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16 Instagram Tips & Tricks for Beginner , Pro & Business Accounts – Insta Hidden Features

Facebook is the social Networking Giant on Earth. Slowly Instagram is also growing faster than ever. Person & Businesses are joining Instagram to share pictures & getting their followers from Facebook.  This help them to increase their business & let people recognise them with more audience.

So if you are new user in Instagram then you should read these sixteen tips & featured hacks that will help you to use Instagram better.

Instagram Tips & Tricks for Beginners | Instagram Guide

Warning :- We do not suggest you to use any third party Instagram app that ask you to enter your Login id & password. Instagram is strongly against this. This can lead to bad situation. Only use inbuilt features of Instagram.

1. Upload Instagram photos from your PC

If you use your Instagram via phone then this tip is not much useful for you. If you are Photographer or maintaining a social media account of a company then you know the convenience of using it on desktop.

Upload Instagram photos from your PC
Upload Instagram photos from your PC

Instagram can be used in desktop but you can’t upload pics. If you have a Tablet with Camera then only you can upload photos. For the solution you can use emulate Android using BlueStacks & install Instagram in it. Now you can upload photos via desktop without violating the terms of Instagram.

2. How to repost Instagram pictures

You can’t share a post in Instagram as you do in Facebook or Twitter. Many times it feels like missing Facebook because of not sharing  them.

To share Instagram Pictures you can use a popular app called Repost. Repost is available for Android & iOS. This app can’t share someone’s private pictures.

How to repost Instagram pictures
How to repost Instagram pictures

After you installed Repost, you can open your Instagram app , find a picture & click on three dots in the top right of that post. Now select Copy Share URL option.

Open Repost on your Phone. The copied Instagram URL will be imported in it. Tap the post to continue & explore the given options to customize the Repost Watermark.

After this , Tap on Repost Button which will start export & will open the picture in the Instagram Photo editor. Now you will be able to repost the pic in the traditional way.

3. Use Instagram as a photo editor for other apps

Instagram has a varierty of filters to help you enhance your pictures & gather likes & followers. The excellent Instagram editor can be used to upload pictures on other social networking platforms.

To do this , first enable the options Save Original Photos option in your settings. You can find the option by tapping the gear icon on your profile. Now turn on the AirPlane Mode. I assume you know how to enable Airplane Mode. Now upload your picture on Instagram & do all thew editing you needed. After the editing is done click to upload. As Airplane is on , you will not be able to upload it, and the picture will be saved in your gallery.

After this click on X button so that you picture could not be uploaded after the Internet connection is active.

4. Post multiple photos at once

After a few time after Instagram become popular a new feature i.e. to add multiple photos at once. If you are still unaware about this feature then you can  uploas as more as 10 photos at once.

To upload multiple , click on the Plus icon to add a new photo. Select one picture first & tap Select Multiple Icon shown above. This can be seen as right most icon at the bottom of image.

Now you are able to upload more photos & videos. Tap the next button, choose effects for them.

5. Get full-size Instagram images on desktop

The size of images in Phone’s app & desktop are not the same. You can get the original picture by using this Instagram Trick.

To get the full size image, you need to open Instagram image in the web browser. Take a look on on the URL & remove “?taken-by” and the characyers followed by it.

Now add “/media/?size=l” to the URL and press Enter. Now the full size Instagram pictures will be shown to you. The picture originally stored on Instagram server. Right click on it & save it in your PC.

6. Turn Instagram images into ASCII art

Don’t know why but Instagram save ASCII text version of images on its servers. If you like , you can see those ASCII text in your browser. For this afte opening the full size image as told above. you need to add .txt to the URL to get the ASCII text of the picture.  If you add .html , then you will get a colored ASCII HTML.

Turn Instagram images into ASCII art
Turn Instagram images into ASCII art
 Instagram images into ASCII art
Instagram images into ASCII art

7. Add hashtags after posting, here’s why

This trick is quite useful for people who are habitual of sharing pictures on other social media accounts. If you do so , then you may also be adding multiple hashtags & sharing it to the Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Well you should skip the hashtags adding in the caption. & share it to the other social platforms.

