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Introduction to Parrot Linux – How to use ParrotSec Security OS PDF / Basic Commands in Parrot Operating System

ParrotSec Security OS PDF

Parrot Linux OS Tutorial is a popular pentesting OS used by penetration testers. Here we are providing you some simple commands for the same in PDF. 

Hacking cannot be done without tools. These tools are the foundations of hacking.Today we are going to provide you some details about Parrot Linux. A Linux distribution which is helpful for the hackers to grow some knowledge & practice it.

Parrot Linux install – Parrot OS 3.11 Latest version Review

Parrot Linux is a very simple Operating System that is a very user friendly OS used for the purpose of Hacking. Many tools & software packages are already packed in it. This bunch of software are used for hacking as well as another daily usage.It is closely related to Debian Linux.

Features of Parrot 3.11 Review

The new release has so many new improvements & security fixes compared to the previous versions.

  • Updated version of the Linux 4.14 kernel.
  • A new car hacking menu now contains a collection of useful open source tools in the automotive industry to test real world cars or simulate CANBus networks.
  • Metasploit and postgresql are now patched to work flawlessly out of the box in live mode.
  • Other important updates include Firefox 58, increased installer stability, many updated security tools and some important graphic improvements.
  • Parrot Studio was reintroduced with many improvements, this special derivative of Parrot is designed for multimedia production as an improved version of Parrot Home for workstations, with many useful productivity tools pre-installed.
  • This release will probably be the last version of the 3.x series (except for eventual security updates), and we wanted to include some of the changes that we planned for parrot 4.x as a gift for our community.

Book to learn Parrot OS

Features & specification of Parrot Linux – Parrot Security OS Tutorial PDF

Parrot linux is based on kernel 4.1 & debian 8. It’s desktop is based on MATE. Display manager is “lightdm”.There are many features in this linux which specifically places it as a unique one.

Features of Parrot Linux – Parrot OS Tools

Anti-Forensic Tools

A very unique feature that makes it different from other Linux OS. Tools that can encrypt a file, partition or whole drive.Like this there are many other anti-forensic tools which can be used by businesses to secure their data.

Pandora’s Box

This tool is a very useful tool for a forensic expert. As you know the data used by computer is stored in RAM temporarily & get erased after the computer is shut down. The statement above is false partially. Pandora’s box is a tool that is used by the forensic expert to recover the data which was on the RAM after shutdown. This can disclose all the details or tasks that were done by the previous user.

This tool will ask you to opt for the data to store secretly when the user is going to shutdown the system.This tool can be activated by the Super User only.Pandora’s box can remove the data from RAM if required.

RAM only surfing

This is a browser called iceweasel that will surf Internet but will provide any access to your hard drive. The data you will access in the browser can not be seen to other users. But still there will a question that the data in RAM can be accessed , Pandora’s Box will look after this.

Anonymous Surfing

There is tool known as Anonsurf which helps in surfing Internet without leaving any traces of your Identity. This is done by TOR browser. All the traffic of the user will be directed by TOR browser. In India, TOR networks are active, so the anonymous surfing can be done easily. It will also hide your DNS via TOR.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is one of the critical testing of a software or network. This type of testing helps the hacker to know about the anomalies in the system. After he will knew about the bugs in that system He can help the system owner to increase the security towards it. While this information can be used in some unethical ways too. I won’t suggest you to think like that.

There are many tools by which pen testing can be done. Some of them are packet sniffer,man in the middle attacks, brute force attacks etc. If you are familiar in using Linux then you must know about the tools used in Kali & Backtrack linux, the it would be very easy to switch on to Parrot Linux.

This is a very summarized introduction about Parrot Linux. This will help the users to know more about the Parrot linux. In the next section. I will be telling about the installation of Parrot Linux.

Parrot OS Commands Tutorial PDF

  • sudo : – This command is used to get the Admin Access after you enter admin password.
  • su: – This command is for Root Access.
  • apt-get install: – This command install Tools from Distro’s Server.
  • apt-get update: – This command is used to check Update Repository From  Distro’s server.

Parrot Security OS System Requirements

The system requirements for Parrot are:

  • CPU: x86 with at least 700Mhz
  • Architecture: i386, amd64 (x86-64bit), 486 (legacy x86), armel, and armhf
  • RAM: At least 256MB for i386 and 320MB for amd64. 512MB recommended
  • GPU: No graphic acceleration required
  • HDD: ~16GB required for installation
  • BOOT: Legacy bios preferred

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  • apt-get upgrade: – This is used to download Update Repository From  Distro’s server.
  • git clone: – This command is used to clone any file from GitHub Website.
  • cd .. : – Command to go back one step in a directory.
  • clear: – This command is used to clear the Terminal.
  • poweroff :- This command is to ShutDown the system.
  • 9. chmod +x : –  This command adds the executable permission for a file.
  •  ./ : – This Command Is Use For Run Python And Perl Programs. (./ )
  • ls: – Shows the list of files in the current Directory.

