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The Need for Apps to Improve Transparency in Commissioning Projects

Technology has made  life significantly easier . Project management is now a lot simpler than in the past due to  the incorporation of user-friendly commissioning tools . Apart from accuracy and improved results, they reduce the workload for the project managers. There is  a plethora of options to choose when it comes to such software and apps.

The use of these tools like a commissioning app enhances  transparency in the project – from beginning to end. They ensure  every stakeholder stays on the same page and receives updates from  the milestones in real time.

Commissioning  Includes the Early Phases

Commissioning  does not start at the end of the main project, as many people think. It  starts early in the project. An excellent app has options to feed the necessary data in these early stages. Some use  project models to integrate the data of the early stages with that of the later phases.

This way, both the commissioning managers and  other team members will be in a position to assess the risks and make rational decisions concerning the project. This level of transparency is hard to achieve by  any other means.

They Integrate Other Stakeholders

Projects will all have many stakeholders who play a role in its success. This means that they all need to be constantly updated on the project news . Most commissioning apps allow  stakeholders to access the data when admin shares the details. Some update the data to all parties in real time, while others allow access only to certain data.

Either way, people in other departments involved with  the project will not have to ask or send for reports that they need. These apps are usually compatible with different operating systems and software,  like Windows, Android and iOS. This means that no one is left behind and everyone can be kept in the loop.

They Are Available on the Go

Technology is amazing! Project managers and owners do not have to be on  site to know what is happening. Their colleagues will use the provided apps to upload data, images and videos of the project, which will be accessible to all . Most  apps are usually online to support real-time of commissioning projects.

It does not matter which part of the world you are in. The most important thing is to have Internet on the go. With  current connectivity levels, even trains and airplanes have Internet access. The managers can communicate with the owners even while on the go and still be in the loop .


There is  no doubt that commissioning apps increase the transparency of the project. The above highlights prove that this is the case. Most commissioning managers are rolling out this technology to make things easier  for themselves and their team members. When choosing which app to use, take your time; it’s important to check if it has all the features that you need for maximum transparency.

Top 7 PayPal Competitors in 2018 for personal use – Services like PayPal Credit for Merchants

Online transaction is the new money transfer mode in the world. Soon the trend will become necessity. If you are using online payment methods then you must have heard about PayPal. PayPal is an easy sending , receiving money via request all across the world.

There are so many rules & regulations which changes during time. Many times it results in partial transfer of money. If you are using PayPal as the primary way of money transfer, then you should be knowing more than this.

PayPal Alternative for Personal Use in 2018
PayPal Alternative for Personal Use in 2018

Why PayPal is Not the Best Choice? – Why Am I Not Using PayPal?

PayPal is not the best choice for money transfer. Here we have written some of the reasons to justify the statement.

  • PayPal is best, if you are transferring small amounts. As your transaction money increases , the transaction fee increases.
  • PayPal is supported in more than 150 countries, but still not in many countries which shows that PayPal is not an universal basis.
  • Many times it has been seen that money is inaccessible if someone block your account. You will not get your money until you are unblocked.
  • With each & every transaction , a premium is charged. If you are going to accept international payments, the premium costs too much & becomes a burden to us.

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Some of the Viable Alternatives to PayPal – PayPal Alternative for Personal Use in 2018

So after reading this you must be thinking to save your money from such commissions. You can easily do this by going to the alternatives of PayPal.

Some of the Best alternate options which can be replaced on PayPal.

 1. Google Wallet

It is mainly used in United States. Google Wallet is one of the best replacement of PayPal. It accepts all types of debit & Credit cards on worldwide basis. Google Wallet is not just a digital store , there are many merchants who accepts payment from Google Wallet.

The online shopping can be done easily without any fee charges. You can’t send money outside of United states yet. But soon the feature is going to be added.

 2. Skrill

With Skrill you can send & receive money among various users. The banking process is similar to the online banking which allows to send & receive money. via debit & credit card. The fee charged is on the basis of country with each transaction made.

