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Best Kali Linux Tools Explained, Tutorial – Basic Security Testing with Pentesting Software

There are so many wi-fi networks around us. Many of us thought of hacking them. Here we are going to tell you about some wi-fi hacking tools used in Kali Linux.

Kali Linux Tools Explained – Software List PDF

Hacking Wi-fi is not a rocket science. Thousand of queries come across daily on the search engine asking “How to hack wi-fi”. So here I am going to tell you about seven wi-fi tools available in Kali Linux. You can use these tools to check the vulnerability of your Wi-fi router & find a strong password for it.


Aircrack-ng is a very popular tool used in Kali Linux. It works with Network NIC of monitoring mode. It works on brute force attack & dictionary attacks. The main tools of Aircrack-ng are Aireplay-ng, Airodump-ng & Airbase-ng.


This tool is also used to check the vulnerability of a wireless router. It can recover password from a WPA / WPA 2 router. This tool can work in weak signals also.

Pixie WPS

It work on brute force technique for WPS pins.It exploits the non-existing entropy of wireless access points. Pixie works with Reaver of Wifite.


Hacking a wi-fi with tool is very easy using this. It works better than aircrack-ng , mostly works where aircrack-ng do not works. Wifite is an Auto-pilot tool for Wi-fi hacking. It decides the best way to hack a wi-fi. Wifite uses fake authentication & ARP to speed up data packets.


This tool works as a network analysis tool popularly called Ethereal. It captures data packets & convert them into natural language. It can access pcap files. Wireshark is available for Windows & Mac also.

Fern Wifi Cracker

This is GUI based tool written in python language. It is an auditing & attack software. If you are a beginner then this tool is very useful for you.


A tool that is helpful in finding wireless routers in the area. Wash comes in the package of Reaver. It is a standard tool of Kali OS.


It is LAN password attack tool. You can hack wireless networks with this. This tool is available for Linux & windows users.  Not updated since last three years, the tool is working nicely with all the wireless networks.


THis open source hacking tool is used to crack 802.11 WEP keys. It works with dictionary attack. It requires a WPA card for working. Without a WPA card , WepAttack do not works properly.


Kismer works on 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, and 802.11n networks. It is a network intrusion tool. Kismet is available for Windows, Linux, OS X and BSD users. It works on Client server model.
Five Linux Distributions that can be installed on Raspberry Pi

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Why Kali Linux is not for a beginner who has just started Using Linux

Why Kali Linux is not for a beginner who has just started Using Linux
Why Kali Linux is not for a beginner who has just started Using Linux

Hello my friends who read this blog from a while , others who are new here can also check the other posts from this small tech blog. I have heard so many things about Kali Linux. Many of us who want to start hacking must have heard about this Linux Distro.

This is why install this Operating system in our PC as a Primary OS or may be via Dual Boot with Windows. If you are also trying to learn some hacking & want to grow your career in hacking, then you must have also thought to install Kali Linux.

This article is written with the purpose to clear some of the doubts to the students / learner who are inclines over Kali Linux.

An Introduction to Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a Linux based Operating System created by a security firm i.e. Offensive Security. The OS was previously called as Backtrack & is rewritten in Debian (Earlier was in Knoppix).

The official statement says “Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Linux Distribution”. They mean that this Linux distribution is made for penetration testing with the help of various security related tools to help security experts.

If you think Kali Linux is a very unique & useful Distro, then you should know about Distro.

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A Linux Distro is defined as a set of Linux kernel, a set of core utilities and applications and some default settings. So if you take any linux distro & install all the tools you need to use, then it would be as same as the Kali Linux is providing.

The only difference will be the pre-packed tools & setting that are made for a pentester not for a regular Desktop user.

Precisely, Kali Linux is not the only door to start with your hacking startup lessons.