Download Parrot OS Tutorial PDF

Parrot Security OS default password and username – Parrot OS root password

In Parrot Linux live environment, the default username is user and the default password is toor.

Parrot Security OS 3.9 (Intruder) review & DownloadParrot OS 3.9 is the latest OS that is released by FrozenBox. This latest version of OS has mostly the same features that the former version has.The main Features of Parrot 3.6 are

  1. Fire-jail sand-boxing
  2. AppArmor,
  3. SELinux
  4. Tomoyo support

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Parrot Linux OS Tutorial

Parrot Linux OS Tutorial is a popular pentesting OS used by penetration testers. Here we are providing you some simple commands for the same in PDF.

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Parrot 3.10 is released & available with New Security Patches , Updates & other features

ParrotSec Security OS PDF

Hello , friends,all of you who love Parrot Linux , I come up with a good news for you. Parrot Security OS has released a new version i.e. Parrot 3.10. This is the latest version of security oriented GNU / Linux distribution.Before reading this, you can see some useful articles of ours on Parrot OS

New Features in FrozenBox Parrot 3.10

FireJail AppArmor / Sandbox

It brings full firejaill + apparm or sand boxing system to proactively protect the OS by isolating the components with combination of different techniques.

New Features in FrozenBox Parrot 3.10
New Features in FrozenBox Parrot 3.10

This was experimented in Parrot 3.9 when it has firejail. The team mentioned that they took a period of one month of development in improvement of many profiles. AppArmor supports enough time to conduct all the tests.

New Firefox 57 (Quantum)

Parrot 3.10 has introduced the new Firefox 57 (Quantum) that landed on Parrot with complete browser restyle.

With the help of Italian Mozilla Community, the release of Firefox 57 with all the favorite plugins & custom profile was able to made.

Parrot Security OS has also joined the Mozilla Community with the common mission of protecting the internet and its users with privacy awareness campaigns and with resilient, free and effective self-defense tools.

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Latest Linux 4.14 kernel in Parrot 3.10

Parrot 3.10 has introduced the latest Linux 4.14 kernel which helps to improve the features with improved hardware support.

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Debian Updates in Parrot 3.10

All the  updates that were introduced by Debian are tested for parrot & released slowly in the stable branch after test were conducted. The new version has been delivered with all the latest updates with the new ISO. Parrot community release all the updates , security patches & latest Debian packages to the users who use Parrot in Live Mode.

New / Updated Tools in Parrot 3.10

The Pentesting tools receive important upstream updates

  • Metasploit Framework 4.21 version.
  • Maltegoce.
  • and Casefile that merges into a unique launcher provided by new Maltego 4.1.

According to the team, they have written in thier official blog ” That the project had faced many difficulties with maintenance of some tools which didn’t let us working on effective arsenal restyle & forced to stay on current development line. They also promised to release some new tools & programs that other community members have asked for.

Daily Use Light weight Programs in Parrot 3.10

There are some light-weight programs included for daily tasks for the users who uses Parrot as their main operating system. These are

  1. Todo list
  2. Planner program
  3. Personal finance management suite and,
  4. Mind map designer.

The team also told about the custom flavors for desktop environment & they didn’t worked as expected so they decided to postpone the release in near future to improve them. Some users asked parrot community to work on KDE Plasma, cinnamon and xfce,but it was not possible without the help of community to develop official derivatives without flaws.

They promised to include a new user friendly installer too in future versions of Parrot.

How to upgrade the Parrot System to Parrot 3.10

  1. open a terminal window
  2. and type the following command

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

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Parrot 3.9 Security OS / Intruder released with new features – Download link & Review

ParrotSec has announced that it will release the Latest Parrot Security 3.9 Operating System in few weeks. The latest version of their OS has been released by them & calling the pen testers for the testing process. So, if you are a beta tester , then you can start with the beta release.

Parrot Security OS 3.9 (Intruder) review  & Download

The official announcement & the release notes of parrot 3.8 can be seen on the official website of Parrot OS. The announcement was also made on the official Facebook page of Parrot OS by the following sentence i.e. “Parrot 3.9 (codename intruder) is now available for download”.

