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Machine Learning is the intersection of computer science and applied mathematics and statistics. Machine Learning can solve many real world problems and it is extensively used in medicine, finance and banking. Machine learning requires knowledge of statistics, programming and applied calculus.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a forever evolving field and lot’s research are being performed every day here. Many students who are pursuing machine learning courses are searching for a skilled person who can solve their assignment problems and fetch good accuracy score. Machine learning is a vast area of science and sometimes it’s difficult for a single person to know everything in machine learning unless he/she has certain job experience in top tech companies.

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What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is an important aspect of computer and applied mathematics and computation where new discoveries are happening on a weekly basis. Machine Learning provides machines the ability to learn and improve without being explicitly programmed to.

Instead of knowledge driven approach, machines follow data driven approach to solve problems.

Using techniques of machine learning, we can nurture machines to perform classification, predictions, recommendation etc.

For a programmer to build a career in artificial intelligence and machine learning, he/she should have a profound knowledge of mathematics, statistics, programming (especially python or R) and machine learning. The core of every machine learning algorithm is based upon statistics and solving optimization problems using calculus.

At first we perform some data processing and analysis on the raw training data and then fed it to the machine learning algorithm, the algorithm trains a model that learns from the given data and evolve over time when fed with new data. Once the model is trained we fed the model the test data and the model takes decision based on the patterns is has learned from the training data.

The way machine learning works is as follows:

  1. We find the appropriate data for a relevant task and then perform some data analysis and the clean and preprocess the data.
  2. We pick up the best machine learning algorithm based on our analysis of the data.
  3. We train the model on the training data and compute the model accuracy.
  4. Then we perform hyperparameter tuning on the model which assures more accuracy score.
  5. We productionize the model using any web framework.

Machine learning is having wide range of application across industries. Not only tech companies but machine learning is used extensively in finance, medicine and banking. The world needs more machine learning engineers and data scientists at this moment. So if you need help with a machine learning assignment to ensure you get excellent grades in your course and thus have a good career, then ask our programming experts. Most of our programming experts are machine learning engineers and data scientists from top companies, not only but they have also achived a good kaggle rank. They can easily solve your machine learning assignment problems and fetch good accuracy scores. This favour will be very helpful to you and you can easily fetch good grades by letting us solve your assignment problem. We also provide the best programming coursework help including assignments, homework and projects related to machine learning subjects.

Machine Learning Types

Machine learning is categorized into three different types. There include:

Supervised learning

The majority of practical and real world machine learning uses supervised machine learning. In supervised learning we use both the input and the output variable of our data. Given the data, we can easily find out a function that knows the mapping between the input and output variable. Any supervised learning machine learning algorithm can discover the function, then we tune the hyperparameters to get the best possible results. This process is called supervised because all of the output variables of our training data supervise the learning process of the particular machine learning algorithm.

There are two types of problems that we can solve by using supervised learning technique.

  1. Classification problems.
  2. Regression problems.

Unsupervised Learning

In unsupervised learning we only get the input variable in our training data, we don’t get any output variable. The goal of unsupervised learning is to group together the same kind of points and here algorithms use various advance techniques to find the patterns between same kind of data points and group them together to form a cluster.

Unsupervised learning problems can be of two types:

  1. Clustering.
  2. Association.

Semi-Supervised Machine Learning

In Semi supervised machine learning we get training data where only some of the input labels have their corresponding output labels. These problems position themselves in between supervised learning and unsupervised learning. A large set of real world machine learning problems fall into this area where most of the output labels are missing. Here we use supervised learning techniques learn and discover patterns in the training data.

One idea is to use a supervised learning technique to classify the labels of the unlabeled output data for certain input data points.

Machine Learning Assignment Help

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Machine Learning Assignment Help Topics

Supervised learningLinear models for regression and classification
Overfitting and regularizationNaïve bayes and logistic regression
Vector machinesUnsupervised learning
Expectation-maximizationMixture of Gaussians
Factor analysisK-means
Deep learningNeural networks for regression and classification
Unsupervised modelsAutoencoders
Instance-based learningDecision tree induction
Maximum likelihoodProbabilistic inference
Artificial neural networksPerceptron, back propagation
Clustering algorithmsDimensionality reduction techniques
Kernel methodsKernel PCA
Kernel Ridge RegressionIntegral Probability Metrics

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Essential Tools for Machine Learning


Anaconda is free and open source distribution of of the python programming language for data science and machine learning applications. Anaconda comes with all of the modern machine learning tools. It has the set of standard python libraries and bunch of other third party libraries like sklearn, SciPy, NumPy etc.

Our experts use anaconda tools extensively and we also advice our students to use it for most data science related work. Jupyter notebook is the most used IDE used in data science which comes pre-installed with Anaconda.

Essential Libraries for Machine Learning


NumPy is an open source numerical python library. With the help of NumPy we can easily various advanced mathematical operation on arrays. NumPy is written in C and it’s very fast when it comes to perform large computation. NumPy provides the best implementation of mathematical operation with very low time complexity.


SciPy is free and open source library for Python which is used for scientific computing and technical computing. It can be used for linear algebra, integration, interpolation, signal and image processing.


Matplotlib is the most popular library that is used extensively in data visualization.

Matplotlib is the 2D plotting library in Python. To generate plots, histograms, bar charts and scatterplots, Matplotlib is used extensively . Not only we can plot various plots in matplotlib but we can also customize it according to our needs. We can easily plot various probabilistic plots like PDF, CDF using this library and make sense out of it.

Our experts use seaborn as well to visualize the data as seaborn is sometimes better.


Pandas is the Python library for data analysis. It is the tool for reading and writing data. It has fast and efficient object design called DataFrame, high performance on merging and joining the data sets and time series functionality. Pandas is extensively in data science.

Scikit-learn (sklearn)

Scikit-learn is an open source project. It contains a number of machine learning algorithms. It is the most popular tool and prominent Python library for machine learning.

Except the above, we use NLTK for natural language processing, gensim for performing word2vec, seaborn for data visualization, pickle for saving a model etc. It’s kinda hard for someone to have knowledge of that many libraries and that comes with experience. Fortunately, most of our programming experts are working as a data scientists and they possess all the knowledge of these libraries. They can easily implement any complex task as they know what library is capable of doing what. Many students ask for machine learning assignment help which requires use of different libraries, our programming experts can easily help them out.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Linear Regression:

linear Regression is actually a regression technique. Given a dataset we predict the class labels in a classification problem while in regression we predict a real value as we don’t have class labels in a regression problem. Linear regression algorithm tries to find a line(in 2D)/ plane (in 3d) / hyperplane ( when the dimension is more than 3) that best fits the datapoints.

Assume, our training data is “D” consisting of “n” points and our dataset has “d” features. “D” consists of our X’s and Y’s and we have to predict Y where Y is a real number.