How to Download & Install Kali Linux

If you are going to install Kali Linux, then you should first download the ISO from the official website of Kali Linux. The official Link is given as

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How to install Kali Linux on your PC Step by Step

If your PC is a 64 bit Intel CPU, then amd64 is the right download for you. After your download is complete, you can check the SHA-256 fingerprint & compare it with the downloaded file. How to verify checksum in Linux. After you checked the ISO with the checksum, you will be confident about the integrity of ISO for installation.

Kali Linux installation and first experience

Kali Linux is a Debian based OS , the installation process of this OS is little bit complex than others. However the process is properly explained on the official website of Kali.

There are so many options which are default after installation. After the installation is complete, the screen shows this.

Kali linux first screen
Kali linux first screen
  1. A user who is new to Linux won’t know that root is the only user after installation. Another thing is that pentesting tools require super user access.
  2. Kali Linux is not a choice for daily computing (Office Work, Internet Surfing, Video Editing etc). You can”t even share your PC with someone.
  3. More of the features of Kali Linux tools are hidden in command line rather than menu. You won’t get any specific office applications or tools (Except calculator or Quick Note). All the tools available are security oriented.
  4. Kali is Debian based, but there are no specific tools there. You can install as many of them by the commands. (apt-get update ,apt-get install).
  5. Working as root is not good in many cases. There are no restriction to the user, you can do many things which really don’t want to do. There will access to all type of files & you can manipulate any of them which can result into bad experiences.

If you are going to install this on directly, then you can read this article to make a proper installation of Kali Linux in your PC.

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8 Mozilla add-ons used by hackers – Firefox Hackbar Tutorials

Mozilla Hackers Add-ons
Mozilla Hackers Add-ons

Hackbar for Firefox , Firefox Hackbar tutorials, addon hacker repo , hackbar pro As i always tell you something from the world of hacking. Many of you may be working in Kali Linux or Parrot Linux.

If you have started pen testing on any of it then you must have knowledge of many hacking tools. Hacking is all about knowing the hacking tools like Mozilla hackers add-ons.

Firefox Hacker Add-ons for Penetration Testing

The number of hacking tools you know the more chances occur for your successful penetration testing. Here I am going to tell you about Mozilla Add-ons for you.

Download Mozilla hackers add-ons

These are some of the which I know.

Tamper Data Mozilla Add-on

A very useful add-on for pen testers. Basically it is used to view & update. HTTP/HTTPS headers and post parameters, trace and time HTTP response or requests, security test web applications by modifying POST parameters. Download it from here.

HackBar Firefox Addons

Hack Bar is used for security audits, It strongly recommend the installation of XSS, SQL Encoding/Decoding – MD5, SH1, Base64, Hexing, Splitting etc. Download it from here.

HTTP Headers Live Firefox 

This add-on works as same as Tamper data but the difference is that it allows viewing HTTP headers of page while browsing. Download it from here.

User Agent Switcher Firefox

This add-on works like it adds a menu & a toolbar button to switch the user agent f browser. This helps in changing a User agent to IE or search bots. This add-on can also creates a new user agent.Download it from here.

Cookie Manager+ Firefox

This add-on is used to view, create , edit & injecting cookies.With this add-on you can check the additional information about cookies. You can edit multiple cookies at once. Download it from here.

HTTPFox firefox

It monitors all the incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic between the browser and the web servers. It works like Http Watch or IE Inspector in Mozilla.Download it from here.

Firefox Passive recon

It performs packet less discovery of target resources using publicly available information. Download it from here.

SQL Inject me Firefox 

SQL injection is a very damaging method that can happen to a web application. SQL injection can create or delete any part of database & left the application in an in-determinant state or in non-working state. This add-on is used test SQL Injection vulnerabilities. Download it from here.

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Useful DOS Commands You Should Know – Helps you to become computer expert

DOS is one of the underrated operating system. As it is a very powerful operating system. If you know about the commands that can be used to do some very great stuff. The knowledge of these DOS commands will help you in the your daily life as well as in the hacking world. Some of those DOS commands are written here for you.