Parrot Security OS 3.9 (Intruder) review
Parrot Security OS 3.9 (Intruder) review

Features of Parrot 3.9 Linux

The announcement also told about the future plans that they showed about the introduction of new features. These features are

  1. Fire-jail sand-boxing
  2. AppArmor,
  3. SELinux
  4. Tomoyo support

The flagship edition of parrot 3.9 is available for 32 & 64 bit platform. The main elements of Parrot 3.9 are

  • Linux kernel 4.13
  • The new Parrot 3.9 is based on the Debian 10 Buster.
  • MATE 1.18 desktop environment.

Besides this, you will get some pre-installed applications like Libre Office & Mozilla Firefox in the beta version. The full version will also have AnonSurf, TOR Browser, Cryptographic tolls, Security Pentesting tools, Digital Forensics Tools, Development Tools, Electrum Bitcoin wallet, Wine support, and UEFI support.

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Parrot Linux 3.7 Review Featured with Kernel 4.11 , Debian GNU/Linux 10 Buster, Debian 10 Testing

The latest release of Parrot OS 3.7 has been done by FrozenBox. This new version of Parrot OS is based on Debian GNU/Linux 10 Buster. The latest kernel 4.11 is the main attraction in Parrot 3.7 that provides wide range of updates & improvement in the new version.

Parrot Security OS review – Parrot Linux 3.7

Here we are going to provide you all the details of the newly released Parrot Linux 3.7.

In the early May , the release of Parrot 3.6 was done by the firm with all the updates & kernel 4.9. This version was based on  Debian GNU/Linux 9 Stretch, which I hope you know about.

After the two months of hard work in the development of new version, FrozenBox has released the Parrot OS 3.7. Parrot OS is one of the popular OS for Hacking purpose. Parrot OS is considered as the first alternative of Kali Linux.

Parrot 3.7 Based on Debian 10 Testing

There are some changes that are made in Parrot Linux are listed as follows.

  1. The base of Parrot OS 3.7 is now Debian 10 , that is known as buster.
  2. The other changes in the same is Kernel 4.11 which provides better hardware support as listed while release of Kernel 4.11 happened.

Debian GNU/Linux 10 Buster or Devuan GNU/Linux

A rumor went out in the Linux world that Parrot developer team is trying to switch from Debian GNU / Linux to Devuan GNU/Linux. After the release , they wiped out this rumor via a tweet “Our release team is evaluating a possible migration of our project from Debian to Devuan,”.

It seems that Parrot developer team is not ready yet to work with Devuan. They mentioned this in a Facebook Status —“It is not an easy migration and we have still to decide what to do.”

The new release has also introduced the ARC Theme. The update mechanism of Parrot OS is updated with the feature of showing progress of System upgrades. FrozenBox has already announced the wide range of fixes & improvements for the previous releases.

Parrot Security OS review - Parrot Linux 3.7
Parrot Security OS review – Parrot Linux 3.7

Parrot AIR 3.7

In Parrot 3.6 , a flavor of Parrot OS was launched with the name of Parrot AIR. In the new version , parrot has also provided a set of tools that are dedicated to wireless pen testing. This release wold improved the Parrot AIR experience.

Parrot 3.7 Release Notes

The most important features & points that are specified by the Parrot Team are listed here.

  1. Debian 9 was a stable version but there is an need for some important changes in Debian. The important change in the new version is updated packages which leads to lock the unstable branch of pre-testing freeze.
  2. There are no new features in the product but , the focus is just on the betterment of existing features.
  3. The introduction of ARC theme & the improvement in the auto-updater  in an attraction for the Parrot users.
  4. Linux kernel 4.9 was used earlier , but now the new 4.11 has been introduced for better support of hardware devices.
  5. Last but not the least, the core is now based on Debian 10 (testing).

There are various revisions that improves Parrot team. There was a server crash in France which leads to improve their infrastructure.

This results in central repository which is now replicated into 2 servers & both of them host the geo redirector that redirect the every request to one of their mirror servers around the world.

Parrot OS Raspberry Pi  – ARM Support for Embedded Board

A little review on the ARM side.  The repository supports armhf (armv7hf – 32bit with HF) and arm64 (aarch64/armv8 – 64bit), and all the ARM packages are perfectly synchronised with their equivalent x86 versions.

The official team of Parrot has specified that their ARM developer was busy in these months to finish ARM build on time. The current ARM images are based on Parrot 3.4 & available only for Raspberry Pi. They also tools that a new developer has just joined their team which leads to the old developer to work for other ARM boards like Pine64 which will be soon adopted as their official embedded board.

Parrot Linux Download

You can download the new version of Parrot OS from here.

