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speedup computer without format

How to speedup your computer using these simple tricks

Remember when your computer was new, it was faster than it was before. In this article we are writing some of those simple hacks that will improve your computer's performance  & speedup computer without format. Speedup Computer Without Format To increase the performance of the computer, we generally format the whole hard disk.

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increase battery life

Best Ways to charge your Smart Phone to increase Battery Life

Charging a phone is not as simple as it seems. If you want your phone battery to perform better than it does. You can increase battery life of your smartphone by doing these simple steps. Read the full article for whole information. Tips to Increase Battery Life Smart Phone battery last for

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hack someone's computer

How to Hack Someone’s Hard disk using Command Prompt in Windows

This article is based on a simple command that works in network. By using this command you can hack someone's computer. If you know the IP address of the victim's computer. Read the full article to know more about this trick Hack Someone's Computer using DOS Commands Hacking has become a very common topic

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Google Dorking List -  Google Dorks Download

How to use Google Dorks , Google Dorking Commands – Google Dorks List

Google is not used for searching some information. You can use this search engine for the hacking activities. If you are trying to learn some hacking techniques from this article, we will provide you some ways to use google hacking. Google Dorking List -  Google Dorks Download Google is also used for

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Increase Typing Speed

Top Five ways to Increase Keyboard Typing Speed in Less Time – Typing Tips for Beginners

Typing in keyboard is a very common job that happens in almost every job. 90% of the jobs has some task in which typing is used. If you want to increase typing speed in a very less time, then this article is especially written for you. How to Improve Typing Speed

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