It is mainly used to send money among users, merchants also accept the payment via Skrill. You can send money via Skrill with very low fee charges.

 3. Payza

You can transfer money via Payza in more than 21 currencies. Well, it is mainly used in US & Canada. It is supported by some banks & countries as well. You can easily add money to Payza via bank transfer or credit card.

You can register with Payza for Free. The money transfer charges are less than PayPal. There are various security features & payment service which proves Payza as a competition to PayPal.

 4. Payoneer

Payoneer is a very useful utility for online shoppers. There is no charge for those who just register with payoneer. You have to pay a small amount for the activation of card. After the activation of card is done , you can easily load your money into card from your bank accounts.

You can use this in multiple countries to access variable currencies. With the activate card, you can do online shopping & withdraw cash too with your MasterCard ATM.

 5. Transferwise

If you have international clients whom you receive & transfer money & you would like to keep your fee minimum then you can use Transferwise.

The usage of Transferwise is very easy. Each & every transfer is based on real time exchange rates. The trasnfer fee is very low. They provide better rates of exchange than any payment provider.

 6. Shopify Payments

Shopify E-commerce works with platform for good customer experience. There are multiple other features. It also can integrate with third party processors like Twitter & Pinterest & Facebook Shop. It also makes reconciliation along with reporting an easier task.

 7. Amazon Payments

Amazon payment is just limited to selling products. You can easily integrate the system of Amazon payment in other ways. It provides you strong branding.

As there is a big base of customers in Amazon , the payment details are stored in the database to make your payment faster. With single click you can purchase an item. There is a nominal charge for this transfer.

There are some other payment app in the world which you can consider. These are like WePay, Selz and Square,Stripe, Dwolla, 2Checkout .

Delete Permanently Facebook History on Search Bar Suggestions on Laptop / Android or iPhone

Clear Delete Facebook Search History suggestions on Mobile Android , iPhone in 2018

Sometimes the people we search in the Facebook search bar are shown even when we don’t need them anymore. The Facebook search history is stored in your account. Here we will provide you some details of how you can delete the search history from your Facebook account.

Clear Facebook Search Suggestions

Facebook has become a part of our life where we post our status & selfies. There are many friends whom we had no hope of meeting again. By the search bar we can find anyone who has a Facebook account. Facebook search was a simple name finder in its prelim stages but now it has been upgraded with many features. One of those features of the search bar is that it stores the previous search names. This features is useful sometimes & sometimes not.

clear facebook search suggestions
clear Facebook search suggestions

If you want to delete the search result history from your Facebook account then you should read this article & know about this. The process is very simple you just have to follow the steps given here.


How to Delete History on Facebook Search Bar Permanently

  • Login to your Facebook in your computer.
  • Click on the Search bar, you will see some entries which you have searched earlier.
  • On the search bar you can see a small link called Edit, as shown in the image below.
  • Now you will be send to the search database where you can delete all your search entries.
  • To delete a search entry, click on the lock icon.
  • A confirmation window will ask you for confirmation.
  • After this your search history will be deleted.
  • If you want to delete all your search results in one go then click on clear searches
  • After this activity all your searches will be deleted at once.

When you will go to home page then you can check the results from there, you will find no history or suggestions in the search bar.

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Delete Facebook Search History from your Android / iPhone Smartphone

If you can’t login from your computer then you can do this from your smartphone.

Steps to Delete Facebook Search History is:

  • Open your Facebook App.
  • Click on the left bar of Facebook. IF you can’t do that its icon shows three horizontal bars.
  • This will show you many options.
  • Click on Activity Log.
  • Click on filter> Tap Search.
  • Your Facebook search history will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the delete icon on every respective entry.
  • All the search history can be deleted at once, this can be done by selecting Clear Searches.
  • Click on the confirm button.
  • All the search history will be deleted after this.

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What is Ethereum [Detailed] – What you should know before you invest in Ethereum in 2018

About Ethereum wiki , its value and wallet , mining process. Ethereum Virtual machine and its founder.