Suppose, we were given a dataset of height and weight where given a person’s weight we have to predict his/her height.

Here, our X is weight and Y is height. After we have our dataset, we can easily plot all of our datapoints in a 2d plane where x-axis represents the weight of the person and the y-axis represents the height of the person. The algorithm discovers a line that best fits all our datapoints and minimizes the squared loss. Where the squared loss is the square of the difference between actual Y and the predicted Y over all the datapoints, to be more precise we can easily minimize by GD or SGD algorithm.

Logistic Regression:

Logistic regression is one of the most widely used supervised learning algorithm. Even though logistic regression has “regression” in it’s name but it’s actually a classification technique. Logistic regression can only solve two class classification problem, we can also use logistic regression in multiclass classification problem in “One vs rest” setting. Logistic regression assumes that the data is linearly separable and we can separate the datapoints by discovering a line(in 2D), plane (in 3D) and hyperplane (in more than 3 dimensional space). It is worth mentioning that the dataset must get column standarized before modelling.

Assume, our dataset is “D” consisting of “n” points and our dataset has “d” features. “D” consists of our X’s and Y’s and we have to predict Y where Y can only belong to a certain class.

The way logistic regression works is as follows:

1. At first it discovers the line (in 2D) The best plane maximizes the sum of signed distances such that one side of the line contains data corresponding to one particular class and on the other side of the line we have datapoints corresponding to another class.

2. But maximizing the sum of signed distances is not outlier prone, to avoid this problem we use the sigmoid function. There are many other function which we can choose but specifically we choose sigmoid function because it gives a helpful probabilistic interpretation.

3. Then we multiply the function by a “-” and take the log of it to turn it into a monotonic function. Earlier we had to maximize the the optimization problem but we we have to minimize the optimization problem as we have multiplied it with a “-“.

4. Then we just solve the optimization problem and the solution gives us the the ubit vector which is normal to the plane, once we get the unit vector we can easily find the equation of the line/hyperplane.

Logistic regression is useful when the dimension is very high and it’s not just a black-box model but it’s also interpretable.

Decision Tree:

Decision tree is a very useful supervised learning technique where we build a tree based model from the given Data. Decision tree works best when the dimensionality of the data is small. In most of the cases decision trees are used in classification problem, but there’s also a decision tree regressor available.

We can think of decision tree as a simple “if-else” statement model and the decision surface of decision tree is axis parallel lines/planes or hyperplanes.

Starting from the root of the tree, the data is split on the feature that gives the highest Information gain. We repeat the process and stop when we get a leaf node. As the depth if the tree increases, the model overfits. Decision tree models are interpretable when the dimensionality of the dataset and the depth of the tree is low.

Support Vector Machines or SVM:

Support vector machines is a very powerful supervised learning technique.Linear SVM assumes our datapoints is linearly separable and it tries to discover a line or hyperplane that separates our datapoints as widely as possible. In SVM we minimize the Hinge loss and SVM works very well even on those datasets where logistic regression fails as it uses the kernal function in the dual form formulation of SVM. In high dimension space SVM transforms the features using the Radical Basis Function or in short RBF kernal. If some certain datapoints is not separable in low dimension space SVM uses the kernal trick to make it separable in high dimension space.

In the softmax formulation of SVM in we just tries to maximize the distance between the line / hyperplane and the datapoints. But when we use kernal SVM we must have to choose the right kernal. And how we choose it depends upon the machine learning problem we are solving. Basically for most of the problem RBF kernal works like magic but there are some edge cases where it does not work perfectly, when the situation occures we use domain knowledge to design the right kernal.

In Linear SVM our decision surface is a line or hyperplane but in kernal SVM it is non-linear surfaces.

Naive Bayes (NB):

Naive Bayes is a classification algorithm based upon the fundamental of probability but specifically Naive Bayes uses “Bayes theorem” extensively. Naive bayes can easily solve multiclass classification problems and it assumes that every feature in our datapoints is independent and mutually exclusive. Naive bayes can not solve regression problems.

Assume, our dataset is “D” consisting of “n” points and our dataset has “d” features. “D” consists of our X’s and Y’s and we have to predict Y where Y can belong to multiple classes.

The way naive bayes works is as follows.

Given a datapoint, we want to find out the probabilities of the datapoint belonging to every possible class. Then we take the largest probability of the point belonging to a particular class. While computing the probability using bayes theorem we ignore the evidence and only care about the likelihood and prior of the bayes theorem. We ignore the evidence because the value of the evidence remains constant. Then the algorithm solves the numerator of the bayes theorem and by using the MAP rule or Maximum the posterior rule picks up the class that has the highest probability.

Naive Bayes uses Laplace smoothing to handle some edge cases.In real world, Naive bayes works very good on textdata. In spam classification naive Bayes can give nearly 98% accuracy.

KNN (k-Nearest Neighbors):

K-nearest neighbors is one of the most popular supervised learning algorithm. KNN can solve both classification and regression problem and it’s extremly powerful when we have very few features in our dataset.

Assume, our dataset is “D” consisting of “n” points and our dataset has “d” features. “D” consists of our X’s and Y’s and we have to predict Y where Y can only belong to a certain class or it can be a real value. For simplicity suppose we have only 2 features in our dataset.

The way KNN works is as follows.

Step 1: If we have 2 features, we will plot the points in a 2 dimensional space.

Step 2: Then given a query point, we basically look at the k’th nearest points and pick up the class label by performing majority vote in a classification setting. For regression we take all Y’s of K points and pick up the median or mean value of it.

But how do we find the right “K”? At first we set k = 1 and compute the accuracy score, then we keep on increasing the value of K. After a certain value of K, the accuracy score will not increase but decrease. Then we pick the K value where the accuracy is high. We always choose an odd value for “K” as it may happen that we have equal number of class labels if “K” is even. When “K” is equal to “n” then the model underfits and when “k” is 1 then ithe model overfits.


k-means is a type of unsupervised learning algorithm, which is used for unlabelled data. K-means is the simple and easy way to classify a given data set through a number of clusters where k is number of assumed clusters. In k-means we have clusters and each cluster has its own centroid. Here is the way how k-means works:

k-means picks k number of points for each cluster known as centroid.

Each data point forms a cluster with closest centroid. Finds the centroid of each cluster based on members in that cluster. Repeats this step to find new centroids.

Finds closest distance for each data point from new centroids. Associates it with new k-clusters.

Checkout the definitions of some of the machine learning assignments we have solved.

Random Forest:

Random Forest is one of the most popular supervised learning algorithm and it uses decision trees as it’s base model. We can also extend the random forest algorithm and the extended version is called Random Forest Regressor which solves regression problems.

Assume that, our dataset is “D” consisting of “n” points and our dataset has “d” features. “D” consists of our X’s and Y’s and we have to predict Y where Y can belong to multiple classes or it can be a real value.