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Parrot Linux OS 3.6, Parrot AIR released – Parrot OS 3.6 Lite version , Parrot OS 3.6 Studio Edition

So finally the latest version of Parrot OS i.e. Parrot 3.6 has been released for the users. FrozenBox has released the new Parrot security OS which is based on Linux 4.9 Kernel.

We have written two more article on Parrot Linux, please consider them if you are li’l new to it.

Parrot OS 3.6 – New Alternative to Kali Linux 2017.1

The new version of Parrot OS is more focused on user experience and working environment. Now low memory computers can also use the new Parrot OS 3.6.

As the new version is based on Linux kernel 4.9.13 and Debian GNU / Linux 9 Stretch. Parrot Linux 3.6 is the new alternative of Kali Linux 2017.1.

Parrot 3.6 with better less memory usage & reliable for users.

The developer team of Parrot 3.8  has mentioned the changes in their official blog. According to them, this version is not about the new features & functionalities but this version is made to make the environment more better , reliable & less memory hungry. This has been done by by applying many minor fixes to our build platforms & packages, also tuning the start-up daemons management system. As a result Parrot 3.6 lite version can be used with just 200 MB RAM.

Parrot Linux OS 3.6, Parrot AIR , Parrot OS 3.6 Lite version , Parrot OS 3.6 Studio Edition
Parrot Linux OS 3.6, Parrot AIR , Parrot OS 3.6 Lite version , Parrot OS 3.6 Studio Edition

Parrot 3.6 Anonsurf improvement

Improvement is made to Anonsurf, now the anonymity & privacy is more reliable & well tested. Now the previous versions of Anonsurf which shows some worst nightmares to the users are past stories now.

Parrot AIR
Parrot AIR

Parrot OS 3.6 Lite version & Parrot OS 3.6 Studio Edition

The developer team of Parrot OS 3.6 has also worked on the Lite & studio Editions. As Parrot Core is not just a good security oriented platform, but is also useful in general purpose derivative projects, and workstations and personal computers. It can now take advantage of light weight Debian systems.

Parrot AIR

There is also a new version of Parrot OS i.e. Parrot AIR. Parrot AIR is very similar to Parrot Full version but the only difference is that is is only AIR version is integrated with the tools that are dedicated to the wireless testing.

Parrot AIR developed for AIRBUD

It is developed for the AIRBUD board which is a powerful blend of  wireless station & x86 embedded computer. AIRBUD is developed by Alftel. Parrot AIR is a very nice choice for pen testing boards & it can be used on a PC like the Parrot x86 edition.

The Mirror Dierctor is also improved  for faster downloads & updates. There are many new universities & companies who have recently joined Parrot Servers network.

With the joint effort of these security companies, they have worked on the side projects related to loT, Automotive securities.

Parrot Support for PineBook

Soon there will be a support for the new PineBook which is a cheap laptop build on arm64 SoC of the Pine64.

Parrot Linux v3.5 has released a new update with some new toll in the newer version. This article will give you a small introduction for it.

Download Parrot Linux v3.5 –  Parrot OS review

There are many Linux distribution that are used by users , testers & hackers too. Parrot Linux is one of them widely used by all testers & hackers. This Linux distribution is a very popular OS among hackers & testers.

Now the Parrot OS has been updated with a newer & improved version. Parrot Linux v3.5 has bring some new hacking tools with it. Some of them are Cryptkeeper & Kernel. Linux kernel 4.9.13 is used in Parrot Linux v3.5 that is the newest version.

This updated version is released after two months as said by the Company officials. They have spent more time time in testing it with debian products. Some of the old features are dropped & some new features were introduced in Parrot Linux v3.5.

Parrot Linux v3.5
Parrot Linux v3.5

The official website has told that they are witing for the newer version of debian kernel so that they could work on it & improve the product. The Parrot 3.5 still supports VMWare & Virtual Box as in the previous versions.

Features of Parrot Linux v3.5

Parrot Linux is one of the popular Linux OS used by Hackers & penetration testers. The update must be better than the previous versions

Parrot OS version 3.5 features – Parrot OS Tools

  • It has out of the box printing support i.e. CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)  called drivers.
  • Cinnamon environment experiment support.
  • ZuluMount mount utility.
  • Sirikali that is used to mange folders & file with encryption.
  • Hacking tools are included again from the previous version to newer.
  • Mozilla Firefox with security fix plugins is introduced.