Many of us don’t even know what & how much that DOS can do. Most of the users just use it to check the Internet connection. I mean the PING command. But if you like to know more about the DOS then you must check this article. I guarantee you will get some benefit in knowledge of DOS  & better handling of your computer.

These commands will let you leave your mouse for a while. So let’s start with the amazing commands.

Some tricky DOS commands

  1. Command History  :- Sometimes we have used some commands in our system & could not remember it. Imagine if we have a option to check the history , yes it is already there. i.e. doskey /history.
  2. Run two commands at a same command line  :- Run two commands in a single line would be more helpful & reminds me of Linux commands. You can run two commands in a single go by using && between two commands. For ex- ipconfig && dir.
  3. Use of Function Key in DOS prompt :- This could be new thing for you. Here the list of all commands & their functions respectively.
    • F1 :- type first character of last command you type. If you press F1 multiple times, then you it type next other characters of last command.
    • F2 : – Copy the character of previous command up-to a specific length
    • F3 :- Retype the last command entered.
    • F4 :- Remove the desired part of previous command.
    • F5 :- copies the template to command line.
    • F6 :- Undo the last action.
    • F7 :- Shows history of commands entered in the current session.
    • F8 : – displays all the commands which start with the specific character.
    • F9 :- Displays command with the serial they were entered in the prompt in the current session.

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DOS commands
DOS commands

  • Check PC Driver :- You can check all the drivers installed in the computer with all the other information associated with them. Command is driverquery.
  • Save the output in clipboard :- Sometimes we like to save the command in a separate file. A better to save them without using copy & paste is ipconfig | clip.
  • Abort a command :-  if you want to abort a command which you used before than you can simply do this by pressing Ctrl + C.
  • Change color of your command prompt  :-  The background of DOS can be changed by a right click -> properties-> Go to color tab. Now change background & text color.
  • Create wi-fi Hotspot using command prompt :- You can create free wi-fi hotspot using your computer wi-fi receiver if it supports wi-fi broadcasting. You will know after you will run this command.Use command prompt with administrative access & type the command netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid= hotspotname key= password.

Now you can switch it on by netsh wlan start hostednetwork. Switch it off with netsh wlan stop hostednetwork.

  • Scan System files for error check :- This command scans the whole system to find any error regarding system error & fixes them. i.e. sfc /scannow.
  • Speed up Internet :- Sometimes your system needs to find a new DNS for every request. You can flush the DNS by using this command. After the use of this command. Your websites will load quicker than before. i.e. – ipconfig/flushdns

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TOR Browser Alternatives – Top Incognito Browsers for PC in 2019

TOR browser is a very popular browser that can be used to surf web information. But there are so many times when TOR has been blamed by the government agencies about the security breaches all around the world. NSA has invested in the TOR project but they have also tried to break the encryption algorithm of TOR. This article will inform you about TOR browser alternatives.

TOR browser alternatives

TOR has official announced that some sources are trying to reveal the identity of users who are using their services of TOR.

There are many factors by which TOR security is compromised. We are going to provide you some of TOR browser alternatives that can be used by the user to hide their identity.

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This is a browser that is used to become anonymous on the Internet. It uses peer to peer communication channel which is developed on open source tools. This browser is a perfect replacement of TOR.

It is made to use the hidden services of Internet. It is different from TOR or you can say “I2P is faster than TOR”. I2P uses unidirectional circuits to send data, if a user tries to extract the information of any user than he has to compromise with the node & the information will be secured as well.

TOR browser alternatives
TOR browser alternatives


Now, this browser is completely different concept than any other browser. This is a live operating system which can be carried in a pen drive, CD or memory card. This is an operating system that gives you the services of an IM client, Office suite & obviously a web browser. It uses TOR browser services but add some other layers that improves the security of the user who is using it.  A feature which I personally like is that it can be used anywhere without leaving any traces of the user.