The way random forest works is as follows.

1. In Random Forest we perform sampling. From the dataset “D” we randomly sample rows and columns and build decision trees on top of it. We break up our dataset into small datasets of “m” columns and “c” columns. Where n>m and d>c.

  1. Then we build decision trees on top of each dataset, here we don’t want our decision trees to have a lot of levels instead we want them to be shallow.

3. Random forest uses aggregation and in classification setting we typically take the majority vote to predict the classlabel. For regression task we can use mean, median to determine the right output Y.

Random forest is the most popular bagging algorithm and it’s works really good on real world dataset. It does not work good when the dimension of our dataset is high. When the dimension is high we typically choose Logistic regression or SVM.

Dimensionality Reduction:

In Exploratory data analysis we try to find out the relationship between the features of the data and we do it by plotting the data in 2D, 3D and by doing pair plots or even looking at the distribuition of the features of the dataset. But, What if our dataset has 784 dimensions? How do we visualize in that case? Dimensionality reduction helps us extensively in that case and there are two major dimensionality reduction technique,

1. PCA or Principle Component Analysis

2. T-SNE or T distributed stochastic neighbourhood embedding.


In PCA we at first perform column standardization and then we try to discover the best unit vector that minimizes the squared of the distance of all the points from that unit vector. The direction of the unit vector is the direction where the maximum variance is available and the unit vector is actually the eigen vector that corrsponds to the maximum eigen value. We use two eigen value and their corresponding eigen vectors when we want to transform data from higher dimension to 2D space. That is basically how PCA helps us to visualize high dimensional data and typically PCA works good but not best!


T-SNE stands for T-distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding. The neighborhood of a point is basically those points who are close to that particular point and embedding means we take points from high dimensional space and place them in low dimensional space while preserving the neighborhoods. T-SNE is an iteratrive algorithm and and it gives us two hyperparameters that we can tune, they are-

1. Perplexity

2. Step

The preferred perplexity value is 5-50 and the step is basically the number of iteration, as the step increases the clusters go away from each other and after a certain number of iterations it does not move much.

Feature selection:

The method of selecting the most important features for a classification or regression task is called Feature Selection. As the dimensionality increases the performance of our model decreases due to the “curse of dimensionality”. So, it will be very useful if somehow we can reduce the dimensionality and use the most important features only. But, How do we select the most important features?

We do it using a idea called Forward Feature Selection.

Step 1: We train a model for every single feature and test it’s accuracy on test data. We pick up the feature(suppose f1) which gives us the best accuracy score.

Step 2: We again train bunch of models by using f1 and every single feature except f1. Thenwe compute it’s accuracy on test data and pick up the best two features which gives best accuracy.

Step 3: We keep repeating the process and at some certain point we will have the number of

important features we want.

Feature Selection is independent of what model we choose to solve our problem. But one disadvantage of Feature selection is that the time complexity is pretty high.




Feature extraction

This reduces data in high dimensional space to lower dimension space.

  • Method of Dimensionality Reduction
  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
  • Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA)
  • Generalized Discriminant Analysis (GDA)

Most of the students order us to develop the python machine learning assignment solution using Jupyter Notebook as IDE and as per their needs we choose the best tools that fit the certain problem. Typically for data analysis and pre-processing we pick up NLTK, Sk-learn, matplotlib, re and Seaborn.

We provide fully commented solutions with visualization and the code we write is very readable. Completing your assignment is not our main purpose, we also make sure that you understand the solution. Our experts use advanced libraries to solve problems where the code has very low time complexity.

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CHMOD 775 , CHMOD 755 Meaning – Managing File Permission with CHMOD

chmod 775

chmod command is one of the useful commands in user and file management (especially script files). Here we are going to explain to you chmod 775 , 755 & File permissions 

File Permissions in Linux using Chmod

As you know the file system of linux has a file access and control mechanism which determines how and who can access a file stored in a linux system. This mechanism is based on two parts i.e. namely Classes and Permissions.

Classes determines who can access the files while Permissions decides how the file can be accessed to the user.

Types of Classes in Chmod

Three types of classes exits in linux i.e. Owner, Group, Others.

  • The owner is the creator of files / folder in linux. By default all the file and folders you create are owned by you, until you change the permissions manually.
  • The Group consists of multiple users who share same permissions and user privilege.
  • Others means the general public.

Permission Types in Linux

Next is permission , which are of three types based on a file or Folder, which you can either read, write or execute.

  • Read :- One can read a file but they can’t modify the contents. In case of Folder , you can see the files inside Folder, but you can’t delete or add files into folder.
  • Write :- Here you can modify file contents & in Folder you can delete and add files into the folder.
  • Execute :- This permission allows one to run a file (mainly script).

If you combine the use of class and permission , you can control users on how they can access a file and what actions they can do or what they should not.

This can be understood by an example i.e. Owner has all the permissions (read, write and execute) to access a file. So if aren’t the owner of file /folder then you have to change the permissions to get the owner access to the file. The ownership of a file can be changed to any user as per requirements. The web server may won’t allow you to upload a file , in this case you are not having the enough permissions to add a file in a folder.

Chmod Number assignment

Now I expect you got the basic concept of classes and permissions , so we can go forward to the number i.e. “775” & “777”.

The file and folder is having a 8-bit data that controls the permissions mechanism. The basic binary form is “000” which means no permissions to any form.

  • As you set the “Read” permission , it adds 4-bit data which makes it “100” or a 4 in the usual decimal format.
  • Granting a write permission adds 2 bit data i.e “010” or 2 in decimal form.
  • Adding a “Execute” permission adds 1-bit to the data, which will result in “001”, or “1” in decimal form.

Numbers assigned to Read , Write & Execute

In other words

  1. Read is equivalent to ‘4’.
  2. Write is equivalent to ‘2’.
  3. Execute is equivalent to ‘1’

So as u decide to set permissions , we have to add the numbers. For example if we set permissions to read and write , then its like 6 (4 + 2) for the permission. For read, write and execute, we will use ‘7’ (4 + 2 + 1) for the permission. Here’s the different permutation:

Chmod All Combinations

  • 0 – no permission
  • 1 – execute
  • 2 – write
  • 3 – write and execute
  • 4 – read
  • 5 – read and execute
  • 6 – read and write
  • 7 – read, write, and execute

Using the numbers you can grant permissions to a file and add the numbers accordingly. So just understand this the three digits are “777”. First digit is for Owner, second or Group and third digit is for Others. If you assign “777” for a user then you can give all permissions for a file to all users.

String  Permissions it provide
755It is used in web server. The owner of file has all the permissions but all two i.e. Group and Others have permission to read and execute,they can’t make changes to the file.
777This number provides all the permissions of file to all three types of users. Every user can read , write and execute the file. It allows the users to add any type of code to your file. This is mainly applicable to the images in a website.
644The owner can read and write while every other can only read it. No other can execute the file too.
655The owner can read and write but can’t execute the file. Everyone except owner can read and execute but they can’t modify the file.