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8 Mozilla add-ons used by hackers – Firefox Hackbar Tutorials

Mozilla Hackers Add-ons
Mozilla Hackers Add-ons

Hackbar for Firefox , Firefox Hackbar tutorials, addon hacker repo , hackbar pro As i always tell you something from the world of hacking. Many of you may be working in Kali Linux or Parrot Linux.

If you have started pen testing on any of it then you must have knowledge of many hacking tools. Hacking is all about knowing the hacking tools like Mozilla hackers add-ons.

Firefox Hacker Add-ons for Penetration Testing

The number of hacking tools you know the more chances occur for your successful penetration testing. Here I am going to tell you about Mozilla Add-ons for you.

Download Mozilla hackers add-ons

These are some of the which I know.

Tamper Data Mozilla Add-on

A very useful add-on for pen testers. Basically it is used to view & update. HTTP/HTTPS headers and post parameters, trace and time HTTP response or requests, security test web applications by modifying POST parameters. Download it from here.

HackBar Firefox Addons

Hack Bar is used for security audits, It strongly recommend the installation of XSS, SQL Encoding/Decoding – MD5, SH1, Base64, Hexing, Splitting etc. Download it from here.

HTTP Headers Live Firefox 

This add-on works as same as Tamper data but the difference is that it allows viewing HTTP headers of page while browsing. Download it from here.

User Agent Switcher Firefox

This add-on works like it adds a menu & a toolbar button to switch the user agent f browser. This helps in changing a User agent to IE or search bots. This add-on can also creates a new user agent.Download it from here.

Cookie Manager+ Firefox

This add-on is used to view, create , edit & injecting cookies.With this add-on you can check the additional information about cookies. You can edit multiple cookies at once. Download it from here.

HTTPFox firefox

It monitors all the incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic between the browser and the web servers. It works like Http Watch or IE Inspector in Mozilla.Download it from here.

Firefox Passive recon

It performs packet less discovery of target resources using publicly available information. Download it from here.

SQL Inject me Firefox 

SQL injection is a very damaging method that can happen to a web application. SQL injection can create or delete any part of database & left the application in an in-determinant state or in non-working state. This add-on is used test SQL Injection vulnerabilities. Download it from here.

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Linux vs Windows vs Mac Performance , Gaming Difference

You must have heard of Linux OS. After reading this article you will know everything about it. This will cover all the aspects of Linux operating system.

About Linux – History of Linux / Linux History Timeline

Linux is an unix based operating system. It was developed by Linus Torvalds. It is an open source operating system   which means it is not owned by anyone or any organisation. It is a very powerful operating system for any user who is searching an alternative to windows OS. Linux was developed in 1991. It was the period of hardware upgrade. At that time DOS & Mac were the only operating system for the computers. As DOS was economical for the PC users while Mac was lot more expensive than DOS. In same decade , Linus Torvalds who was studying in the Helsinki university created a new core operating system. After the development was completed , it was given away by him for free.

Linux Academy Linux Architecture Linux Kernel

Now linux is one of the mostly used operating system in the IT sector for the security reasons. It is the favorite OS for the servers as it can work for years without any reboot or maintenance.

Reasons of linux for becoming so popular

There are various reasons why linux has become the most popular operating system in the IT sector businesses. We are writing some of those features which will make you fall in love with linux OS.

  • The first most interesting part of linux is that nobody owns it’s source code. The source code is also given free with this operating system. The source code can be modified by the user if the user wants to customize the Linux core according to his needs. There are no complex license agreements as in the case of windows or Mac.
  • There is no cost for this operating system. The core of linux comes with general public license or GNU. It is a very robust OS used in very big organisations. It can handle any number of users irrelevant of their resource usage. It is also very helpful in networking applications. Sometimes when a network computer or a server having very low disk space , linux handles the users request very efficiently.
  • Linux is a very hardware independent OS which can work in any type of hardware. Because of this portability it runs on variety of machines like PCs, Macs, mainframes, supercomputers, some cell phones and industrial robots. It also works in dual boot like windows & linux OR Linux & Mac. A very popular Linux operating in laptop computer is Ubuntu.
  • As we are in the threatening world of Viruses, malware attacks & other malicious activities. Linux is safe from all types of such attacks. This is because the platform is very less & the people who are using this OS are mostly ethical users of It industry.
  • As we told you above that the linux is open source , that is why the application software which are used in this platform are also freeware to the linux users.

Limitations Of Linux

As anything in this world is not perfect. There are some disadvantages of the OS. We are going to describe them to you so that you can be well informed about the operating system.