After sharing is done you can edit the picture & add as much hashtags as you like. Now you do not need to delete the long #hashtags from other social networks where it was to be shared.

8. Compare the filtered and unfiltered Instagram photos

During editing a picture in Instagram, there are so many filters that people forget how the original image looks like. So what you need to do for seeing the original version of edited image. Well you can tap and hold the image . This can show you the original image & will show you how much editing you have done to it.

Compare the filtered and unfiltered Instagram photos
Compare the filtered and unfiltered Instagram photos

9. Adjust the intensity of Instagram filters

As you edit a picture for uploading it on Instagram, you must know how mush is enough. If you do not control the intensity of filters then the image won’t be the same become unsuitable to upload on Instagram.

Adjust the intensity of Instagram filters
Adjust the intensity of Instagram filters

To do so, you can tap on the filter you are applying on the image. As you could see, it is on full intensity by default. To reduce the strength , tap on selected filter again. This will show you a slider to reduce the filter intensity. After you set it to desired strength, you can select Done & post the image.

10. Get notified when someone posts

When Instagram first launched its feed sorting algo, many people didn’t like it. It’s because they intend to see all the latest posts at one place. This also hides the recent pictures of your dear ones.

So to keep the control on your Instagram feeds , make sure you don’t miss a single post of your close friends. Turn on the Post Notifications by tapping the three dots on any post of the person. This can also be done by visiting the particular person profile page.

11. Adding paragraphs to Instagram captions in iOS

Instagram has many features, but specifically in the iOS app you can add line breaks or paragraphs. In iOS Instagram app in the place of return button , there is

While Instagram is surely a well-designed app that has right features at the right places, in its iOS app one can’t simply add line breaks or paragraphs. In iOS Instagram app, in place of the Return button, there are # and @ symbols for adding hashtags and adding people.

To use the Return key to add paragraphs and line breaks, you need to tap the 123 button and switch the keyboard format. Now you can locate the Return button in the bottom right, which can be used to add line breaks. To add new paragraphs, you need to do something more as Instagram removes all the line breaks except one. For that, you need to add a period or some other punctuation on each line. Take a look:

12. See what pictures you’ve liked; see your friends’ activity

Many of us may not accept this but people use Instagram t stalk other s. If you are one of them then you must be staying in their profile without doing any activity. You do not have to like any of their pictures or comment on them.

If , by mistake you have liked their pictures then you do not remember hose pictures. You can know this this trick. Open their profile  and tap the gear icon (iOS) and three dot icon (Android). Now look for the Posts You’ve Liked option and tap on it. It’ll show all the past posts of others that you’ve liked:

To see the activities of your friends on Insta , tap the heart button & you can see the notifications of the . You can see the names of the people you they follow on Instagram

13. Enable two-factor authentication

If you are using online social accounts for a;long tie then you must have know about the Two -way authentication., Two way authentication is an extra layer of security in the account which includes your phone number in the login process. This disables a person to hack someone account.

Instagram Enable two-factor authentication
Instagram Enable two-factor authentication

To enable it, click on the gear (setting) icon at the top right to open the Options screen. There, you can see the Two-factor Authentication option and click on it.

Now click on the Require security code toggle.If you added a phone number before then it will ask you to confirm the phone number to be used as  Two way Authentication. Now afterward you will login to your Instagram it will send a confirmation message in your phone via SMS. This will safe your account from someone else.

14. URL changing trick Drive traffic to your website

To make it sure the environment of Facebook do not comes in Instagram. Yes I am talking about the click bait & unnecessary links which takes you to any website.

You could copy the link of your website in the caption of image but it will not not link to your website. Anybody who click on it will not direct him to your website.

But we have a trick by which you can get some traffic your website by adding pictures on your Instagram. For example as you have written a post on a topic & put some pictures on the article. Now post those pictures on the Instagram & write caption on it.

