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How Cryptocurrency works – Factors which raises the price of Bitcoin

What Affects the price of a CryptoCurrency

Cryptocurrency is a new trending currency in the world. It works on the same principle where a currency or an account gets value if people thinks it has value. Many cryptocurrencies are made on the roots of Gold & other precious metal while others are on nothing. But if a cyrptocurrency is valued by people & used as trade then it rises.

The basic aim of any crypto-currency was to place your assets safely without relying on any central banking services. Today I am going to tell you some aspects which affects the price of a crypto-currency (All of them). After reading this article , you will be able to know about the working & rising factors of crypto-currency.

What Affects the price of a CryptoCurrency
What Affects the price of a CryptoCurrency

How the Price of a cryptocurrency Raises & Falls Down ?

There are so many factors which affect the price of a crypto-currency , we are going to know some of them today.

Demand & Supply of a Cryptocurrency 

The price of precious metals are affected by the demand & supply. Supply/Demand is a simple economic factor that affects any cryptocurrency. For Ex- Bitcoin is considered as an asset in some countries while currency in other countries.

If the supply of a crypto-currency is controlled or limited & people think it has value more than they are paying, then soon the crypto-currency will rise over the price.

Now if a crypto-currency has reduced supply & people don’t even bother to buy it, then the cypto-currency will soon fall down.

Cost of making crypto currency

The energy consumption of the security block chain is quite high. The most popular block chains i.e proof of work (POW) consumes very high amount of electricity. If we want an estimate, then a block chain consumes so much electricity which is equal to the consumption of a small country.

This consumption affects the price of a crypto. The price will be added on a single unit of crypto-currency which determines the minimum price of a currency.

Level of Difficulty in Mining the crypto 

The security of block chains defines the level of difficulty for mining a crypto-currency. How difficult the mining is on the platform ( the resources & labor spend on it). This directly impact the price which can be seen on the blockchains such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Utility of a CryptoCurrency

The main impact of the price of a crypto is based of its utility or usage. If you can’t use a crypto as investment or payment use , then that crypto will not not be able to rise as Bitcoin. In case of Bitcoin, it is used for payments & investment both. This gave Bitcoin a very high price & utility. As Ether was designed for smart contract platform which increases the price over other alt coins. The change in utility causes price volatility.

Public Perceptions (Point of view)

What people perceive on a crypto is a very fastest factor which effect the price of a crypto-currency. If people think the currency as a trust factor & buy them more & more , then the value will increase. For example IN Bitcoin people has bring trust on it & start buying more & more to invest in it. Now presently everyone knows the level that it has touched.

The trust value is made by many factors like

  • Security in the Blockchain.
  • People’s reviews after their investment.

There are so many cryptos which are not known to people & are smaller than any popular ones.

Price of Bitcoin

The price of Bitcoin has effected the mind of many people who think cryptos are not as secure investment. But after people getting high investment returns on Bitcoin. People start checking other alternatives of bitcoin who can’t afford a bitcoin. This influence the circulation of other alternatives of cryptos.

Bitcoin has become a standard in other cryptos. Many cryptos are based on the secure blockchains of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is first mainstream crypto & most supported, trusted cryptocurrency which created trusts on other cryptos.

Media (What your Media Says) Perspective about Cryptocurrency 

The reports of Media can fame or defame anything which applies on cryptos too. The Newspapers & News channel creates a perception of a crypto in the people minds who reads or watches them. The positive or negative reviews of any crypto will effect the circulation of Bitcoin & causes the price to fluctuate.


If a cryptocurrency is not much popular, then the prices of such crypto can be affected in the multiple ways

  • Crypto with less  price can be stocked by investors & then try to promote them to increase the price.
  • If investors spend too much on a crypto , then the price of that can be increased or decreased faster.
  • If Investors shows their interest in a currency, then common people will be influenced and investment of the currency increase which results in higher price.

Market Dilution

Every Crypto-currency has been made with some purpose. The first cryptos were made for some purposes. For example Bitcoin was the first crypto , Litecoin was silver to Bitcoin Gold. Peercoin used an innovative POW and POS (proof of stake) combination. Ether had a practical utility for being a smart contract token to allow distributed, secure execution of smart contracts, for the price of what the ether token is, which very few cryptocurrencies can do.

These are some of the know reasons by which a cryptocurrency can be a successful or unsuccessful. If you find this article useful, then please comment to let us know , Share with your friends & Family to get some useful information about the same. Thank You.