Disadvantages of Linux OS

  • The programs that were used in windows will be longer useful for linux. The application of windows software are of .exe format while Linux does not support .exe. Linux supports .gz, .tgz ,.ps & .txt. But now from some previous years windows emulator has been developed by the companies to fill the gap between windows & Linux OS.
  • There are very less peripherals like printer, scanner etc which are compatible with linux OS. However there are some hardware available which are used with linux OS. But the number of such hardware is very less.For example HP has provided a variety of hardware that is compatible with linux platform.
  • If any windows user who has just switched to the linux platform , he must be too much dependent on the GUI. However there is much better GUI in Linux as compared to the windows , but there are variety of functions that are done by commands in linux, their function is much better than the graphical one.

Linux vs Windows – Difference between Linux and Windows Operating System

  1. Linux kernel & GNU utilities are free to use. There is no money required to use linux OS. While if you want to use a windows operating system than you have to pay around $99 or more to use the Windows operating system.
  2. If any person who wants to work in linux based environment than he must need the deeper understanding with the linux working environment while if we talk about windows, then it is the easiest OS to use because of its GUI & user friendly features.If a windows user has to switch directly to Linux Os then he must learn many other things in order to work in the linux environment.
  3. Linux is way too reliable in terms of usage & real time processing. In the years of improvement windows has become more reliable than ever but still the level of reliability is much higher in linux as compared to the windows OS.
  4. Software Availability :- If you the check the variety of software that windows support is very high as compared to the linux. There are very less software which are supported in linux based OS while in case of windows , windows has the highest number of applications that support it’s platform.
  5. Cost of software :- The software that are available for linux is free while the softwares that are used in windows are not free & need money to purchase them.
  6. Security : The level of security is much higher in Linux to windows. The source code of the linux is available to the users. This enables the user to check & analyze the attack in the system. The vulnerability of Linux OS is less than Windows OS.
  7. Applications :- The application of linux OS is mostly scientfic & organisational. Linux is used in Servers , businesses, NASA. It can work with old hardware as well. Windows are used in home, gaming & entertainment. The software need to be upgraded regularly & the OS do not work in older hardwares.

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Linux vs Macintosh – Mac Vs Linux For Programming

Mac PC runs on OSX. Mac is a product of Apple Inc. There are aspects on which we will compare both OS in the many aspects.

Mac OS vs Linux Differences

  1. Flexibility :- If we use a OSX after using linux then we will see that there is not much independence for a user to do anything. For example if you want o change the desktop in a Mac PC then then you have to download Theme pack which will let you do this. In the case of linux this can be done in two or three clicks.Even linux can let you change the taskbar appearance by installing a different desktop manager.
  2. Open Source :- Apple took the BSD kernel to develop its own kernel known as darwin kernel. After that it was licensed under apple public source which is registered under Free Software Foundation. This Darwin kernel is still locked with Apple. Linux kernel is an open source to every user. Once Apple & open source has worked together to create OpenDarwin Kernel which is a hybrid of Linux & Mac OS.
  3. Command Line : OSX users don’t have much knowledge or need to work with command line. But every techy knows that the importance of command line is more when you need admin acess to the PC. In other words to have an administrative acess to a Mac PC, there are not enough commands in OSX.
  4. Hardware compatibility : In a PC who does not have much advance hardware in it, then OSX will not work better in that. But if we run a linux OS in it, the same PC will work better in terms of performance. Performance of OSX is very much dependant on hardware. Linux is not the same like Mac.
  5. Security : In terms of security , I witnessed a competition in which there were three platforms i.e. windows, linux & Mac. While both windows & linux were hacked & linux was not.The tools for the security are more advanced in linux as compared to Mac or Windows. Mac is also a secure OS but the level of securty that linux has can’t be compared.
  6. Portable:- Linux can be run on any machine unless its size or old hardware. Mac is not as portable in every computer. Linux data can be placed in either 64 bit or 32 bit. While in the Mac computer the files have restricted support in same architecture.
  7. Cost : The cost of using a Mac Machine is very higher. Th cheapest Mac I know is $ 1000. While linux can run on any old machine too. The cost of using the basic features of linux can be made by just an old computer & the Installation CD of Linux. While If you will use an old machine for running Mac OS you will suffer very slow response in Mac.

Linux OS
Linux OS

Now you know the various aspects of linux with other operating system. Linux is a freeware OS. Basically it is a kernel. Linux distributions take this kernel & combine with other software packages in order to provide different Linux distribution. If you will take the kernel & use it without any distribution than it will consume a lot of time in doing this.

You can use any of these Distribution in order to work in a linux environment.

Ubuntu Philosophy

Ubuntu is a very popular linux which is based on debian repositories. It works on GNOME 2 & Unity desktop environment.It updates Long term support(LTS) after every two years. In future there will be Ubuntu running on smartphones & tablet.