Put the website link on your Bio & the caption should be as to click the link from the Bio. Each time you are posting an image for a particular post, then everytime you have to change the Bio with the new post link & you will get good traffic in your posts.

15. Send pictures privately to specific friends and use Instagram as a chatting app

Sometimes when we like something on Instagram , we like to share it with our close friends. We do it by tagging them in the comments. But this can be seen to everyone. if you want to make this conversation private then you should send this picture privately to your friend.

You must have seen the send icon near the like button. Using it you can share the picture privately to your friends. Click the send button & choose the recipients from the list texts, emojis, pictures, links, whatever you like.

Your Instagram is also a Chatting application. To do click on the friends profile &  tap the three dots icon at the top right.Select Send Message & start your conversation by sending.

16. Add, hide, and reorder filters

Instagram disables many filters in it. These filters are useful in enhancing a photo . To use them you have to go to the end of filter & use the slider with your fingers & adjust it by clicking on the Manage option.

Now you can remove or add any number of filters by tapping on them. You can reorder them by tapping on the left side of filter listing & drag it up or down. It may also order automatically in the sequence of filters you use in your Instagram Photos.

Instagram new feature – Bookmark your private collections

Everyone knows the use of bookmark feature in the world of Internet. Instagram bookmark feature that will let the Instagram users to make a private collections in the account. This feature is named as bookmark by Instagram.

Instagram Bookmark Feature 

This feature will let the users to organize their posts which allow the to use a lot of pictures at once. The feature has released recently.  Now Instagram Users can now save the images they like without storing it in your device.

Now you can distinguish between the images you want on your device & on your Account. It also prevents the image to accidentally deleted from your phone. Now you will have a fully secure backup in your phone. For Instagram , many users will be attracted by the new feature.

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Its not that people do not save images before the feature has arrived . Most of the users have saved at least one post in their account. Using this feature this will be taken to a next level. Now you can save multiple posts in the account. Using the bookmark button you can save a single or multiple photos in the bookmarks.

instagram bookmark
instagram bookmark

Drafts were already used by users

The official statement of company is “Since we introduced the ability to save posts last December, 46 percent of Instagrammers have saved at least one post. Whether you want to plan your next day trip, revisit your favorite artists’ illustrations or always have some animal videos on hand, collections can help you keep track of the posts you want to remember”.

Multiple Bookmarks 

The plus icon is also there to enhance the option & name the multiple collection of your photos. As in Pinterest , the saved pictures have many options to share them with others. Instagram do not show the feature for sharing it, It mainly designed to view those photos in the leisure.

If you want to use this new feature the you must update your App from Play Store or App Store. After you update the app , the bookmark & the plus icon will be shown to your screen & can be used as per your requirement.

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How to make a website like Facebook or Instagram & make Money – Create a Website like Facebook using WordPress

Social networking is biggest topic of this decade. Everyone is using social networking sites like Facebook & twitter. If you are thinking to make social networking site like Facebook then we are going to tell you the process that will help you to make one.

To do this awesome task, you don’t need to be a programming expert. All you have to do is follow these steps to complete this. We are going to provide you some steps for this. There are scripts which are written in PHP & python.

Develop Social Network Site like Facebook for Free

If you are serious to make social networking site like Facebook & get some earning from it. Follow the steps given here.

Make Social Networking site like Facebook –  Create a Social Network Online

  • Buy a good hosting service form any hosting provider. There are many hosting services like GoDaddy, Hostgator etc. May be you are not ready to spend the money on hosting then you can use the free hosting like
  • The hosting must be of Linux Hosting in nature.
  • After the host purchase is done, login to your Cpanel.

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  • In the Cpanel, go to Software/Services section & select Softaculous option.
  • In the Softaculous section you will see some option. Click on the open Source Social Network option.
  • Now click on install to install the social networking script.
  • Now you have to select the service protocol for the website.
  • Choose Protocol as http or https, after this choose the sub-domain where the script has to be installed.
  • And one more thing select the directory where you want to script.

make social networking site like Facebook
make social networking site like Facebook

If your website is accessible on the, then there is now need to specify the directory in this.