Top 5 GPU for BitCoin and Crypto Currency Mining for 2018 – GPU’s Comparison for Cryptocurrency

GPU Mining 2018 profitability for ethereum or bitcoin , this article is written for using best GPU for bitcoin Ethereum classic gold crypto-mining / Miner cryptonote in 2018.

As we all know that Crypto currency has shown so much dominance in the world for investors in 2017. The most popular crypto currency is Bitcoin , Ethereum, Litecoin & Dogecoin. There are so many people who are investing in crypto & earning a good money in them.

But , do you know that you can earn the crypto directly by mining them & remove the heck of selling & purchasing them.

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What is Crypto Mining? – GPU Comparison in Cryptomining in 2018

People who mine crypto are called miners. These miners uses special software & advance hardware to solve math problem & algorithms & help to mine crypto in exchange. This is a quite smart method to earn crypto currency. While you must be having a good GPU for the same.

After a small research on Internet for the same, I have made a list of 5 best GPU of 2018 which will help you to mine crypto & earn a huge profit.

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Best Five GPU for Crypto / Bitcoin / Ethereum Mining in 2018

Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti

This is the world fastest mining GPU powered by NVIDIA Pascal, the ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce GTX 1080TI. It has very high hash calculation with 11 GB GDDR5X memory & 1632 MHz boost clock.

  • 1632 MHz Boost Clock (OC Mode)
  • Memory :- 11GB GDDR5X 352-bit
  • CUDA cores :- 3548
  • Frame Buffer :- 11 GB
  • DirectX™ 12 support
  • GeForce gaming features with resolution of 7680 x 4320 & 5K gaming experience
  • 5K Gaming and VR Ready with 2x HDMI 2.0,
  • 2x DisplayPort 1.4,
  • 1x DVI port to simultaneously connect your VR headset and up to 4 monitors

EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

This GPU provides excellent speed & power for the crypto mining applications with NVIDIA Pascal , which is one of the top performance GPU for crypto or gaming. This can be your ultimate mining platform.

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  • Real Base Clock: 1607+ MHz/Real
  • Boost Clock: 1683+ MHz;
  • Memory Detail: 8192MB GDDR5
  • Run Longer, Play Longer with EVGA “ACX 3.0” Cooling
  • DX12 OSD Support with EVGA Precision XOC
  • Revolutionary new 360-degree image capture

ASUS AMD Radeon RX 580

AMD Radeon RX 580 is one of the best platform for crypto mining. It works with VR Rebelion , ASUS Dual-fan RX 580 & overclocking. This technology has super alloy Power II components provides cool environment which excellent hash rate. GPU Tweak II with XSplit Gamecaster delivers ultimate monitoring and streaming control.

  • 1380 MHz GPU Boost Clock (OC mode)
  • AMD Radeon VR Ready Premium with dual HDMI 2.0 ports.
  • Dual-fan cooling
  • GPU Tweak II for better performance & overclock performance.

NVIDIA GeForce Titan X Pascal 12GB GDDR5X

The most advance GPU of NVIDIA packed with raw power into a GPU. It works with 3840 NVIDIA CUDA running at 1.6 GHz and packs 12 TFLOPS of brute force.It has 12 GB of GDDR5X memory @ 11 Gbps. With such architecture, it rules over all the GPU in the mining field.

  1. NVIDIA CUDA Cores :- 3840
  2. Boost Clock (MHz) :- 1582
  3. Memory Speed :- 11.4 Gbps
  4. Standard Memory Config :- 12 GB GDDRX
  5. Memory Interface Width :- 384 bit
  6. Memory Bandwidth :- 547 Gb/s
  7. Simultaneous Multi Protection :- Yes
  8. NVIDIA GPU Boost :- Yes
  9. Microsoft DirectX :- 12 API with feature level 12_1
  10. Vulkan API :- Yes

XFX Radeon Rx Vega 56

XFX Radeon Rx Vega 56 is a extreme Gamers & hash calculation hardware. It provides high bandwidth cache and Cache Controller that enables faster access to much larger memory capacities.The geo engine can process millions of polygons for its efficient load balance & next generation geometry path offers per clock cycle.The core is improved to work faster with next generation units & optimized design for the latest applications.

  • Compute Units:  64 nCU
  • Peak Half Precision Compute Performance:  25.3 / 27.5(liquid)TFLOPS
  • Peak Single Precision Compute Performance:  12.7 / 13.7(liquid)TFLOPS
  • Stream Processors:  4096
  • Peak Pixel Fill-Rate (GP/s):  98.9 / 107.3(liquid)
  • Peak Texture Fill-Rate (GT/s):  395.8 / 429.3(liquid)
  • ROPs:  64
  • Texture Units:  256
  • Transistor Count:  12.5B
  • Base Frequency:  1247 / 1406(liquid)
  • Boost Frequency:  1546 / 1677(liquid)

I hope you must have selected your GPU for the Crypto-mining. Comment your responses in the comment section. Your Feedbacks are awaited. Happy Cryptomining.