Setting File Permissions in Command Line

Linux lets you set all the file permissions by right click on the folder and by selecting “Properties”. The permission tab will let you assign permissions to the Owner , Group & Others.

The other way is terminal , where you can change the permission via Chmod. If you use chmod 777 that means you assigned all the permissions i.e. to make file readable, writable and executable by everyone.

chmod 775 /path/to/file

chmod command uses & Explanation

chmod is a command to change permission of a file. It stands for change mode. The number “775”  is to provide permission to the file. There are three type of permissions.

  1. r stand for read .its value is 4.
  2. w stand for the write.its value is 2.
  3. x stand for the execute.its value is 1.

If you assign a user 7 , then you are giving them read, write and execute permission to the user. The remaining part is 75 , which is explained here.

Example to Understand Chmod 775

If you enter a command  ls -la or ls -li or ls -l , any of these commands will  show all the files like this.

 drwxr-xr-x 2 amiss amiss 4096 Jan 29 09:48 Templates

Here d stands for directory as templates is a directory.

now rest remaining 9 character.

  1. The first 3 characters are owner means whom created this file , so he has all the permissions i.e. rwx (read , write , execute).
  2. The next 3 characters is for group. The group can have one or more users whom are giving permission for a file as decided by you. The group has execute and read permission but they can’t write it.
  3. The last is for other users i.e. permission for the read and execute.

So basically if you do 775 , then you are assigning same permissions to the owner , group and other users for a particular file which is written above.

Command for change the file permission in Linux – Chmod 775 syntax

chmod 775 filename

Hope the article helps you to understand the concept of permissions in a Linux system and the meaning of “777” & “775”.

Introduction to Parrot Linux – How to use ParrotSec Security OS PDF / Basic Commands in Parrot Operating System

ParrotSec Security OS PDF

Parrot Linux OS Tutorial is a popular pentesting OS used by penetration testers. Here we are providing you some simple commands for the same in PDF. 

Hacking cannot be done without tools. These tools are the foundations of hacking.Today we are going to provide you some details about Parrot Linux. A Linux distribution which is helpful for the hackers to grow some knowledge & practice it.

Parrot Linux install – Parrot OS 3.11 Latest version Review

Parrot Linux is a very simple Operating System that is a very user friendly OS used for the purpose of Hacking. Many tools & software packages are already packed in it. This bunch of software are used for hacking as well as another daily usage.It is closely related to Debian Linux.

Features of Parrot 3.11 Review

The new release has so many new improvements & security fixes compared to the previous versions.

  • Updated version of the Linux 4.14 kernel.
  • A new car hacking menu now contains a collection of useful open source tools in the automotive industry to test real world cars or simulate CANBus networks.
  • Metasploit and postgresql are now patched to work flawlessly out of the box in live mode.
  • Other important updates include Firefox 58, increased installer stability, many updated security tools and some important graphic improvements.
  • Parrot Studio was reintroduced with many improvements, this special derivative of Parrot is designed for multimedia production as an improved version of Parrot Home for workstations, with many useful productivity tools pre-installed.
  • This release will probably be the last version of the 3.x series (except for eventual security updates), and we wanted to include some of the changes that we planned for parrot 4.x as a gift for our community.

Book to learn Parrot OS

Features & specification of Parrot Linux – Parrot Security OS Tutorial PDF

Parrot linux is based on kernel 4.1 & debian 8. It’s desktop is based on MATE. Display manager is “lightdm”.There are many features in this linux which specifically places it as a unique one.

Features of Parrot Linux – Parrot OS Tools

Anti-Forensic Tools

A very unique feature that makes it different from other Linux OS. Tools that can encrypt a file, partition or whole drive.Like this there are many other anti-forensic tools which can be used by businesses to secure their data.

Pandora’s Box

This tool is a very useful tool for a forensic expert. As you know the data used by computer is stored in RAM temporarily & get erased after the computer is shut down. The statement above is false partially. Pandora’s box is a tool that is used by the forensic expert to recover the data which was on the RAM after shutdown. This can disclose all the details or tasks that were done by the previous user.

This tool will ask you to opt for the data to store secretly when the user is going to shutdown the system.This tool can be activated by the Super User only.Pandora’s box can remove the data from RAM if required.

RAM only surfing

This is a browser called iceweasel that will surf Internet but will provide any access to your hard drive. The data you will access in the browser can not be seen to other users. But still there will a question that the data in RAM can be accessed , Pandora’s Box will look after this.

Anonymous Surfing

There is tool known as Anonsurf which helps in surfing Internet without leaving any traces of your Identity. This is done by TOR browser. All the traffic of the user will be directed by TOR browser. In India, TOR networks are active, so the anonymous surfing can be done easily. It will also hide your DNS via TOR.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is one of the critical testing of a software or network. This type of testing helps the hacker to know about the anomalies in the system. After he will knew about the bugs in that system He can help the system owner to increase the security towards it. While this information can be used in some unethical ways too. I won’t suggest you to think like that.

There are many tools by which pen testing can be done. Some of them are packet sniffer,man in the middle attacks, brute force attacks etc. If you are familiar in using Linux then you must know about the tools used in Kali & Backtrack linux, the it would be very easy to switch on to Parrot Linux.

This is a very summarized introduction about Parrot Linux. This will help the users to know more about the Parrot linux. In the next section. I will be telling about the installation of Parrot Linux.

Parrot OS Commands Tutorial PDF

  • sudo : – This command is used to get the Admin Access after you enter admin password.
  • su: – This command is for Root Access.
  • apt-get install: – This command install Tools from Distro’s Server.
  • apt-get update: – This command is used to check Update Repository From  Distro’s server.

Parrot Security OS System Requirements

The system requirements for Parrot are:

  • CPU: x86 with at least 700Mhz
  • Architecture: i386, amd64 (x86-64bit), 486 (legacy x86), armel, and armhf
  • RAM: At least 256MB for i386 and 320MB for amd64. 512MB recommended
  • GPU: No graphic acceleration required
  • HDD: ~16GB required for installation
  • BOOT: Legacy bios preferred

Buy These Linux Books to get a Kick Start in Linux Career

  • apt-get upgrade: – This is used to download Update Repository From  Distro’s server.
  • git clone: – This command is used to clone any file from GitHub Website.
  • cd .. : – Command to go back one step in a directory.
  • clear: – This command is used to clear the Terminal.
  • poweroff :- This command is to ShutDown the system.
  • 9. chmod +x : –  This command adds the executable permission for a file.
  •  ./ : – This Command Is Use For Run Python And Perl Programs. (./ )
  • ls: – Shows the list of files in the current Directory.