Subgraph OS

This works on TOR network as the previous one but it has some features like firewall, e-mail client & built-in encryption. This is built by a Canadian security company. It also provides a mechanism to restrict the malware & other malicious programs that can harm your computer. This OS can be used as a permanent OS or can be carried in a Pen drive like tails.


This browser works like I2P that means it works on peer to peer connection. This P2P communication helps to store & deliver the data from one end to another. The protocol used in the network isolates the users to leak any information.

In the version 0.7 of freenet, there are two modes that is Darknet & Opennet. Darknet is used to share the public key if the users were connected before now. The opennet mode is used by the connect with any random user whenever you like to. The two modes can be used at same time. The software is free on the Internet.


This is one more OS that is a linux based OS. This OS can be carried in a USB. The Linux is based on Debian kernel. You can customize the OS by your wish. It comes with many other software packages that are image editor, office suite & many more. The web browser of this OS is used to be anonymous in the Internet.

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Linux vs Windows vs Mac Performance , Gaming Difference

You must have heard of Linux OS. After reading this article you will know everything about it. This will cover all the aspects of Linux operating system.

About Linux – History of Linux / Linux History Timeline

Linux is an unix based operating system. It was developed by Linus Torvalds. It is an open source operating system   which means it is not owned by anyone or any organisation. It is a very powerful operating system for any user who is searching an alternative to windows OS. Linux was developed in 1991. It was the period of hardware upgrade. At that time DOS & Mac were the only operating system for the computers. As DOS was economical for the PC users while Mac was lot more expensive than DOS. In same decade , Linus Torvalds who was studying in the Helsinki university created a new core operating system. After the development was completed , it was given away by him for free.

Linux Academy Linux Architecture Linux Kernel

Now linux is one of the mostly used operating system in the IT sector for the security reasons. It is the favorite OS for the servers as it can work for years without any reboot or maintenance.

Reasons of linux for becoming so popular

There are various reasons why linux has become the most popular operating system in the IT sector businesses. We are writing some of those features which will make you fall in love with linux OS.

  • The first most interesting part of linux is that nobody owns it’s source code. The source code is also given free with this operating system. The source code can be modified by the user if the user wants to customize the Linux core according to his needs. There are no complex license agreements as in the case of windows or Mac.
  • There is no cost for this operating system. The core of linux comes with general public license or GNU. It is a very robust OS used in very big organisations. It can handle any number of users irrelevant of their resource usage. It is also very helpful in networking applications. Sometimes when a network computer or a server having very low disk space , linux handles the users request very efficiently.
  • Linux is a very hardware independent OS which can work in any type of hardware. Because of this portability it runs on variety of machines like PCs, Macs, mainframes, supercomputers, some cell phones and industrial robots. It also works in dual boot like windows & linux OR Linux & Mac. A very popular Linux operating in laptop computer is Ubuntu.
  • As we are in the threatening world of Viruses, malware attacks & other malicious activities. Linux is safe from all types of such attacks. This is because the platform is very less & the people who are using this OS are mostly ethical users of It industry.
  • As we told you above that the linux is open source , that is why the application software which are used in this platform are also freeware to the linux users.

Limitations Of Linux

As anything in this world is not perfect. There are some disadvantages of the OS. We are going to describe them to you so that you can be well informed about the operating system.

Disadvantages of Linux OS

  • The programs that were used in windows will be longer useful for linux. The application of windows software are of .exe format while Linux does not support .exe. Linux supports .gz, .tgz ,.ps & .txt. But now from some previous years windows emulator has been developed by the companies to fill the gap between windows & Linux OS.
  • There are very less peripherals like printer, scanner etc which are compatible with linux OS. However there are some hardware available which are used with linux OS. But the number of such hardware is very less.For example HP has provided a variety of hardware that is compatible with linux platform.
  • If any windows user who has just switched to the linux platform , he must be too much dependent on the GUI. However there is much better GUI in Linux as compared to the windows , but there are variety of functions that are done by commands in linux, their function is much better than the graphical one.