What Is Monero (XMR)? – All you Need to Know about Secure CryptoCurrency in 2018

This will provide you details about the leading cryptocurrency i.e. Monero (XMR). If you are an investor or just a curious guy to know about monero, then you can read this article for more information.

All About Monero XMR

Monero was created in April 2014. It is an open source crypto-currency that runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and FreeBSD. Monero uses a public ledger to record transactions. The new units are created by mining.

What Is Monero (XMR)? -  All you Need to Know about Secure CryptoCurrency in 2018
What Is Monero (XMR)? – All you Need to Know about Secure CryptoCurrency in 2018

Monero is a leading cryptocurrency aimed to create private and censorship resistant transactions. Yes the word private is more stressed here. In the case of Bitcoin or Ethereum like they have transparent blockchains. Transparent blockchains means that the transactions are easily traceable. The addresses in recieving & sending money can also be used to reveal the person’s real identity.

Monero has come with more secure & private shields to protect people from the above aspects.The addresses & transactions are shielded properly.

Monero transactions are confidential and untraceable

Transactions in Monero are hidden & secure by default. The addresses & transactions are always private. This means that every Monero user has advance privacy & security for the money stocking over other crypto-currencies.

Monero is not traceable from previous or present transactions, this enables the user to transaction without any risk of censorship.

The Kovri Project routes & Encrypt the transactions via I2P Invisible Internet Project nodes. This process hides the IP of Transactor & provided protection against network monitoring.

Monero is a grassroots community attracting the world’s best cryptocurrency researchers and engineering talent

Monero project has been sucessful after the hard work of 240 developers (30 of them were core developers). Forums & chat are always active.

The Research Lab of Monero is still working to make improvements in the privacy and security of this Cryptocurrency.

Monero is not a company but an organization of experts who works on cryptography and distributed systems from all over the world. Monero is also funded by the community donations. This proves that No country can shut down Monero & there are no geographic boundaries on Monero by any Legal procedure.

Monero is electronic cash that allows fast, inexpensive payments to and from anywhere in the world

There is no multiple holding periods & risk of frauds. It is safe from capital controls. These measure can restrict the flow of conventional currencies & the extreme of this can experience economic instability in a country.

That’s it for now. If you find the information useful, then you can write a comment to let us know. Thank You.

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018 other than Bitcoin – Altcoin for Indians for Investment & High Returns

 Bitcoin is the most popular Crypto currency in the World. After the cyber attack i.e. Bitcoin has gain more popularity than any other crypto currency. Due to this there are so many alternatives of Bitcoin that are not known to more people.

Top cryptocurrency list Other than Bitcoin

The currencies which are alike Bitcoins are collectively known as altcoins. These altcoins have been modified as an improved version of Bitcoins. Some of these currencies are easy to mine than Bitcoin is.  The tradeoff for Bitcoin includes great risk , Liquidity & acceptance.
Here we are going to describe the six Crypto currencies which can be the alternative of Bitcoin.

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin was launched in 2011. It is one of the initial cryptocurrencies following bitcoin & is referred as ‘silver to bitcoin Gold’. Litecoin was created by Charlie Lee who was a Ex-Google Employee and a MIT Graduate.

Litecoin works upon open source global payment network that is outside the control of any central authority. It uses scrypt as a proof of work , that is decrypted with CPUs of consumer level.

litecoin cryptocurrency
litecoin cryptocurrency

Litecoin is similar to Bitcoin in many aspects. Both have faster block generation rate & hence offers a faster transaction confirmation. There are many merchants who accept Litecoin other than developers.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is a decentralised software platform that enables Smart Contracts & Distributed Applications (DApps) to build & run without any downtime. There is no problem in fraud, control or interference from a third party.

In 2014, Ethereum has launched a pre sale which got an amazing response. The applications on Ethereum runs on platform specific cryptographic token i.e. ether. Ether can be think as a Ethereum platform & seen by many developers who develop & run applications inside Ethereum.

Etheruem cryptocurrency
Etheruem cryptocurrency

Ethereum states that ” it can be used to codify, decentralise , secure & trade about anything.” After the Attack on the DAO in 2016, Ethereum was split into Ethereum & Ethereum Classic. Ethereum has a market capitalisation of $ 4.46 Billion which is second after Bitcoin.