Ubuntu Philosophy
Ubuntu Philosophy

Linux Mint

Mint is based on Ubuntu Linux. Both ubuntu & mint uses same software repositories. Linuxmint is an loveable alternative to Ubuntu as it contains all the codecs & proprietary software which are not included in Ubuntu. It uses a traditional desktop called cinnamon desktop. It won’t let critical software updates which declared it as an insecure OS.

Linux Mint
Linux Mint

Debian Wheezy OS

It composed of open source software.The project was started in 1993. From the last 24 years it is still releasing newer versions. They are releasing newer versions very slowly as compared to others. This long time of work make this distribution more secure than others. Their main aim is to provide an secure OS with more user-friendly features.

debian wheezy OS

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

It is a commercial linux distribution based on fedora linux. Now the latest version are coming with collaboration with centOS. All the newer versions will be made by CentOS & Red hat. Officially CentOS is a part of red hat now.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Red Hat Enterprise Linux

OpenSuse Linux Tumbleweed

OpenSuse is a bleeding edge version of linux. In 2003 Novell purchased the OpenSuse. Once Opensuse was the best Linux in terms of user friendly feature, now ubuntu has taken the crown from it.

Open Suse
Open Suse

Kali Linux – Hackers Paradise

Kali Linux is debian based OS designed specifically for forensics & Penetration testing.It  is developed & maintained by an organisation called Offensive Security Ltd.It consists of more than 300 penetration testing tools.

Kali linux
Kali linux

Arch Linux Beginners Guide

It is based on KISS (keep it simple , stupid) principle.It is designed for computers that are of i686 and x86-64 architectures.It is mostly works under binary packages.

Install Arch Linux 2017.05.01
Install Arch Linux 2017.05.01

Parrot linux / Parrot Linux 3.6 Parrot AIR

This is also a debian based Os. It is designed for specific tasks such as Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation, Forensics and Anonymous Web Browsing. It is made by Frozen Team.The latest version of parrot linux is Parrot 3.4.1 named as CyberFrigate.

Parrot Linux
Parrot Linux

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These are some of the popular linux distribution which are used by me personally. If you are trying to select any of them for the learning you can download any of them from their official websites.

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Top 4 Books to learn hacking in 2018 – Hacker Book Free Download PDF

Buy Hacking Books at low prices in India In Hindi and English PDF Format. Learn Pen testing and other Hacking Tools for better career

Hacking Books Free Download Hacking Books in Hindi PDF

Hacking is one of the misunderstood topic in the computer world. This term is sometimes related to theft. I can’t convince you that they are wrong but these secret knowledge needs to be shred to other aspirants who are willing to learn hacking. Here we will tell you about some hacking books.

Ethical hacking books PDF in 2017 – List of 2017 Hacking Readables


As I gave a detailed introduction about hacking in my previous post. If you haven’t read that then you must read that from here. Most of the aspirants who want to build their career in hacking don’t even know what they should do to learn hacking. The name of some books will are listed for all the young readers who want to learn hacking. These books will provide you some basics that will let you have a rough idea about hacking.

Ethical hacking books free download in Hindi

As the website is made in India, I can’t forget my country people. If someone is interested to buy the hacking books in Hindi language, he can check the details from the link given.

Learn hacking from hacking books

Without proper guidance, you can never learn anything about the field. These books will be a milestone in your hacking journey. I request you not to practice any unethical experiment that violates any cyber law.

Ethical hacking books PDF in 2017 - List of 2017 Hacking Readables
Ethical hacking books PDF in 2017 – List of 2017 Hacking Readables

These books will provide you basics of security practices made in network to ensure that it is safe from the hackers. The language of these books & the method of explanation is that simple that any naive reader can learn from these. The learning process starts from normal penetration testing to information gathering & exploitation of systems.

The tools that are used in the learning process are Parrot Linux , Nessus ,Fast Track Autopawn, Netcat, Hacker Defender rootkit and many more. There will be a clear understanding of these tools. The description includes the working of tools, exploitation in network. The explanation will turbo boost your career.

Top Hacking Books 2017

BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner’s Guide

This is one of the straight forward conceptual book that will help you to do practical in your lab. The experiments will start from the basic to the higher level. Every experiment & lesson will become more advance than the previous version. This will provide you enough confidence to call yourself a hacker. After having a thorough understanding with the book you will be able to do attack on network.

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition

A book that is considered best for the beginners. The books can provide you some example of the difficulties that are faced by the beginner who is trying to attack someone. The obstacles & the internal working is explained in details to the reader so that he can have a better understanding with the concepts.