If you are amazed with the bitcoin owners , who have earned so much money by investing at the right time, then you must be curious to know about other options of crypto-currencies. Today this article will enlighten you about ethereum.

What is Ethereum [Detailed] - What you should know before you invest in Ethereum in 2018
What is Ethereum [Detailed] – What you should know before you invest in Ethereum in 2018

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is related to bitcoin which is not actually true. There are multiple currencies in the world which are like bitcoin. It is just a drop in the ocean. Yes bitcoin uses blockchain application, but so do many cryptos.

“[Blockchain] is to Bitcoin, what the internet is to email. A big electronic system, on top of which you can build applications. Currency is just one.” Sally Davies, FT Technology Reporter

Etheruem cryptocurrency
Etheruem cryptocurrency

Building Blockchain applications requires complex background in coding , cryptography & mathematics. There was a time all these applications took huge time in making all these. But due to so many available tools in decentralized applications, Ethereum has become a popular crypto these days.

What is Ethereum for beginners?

Ethereum is an open source software which is based on blockchain which let developers to build & implement decentralized applications.

Ethereum is a distributed public blockchain network. Bitcoin & ethereum are similar in some ways, but there are many differences too.

  • Bitcoin Blockchain is a peer to peer electronic cash system that enables online Bitcoin payments , while Ethereum blockchain works to earn ether (crypto token) that is fuel for the network.
  • Bitcoin blockchain is used to track ownership of bitcoins while Ethereum blockchain focus to run the code of any decentralized application.

What is a smart contract?

Smart contract is a term used to describe computer code that helps to exchange money, content property, shares or anything. In the running phase of blockchain , smart contract acts as a computer program that runs when the given conditions arrives.

As you should know smart contracts runs on blockchain, it runs as they are programmed without any risk of censorship, downtime, fraud or third party interference.

All blockchains can process code , but limited. In case of Ethereum, it allows developers to create whatever operations they like to do. Developers can create many applications that goes beyond imagination.

The Ethereum Virtual Machine

Before Ethereum , blockchain applications were designed for less operations. This is because bitcoin & other such currencies are operated as peer-to-peer digital currencies.

While ethereum was made , developers faced the problem for adding more functions in existing blockchain or create a new one. Ethereum was made by Vitalik Buterin developed a new one.

Ethereum’s Invention i.e. Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)can run anyone’s program no matter with programming langauge , time or memory.

EVM makes the process to create blockchain applications in an easy & efficient manner. It took away from the concept to make new blockchain for each application.Ethereum enables the development of potentially thousands of different applications all on one platform.

What can Ethereum be used for?

Ethereum enables developers to build & deploy decentralized applications. Decentralized applications or Dapp serves a particular purpose to the users. For ex :- Bitcoin is a Dapp to provide peer to peer electronic cash systems to make online Bitcoin payments.

Decentralized applications are made up of code that runs on a blockchain network, they are not controlled by any individual or central entity.

What are the benefits of Ethereum decentralized Platform?

All decentralized applications runs on blockchain, the benefits of these currencies are

  • Immutability :- No third party can tamper your data.
  • Corruption & tamper proof :- Apps are based on principles of consensus, making censorship impossible.
  • Secure :- the chances of hacking attacks & fraud is very low because of no central point of failure and secured using cryptography, applications.
  • Zero downtime – Apps never go down and can never be switched off.

What’s the downside of decentralized applications?

Decentralized applications are getting popularity but we should know about their faults. As the codes are written by human beings, so the codes are also imperfect & bugs in them can be exploited. If someone exploits the code then the attack on network is inevitable. This could be obtaining a network consensus & creating a nuisance. The essence of blockchain is meant to be immutable but actions taken by the central party can effect the whole system.

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Terrarium TV APK Review for Windows Online Free apk Download

What is Terrarium TV APK ?.

Terrarium TV APK is and android app that let you have terranium TV on your Android device (Smartphone or Tablet) and let you stream your TV shows on your Android device for free. And these shows can be downloaded for the later use in offline mode. Terrarium TV APK is a very popular for streaming app which is available in Play Store for Android users. The Interface of Terrarium is very fluid and elegant.