Zcash (ZEC)

Zcash is a decentralised & open source cyptocurrency which is launched in 2016. Zcash is way too secure from Bitcoin. According them “Bitcoin is http & Zcash is https”. It offers privacy & less transparency in the transactions.

zcash cryptocurrency
zcash cryptocurrency

As they said like https , Zcash provides extra security & privacy where all the transactions are recorded & published on a block chain. During the transaction , the details f sender , recipient & amount stays private. Zcash offers the users to choose ‘shielded transaction’ that encrypts advance cryptographic technique or zero proof construction called zk-SNARK developed by Developers Team.

Dash or DarkCoin

Dash or DarkCoin is a secret version of Bitcoin. Dash has a upper hand on anonymity as compared to Bitcoin. It works on a decentralised master code network that makes transactions almost untraceable.

dash cryptocurrency
dash cryptocurrency

Dash was launched in 2014, and it has went through a long fan following. It was developed by Evan Duffield. Dash can be mined using a CPU or GPU. In 2015, the name of DarkCoin was changed to Dash which means digital cash & work under the name DASH. The technology behind its working is still the same.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is a real time global settlement network which provides fast and low cost international payments. It enables banks to settle cross border payments in real time with transparency & lower costs.

Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency
Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency

Ripple was launched in 2012. It has market capitalisation of $ 1.26 billion. Ripple is not meant for mining.This is a major difference between Bitcoins & altcoins.

As there is no need to mine Ripple , the use of computers & Network latency is minimum. Ripple believes that ‘distributing value is a powerful way to incentivize certain behaviours and thus currently plans to distribute XRP primarily “through business development deals, incentives to liquidity providers who offer tighter spreads for payments, and selling XRP to institutional buyers interested in investing in XRP.”

Monero (XMR)

It is a secure , private & non-traceable currency. It was launched in April 2014 & become popular in cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It was development on the community & donation based. The main of Monero was decentralization and scalability, and enables complete privacy by using a special technique called ‘ring signatures.

Monero cryptocurrency
Monero cryptocurrency

This technique appears a group of signatures including at least one real participant , all appear real & the real one can’t be isolated.

Every Currency has its own market

Bitcoin will always the leading cryptocurrency for common people,Market capitalisation , user base & popularity. Other currencies like Ethereum & Ripple are more used for enterprise solutions. Some altcoins are being used for endorse for advance features. Cryptocurrency are going to be used for a long time, but how many of these will be leaders in growing competition. This will only be known after some time.

That’s it for now. If you find the information useful, then you can write a comment to let us know. Thank You.

Five Linux Distributions that can be installed on Raspberry Pi – How to install Linux on Raspberry Pi

Many of you may have heard about raspberry Pi. If you haven’t we are going to tell you something about it. Also about the OS that you can install on Raspberry Pi alternatives.

What is Raspberry Pi – Raspberry Pi Buy

Raspberry Pi is a series of single board computers that are developed by Raspberry Pi Foundation in United Kingdom. The single chip computer is small in size & able to work with any architecture. The main purpose for the development of this Computer is for teaching basics of Computer. It can also be used in Robots.

How to install Linux on Raspberry Pi – Raspberry Pi Price

The primary models of this Computer was $5. But since the newer version have come, the price has increased to 35$. Raspberry Pi 3 has been equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & USB port for more I/O features in it.

According to Raspberry Pi Foundation, over 15 million Rasberry pi computers are sold till date. It has become the bestselling computer for the company.

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi

Five alternatives of Linux for Raspberry Pi

So here we are going to tell you about Five Linux Distributions that can be installed in Raspberry Pi. While all the distribution are based on Linux. Most of the people working on it are using Rasbian OS for it.

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Still five alternatives are given here for you.

Fedora Raspberry Pi

Yes, if you are a Fedora User, then you can install Fedora in Rasberry Pi. Two options are available in it. use first one called ARM image which is used in 32 -bit & 64-bit both. This version is best for Raspberry Pi 2. You can also try PI Pidora which is mixture of Fedora.

Gentoo Raspberry Pi

Getoo uses a kernel image. This kernel image is provided by the raspberry Pi foundation. Gentoo is more compatible in compiling a code than to install it via Gentoo distro with an installer. Gentoo needs more time in configuration before use.

ROKOS Raspberry Pi

ROKOS is a quite different OS. It is based on Bitcoin manipulation. It also works with Pi-alikes , PINE64+ and the Banana Pi PRO. You can convert your Rasberry into a cryptocurrency client.