Download Parrot OS Tutorial PDF

Parrot Security OS default password and username – Parrot OS root password

In Parrot Linux live environment, the default username is user and the default password is toor.

Parrot Security OS 3.9 (Intruder) review & DownloadParrot OS 3.9 is the latest OS that is released by FrozenBox. This latest version of OS has mostly the same features that the former version has.The main Features of Parrot 3.6 are

  1. Fire-jail sand-boxing
  2. AppArmor,
  3. SELinux
  4. Tomoyo support

If you find the information useful then please give us your feedback to us & let us know about my work. You can also contact me via Facebook. Thank You.

Parrot Linux OS Tutorial

Parrot Linux OS Tutorial is a popular pentesting OS used by penetration testers. Here we are providing you some simple commands for the same in PDF.

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Python Programming Assignment Urgent Help Online by Expert Programmers

Python Programming Assignment Urgent Help Online by Expert Programmers
Python Assignment Completion Services By Experts

Python programming Assignment completion services for programmers students and professionals. Assistance in completion of various codes for Machine learning, Homework completion

Product Brand:

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Python programming Assignment completion services for programmers students and professionals. Assistance in completion of various codes for Machine learning, Homework completion

Python assignment help is a very common problem in the students and many times with professionals. Python has one of the simplest syntaxes, but it is not easy to deal with python sometimes. Sometimes tasks become so difficult that you need some help from other programmers who have worked from years on various projects of python.

Python Programming Assignment Help from Expert Programmers

If you are a student, then you must be a beginner in python programming. While you are doing your college assignments, you may have seen big obstacles in doing it. Whenever you see such conditions you can seek python online assignment help.

Hire Programmers Online

As a student, every assignment is very important in your college. These assignments have good weightage which provides better grading in the final results.

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In some cases, when you are not able to complete your coding homework, then you can seek help from the online Python programming assignment help center.

The simplest solution to complete Python programming work on time and submit it properly. This will be done by the expert programmers @ technicalbud.

Why do you need Python Programming Assignment Help & how it helps in your career

  • When you are doing good in python classes but you may be lagging in doing the assignment at the scheduled time. Python programming help will be beneficial for you.
  • Another case could be that there is a very difficult assignment where you need help to get the marks you are seeking now. Contact expert python programmers @ technicalbud.
  • There may be less time to hire and get taught from a local tutor and complete the assignment. Our site will help you do your assignment in a few clicks.
  • A partial help or some assistance is needed in the Python assignments. Then your best option against the completion will be technical Python programming help.

Python Programming Assignment Help Australia

Above are written some of the cases, where a student may find help for the Python programming assignment help. Homework with the best weightage will help you in getting the best score for you. After you provide us all the assignment details, you can just wait for the given duration t take it back in completion.

Python: Its History & Applications

Python is a programming language that helps a programmer to solve various problems in various fields. Using python is itself a very simple and clean step that many problems are solved with very little code as compared to any other language.

Students are asking for Python homework online help can contact us on the various contact mediums. But before this, we are providing you some of the applications of Python.

Python was created by a Dutch programmer “Mr. Guido van Rossum”. He started this project to keep himself busy in a Christmas.

His Christmas week was so productive that it gave the world a new programming language that revolutionizes the various fields of computer science. Rossum started the project in 1989.

Rossum was trying to create a language that is low in maintenance in terms of software. It is a very dynamic language that has spanned itself in so many fields that you can’t even count. Some of those are

  • Web and Internet Development (Django, twisted, flask, etc)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Pytorch, )
  • Desktop GUI Applications (PyQt, PySFML, etc)
  • Scientific and Numeric Application (SciPy, numpy, theano, etc)
  • Data Science (TensorFlow, Pandas, etc)
  • Statistics (Matplotlib, Seaborn, etc)
  • Games and 3D graphics (pygame, Panda3D, etc)

Contact Us

You can see more details about python origin here. As here are not focussing on the python about.

Python is a very versatile language and versatile means very versatile. There are so many applications of Python that can’t be told in a single post However we are going to focus all the assignment help we are providing to the public.

  1. Simple to Advanced Python scripts
  2. Scientific and Numeric Applications
  3. Desktop GUI Applications
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Data Science
  6. Statistics

If you a student who is in the learning stage, where your assignments are eating your time and you can’t still solve the programming assignments for yourself, then a little help will be appreciated.

“Pay Someone to complete my Python Assignment” Hire Expert Python Programmer to help in Homework

Hiring someone to complete the assignment is a reality. But while you hire someone to complete an assignment i.e. of Python, you need attention too. Pay the attention to provide all the instructions to the programmer. After the completion, you must understand how the task was done.

You should be known very accurately about how the assignment was done so that you can explain it to the teacher if he ever ants you to explain.

So now we are providing you some reason why we should hire technicalbud highly experienced python programmers. These following points are enough to keep trust on us.

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  • Our Team is having 5+ years of experience

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Python Programming Assignment Completion Strategy

There may be a curiosity that wants you to know how is your assignment completed. A brief of how we manage all the assignments given to us. We are always ready to complete a python assignment. We always waiting for you to provide us a python assignment for you.

Python Programming Homework Completion Process

  1. Assignment Plan:- After you provide us a programming assignment, we work on the planning on how to complete this assignment for you. We first make a full proof plan to solve a python assignment.
  2. After getting all the details and the plan to solve it. We implement all the plan which is made before. We follow all the steps of a plan which is required to complete the assignment.
  3. After the completion is to be done. We provide you the solution as per the date we have agreed on.

Before we deliver you the python assignment we take every step to execute properly so that you get the best marks for it.

Python assignment assistance is not just limited to the delivery. We believe in customer satisfaction. If after delivery, there is any doubt left then we provide you post-delivery support to you.

In some cases when there is some dissatisfaction in the completion of the project, then you can contact us and we will solve all your queries.

So, if you are hustling with any of your python assignment, then what are you waiting for, there is a very good help for you to complete your Python programming assignment.

Services of Python assignment help

These are some of the services we provide as a part of python assignment help for homework.

  • Python Scripts
  • Backend Development
  • GUI Software Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Implementation of Algorithms and Specifications

If you can’t find any category of yours, then you don’t need to worry. You can just mail us and we will revert back to your request.

Python Assignment Help Order

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Facebook Friend Mapper Chrome Extension | Apk – Reveal Profile Friends Revealer

Facebook friend mapper on mobile apk | chrome extension with license key friends map | friend location crx . Facebook Friend map privacy

facebook friends mapper apps apk tool extension crx  Facebook has become too much aware about all the aspects in security for a Facebook user. For example , you can hide the friends from others using the privacy settings. May this could restrict an ordinary person to stay away from your friend list. But there is way by which you can see the hidden friends of your Facebook Friend.