This book will take more time from you to explain all the programming, shell scripts & exploitation ideas. There will be deep explanation by the writer for the reader until he does his first experiment in attacks. Concepts of corrupt system, wireless encryption cracking and network attacks etc are the topics that I recommend you not to skip them.

CEH Certified Ethical Hacker All-in-One Exam Guide

This book is written for the complete course of EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker. Before you start reading this book you must be having a little knowledge about the basic networking. The most important aspect of this book is the mind soothing examples that will let you learn.

Metasploit: The Penetration Tester’s Guide

A book especially based on penetration testing. The tool which is a very popular tool in hacking i.e. metasploit. The beginners may not have any knowledge of this tools. This will help the user to work in Metasploit framework which helps you in discovering vulnerability in the network. After the complete reading the reader can be able to work with penetration testing in the Metasploit framework.

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Manjaro Spitfire is the new Hardware from the Manjaro Development Team : Check the Features

Manjaro Linux is one of the fastest growing Linux Distro among the users who are using it. Manjaro has released their latest Operating system in June 2017. They were planning to wok in the hardware market so they have released a new Laptop in partnership with Station X. According to the development team, the laptop is designed for the Manjaro Community.

Features of Manjaro Spitfire

This collaboration of two companies was aimed to produce an Ultimate Manjaro Machine. The laptop has so many features that the buyers will surely love.

  • complex kernel tweaks
  • custom changes to battery
  • CPU, sound,
  • and streamlined settings.

The laptop has a laser etched logo on Manjaro on the Lid.

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The new Manjaro Spitfire is configured by 7th generation Intel core processor with 32 GB RAM & dual drive bays. The aluminium chasis & 1080p IPS display creates a new look for the new machine. There are various custom designed Xfce themes, wallpapers, and icons.

Features of Manjaro Spitfire 
Features of Manjaro Spitfire

Manjaro Spitfire Hardware Configuration

  1. 17.8mm thickness
  2. Full HD IPS 1920 x 1080
  3. SSDs (up to 500 GB)
  4. Super Speed USB 3.0
  5. 1.0 MP Webcam
  6. Wireless Fitted as Standard
  7. 7th Gen Intel® Core™ CPUs (i5-7200u or i7-7500u)
  8. INTEL® HD GRAPHICS 610/620
  9. HDMI Output Connection
  10. Mini Display Port
  11. Back lit Keyboard
  12. Silver Aluminium Chassis
  13. DDR4 Memory Support up to 32 GB of RAM

My personal favourite feature that Manjaro Spitfire has provided is that the Laptop supports custom updates directly from Manjaro repositories. The pre-order booking will start from 13th of October 2017.

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Backbox Linux Version 5 review – The new updated Backbox v5 Hacking Tools for Pen Testers

As you know we bring the information of Newly released Linux based Distros. Today we are her to talk about an Ubuntu based hacking & penetration testing Operating system. You must have some pre information about this i.e. BackBox linux review.

BackBox 5 Linux Review

The development team of Backbox has developed it after 7 months of research. There are various changes made in it that includes Kernel 4.8 , new hacking tools with a new logo.

In most of the websites who talk about Linux & pen testing Operating system Kali Linux & Parros Security OS comes on top. There is one more OS that comes on the list with them i.e. Backbox Linux.

BackBox 5 Linux Review
BackBox 5 Linux Review

What is new in BackBox 5

Backbox was previously released on December 2016. Soon after the release Backbox 4.7 was improved with some bug fixes updated Kernel, base system & tools. The release of Backbox linux 5 was aimed to provide a better product that users can experience. The Backbox 5 is now released to fulfil the promise given last year.

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The Team of Backbox has proudly announced the release of Backbox v5. The developers have told that it took long time & development to achieve the product quality. The also told they have worked too hard for this.

Backbox Linux v5 Tools

Backbox Linux v5 Tools
Backbox Linux v5 Tools

As it was expected , Backbox will remove the outdated hacking tools & replace them with the new tools. Here is the list of all these changes.

  1. Updated Linux kernel 4.8
  2. Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS base
  3. Xfce 4.12 desktop environment
  4. LibreOffice
  5. Firefox 54.0
  6. Thunderbird 52.2.1
  7. New BackBox logo and identity
  8. All hacking tools updated

BackBox 5 Linux System requirements

The minimum requirement to run Backbox v5 on your machine are 1 GB RAM & 10 GB storage.

BackBox 5 Linux Download

You can download the ISO from the link given below. The size of image is 2.2 GB size.

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