  • Data Directory: Leave the field blank.
  • Database Name: Use a name for the database.
  • Site Name : Specify the name of your website like Facebook has its name.
  • Choose Admin username, password, first name , last name , DOB & other such details
  • After all these steps are completed, click on install & wait for a while until the installation is done. A message confirmation is displayed after the completion.
  • The process to create a social networking website is complete.
  • You can see a demo social network site by clicking on this link.

So, if you have understood the process, then you should start making your website & tell me in the comments about your website.

The information provided by this article is completed now. If you like it then provide us the feedback to know more about this. Follow us on Facebook for more information. Thank You.

How to save Instagram Photos in your Device

Facebook has acquired whatsapp & Instagram. You know everything about these two applications. Whatsapp is the mostly used messaging service in the mobile phones. Instagram is the application mostly used for the photo sharing.Most of us want to know about how a photo can be saved in our device for offline use. Read here to learn how to save Instagram photos.

Many of us have tried to download the photos that are displayed on our Instagram account. If you will read the article so as to know about about it then you will be able to download them . The download of photo can  be done in three ways. These methods are written in detail for the interested people.

Save Instagram Photos while uploading through mobile application

This one of the implicit way to save your photos from Instagram . The option is actually available in your mobile application. Open your mobile application. Go to app settings & click on right upper corner on the hamburger sign. Now you will see an option called Save original Photos. Enable this option & you will see a copy of photo i your device every time you will upload one.

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Save Instagram Photos without uploading.

The photos that are taken from our high quality camera & the photos which gets uploaded on instagram don’t have much difference in quality. The filters & editing options in the mobile app is very goog as compared to the other editing app. If you want to use the instagram app as a photo editor , then you must follow this method. With this method you don’t need to upload your photo.

  • First of all you must have enabled the option “Save original Photos” as instructed before.
  •  Now click the photo you want from it & apply the editing filters you like to add.
  • Now turn on the airplane mode from off to on.
  • Now back to your instagram app & click to upload the photo from the device. As the internet connection is not active , the photo will not be uploaded from the mobile , but a copy will be saved in the mobile’s internal storage.

Save Instagram photos while using desktop.

This method is a little tricky one for those who don’t know much about the browser options. Here what you have to do is little bit more trickier than other things. You have to give a right click on the photo which you want to save. Now click on the inspect element option from it. A side window will appear in the right side of the browser. This will provide you the html tag. Copy the tag in the notepad file. Erase everything except the line from “http;// to .jpg”. Now copy this code & paste on the address bar of the browser . The image will be shown in the browser. Righr click on the image & click save as to save the image in your computer.

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Simple hacks that can make your torrent faster

download Torrent Faster
download Torrent Faster

Nine Methods to download Torrent Faster

Many times when we start downloading a torrent we do not get enough speed for it. But if we do some tricks then we can download Torrent Faster. So here I am going to tell you nine methods to speed up torrents.

Check the number of Seeders

Seeders are a very important part in downloading torrents. Seeder are those people who upload the files after they finish downloading. You should see the number of seeders in the torrent before downloading. So if you see a good number of seeders then the torrents will be downloading faster. More the seeder , more the downloading speed.

Close other programs

Make sure that no other application is using the Internet while your torrent is downloading. The download manager, Windows Update & any other web application must be closed so that all the speed can be dedicated to the torrent.

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Wi-Fi is not enough???

Using Wi-Fi is not just an option because it will interfere with other devices connected. You can use LAN cable so that all the speed of your broadband to the torrent.

Change the queue settings of torrent. If you are downloading multiple torrents then you should download all one after another. This will decrease the download time.

To do this click on Options > Preferences > Now click on Queuing tab & select Maximum number of active downloads to 1. Click on Apply.

Enable UPnP port mapping. This option will bypass the firewall of your PC & maximum speed will be acquired by your torrent. Do this by Options > Preferences > Connection option.

Is your Torrent updated??

Keep on updating your torrents after some time. This will provide a better downloading for your. Do this by Help > Check for Updates.