Reveal FB Friends Extension iphone / APK / crx Tool Download

With this trick you can see all the friends on Facebook of your friend who is trying to hide their friend list. For this we are going to use a Chrome extension.

Reveal FB Friends Extension APK

Facebook Friends Mapper allows you to see the name of all those friends in a Facebook profile where one or no friend is common in the list. So you can scan to a Facebook profile & click on ‘Reveal Friends’.

Download Facebook Friends Mapper

How to See Hidden Facebook Friends on Facebook

This will take a few moments or more which depends on the number of Friends that Facebook profile has added.

Facebook Friend Mapper

  • Download Facebook Friends Mapper Chrome Extension from Google Chrome Web Store.
  • Add Extension in your Chrome Browser.
  • Now login to your Facebook Id in the chrome.
  • Now open the Facebook profile of the person you want to check.
  • After the profile of a person will be shown, you can click on the Reveal friends Option.
  • After your click, the chrome extension will start finding the friends that are hidden in the profile.
  • Soon the names of all the friends in the profile will be shown here.
  • This may take few minutes but after the time elapsed , you can see all the names of friends that are in the person’s profile.

Facebook Friends Mapper APK for Android Mobile

So all of you who are not using this Chrome extension, you can try this on your Android Phone. For this you have to download this app on your phone.

Also Read 

  1.  Facebook New security key which is hack proof
  2.  How to safe the Facebook Private Information [100% Full Proof ]

Reveal FB Friends Extension crx

The link for the Android App is given here.

  • After you successfully installed the app, open the app in your device.
  • After that you have to login with your Facebook Account in the same.
  • After that mark the Facebook profile who has locked his friend list in their profiles.
  • Click on show button and you all the friend list will be seen in your mobile screen.
  • Now you can see the details of the account.

Warning :- Please do not use this app for any illegal purpose. You can be convicted for any illegal activity done by your side. Please stay calm and patient while going to such a step for in any of your relation. relations are built with trust, do not let any app to break your relations.

This is one of the best Facebook traps that can be used by someone to find a hidden information. You can use this extension only in Chrome browser. Install the latest version of Chrome & enjoy the tool usage. Thank You.

C++ Homework Assignment Urgent Help – School Project Online Programming Help

C++ Programming Homework and Assignment Online help for school and college students for better grades and marks in Test

C++ is a powerful and flexible programing language which is used to for developing games, operating system, browsers and so on. And because of that, a computer science student needs to master in c++ language. Whether it is a college student or school going students everyone gets c++ homework.

C++ homework is given by the teachers to test the understanding and knowledge of students. learning c++ language is very important to become a professional programmer. Therefore, students must pay attention to their c++ homework so that they don’t miss anything important.

C++ programming help

As students already have a lot of other work to do they don’t have enough time to do c++ homework. It is very important for students to do their c++ homework not only to get good marks but also to get a good grip over programming language.

There are various online platforms that provide c++ programming help to the students. Anyone who feels short on doing his/her homework can get help from there. Doing c++ programming requires experience and application-based coding knowledge which students lack. Therefore, they need someone who can assist them in doing their c++ assignments. 

C++ help

To get a good grade in computer science and acquire good command over c++ a student needs help from a mentor. Without it, he or she would not be able to complete his/her assignment on time. Having a mentor is a boon for students as he/she can impart the concepts that a student miss or doesn’t understand fully.

A student needs someone who can work round the clock to help him/her in c++ programming language. Someone who would write optimized and effective code with minimal complexity order. It is very difficult to find someone in person who can do this but there are many mentors who are available online to help students in their c++ programming.

c++ code help

There are various subtopics that come under c++ code which students should know about to complete their c++ homework. A mentor knows about them completely, and that helps a student in learning and coding c++.

The following are the subtopics of c++ that are important to learn about.

  • C++ flow control
  • C++ functions
  • C++ arrays and sting
  • C++ structure
  • C++ object and class
  • C++ Pointers
  • C++ Inheritance

Along with that, it is also important to have a good understanding of the relation between class and objects, dynamic memory allocation, abstraction, exception handling, STL templates, inheritance, file handling and so on.

Often, students are not good at all these concepts and because of that, it becomes really hard for them to finish their assignments or homework on time. The real test of coding lies in testing how one can write a program using minimum codes. And that’s where a student needs the help of an expert.

C programming language project homework procedures

To do C programming language project homework, a student, first, need to decide which game, software, or application he/she has to develop. Once it is decided it will become a bit easy to start writing codes. To develop software or game it is important to utilize functions, data structure and file handling effectively. Therefore, students need to learn about them and practice them so that they could use all the functions of the programming language effectively.

In case, a student has no idea about how to write codes to develop software he or she should take help from a mentor who is available online. There are various online platforms that provide c programming language project homework, some of them are free while some are paid.

Basic c programming language projects are:-

  • Calendar Application
  • Cricket Score sheet
  • Customer Billing System
  • Hangman Game
  • Hospital Management System
  • Pacman Game

These are examples of mini c programming language projects. Students can easily find the programing codes of these software online.

C++ homework help Reddit is also one of the great platforms to get help for completing c++ homework. There are many experts available here who can help students in learning c++ programming language. Students just have to post their questions on and the experts would answer all of their queries.

Examples and references are also provided on that help students immensely in learning a particular language and coding. 

My assignment help

There are two types of assignment help are available online. Partial help is for those candidates who wish to be helped by a mentor only in some cases or on certain things. This kind of assignment help is cost-effective and is very effective for those students who have a keen interest in learning and improving their programing language skills.

A complete help is an option available for those students who don’t have enough time and programming knowledge to complete their assignments. This kind of help is sometimes expensive as mentors work relentlessly to complete students’ assignments.

Urgent programming assignment help

In many cases, students need someone who could help them in completing their programming assignments on an urgent basis. To write optimized and effective code for the assignment work requires great skills and programming knowledge. And writing it in less time requires experience and good command over the functions of the language which a student lack.

Therefore, students should consult with an expert and professional programmer who could assist them in programming assignments and projects. Writing code is not a big deal anyone with basic knowledge of programming can do it. But writing codes with minimal use of codes is a tiresome activity and doing it on an urgent basis makes it even harder. Therefore, taking help from the expert is advisable.

C++ homework help

C++ homework mostly comprises significant phases such as flowchart, XML diagrams, blueprint designing, algorithm designing, pseudo code, and coding and testing developed projects. It is important for the success of a programing project that all the stated phases are performed properly.

The online platforms that provide help for completing programming projects and assignments are best for students. Students not only get their homework done by a mentor but they also learn lots of things which they may not learn otherwise. Because of these online platforms, students can easily get in touch with an expert who could help them in finding the solution to their programming problems. Now, students can focus on other important things without worrying about their c++ homework and assignment as these things can be done by someone else.

