicious activity. After this check all the related account & other information like mailing address & credit cards of the accounts.

Take a new credit card & cancel the previous one for the safety.

All the connected accounts create a chain of destruction

Many of us having multiple e-mail accounts that are used for each other’s verification process. Same process is applied for Bank accounts too. So you should scan all the accounts & change the passwords of all accounts.

De-authorise all connected apps

There may be many apps that are connected to your email account or Facebook account. De-authorise all the apps & leave them for a while. You have to reauthorise all the apps again but this will not left any loophole in your security.

What to do after you have been Hacked
What to do after you have been Hacked

Use Two-way Authentication for all the accounts

If you haven’t used the two way authentication for your apps then you increase the security of your account many times. Do not under-estimate the usage of two way authentication.

Recover your Accounts

All the major companies like Hotmail, Google & Facebook provides a guide to recover your account. Please check the guidelines to get your account back after you loose your account.

Outdated Security in your PC & Phones

If you run your PC & phone with older versions of OS and security updates, then the chances of being hacked increases. Hackers generally target a victim after they observe that they do not have the security updates in their devices.

Always make an habit to check the latest updates & download them.

Scan your devices for malware

Use a good anti-malware tool for the malware that left traces in your device. Download a good anti-virus & buy the payed version. The payed version will provide you better security than a free version. There re so many anti-virus available for windows users.

Always update your anti-virus every week. If your anti-virus is not updated on regular basis then there is no use of it.

Spread Awareness – If you are hacked you can prevent others

As you go through the painful situations of being hacked , you can spread the security tips with your friends & family so that they can prevent themselves from being hacked.

Awareness is power & this will lead to crime free society.

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How to bypass SMS Verification – Fake Mobile OTP Online Receive Android / iOS

Bypass SMS verification Tinder Happn SMS Verification
Bypass SMS verification Tinder Happn SMS Verification

Bypass SMS Verification code, Phone crack OTP verification or Virtual mobile number hacking or Fake mobile number generator

How to Bypass SMS verification in Social network apps (Hack OTP verification)

There are major number of Internet users who create online accounts in various websites. Website asks to enter your mobile number. But there are many of us who do not want to give their mobile numbers to them. So if you want to hide your number & Bypass Phone Number Verification.

There are multiple Android applications available for the same purpose. These applications provide you a disposal number to enter in the website & get rid of being spammed by the websites on your phones. The same can be done in the place of mobile number.

This is not done to do anything illegal, but I am telling you this so that you can help yourself to protect against personal information leak. There are many website owner who can use your personal data in some illegal usage or may just spamming you with unwanted content. The most simple way to prevent by this is not to provide your mobile number to them.

This article is purely written to share how you can use a website account without providing them your mobile number or E-mail Address.

Here I am going to tell you to bypass the SMS verification service of any website. It means if you don’t want to provide the phone number to any website, then you can use this trick to bypass SMS verification.

Bypass SMS verification – Tinder  / Happn SMS Verification in 2018

Receive SMS Online – Gmail SMS Verification Bypass

There are many times when website are asking for your mobile phones. There can be any reason when you don’t want to provide your mobile number but there is no choice. So using this trick you can trick the website & use the website without entering your phone number.

So if you are ready to do the hack then you can start reading the next part.

After reading this you can use the trick to do the following things

  • Receive free SMS services.
  • Bypass SMS verification for  Facebook, Tinder, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Chatroulette, GMail or Yahoo.
  • Make some fake accounts.
  • Whatsapp SMS Verification Bypass

In short you can by pass any SMS API with this trick.

How to Bypass SMS verification – Receive SMS Tinder : – Using this service you can allow to recieve SMS online. The service has the biggest list for disposable number of Romania, Germany, USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and France.

Method to bypass SMS verification – Chatroulette Code SMS

  1. Go to
  2. Now select any number for the website & use it as your personal number & enter in the desired website.
  3. Now click on the selected website & you will be given the inbox of that particular number.
  4. Now you will receive the message in the inbox.
  5. Now you can put the verification code on the website.
  6. Your account will be verified & you can use the website service without using your phone number.

How to bypass OTP Verification in PayTM

If you an PayTM user, then you must be opting not to place your phone number in the account. If you are one of those , then just check the details from here.

  1. Install the PayTM Mall app from the Play store (Skip if already installed).
  2. Open the PayTM App in your phone.
  3. ow login with your PayTM credentials in the login form. this could be your mobile number or Email Id with password.
  4. Your profile will be opened in your Account without any OTP verification.
  5. Now open Profile > Passbook > Send money to Bank > Enter amount and bank details to transfer money.

There are some other SMS service similar to this.

Android Apps To Get Temporary Mobile Number

1) textPlus: Free US Numbers

This app will provide you mobile number which belong to United Sates. There is no other countries in the same. The app is totally free for the users. You can use the number as a personal US number for your perosnal use & also receive messages for it.

Download Text Plus

2) Next+

This app is same as the first one. It has almost same function like Text Plus, but the additional feature is that it provides numbers for any country including US. The number can be sued to receive personal messages.

Download Next+

3) Voopee

This app provides free Malaysian numbers. The number can be sued to call or text someone. The app is not free & it charges  $ .09 USD to confirm your number.

Download Voopee

Now, do you want to know how to get number and code on these online sites ? Here is the step by step guide to select number and get OTP to verify any account.

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