Change the download Speed

Double click on your torrent download & a window will open. Change the maximum speed of download to a higher number. I suggest you to enter 9999999999999 in the settings. Click on OK.

Priority of Torrent

Press Alt + Ctrl + Delete. Click on task manager & click on process tab. Find uTorrent.exe & click to change the priority to higher & click OK.

Some other options in Preference Tab

  • Open Options > preferences.
  • Go to advance & click on + sign.
  • Go To Disk Cache & enable and specify the cache size manually (MB) i.e. 1800 & click on OK.
  • Now click on Bandwidth Tab & change  Global maximum number of connections  to 500.
  • Click on Apply & close the window.

Use Force Starting

  1. Right click on the torrent file.
  2. Select Force Start in the menu.
  3. Again right click on torrent.
  4. Click on bandwidth allocation set to high.

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What is a Backlink & How you can a be a Millionaire using it Properly

Backlink is a very common term for a blogger or a website owner. If you don’t know much about Backlink SEO, you should read our content so that you would be able to use them for your website SEO.

What is Backlink in an SEO Campaign

Those who want their new blog or website to have a high ranking in google or any other search result should be aware about this. A link of another website in an article is considered as a backlink. A backlink SEO is a major factor in search ranking. A website with more backlinks ranks better in Google or any other search engine.

How a Backlink in useful in your website
How a Backlink in useful in your website

Terms in Baclink SEO

Here I am going to explain you some of those terms which are related to the backlink SEO concept.

Link Juice

If a website links to another website, say your website it passes a link juice. This link juice improves the ranking of an article & improves the domain authority. You can use a no-follow tag to stop the link juice.

No-follow tag

If a website has a no-follow tag, then the link will not produce link juice. You can use the no- follow tag when you don’t want bother the ranking of an article.  No follow tag will let you unconnected from a website which is not a reliable site.

Do-follow link Usage

This works exactly the reverse of no-follow tag. It passes the link juice.

Linking Root Domain

It counts the unique domains that refer a backlink to your website. If a website created multiple backlinks to your site, then it will be considered as one backlink.

Low Quality Backlinks 

These backlinks are made by a low grade sites or low esteem sites such as porn sites. These backlinks will not help you & degrade your articles rank. If you are buying backlinks from somewhere then you should know about this concept.

Internal Links

The links which are placed in the a site to another page of same site are internal links . This process is called interlinking.

Use Anchor Tag

If a keyword is used to make a backlink, then the article will rank for the particular keyword used in anchor tag. This information can be sued wisely for ranking.

Advantages of a Backlink SEO in a Website Ranking

Earlier when the backlink concept was new, the low quality back links were also used to help for the ranking. After the Google penguin algorithm, there are some changes that every blogger must know.

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A backlink should be from a high quality domain. Second the backlink must be made in the relevant site. If a site like mine which focuses on technical niche creates backlinks in a food site, then the backlink will be of no use.

Now have a look on the benefits of having the backlinks SEO for a website

Improve Organic Rank using Quality Backlinks

If a website has backlink from other websites then it will help you in getting more organic traffic & rank in search engines. It is recommended to make backlinks for a post with the heading of the article.

Faster Indexing 

The search engine bots will discover the link & make better crawling for the website. If your website is a new one, then some backlinks will be helpful for you.

Referral Traffic

It helps to get a referral traffic for website. Referral traffic provides lower bounce rate to the website.

How to get Backlinks for a website Automatically

As I explained above that the number of backlinks do not matter, it is the quality of backlinks that matters. There are three methods that I know to create quality backlinks for a website.

  • Improve quality of articles
  • Comment on other Websites
  • Submit to web directories
Improve quality of articles

If you write good quality articles then there is a higher chance of getting good backlinks from other sites. Other sites will place the links in the website to refer on your site.

Comment on other Websites

A safe method of getting backlinks is to comment on someone’s article & place a link of your website in the comment. This will provide you link juice. A recent study has shown the use of no-follow tag does not matter in getting link juice for a backlink.