Linux vs Windows – Difference between Linux and Windows Operating System

  1. Linux kernel & GNU utilities are free to use. There is no money required to use linux OS. While if you want to use a windows operating system than you have to pay around $99 or more to use the Windows operating system.
  2. If any person who wants to work in linux based environment than he must need the deeper understanding with the linux working environment while if we talk about windows, then it is the easiest OS to use because of its GUI & user friendly features.If a windows user has to switch directly to Linux Os then he must learn many other things in order to work in the linux environment.
  3. Linux is way too reliable in terms of usage & real time processing. In the years of improvement windows has become more reliable than ever but still the level of reliability is much higher in linux as compared to the windows OS.
  4. Software Availability :- If you the check the variety of software that windows support is very high as compared to the linux. There are very less software which are supported in linux based OS while in case of windows , windows has the highest number of applications that support it’s platform.
  5. Cost of software :- The software that are available for linux is free while the softwares that are used in windows are not free & need money to purchase them.
  6. Security : The level of security is much higher in Linux to windows. The source code of the linux is available to the users. This enables the user to check & analyze the attack in the system. The vulnerability of Linux OS is less than Windows OS.
  7. Applications :- The application of linux OS is mostly scientfic & organisational. Linux is used in Servers , businesses, NASA. It can work with old hardware as well. Windows are used in home, gaming & entertainment. The software need to be upgraded regularly & the OS do not work in older hardwares.

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Linux vs Macintosh – Mac Vs Linux For Programming

Mac PC runs on OSX. Mac is a product of Apple Inc. There are aspects on which we will compare both OS in the many aspects.

Mac OS vs Linux Differences

  1. Flexibility :- If we use a OSX after using linux then we will see that there is not much independence for a user to do anything. For example if you want o change the desktop in a Mac PC then then you have to download Theme pack which will let you do this. In the case of linux this can be done in two or three clicks.Even linux can let you change the taskbar appearance by installing a different desktop manager.
  2. Open Source :- Apple took the BSD kernel to develop its own kernel known as darwin kernel. After that it was licensed under apple public source which is registered under Free Software Foundation. This Darwin kernel is still locked with Apple. Linux kernel is an open source to every user. Once Apple & open source has worked together to create OpenDarwin Kernel which is a hybrid of Linux & Mac OS.
  3. Command Line : OSX users don’t have much knowledge or need to work with command line. But every techy knows that the importance of command line is more when you need admin acess to the PC. In other words to have an administrative acess to a Mac PC, there are not enough commands in OSX.
  4. Hardware compatibility : In a PC who does not have much advance hardware in it, then OSX will not work better in that. But if we run a linux OS in it, the same PC will work better in terms of performance. Performance of OSX is very much dependant on hardware. Linux is not the same like Mac.
  5. Security : In terms of security , I witnessed a competition in which there were three platforms i.e. windows, linux & Mac. While both windows & linux were hacked & linux was not.The tools for the security are more advanced in linux as compared to Mac or Windows. Mac is also a secure OS but the level of securty that linux has can’t be compared.
  6. Portable:- Linux can be run on any machine unless its size or old hardware. Mac is not as portable in every computer. Linux data can be placed in either 64 bit or 32 bit. While in the Mac computer the files have restricted support in same architecture.
  7. Cost : The cost of using a Mac Machine is very higher. Th cheapest Mac I know is $ 1000. While linux can run on any old machine too. The cost of using the basic features of linux can be made by just an old computer & the Installation CD of Linux. While If you will use an old machine for running Mac OS you will suffer very slow response in Mac.

Linux OS
Linux OS

Now you know the various aspects of linux with other operating system. Linux is a freeware OS. Basically it is a kernel. Linux distributions take this kernel & combine with other software packages in order to provide different Linux distribution. If you will take the kernel & use it without any distribution than it will consume a lot of time in doing this.