Terrarium TV App Apk Download
Terrarium TV App Apk Download

Using this app , you can watch your favorite TV shows any where , anytime. This app will let you download your TV shows while you are working in your Office and enjoy them later. For this you can download the Terrarium TV apk  and make this a reality using this app and your device.

App Name Terrarrium TV
Version 1.9.10
App Size 23.67 MB
Compatibility Android 4.1 or above
Features Stream HD Movies & TV Shows
Package Name com.nitroxenon.terrarium
Author NitroXenon (Peter Chan)

What can you do with Terrarium TV App Apk

Terrarium TV App is an app which provides an additional functionality to your Android smart phone. With this app you can watch any TV show anywhere you want. many of us couldn’t watch their favorite TV shows because of work or any other obvious reason. Netflix Account Hacked

With this app you can watch your favorite TV show anywhere without going anywhere and spend more time in traveling when you can do everything at home or any favorite place you like.

So download the Terrarium TV App Apk to watch any of your Favorite TV shows, Movies anytime according to your easy schedules.

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Terrarium TV APK Download Latest Version 2018

Terrarium TV APK is a very useful app which we have told you already. The simple steps are given here for you to download this useful app in your device.

Terrarium TV APK Download For Android Mobiles & Tablets

  1. First of all, download the Terrarium TV APK in your device.
  2. Now open the settings option and switch the option of turn the unknown sources.
  3. After your setting is done, you need to install the Terrarium TV APK in your android device.
  4. Now open the app and start using this.

Terrarium TV APK For PC/Laptop

  • Download an Adnroid Emulator for your Laptop so as to install Terrarium TV APK.
  • Now download the APK file from a trusted app store from the Internet and start the download process.
  • Now open the Android Emulator in your PC and start the installation process.
  • Now open the APK file in your device and install the app.
  • After that Android Emulator will install the app in itself.
  • After the installation is done, you can stream movies, TV series, musical concerts, and video content.
  • The app will stream the HD quality videos as it is streamed from a larger screen.
  • Your favorite Video content will be downloaded in your device in less time.
  • Now you are ready to watch any of your favorite video content to see your latest movies and shows.
  • You can also download the videos using the search option.
  • You can also use Chrome-cast device for the laptop for the same functionality.

Terrarium TV APK Installation Conclusion

Terrarium TV APK is an Android app that is useful for the Video lovers. It helps to stay connected with our beloved actors and creators who we love to watch during our leisure time. You can watch your favorite shows any where regardless of any location . With the addition of offline storage , you can watch your shows in the remote areas too. So now download the app and share how you felt about this app.

Top Linux Alternatives to the Windows XP users – Best alternative to windows 10 in 2018

Microsoft has announced that the support of Windows XP has ended now. That clearly says that the XP users are not going to get any security updates from now. They should soon leave the operating system to find an alternative.

As the condition has arrived that the XP users have to find something for them. There are three options with a XP users which are there.

  • Use Windows XP as you were using before , but your PC will not be secure & always vulnerable to the online attacks.
  • Upgrade Windows XP & move to Windows 7 or Windows 10 & enjoy the latest security updates.
  • Learn to use Linux & leave all the security threats behind & enjoy the PC.

Best Windows Look Alike Linux Distros for Windows Users in 2018

If you are choosing the third option , then you can start using Linux & leave the Windows environment behind. If you use your computer just for using Internet , movies & your office work , then Linux can be a very good part of you.

Linux is not just for Hackers or Security Experts but Home users too

There is a misconception that Linux is only for geeks. If you are also one of those , then you should read this post & remove your doubts in Linux usage.

Using Linux is not a rocket science or you don not need to learn many commands to start with. There are so many Linux distro that can be installed for a home user of computers. We are going to tell you some of them, which can be used by any normal user.

Top Linux Alternatives to the Windows XP users
Top Linux Alternatives to the Windows XP users

The name of Linux distro which are listed here can be easily used by someone who is just switching to Linux from Windows environment. These are very easy to use & the hardware control is quite easy with them.