Submit to web directories

If you can find some good web directories which can help you for creating a backlink then you can use them for a backlink.

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What are DLL Files ? Download DLL to fix window errors

While installing any application or software in the windows operating system may you have ever encountered by some error regarding DLL files. You want to know about these DLL files. These DLL files are very useful for the softwares. They help in reducing code delicacy & improving performance of the application software.

Being a windows PC user for so many years, you must have seen problems that are made in the computer by DLL files. Some times DLL files don’t allow some applications to install in the computer. This problem can be removed by just finding the appropriate DLL file on the internet.

What is a DLL file?

DLL is the acronym for Dynamic link library. It is a set of shared library by the Microsoft corporation. It is a file that helps the application to do certain stuff. It can be shared by multiple processes & application to avoid duplicability. These DLL files consisting of class, functions , variable & other resources like icon , images etc.

Every operating system contains two type of files in them i.e. static library & dynamic library. Static library are linked to the program at compile time while the dynamic library are linked during run time. A dynamic library is an independent file that updates without any interruption of application software.

fix DLL files error
fix DLL files error

Use of DLL Files

When an .exe or an application is loaded in the main memory. The windows OS check the table data attached to it. This table data also have the functions specified with the respected DLL. There is an attribute called export list which connects each function of DLL with specific address.

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DLL works in order to save disk space in the computer. One DLL can be useful to many applications. This also helps to improve the performance of programs running either in background or foreground. This property of DLL helps in the modular approach of programming.

As I wrote above that a single DLL is helpful for multiple applications, so you can update any DLL independent of any other application.

Fixing DLL Errors

As there are many DLL files around, DLL errors are very common. Many don’t know how to fix them. This is not so difficult, you can download it & place it in the required location.

As DLL are used by multiple programs , so they are saved in a specific location i.e. C:\Windows\System32 and C:\Windows\SysWOW64. You must be very careful while downloading a DLL file from Internet. Those files could be infected with virus or corrupted.

Four Methods to correct DLL File errors.

  • Open system file checker to check the status of missing files.
  • Download the update for Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages.
  •  Reinstall the application to fix DLLs.
  • You can request to the application vendor for the missing DLL files.

If you find anything helpful in this article , please tell us by writing a comment below.

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How to bypass SMS Verification – Fake Mobile OTP Online Receive Android / iOS

Bypass SMS verification Tinder Happn SMS Verification
Bypass SMS verification Tinder Happn SMS Verification

Bypass SMS Verification code, Phone crack OTP verification or Virtual mobile number hacking or Fake mobile number generator

How to Bypass SMS verification in Social network apps (Hack OTP verification)

There are major number of Internet users who create online accounts in various websites. Website asks to enter your mobile number. But there are many of us who do not want to give their mobile numbers to them. So if you want to hide your number & Bypass Phone Number Verification.

There are multiple Android applications available for the same purpose. These applications provide you a disposal number to enter in the website & get rid of being spammed by the websites on your phones. The same can be done in the place of mobile number.

This is not done to do anything illegal, but I am telling you this so that you can help yourself to protect against personal information leak. There are many website owner who can use your personal data in some illegal usage or may just spamming you with unwanted content. The most simple way to prevent by this is not to provide your mobile number to them.

This article is purely written to share how you can use a website account without providing them your mobile number or E-mail Address.

Here I am going to tell you to bypass the SMS verification service of any website. It means if you don’t want to provide the phone number to any website, then you can use this trick to bypass SMS verification.

Bypass SMS verification – Tinder  / Happn SMS Verification in 2018

Receive SMS Online – Gmail SMS Verification Bypass

There are many times when website are asking for your mobile phones. There can be any reason when you don’t want to provide your mobile number but there is no choice. So using this trick you can trick the website & use the website without entering your phone number.

So if you are ready to do the hack then you can start reading the next part.

