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How to disable windows 10 update permanently using Command Line

Microsoft's recent operating system window is a good one. You must have seen the irritating feature of the Window update. We will provide you some commands by which you will be able to stop your windows to get those update features. It will stop the window 10 to download the

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How to Activate blue light filter in Windows 10

Activate Blue light filter windows 10 Night Light & Save you Eyes

How to Eliminate  or reduce Blue Light with Windows 10 Night Light . To activate blue light filter in Windows 10 for PC. Use blue light shortcut. Windows has a hidden feature that helps your eyes. This feature was introduced in Windows 10 Build 15002. Here you can learn to use

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Follow Unfollow Facebook friends quickly

How to follow all the people you unfollow on Facebook at once

Many people are on your Facebook whom you have unfollow. If the number is bigger than you have to go to everybody's profile & click the follow button. If you are out of time you can follow unfollow facebook friends quickly by this simple trick. Follow Unfollow Facebook friends quickly Many times

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