Linux Mint Mate

Mint Linux is a very simple to use Operating system which comes with pre installed software. The desktop of Mint Linux is as same as Windows Desktop with desktop icons & taskbar with menu like start menu. Linux Mint works perfect with a modern hardware PC.

Download Linux Mint Mate

Linux Mint Xfce

Windows XP users generally have a low configuration machine. If your computer is a low performance machine which can’t be upgraded to Windows 7 or some newer version of Windows , then you can use Linux as the best option for you.

Linux OS can be used with Less RAM & old processor like Pentium 4. Linux Mint Xfce is a lightwight desktop which has a good performance in 256 MB of RAM.

Download Linux Mint Xfce


Ubuntu is one of the most popular OS which is used in so many servers. The popularity of Ubuntu make them create a light version of the same OS. The OS can be used in the lowest configuration (if someone has a old PC). The Lubuntu is able to run on Pentium 2 PC & the OS will give you better experience in the Old PC.

Download Lubuntu

Zorin OS

There are many Windows users who miss the feel & look of the Windows, For the same purpose , many users switch back to windows. Zorin OS has been created with the intention of having those users back to Linux environment.

Zorin OS gives the users the same environment as Windows has. Even Zorin can be customised to change the desktop environment exactly same as Windows. In other words you can say that Zorin is the perfect replacement of Windows OS.

Download Zorin OS

These are some of the Linux distros which are popular to switch for Windows to Linux. The list is not the end. I am going to find some more distros which can be used in place of Windows. Till then it’s done.

If you have something to add here , please write a comment to let me know. Thank You.

Bodhi Linux 4.2.0 Released – Powered by Kernel 4.10

The Research & Development department of Bodhi Linux has released the new Bodhi Linux 4.2.0. This version is released after four months of last release. This new product is not the featured release , if you are already using a Bodi Linux then you do not need to reinstall the OS. Bodhi 4.2.0 is powered by Kernel 4.10. By default it has installed Swami Control panel.

Bodhi Linux 4.2.0 – An extension of Bodhi  4.1.0

If you came on our website for the first time , then you should know that we are publishing article regarding Linux distros frequently. There are so many Linux distributions available in the world. We write about almost all of them. This distros is used for Light wieght systems. You can say it is not a memory intensive OS.

Bodhi Linux is one of the Light weight OS used by linux users. The latest version of this OS is 4.2.0 which is released recently. The previous version of Bodhi Linux i.e. 4.1.0 is the stable release for Bodhi 4.2.0.


Bodhi Minimum System Requirements

The Bodhi Linux as told above is not a Feature rich version, so there is no reason to upgrade your computer with this new version. This release is powered by the Kernel 4.10 which keeps the current ISO up to date.

With this OS , Swami Control is also installed by default. This is the first release where 32 bit PAE discs is left. 32 bit machines are still supported but you need to use the legit ISO image.


Bodhi Linux Install – Moksha Desktop Review

If you are an existing user, going to update the system, then you will be already having the updates in your system. Users can also install latest kernels and install Swami using the package manager.

If you are going to install this new release of Bodhi Linux then you can do it by visiting the link.

Selecting the Correct ISO Image for Bodhi Linux 4.2.0

Bodhi offers three types of Images for Installation.

  1. Standard
  2. AppPack
  3. Legacy


This standard installation is done on Desktop & Workstation which are more rthan 10 years old. If your Processor is capable of 64-bit OS , you should be using this image for Installation.


This is a 32 bit release. This ISO exploits the older 3.2 kernel that is optimized for old hardware. This kernel does not includes the PAE extension that do not support the older systems. If your PC do not supports 64 bit operating system then this is best for you.


The standard release featured the minimal installation which allows the user to add exactly those features that they want to add. The current default application set for the standard release.

  • Terminology Terminal Emulator
  • Midori Web Browser
  • PCManFM File Manager
  • ePad Text Editor
  • ePhoto Image Viewer
  • eepDater Update Manager
  • ePulse Audio Settings
  • Swami System Panel

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