After reading this you can use the trick to do the following things

  • Receive free SMS services.
  • Bypass SMS verification for  Facebook, Tinder, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Chatroulette, GMail or Yahoo.
  • Make some fake accounts.
  • Whatsapp SMS Verification Bypass

In short you can by pass any SMS API with this trick.

How to Bypass SMS verification – Receive SMS Tinder : – Using this service you can allow to recieve SMS online. The service has the biggest list for disposable number of Romania, Germany, USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and France.

Method to bypass SMS verification – Chatroulette Code SMS

  1. Go to
  2. Now select any number for the website & use it as your personal number & enter in the desired website.
  3. Now click on the selected website & you will be given the inbox of that particular number.
  4. Now you will receive the message in the inbox.
  5. Now you can put the verification code on the website.
  6. Your account will be verified & you can use the website service without using your phone number.

How to bypass OTP Verification in PayTM

If you an PayTM user, then you must be opting not to place your phone number in the account. If you are one of those , then just check the details from here.

  1. Install the PayTM Mall app from the Play store (Skip if already installed).
  2. Open the PayTM App in your phone.
  3. ow login with your PayTM credentials in the login form. this could be your mobile number or Email Id with password.
  4. Your profile will be opened in your Account without any OTP verification.
  5. Now open Profile > Passbook > Send money to Bank > Enter amount and bank details to transfer money.

There are some other SMS service similar to this.

Android Apps To Get Temporary Mobile Number

1) textPlus: Free US Numbers

This app will provide you mobile number which belong to United Sates. There is no other countries in the same. The app is totally free for the users. You can use the number as a personal US number for your perosnal use & also receive messages for it.

Download Text Plus

2) Next+

This app is same as the first one. It has almost same function like Text Plus, but the additional feature is that it provides numbers for any country including US. The number can be sued to receive personal messages.

Download Next+

3) Voopee

This app provides free Malaysian numbers. The number can be sued to call or text someone. The app is not free & it charges  $ .09 USD to confirm your number.

Download Voopee

Now, do you want to know how to get number and code on these online sites ? Here is the step by step guide to select number and get OTP to verify any account.

I hope you like the list. If you like the information please like our Facebook Page or Subscribe us for our Daily Updates in your Inbox. Thank You.

Top Tricks to increase views on YouTube Videos in 2018 in India – How to increase YouTube Subscribers

As in many previous articles I have told you about maintaining a YouTube Channel. This is one more article which will describe about how you can increase YouTube views.

Increase YouTube views & Subscribers by yourself

It does not matter that how good content you make for your viewers, if your content does not reach to them. Creating a good content & advertising it on social networking as equally important for the Content creator.

To promote your videos for more views is a science. If you follow the article you will be able to get some tricks from here. These tricks are tested by many You-tubers & they have got better results for their channel.

Top Tricks to increase views on YouTube Videos in 2018 in India
Top Tricks to increase views on YouTube Videos in 2018 in India

There is a lot of time spend in creating a good video. But if you don’t get the number of views expected than what you should do. Have you ever thought why your YouTube channel is growing less as compared to the other channels.

So , as per the tested methods to increase YouTube views some of them are written below.

Selecting A Video Title for the YouTube Video in 2018

Selecting a video title is not  as simple than you think. The title of the video must have some features as written below. Title of a video is a major factor that is between you & your viewers

A Title must be

  • Short & descriptive
  • Add the year in the video title (For ex : Tips in 2018).
  • Must grab attention.
  • Include a keyword in the beginning.
  • Use words which posses the viewer like Best , Mind blowing etc.
  • capitalize the headline.

Tags used in the video in 2018

To promote your videos naturally by YouTube you need to put good tags in the tags section. If you don’t know about the video tags than this is something you should know. This is the most important thing for you.

If you haven’t put good tags in your video then you can still edit the tags section & put more and useful tags in the tags section & increase YouTube views.

Rules for using tags in 2018

  • Always use the brand name or Channel name in the video.
  • Use the video title as a tag.
  • Use some variation of the main keyword for your video.
  • Find some more tags that are used by high viewed videos in your tags.