SolydX RPI Raspberry Pi

This is Debian based Linux that works with Xfce desktop. It is compatible with older versions of Raspberry Pi. At least 4 GB storage is required for its installation.

Arch Linux Raspberry Pi

Arch Linux was quite popular with Rasberry Pi 2. It is packaged with NOOBS installer. Many users have given good reviews for it & suggested to try it.

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What is Ripple & What are the basics of Investing in XRP using Bitsane & CoinBase

Hello investors, today we are going to tell you some basics about the cryptocurrency i.e. Ripple.

Ripple is one of the most popular crypto-currency in 2018. In the initial weeks of January 2018, it was traded on $3.25 per coin. The last year it was floating between $0.20. But this year has come with the rise of ripple & is expected to rise more.


You should be clear in one concept i.e. Ripple is a company & XRP is the coin, most of us are naming it Ripple, which should be corrected.

Ripple or XRP is made with different concept , i.e. distinct from other crypto-currencies. It was created by a private  & profit company. The company made this to create a global system for transacting money in the world, the aim was fulfilled by the currency. Now the company is the largest holder of XRP in present.

Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency
Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency

How to Buy Ripple for Investment or other plans ?

Ripple is not an easy crypto-currency to buy. There are some steps to to invest in Ripple rather than simple as Litecoin & Ethereum. So I will try to explain you all the steps in a very simple manner.

To start all this, you need to have two accounts to invest in Ripple.

  1. To buy bitcoin first of all, you need a Coinbase account. Here you can get $10 free when you invest $100.
  2. Next is to have a Bitsane account for buying Ripple using those bitcoin.

Now , after this you can follow the steps given afterwards.

What Is Ripple (XRP) ?

This para will tell you about the basics of Ripple. Ripple was intended to create a global payment processing platform that allows global transactions using their own coin i.e. XRP. Ripple is still a payment platform, but after many companies took interest in it, Ripple grew as a currency.

Ripple uses block-chain ledger which is similar to bitcoin but the technical specifications are updated to create  transaction process easier & faster with the same level of security.

How Ripple Is Different from Other Crypto-Currency

Ripple is different than many other cryptos as I already told you. It was created for gaining profit. In its initial time, 100 billion XRP were released in the market, where 20 billion were owned by the creators of Ripple & Ripple labs. Ripple labs  Ripple Labs has placed 55 billion XRP in an escrow account to ensure users stability in the marketplace.

Ripple was called a strong bitcoin competitor soon after it was made. But contrary to the statement , it has gained popularity in 2018 among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Ripple has raised its price recently but still too cheap in terms of price.

How To Invest In Ripple Step by Step in 2018

To invest in Ripple is not as easy than other. There is a news in market that Coinbase would add the support for Ripple soon. It it happened then the price of Ripple will increase surely as this will increase the ripple holders & leads to increase Ripple more.

Presently , you need to follow the steps given below to buy Ripple.

Create A Ripple Account Using Bitsane

First of all, setup a Ripple Account. Ripple keeps the list of recommended exchanges that you can buy XRP here.

Use Bitsane which is a popular option because it allows crypto-to-crypto transactions from companies like Coinbase. Remember you can’t send money to Bitsane , so you need to go to Coinbase -> Exchange (Bitsane) -> Ripple.

For this whole process, you need to have two accounts i.e. Bitsane & Coinbase. Soon this will change in near future.

Buy Bitcoin or Ether on Coinbase

After the Ripple Account is steup, you need to buy Bitcoins or Ether on Coinbase. After the coinbase account is setup, You have to click on the Buy/Sell page and enter your information. Then, your Bitcoin will be in your wallet and you can move to step 3.

Bitcoin Coinbase
Bitcoin Coinbase

Transfer Your Bitcoin To Bitsane

After your Bitcoin or Ether are transferred to your coinbase account, you can transfer it over to Bitsane. This is very easy task.

Now click ‘Balances’ in your Bitsane account , then click ‘Wallets’ & see all the different coins which you can hold in your account.

As you are transferring to bitcoin, click on Bitcoin & you can see the Wallet Address. See how it looks.

Bitcoin Address
Bitcoin Address

After you get the address , click on Coinbase & choose ‘Accounts & ‘Send’. The screen will show you to send Bitcoin to the address generated in Bitsane.

Buy Ripple

After your Bitcoin are in your Bitsane account, you can finally buy Ripple (XRP). On the homepage of Bitsane , click on the XRP / BTC (or XRP / ETH), and setup an exchange.