You can use any of these Distribution in order to work in a linux environment.

Ubuntu Philosophy

Ubuntu is a very popular linux which is based on debian repositories. It works on GNOME 2 & Unity desktop environment.It updates Long term support(LTS) after every two years. In future there will be Ubuntu running on smartphones & tablet.

Ubuntu Philosophy
Ubuntu Philosophy

Linux Mint

Mint is based on Ubuntu Linux. Both ubuntu & mint uses same software repositories. Linuxmint is an loveable alternative to Ubuntu as it contains all the codecs & proprietary software which are not included in Ubuntu. It uses a traditional desktop called cinnamon desktop. It won’t let critical software updates which declared it as an insecure OS.

Linux Mint
Linux Mint

Debian Wheezy OS

It composed of open source software.The project was started in 1993. From the last 24 years it is still releasing newer versions. They are releasing newer versions very slowly as compared to others. This long time of work make this distribution more secure than others. Their main aim is to provide an secure OS with more user-friendly features.

debian wheezy OS

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

It is a commercial linux distribution based on fedora linux. Now the latest version are coming with collaboration with centOS. All the newer versions will be made by CentOS & Red hat. Officially CentOS is a part of red hat now.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Red Hat Enterprise Linux

OpenSuse Linux Tumbleweed

OpenSuse is a bleeding edge version of linux. In 2003 Novell purchased the OpenSuse. Once Opensuse was the best Linux in terms of user friendly feature, now ubuntu has taken the crown from it.

Open Suse
Open Suse

Kali Linux – Hackers Paradise

Kali Linux is debian based OS designed specifically for forensics & Penetration testing.It  is developed & maintained by an organisation called Offensive Security Ltd.It consists of more than 300 penetration testing tools.

Kali linux
Kali linux

Arch Linux Beginners Guide

It is based on KISS (keep it simple , stupid) principle.It is designed for computers that are of i686 and x86-64 architectures.It is mostly works under binary packages.

Install Arch Linux 2017.05.01
Install Arch Linux 2017.05.01

Parrot linux / Parrot Linux 3.6 Parrot AIR

This is also a debian based Os. It is designed for specific tasks such as Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation, Forensics and Anonymous Web Browsing. It is made by Frozen Team.The latest version of parrot linux is Parrot 3.4.1 named as CyberFrigate.

Parrot Linux
Parrot Linux

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These are some of the popular linux distribution which are used by me personally. If you are trying to select any of them for the learning you can download any of them from their official websites.

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What are Google Dorks list in 2018 – Google Search Operators

Google Dorks list , definition and their uses. You can also know about vulnerable websites in the Google SQL dorks. The Google dorks can be for database queries, SEO and for SQL injection.

Hello friends this article is about Google dorks. Google dorks is a set of search queries that can be used by a person to find hidden information from search engine.

History of Google Dorks

This concept of google dorks was started in 2002. Johnny Long is the person who started it & he used this to find the vulnerable & secret information. He named them as Google Dorks or google hacking.

What is Google Dorks in 2018

Google dorks can expose many type of information to the searcher. It can find the private information , username & password & some other details too. You can also say that Google dorks is dark corner where you can find some precious gems.

Now the information you get from can be used anywhere for any purpose. Most of the times is used in illegal activities.

google dorks
google dorks

Google Dorks Search Operator

To use Google dorks , you need to know about the operators used in dorking. So one by one I am going to write all of them one by one.


Using intitle symbolize google to show only those pages which consist of those string. For example intitle:”login page”. This queries will all the pages which has login page in the title tag.


This is similar to intitle but the difference is it will look for all specified terms in the title.


It search for the terms that are in the specified url.


Same as inurl but search for all terms in the url.


Search for a specific filetype in the websites. For ex: filetype:txt.


Similar to filetype but find extension of files.


Search the content of the webpage like regular google search. For ex intext:”index of /”.