Pay someone to do my programming homework

As it is already mentioned that there are two types of help are available. The first is partial and the second is complete. In both types of help students need to pay some amount of money to the mentor to do their homework or help them in completing their homework.

Partial help is less expensive as compare of complete help because there would be selected things which would be done by the mentor and the rest of the work would be done by the student himself. To get a partial help, students need to browse through the internet and select an online platform which suits them best. And then pay for the plan you choose and get in touch with a mentor, simple, isn’t it? 

The second help is complete programming homework help. The procedure is the same for the complete help also but a student has to pay more for this. There are various plans available online for complete help as well, select the one which suits your budget and need. Pay for the plan and get the help to complete c++ homework.

C homework

To become a professional high-end programmer, it is important that first, a student acquire a basic knowledge of programming. C programming language is one of those programming languages that are a must to learn in order to become a software developer or game developer.

Merely learning this language is not enough, practicing and using all its functionality is also important and for that purpose, homework is given by the teachers. The more students get involved in their c homework the more they learn about the programing language.

It also helps students to get good grades in their exams if they learn and practice all the functions of the c language. Later they may get the benefit of it when they choose to pursue their career in programming.

Do my school C++ project for me

Online mentorship is available for those students who find it difficult to complete their school c++ homework and projects. Because most of the students are not interested in programming and don’t intend to pursue their careers in this field, online platforms are best to help them get good grades in schools.

Now, students can focus on things that interest them most. C++ project can be completed by hiring a mentor who has good experience and programming knowledge. What all a student needs to do is just find an online platform which provides best c++ homework services and choose a plan which suits him/her, pay and get the c++ project done by an expert.

Best GST Billing Software for India – Goods & Service Tax Accounting Software Price List

The Indian economy has changed recently after it imposed GST on the various business firms. This went as pain for many business firms. GST is a quite new topic which has to understand if you are going to pay taxes & your account books must be maintained accordingly.

Some of the best GST Billing Software in 2020 – GST Accounting Software (Demo Version)

The job of your accountant can be increased or understand if you are an accountant. The purpose of writing this post is to aware people of the popular accounting software that you can use to calculate your accounts according to new tax plans.

Best GST  Software Solutions for Business Firms

Free GST Software TALLY ERP 9

Tally is a very popular accounting software that provides accounting services with the help of computers. Tally is one of the most easy to use software for maintaining accounts for personal or business purposes. The most popular version of Tally is Tally ERP 9. This popular software is quite useful for business firms to work on all aspects of taxation while maintaining taxes. You can customize the software as per your need & the functionality like finance, accounting, manufacturing, management & point of sales makes it the perfect application for the business firms. With Tally, you can also manage VAT, TDS, TCS and GST.


Vyapar is one more & last option for the business owners. This app is available for Android phones which you can track your invoice & other accounts while not at the office. You can do stock management, GST invoicing & other payment reminders with just your phone. The usage of paper will also reduce & complete your work in fewer efforts. The backup feature is also a feature by which you can save your data from any wear & tear of hardware.


Another software which is very popular for business firms & other organizations to maintain their accounts in many parts of the country. You can make invoice, inventory,  customer management, Tax management which are updated with new GST. The report generation is also very easy in the same. Companies who are in the start-up phase can use this application. The application is available on multiple platforms like Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android, iOS.


CAMS has released & proves their product as a very useful & affordable option for the resource planning of an enterprise. The features that make CAMS EXACT ERP unique are written as

  • Accounting
  • Inventory management
  • Business Process Modelling (BPM)
  • Payment Handling & Invoice
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Sales Management
  • Tax management & GST


HDPOS is the abbreviation used for HyperDrive Information Technology. HDPOS Pvt Ltd is a soft solution company that built software for the business firms of India. Their accounting software is named HDPOS Smart which helps to make accounts & bills easily. You can also create custom reports that help the management to keep track of their overall performance. You can also integrate Bar Code printing & SMS service on the same. You can start with the trial version.


GIDDH is very useful accounting software that has been used in the business firms for years. The uniqueness of this application has rooted it in many firms & made their favorite. Giddh is cloud-based accounting software that helps you to file GST automatically online. You can calculate & pay your tax easily by this software. The most important part of this software is that you can use it in just 800 rupees per month which is very affordable to anyone.


Yet another cloud-based GST accounting software which is useful in filing your tax returns online. The trial version of ClearTax is available & you can easily use it for free for a limited time. I won’t say much more but by using this software you can easily manage your tax returns in a few minutes as compared to manual work. The tax management will become super easy as compare to other options.

Kali Linux Terminal commands Cheat Sheet list PDF – User Guide for Kali OS

Kali Linux command list pdf download cheat sheet with examples. All basic commands to Advance or pro level.

A-Z Kali Linux Commands — Also Included Kali Command Line List PDF

This article will provide you the commands based on the level. There are so many types of commands in the Linux OS. So you can see the details below.

Introduction to Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a Debian based Linux distro that is used in digital forensics & pentesting applications. It is made & updated periodically by Offensive security. The main developers of Kali Linux are Mati Aharoni, Devon Kearns, and Raphaël Hertzog.

Why Kali Linux?

Kali Linux is a special linux distro made with the purpose of pentesters. You can install any linux distro & make it work like Kali, but don’t you think a already available product is there.

Most Popular Tools in Kali Linux

Kali Linux has released their 2017.3 version of it’s OS. There are more than 600 applications in the collection. The most popular ones are

  1. Nmap (port scanner)
  2. Wireshark (a packet analyzer),
  3. John the Ripper (a password cracker)
  4. Aircrack-ng (a software suite for penetration-testing wireless LANs),
  5. Burp suite and OWASP ZAP (both web application security scanners).

Kali Linux is very independent in terms of installation. You can install it in Hard Disk, live CD or live USB, or it can run within a virtual machine. Metasploit framework also supports Kali.

All Kali Linux Commands

There are mainly four types of commands in a Kali Linux OS.

  • File & directory commands
  • Process scheduling commands
  • Search commands
  • Disk commands

File & directory commands

 Commands Description
 cd change directory
 pwd present working directory
 cp copy one or more files from one directory to another
 clearclear terminal screen
 basename Strip directory and suffix from filenames
 cat Concatenate and print (display) the content of files
 cmp Compare two files
 comm Compare two sorted files line by line
 cp  Copy one or more files to another location
 csplit Split a file into context-determined pieces
 cut Divide a file into several parts
 dd Convert and copy a file, write disk headers, boot records
 du Estimate file space usage

Process scheduling commands

 Commands Description
 fuserIdentify/kill the process that is accessing a file
 kill  Stop a process from running
 killall Kill processes by name
 pkill  Stop processes from running
 ps Process status

Search commands

 Commands Description
 egrep Search files for lines that match an extended expression
 fgrep Search files for lines that match a fixed string
 find Search for files that meet a desired criteria
 grep Search files for lines that match a given pattern

Disk commands

 Commands Description
 ram ram disk device
 sync Synchronize data on disk with memory
 cfdisk Partition table manipulator for Linux
 ddConvert and copy a file, write disk headers, boot records
 df Display free disk space
 fdformat Low-level format a floppy disk

That’s all for now. If you like this article, then please drop a comment for us. Your feedbacks are always welcome. Thank You.