After your trade is done, you can see the update in the Bitsane account.

Send Bitcoin
Send Bitcoin

The degree of risk is always involved in any currency which varies it’s price. While Ripple has less chance to lower its price.So if you can take a calculated risk on investing in Ripple, then go for it.

May you will get the high returns on it after few years.

These are very small tips which you will like. If you find this article useful, then please comment to let us know , Share with your friends & Family to get some useful information about the same. Thank You.

What is Ethereum [Detailed] – What you should know before you invest in Ethereum in 2018

About Ethereum wiki , its value and wallet , mining process. Ethereum Virtual machine and its founder.

If you are amazed with the bitcoin owners , who have earned so much money by investing at the right time, then you must be curious to know about other options of crypto-currencies. Today this article will enlighten you about ethereum.

What is Ethereum [Detailed] - What you should know before you invest in Ethereum in 2018
What is Ethereum [Detailed] – What you should know before you invest in Ethereum in 2018

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is related to bitcoin which is not actually true. There are multiple currencies in the world which are like bitcoin. It is just a drop in the ocean. Yes bitcoin uses blockchain application, but so do many cryptos.

“[Blockchain] is to Bitcoin, what the internet is to email. A big electronic system, on top of which you can build applications. Currency is just one.” Sally Davies, FT Technology Reporter

Etheruem cryptocurrency
Etheruem cryptocurrency

Building Blockchain applications requires complex background in coding , cryptography & mathematics. There was a time all these applications took huge time in making all these. But due to so many available tools in decentralized applications, Ethereum has become a popular crypto these days.

What is Ethereum for beginners?

Ethereum is an open source software which is based on blockchain which let developers to build & implement decentralized applications.

Ethereum is a distributed public blockchain network. Bitcoin & ethereum are similar in some ways, but there are many differences too.

  • Bitcoin Blockchain is a peer to peer electronic cash system that enables online Bitcoin payments , while Ethereum blockchain works to earn ether (crypto token) that is fuel for the network.
  • Bitcoin blockchain is used to track ownership of bitcoins while Ethereum blockchain focus to run the code of any decentralized application.

What is a smart contract?

Smart contract is a term used to describe computer code that helps to exchange money, content property, shares or anything. In the running phase of blockchain , smart contract acts as a computer program that runs when the given conditions arrives.

As you should know smart contracts runs on blockchain, it runs as they are programmed without any risk of censorship, downtime, fraud or third party interference.

All blockchains can process code , but limited. In case of Ethereum, it allows developers to create whatever operations they like to do. Developers can create many applications that goes beyond imagination.

The Ethereum Virtual Machine

Before Ethereum , blockchain applications were designed for less operations. This is because bitcoin & other such currencies are operated as peer-to-peer digital currencies.

While ethereum was made , developers faced the problem for adding more functions in existing blockchain or create a new one. Ethereum was made by Vitalik Buterin developed a new one.

Ethereum’s Invention i.e. Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)can run anyone’s program no matter with programming langauge , time or memory.

EVM makes the process to create blockchain applications in an easy & efficient manner. It took away from the concept to make new blockchain for each application.Ethereum enables the development of potentially thousands of different applications all on one platform.

What can Ethereum be used for?

Ethereum enables developers to build & deploy decentralized applications. Decentralized applications or Dapp serves a particular purpose to the users. For ex :- Bitcoin is a Dapp to provide peer to peer electronic cash systems to make online Bitcoin payments.

Decentralized applications are made up of code that runs on a blockchain network, they are not controlled by any individual or central entity.

What are the benefits of Ethereum decentralized Platform?

All decentralized applications runs on blockchain, the benefits of these currencies are

  • Immutability :- No third party can tamper your data.
  • Corruption & tamper proof :- Apps are based on principles of consensus, making censorship impossible.
  • Secure :- the chances of hacking attacks & fraud is very low because of no central point of failure and secured using cryptography, applications.
  • Zero downtime – Apps never go down and can never be switched off.

What’s the downside of decentralized applications?

Decentralized applications are getting popularity but we should know about their faults. As the codes are written by human beings, so the codes are also imperfect & bugs in them can be exploited. If someone exploits the code then the attack on network is inevitable. This could be obtaining a network consensus & creating a nuisance. The essence of blockchain is meant to be immutable but actions taken by the central party can effect the whole system.