Same as intext , the difference is that it searches for all the terms that are present in the page.


Searches the content in a single site that is specified. For ex:- site:

Basic structure 

“inurl:.”domain”/”dorks” ”

“inurl” : input url

“domain” : your domain like .com

“dorks”: dorks you search

In the place of inurl any of the above explained can be written.

All these dorks are used to find a vulnerability in a website which can be detected & solved.

Here are some tricks that are widely used to find dorks

You can use intitle to find a song or anything in a website like.

intitle: index of mp3

Here you can find the index page of a website



With this you can find a text that is similar in multiple websites.

intext : “website security tutorial”

Now you will get the name of all websites that provide tutorial related to web security.

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Yubico Yubikey Neo security key Review – Working and Features of Yubico Lastpass

Read Yubico key , Yubico Neo and lastpass. Also check for Yubico iPhone and detailed review. You can also see the features and working of Yubikey security key.

U2F is an open authentication standard which helps Internet users to securely access multiple online services with a single security key. regradless of any software or hardware dependency.

yubikey key Neo working and features
yubikey key Neo working and features

U2F is a key which is created by Google and Yubico from NXP. It mainly aims to provide strong public key crypto to the market. The technicalities of U2F are hosted by the open authentication industry consortium i.e. FIDO Alliance.U2F is used by many tech giant companies Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox, GitHub,, the UK government, and many more.

Origin Binding:  Defense against Phishing

A Yubikey is used to outbound the login process.. With U2F, you can authenticate your online accounts with key. The authentication is done on the legit sites. If a phishing attack will be done , then the login won’t be done. This prevents the various hacking attacks done on the various phishing attacks and stops account takeovers.

U2F Advantages

  1. Strong security :- Using public key crypto , a strong two factor authentication is done to create protection phishing, session hijacking, man-in-the-middle, and malware attacks.
  2. Easy to use :- U2F can be used in any platform or browsers i.e. Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla. It enables quick authentication to any number of services, there is no codes or drivers to install.
  3. High privacy  :-  It provides better security and control to your online accounts. User can get the multiple identity which is never associated with the identity. U2F creates a new pair of keys for each service and the service stores the public key. This approach helps to prevent key to leak between service providers.
  4. Multiple choices :- It provides standard flexibility and product choice. It is designed for phones and computers with different communication methods (USB and NFC).
  5. Cost-efficient :- User can buy an U2F online. It provides free and open source server software for back end integration via Yubico Developer Program.
  6. Electronic identity :- In organizations, there is a need of higher level of identity assurance. With service providers , you can bind your U2F Security Key to your real government issued identity.

Working of Yubikey

There are multiple functions of a Yubikey which helps to provide access to the e-mail , apps and the physical spaces. Yubikey is a universal key which needs no software installation or a power. It works on plug and play.
Yubikey provides security which is more than just a password now. There is no username and password to hack only the physical key.

Features of a Yubico Key

Yubico One-Time Password (OTP) :- Yubikey generates an encrypted password which can be used only once. Yubikey require a physical access to hack the online accounts to get the OTP. This feature is available on every YubiKey except the U2F Security Key.


Yubico generates a 6 or 8 digit OTP password to log in to the service. This supports OATH HOTP authentication standard. This is an event where each an every time new password will be generated for each event. The OATH-HOTP feature is available on every version of YubiKey except the U2F Security Key.

Prevent , Secure Facebook Hack from getting hacked by Hackers

Prevent facebook password and avoid facebook hack with mobile security

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. Everyone of us must be having their accounts on it. Your accounts be prevented from being hacked by hackers if you follow these simple tricks to prevent Facebook hack.

Tips to prevent Facebook password from getting hacked by Hackers

If you talk about the security in Facebook then it is very good & secured.A Facebook cannot be hacked , but this statement is 99% correct. What about the rest 1%, some accounts on Facebook were hacked. In this article we will provide some security measures that will prevent your account to be hacked by someone. To prevent Facebook hack please read them carefully & follow them properly.