Best Kali Linux Tools Explained, Tutorial – Basic Security Testing with Pentesting Software

There are so many wi-fi networks around us. Many of us thought of hacking them. Here we are going to tell you about some wi-fi hacking tools used in Kali Linux.

Kali Linux Tools Explained – Software List PDF

Hacking Wi-fi is not a rocket science. Thousand of queries come across daily on the search engine asking “How to hack wi-fi”. So here I am going to tell you about seven wi-fi tools available in Kali Linux. You can use these tools to check the vulnerability of your Wi-fi router & find a strong password for it.


Aircrack-ng is a very popular tool used in Kali Linux. It works with Network NIC of monitoring mode. It works on brute force attack & dictionary attacks. The main tools of Aircrack-ng are Aireplay-ng, Airodump-ng & Airbase-ng.


This tool is also used to check the vulnerability of a wireless router. It can recover password from a WPA / WPA 2 router. This tool can work in weak signals also.

Pixie WPS

It work on brute force technique for WPS pins.It exploits the non-existing entropy of wireless access points. Pixie works with Reaver of Wifite.


Hacking a wi-fi with tool is very easy using this. It works better than aircrack-ng , mostly works where aircrack-ng do not works. Wifite is an Auto-pilot tool for Wi-fi hacking. It decides the best way to hack a wi-fi. Wifite uses fake authentication & ARP to speed up data packets.


This tool works as a network analysis tool popularly called Ethereal. It captures data packets & convert them into natural language. It can access pcap files. Wireshark is available for Windows & Mac also.

Fern Wifi Cracker

This is GUI based tool written in python language. It is an auditing & attack software. If you are a beginner then this tool is very useful for you.


A tool that is helpful in finding wireless routers in the area. Wash comes in the package of Reaver. It is a standard tool of Kali OS.


It is LAN password attack tool. You can hack wireless networks with this. This tool is available for Linux & windows users.  Not updated since last three years, the tool is working nicely with all the wireless networks.


THis open source hacking tool is used to crack 802.11 WEP keys. It works with dictionary attack. It requires a WPA card for working. Without a WPA card , WepAttack do not works properly.


Kismer works on 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, and 802.11n networks. It is a network intrusion tool. Kismet is available for Windows, Linux, OS X and BSD users. It works on Client server model.
Five Linux Distributions that can be installed on Raspberry Pi

That’s it for now. If you like our post please comment & share it with your friends. Like us on Facebook or subscribe us to get all the daily updates from us. Thank You.

Top 10 websites like Omegle Text & Chatroulette without bots in India & USA

Chatroulette type sites or Omegle USA for Text

Human Being is a social creature by nature. There is nothing by which you can prevent yourself from society & other people. If you are living a very conservative, then also you won’t be able to prevent your interaction with other people.

Want to chat Online with Strangers without Revealing your Identity

Due to the advent of technology, it has been seen that people don’t build habits to talk to people generally. These people are called Introvert by nature. But do you think they don’t talk to people, they try talking to people online where they don’t or do reveal their identity.

That is why there are so many websites which are popular to people where you can talk to the strangers for some time & can maintain your contact out of the website if you like.

People talk to each other on Social Network but there are some websites which let you talk to the strangers without revealing your Identity.

Here we are going to tell you the top ten websites where you can talk to the strangers. Talking to a stranger is quite a better experience but do not get too friendly with them. You can’t behave the same as you do with your real life friends. Talking to stranger can be very risky sometimes. You can’t predict which person you talking is bad or good in concern.

Note :-  Do not Share your personal information with strangers online, this can be very risky sometimes. Maintain a balance or distance while talking to strangers.

Top 10 Websites like Omegle & Chatroulette to talk to the strangers in 2020


Fruzo is a video chat & dating website. The specialty of this website is that you can create a entire new profile on this website using your Facebook account. Now with your new identity , you can find people according to your choice. The search can be filtered using age, gender, location, or keyword. Fruzo also let you upload the pictures countlessly with mobile service & regardless of location.


Chatroulette has a unique idea of pairing a particular user by a stranger. This concept is similar to the Russian Roulette , but do fire-arm. Talk with the people gently & with interest OR if you can’t then the user has the button to end the conversation or KILL.

Chatroulette is founded by a 17 years old kid in 2009. The site gains popularity in some time without any promotions. After users came in it for longer, the administrator of site made some rules to use this site. Those who don’t obey the rules are removed from the moderators.


Chat Rad is a type of conventional chat sites but with highly strict rules for bad behavior. Those who talk normally retain as a user.  The moderators do not allow nudity or other vulgar / sexual activities for anyone.

This video chat site is always monitored by a group of moderators to help people enjoying the chats with strangers who are 18 or more.


This website is famous in India, where it has some users from Pakistan , Philipines & USA.

Just sign up or use it as a guest user. You can select a chatroom as per your choice & join them. Talk to the people available & enjoy with them. As this site is just a chatting site , you an’t expect more here.According to the technical aspect, this site is considered as safe & malware free.


Hey-people is a non profit website where you can easily talk to strangers with a purpose or none. Yes after a small registration via username & password, you can talk to people on the basis of your interest  (purpose).These interests can be

  • Nothing Special
  • Dating
  • Small Talk
  • Freak Show
  • Adult Stuff

After the signup, click on ZAP button & get a connection. If you like a person opposite to you, go for Friendship button. This will help you to connect the same person again. If you don’t like , then click Blacklist button & you will never be connected again.


Bazoocam is a video chat site with high level of moderation. Some people says that the moderators have left with all the fun. You can talk to a stranger  & skip the chat if you don’t like the person.

It has multi-player games where you can play with users. You can do anything fancy or interesting but do not remove or cloths or do any nude stuff.


Here you can create your chatroom with multiple people. As they gave the power to make chatrooms, there are millions of chatroom. This site records the traffic of five million per minute.It allows 12 videos feeds per room. You can also live stream with your videos.


iMeetzu is a random live video chats site where  you can talk to stranger but this site has one one step forward. After you decide to like a person , you will be invited for the free online dating or friend finder.

After joining a lot of members, iMeetzu becomes popular. You can check whether you like a person in terms of dating them or not. This is a good option for those who look for high end communications.


Chatrandom came as a website after ChatRoulette has made their rules strict. They came with a broader vision to become a worldwide website for social networking like Facebook or Twitter.It has connected people from all over the world. For this they are adding more country’s language. You can opt for text , audio or video. Random char can be done via filters like boy / girl.

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