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Fappening 3.0 in 2018 came with the 119 Leaked Mikaela Hoover Pictures & Video of Guardians of the Galaxy Actress

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Fappening 3.0 Videos & Photos of Mikaela Hoover

Fappening is one of the most bad nightmare in the life of a celebrity. This has been started some years back & still there are so many new victims who came across the same. Today we are here to aware you about the new victim of the series in Fappening 2018.

Fappening 3.0 Videos & Photos of Mikaela Hoover
Fappening 3.0 Videos & Photos of Mikaela Hoover

Mikaela Hoover Guardians of the Galaxy Actress Suffered iCloud hack & Leaked

Her name is Mikaela Hoover. Mikela is 33 years old and has worked in multiple movies in her career. She is a well known actress for her role in the Movie ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’. Her role was of Nova prime Assistant.

LAPD found 40,000 Pictures Leaked from iCloud Account of Her

The records of police have stated that more than 40,000 pictures were stolen from her icloud account. After the theft, the hacker has uploaded the 119 pictures & a video to a website. The name of website is not given because of our Policy. The name of website is already know to all & they displays all those pictures every time the Fappening event happens.

Mikaela Hoover Reaction on the Fappening 3.0 Videos & Pictures

In November 2017, the actress said she was being framed from 2014. Also in an Interview with a Hollyword reporter for Awards Chatter podcast ” She is having her private photos exposed felt like she was “gangbanged by the fucking planet.”

But that time no one in the world was bale to see her private pictures. But now anyone who is eager to se her pictures can do it by a single click on his mobile phone. This is one of the most torturing time for her. In her words ” When I first found out it was happening, my security reached out to me. It was happening minute to minute—it was almost like a ransom situation where they were releasing new ones every hour or so.”

Due to their continuous involvement of the website in Fappening, the website has been fined multiple times by the Celebrities after the law suite. Fappening has so many targets who were innocent celebrities & become a victim in the past.

List of Celebrities who were Victims of Fappening 2014 to 2017

The list of celebrities who become the victim of Fappening events are given as.

The first fappening was done in 2014 & second was made in 2017. There were so many celebrities who were victims i.e.

Presently, LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) is working on the case. Some of the other details have been kept secret by the Investigating Officials.

Hacked Pictures were send to Ex Boyfriend Nic Hoult First

The pictures were stolen from his iCloud account & were send to her Ex boyfriend & after that the pics were uploaded to the Fappening Website.

Accused of Fappening 2.0 & 3.0 in 2017 were Imprisoned & Fined

Ryan Collins , who lives in Pennsylvania is the doubted accused behind the leak. He was sentenced to 18 months of imprisonment in October 2016. The next person Edward Majerczyk who was involved in the Fappening leaks was also given an imprisonment of 18 months in 2017. He was also fined & ordered to pay Rs. $5,700 in leiu of the damages done to his life.

Now the leaks of Hoover Images has been marked as Fappening 3.0. The leak also involved the pictures of Dakota Johnson, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart and Tiger Woods, among others.Hoover did not respond to a request for comment.

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What is Zcash | How it is better option than Bitcoin & How to mine ZCash

Zcash (ZEC) is a popular crypto currency like other crypto which we have already talk about in other previous articles. If you haven’t read them, then you can check these here.

  1. Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018
  2. What is Ethereum?
  3. How Bitcoin Works
  4. Why LiteCoin is a better than Bitcoin for Investment?
  5. Read the three Golden Rules before you go to buy a Bitcoin Wallet

What is ZCash?

All of us knows about Bitcoin, so we are going to talk all things in reference of bitcoin. Bitcoin is a decentralised blockchain where the parties involved in transaction stays anonymous. But do you if you know someone’s bitcoin address , you can follow their transactions & all those addresses where a transaction is involved. This will provide you the details of money. Your money can be tracked soon or later. All the information in ZCash is encrypted.

Here comes the ZCash

ZCash uses zk-snark(proof of construction) to secure the whole network. Using this the network maintains a ledger for balance in a secure way without revealing the identity of parties which are involved in transactions.

zcash cryptocurrency
zcash cryptocurrency

This happens through the use of zero knowledge proofs – or basically where the person making the transaction has the ability to spend the ZEC and that the values balance and they haven’t been spent before.

In Bitcoin network, a single node keeps the balance of what is kept by each address in UXTO (Unspent transactions output database). To unlock the output, each transaction is verified.

Origin of Zcash

ZCash was launched in 2016 in the month of October. ZCash has been released after hard work done by the developers team. The main pillars for the establishment of ZCash are Roger Ver, Barry Seibert and Pantera Capital.