You can use Tube Buddy Chrome extension for better suggestion related to tags. Tags are an important factor for organic search for the videos.

Thumbnail for a Video in 2018 YouTube Viewers

A thumbnail in a video is very helpful for a video promotion. Thumbnail is a icon which will be shown on behalf of video. Generally what happen is , YouTube select a thumbnail itself\f if you don’t use a custom thumbnail.

Custom thumbnail can only be used by a verified YouTube channel.

If you want to use a good thumbnail then you must keep some things in mind.

  • The dimension for the thumbnail must be 1280 x 720 (640 px must be minimum width).
  • Use .jpg, .bmp or .bmp format.
  • Size must be less than 2 MB.
  • Use 16:9 ratio for the image.

In simple word we can say that the thumbnail must be like a desktop wallpaper.

You can use Canva for creating thumbnails in less time.

Branding for an Indian Youtube Channel in 2018

As I told you before that intro clip for every video & an outro clip must be made for the channel. This provides a better branding for the channel & impression to the users.

The intro & outro video must be of 3 to 5 seconds of time & not more than this.

Next important thing is that, your channel must be having a logo. If you do not have a logo yet then you must make it fast. You can hire a graphic designer to design a logo for your website.

Share Videos on Social Networking site

To get some extra views by using the popular social networks. You can share the video link in many social  networking sites. Share the video multiple times in a gap of six months.

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter profile
  • Google Plus page
  • Instagram profile
  • Pinterest profile

You can also use a chrome extension that will share the video links itself according to the time you set for it.

Start a blog for YouTube Channel

You can also start a blog for YouTube channel where you can embed your video & share . There are many blogging platforms available. There are some paid & free platforms which can be used for the purpose.

You can use a WordPress blog but it will cost you some money. If you can pay the money then its good OR you can use the following free platforms.

  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Medium

Create a playlist or add a video in a existing playlist

After a video is published you can add it to the playlist. You can add one video in multiple playlists. Add the similar videos in one playlist. Give a meaningful name to the playlist & put some keywords in the video.

So that’s over for now. If you find the information helpful in your YouTube Career then please tell us in the comment section. If you have any idea then you can tell us for sure. Like us on Facebook for more updates. Thank You.

What is Facebook Stories and how does it work? – Creepers & stalkers must be aware of Facebook Stories Update

Today I am here to tell your something about Facebook. Those who are always watching the profile of anybody to collect information from people’s profile. It is a very common practice done by many people to check the details of someone who we don’t know properly.

Facebook Stories Update – How to use Facebook Stories

Now this method of acquiring information is not as safe as it was before. The profile can be of anyone i.e. Your Ex, Friend or classmate.

Here I am going to tell you a News that will exposed your identity as Facebook has launched a new feature. This will discourage people from checking the profile of someone who don’t want them to know about your activity. And this has happened because of Facebook Stories.

Facebook Stories Feature -  Stay Aware if you are Stalker on Facebook 
Facebook Stories Feature –  Stay Aware if you are Stalker on Facebook

Facebook Stories Feature –  Stay Aware if you are Stalker on Facebook

Yes , Facebook has launched a new feature in Facebook called stories.

I hope you all know about this feature before if you have used Snap-chat or Instagram. The stories feature in Facebook as same as both of them.

On Snapchat, the feature is not just limited to that who have seen your Video or picture. The feature can also tell you who is looking on your stories currently.  This won’t help creepers & stalkers to hide while they are checking you.

Facebook Stories are clone of Snapchat , but this will prevent stalkers from this

This feature will let you know whether your Ex is still chasing you or not. This will also tell you whether someone suspecting is following you to harm you.

With new Facebook Stories you can allow the users to share the updates & create a story that is shown for 24 hours & disappears afterwards. This is different from status updates that lasts forever until someone deleted it manually. This feature will show you how many people has seen your story & how many of them are looking on it at a current moment.

This change in Facebook will be a great start & this will prevent creepers from saving your Facebook Stalkers to follow you or harm  you.

So if you do these activities on Facebook frequently , then you should treat this as a warning.