The Most Simple methods to Secure Facebook are

  1. Secure Facebook Privacy Settings
  2. Protect my Facebook Account from Block
  3. Secure your Account Facebook Message
  4. Secure Facebook Profile Picture
  5. Secure Facebook Login

Methods to prevent Facebook Hack – Want to prevent criminals from hacking your Timeline?

  1. Using key logger :- A very effective way to get someone’s passwords. Key logger is a program that will record all the keystrokes entered by the user. This record can be send by the program through the network. This method is a very smart way to get someone’s passwords. This method can trap many computer professionals too. This can be prevented by  scanning flash drive, downloading legal software & get a good antivirus to detect & clean the system.
  2. Phishing:- This is also a method where the hacker creates a replica of a website & imply the user to enter his login Id & password. If a user do not have any knowledge of the replica page then he will enter his login details which will be send to the hacker & now the hacker can do anything to your Facebook account.To prevent Facebook account from these attacks you must keep some things in mind like:-
  • don’t use Facebook from someone else device.
  • Use Google chrome for identifying phishing.
  • Don’t follow the instructions of any e-mail who ask you to login to Facebook.

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  1. Session hijacking :- This attack is prone to http website & LAN , wireless networks. In this process hacker steals the cookie of the browser where the login process is done.As no Facebook protocol has been changed to https from http. This attack is not prone now.
  2. Saved password in browser :- We always save the login details in the browser of our device, these details can be seen by the password manager of the browser & taken out from it.
  3. Firesheep Hijacking :- This is tool that is used for many unethical purposes.This attack is similar to session hijacking but it is more specific to Wi-fi users.
  4. Hacking through mobile :- Facebook users use the website by their mobile devices. Some spying software are spying on the mobile devices so that the login details can be leaked. To prevent Facebook details to be leaked , you need to uninstall unethical apps. Another tip for the same is use only trust worthy apps that are to be installed from Google Play.
  5. DNS Spoofing :- If the hacker is on the same network then he can replace the web pages with his own web pages & get the access of their Facebook. Always secure the server against cache poisoning.
  • Manage the DNS servers
  • Use different server & separate authorization functionality.

Some Other Methods

  1. USB Hacking :- If a USB that has programmed to access the passwords of your browser. This can leak your privacy & left your device in a very hasty condition. Never use anyone else USB device without scanning for virus.
  2. Man in the middle attack :- It happens when the user & hacker are in the same LAN. Hacker act as a gateway between the server & the user. This false gateway will capture all the information from the user. The process can be prevented by using a good VPN service.
  3. Botnets :- This is a network of computer that are controlled by remote location. These botnets are expensive to setup & it tries to catch the passwords in the network. Use firewalls & strong passwords to be safe from these.
  4. Social engineering :- This techniques is based upon guessing password of your Facebook by gathering more & more information as possible. Be safe & don’t share your password or other details like birthday, mobile number , your gf/bf name etc that will help the hacker to guess your password.
  5. E-mail ID hacking :- The hacker is willing to access the e-mail ID that is connected to your Facebook. If he gets the access of your e-mail Id then he can easily reset the Facebook password & login to it. Use two step verification in your e-mail Id & strong password that are too private to be guessed by anybody.
  6. Hacking Wi-fi :- If you use a Wi-fi router to access Internet & use it to login your Facebook then you must keep a strong password so that it is less prone to be hacked.If someone hacked your Wi-Fi router then he can track all your Internet traffic & access your Facebook password.
  7. Log Out is Mandatory :- People login to their Facebook & do not log out after the use. If the Facebook session is stored in the browser then the person who is using it after you will check your account & can do any activity in it.

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These tips to prevent Facebook hack described here are correct up to my knowledge. If you any questions about them , then please let us know in the comment box. If you have any other information regarding Facebook hack then please tell us. Thank you.