The codes are open source which is unusual in other cryptos. The company is run by a cryptographer i.e. Zooko Wilcox who is 41 years old. He gave 10% coins for funding cots & 1% to the non profit organization.

The total coin supply of ZCash is 21 million same like bitcoin. The issuance rate is also same as bitcoin i.e. 21m ZEC issued in over 131 years but instead it has 10 minute blocks. ZCash will have 2.5 minute block average with four times block rewards that half every four years.

Distribution & Funding of ZCash

ZCash has faced a lot of controversy in the method of distribution of crypto. This organisation is not open source but the company is open source.

One more difference in ZCash & other cryptos are to reward investors & workers in the company which is which are called mining rewards or or Founders reward.

ZCash has taken a different approach & took money from the investors in the company to create a crypto currency before they released it. As you mine Z currency , the first 4% is given to the company by 20%. This is thought a control by company to enrich themselves unfairly.

This was made to get funding for the company in research & development which is a long term planning in the welfare of the company. They never disclose the information for the cash flow between the company, employees & investors.


How to Mine ZCash ?

ZCash uses Equihash hashing algo. This is an asymmetric memory-hard PoW algorithm based on the generalized birthday problem. It works on high RAM requirements to bottleneck the generation of proofs and making ASIC development unfeasible, much like Ethereum. In order to avoid Instamine ZCash will have a slow mining start, where block rewards will be issued slower than normal.

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Why LiteCoin is a better than Bitcoin for Investment? – Know more about Altcoins in 2018

Hello friends, As i told you about the various crypto currencies day by day. If you haven’t read them yet, then links are given here below.

Today, we are going to tell you about Litecoin. A small introduction was given to you in the previous article. You must have heard about the growth of Bitcoin is compared with Litecoin. A term “Altcoin” is what is want to introduce to you. Altcoins are called alternative digital coins , which are made on the scene after the success of Bitcoin. A new crypto currency is introduced to public to show them more options. The crypto currency introduced later are released with more features & better option than the earlier one.

Why LiteCoin is a better than Bitcoin for Investment?
Why LiteCoin is a better than Bitcoin for Investment?

The most popular altcoins are PeerCoin, Litecoin, Ripple , Ethereum & Dash. Here we are going to talk about the growth of Litecoin in 2017 & some helpful information about it. if you are a newbie, then you must check the articles written with the basic knowledge about Crypto currency.

What is Litecoin?

Bitcoin has stealed all the lime-light from all the nations by rising on all time high every week. But if you think that other currencies are not rising, then you must know something more about them. Litecoin has raised its value with $340 which is all time high. The trade is flowing between $300 to $320.

Litecoin was introduced in 2011. It was founded by a Google employee Charlie Lee. Presently he is working as Director of Engineering at CoinBase. The ledgers of Litecoin transaction are maintained via blockchain.

What is the difference between Bitcoin vs Litecoin?

Bitcoin & Litecoin are quite similar. There are major differences given in the Bitcoin & Litecoin.

  1. Altcoins are generated four times faster than bitcoin & the transactions are done more faster.
  2. The coin limit of Bitcoin is 21 Million while in case of Litecoin, it is 84 million.
  3. Algorithm used in Bitcoin is SHA-256 & Scrypt in Litecoin.
  4. Mean Block Time of Bitcoin is 10 minutes & Litecoin is 2.5 minutes.
Bitcoin Litecoin
Coin Limit  21 Million  84 Million
 Algorithm  SHA-256  Scrypt
 Mean Block Time
 10 Minutes  2.5 Minutes
 Difficulty Retarget  2016 Blocks  2016 Blocks
 Block reward details
 Halved every 210,000  Halved every 840,000
 Initial Reward
 50 BTC  50 LTC
 Current Block reward  25 BTC  50 LTC
 Block Explorer
 Created By  Satoshi Nakamoto  Charles Lee
 Creation Date  January 3rd , 2009  October 7th, 2011
 Market Cap  $ 10,467,596,650.78  $ 540,274,528.26

These are some of the major differences between Bitcoin & Litecoin. The hardware used in mining Litecoin are done by hardware instead of raw processing power according to CoinDesk States.

The change in mining protocol , let miners use special hardware to mine Litecoin. This makes Litecoin to reach for more small players much easier.

Why Litecoin has raised higher from all time ?

Litecoin is raising faster these days. The main reason of all the cryptocurrencies are rise in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is also showing some new features to show more adoption in e-commerce and online payment systems.

Litecoin is an option for many investors who are going for bitcoin but can’t due to the prices. That’s all for now. Hope this helped you to know something about Litecoin.
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