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Delete Permanently Facebook History on Search Bar Suggestions on Laptop / Android or iPhone

Clear Delete Facebook Search History suggestions on Mobile Android , iPhone in 2018

Sometimes the people we search in the Facebook search bar are shown even when we don’t need them anymore. The Facebook search history is stored in your account. Here we will provide you some details of how you can delete the search history from your Facebook account.

Clear Facebook Search Suggestions

Facebook has become a part of our life where we post our status & selfies. There are many friends whom we had no hope of meeting again. By the search bar we can find anyone who has a Facebook account. Facebook search was a simple name finder in its prelim stages but now it has been upgraded with many features. One of those features of the search bar is that it stores the previous search names. This features is useful sometimes & sometimes not.

clear facebook search suggestions
clear Facebook search suggestions

If you want to delete the search result history from your Facebook account then you should read this article & know about this. The process is very simple you just have to follow the steps given here.


How to Delete History on Facebook Search Bar Permanently

  • Login to your Facebook in your computer.
  • Click on the Search bar, you will see some entries which you have searched earlier.
  • On the search bar you can see a small link called Edit, as shown in the image below.
  • Now you will be send to the search database where you can delete all your search entries.
  • To delete a search entry, click on the lock icon.
  • A confirmation window will ask you for confirmation.
  • After this your search history will be deleted.
  • If you want to delete all your search results in one go then click on clear searches
  • After this activity all your searches will be deleted at once.

When you will go to home page then you can check the results from there, you will find no history or suggestions in the search bar.

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Delete Facebook Search History from your Android / iPhone Smartphone

If you can’t login from your computer then you can do this from your smartphone.

Steps to Delete Facebook Search History is:

  • Open your Facebook App.
  • Click on the left bar of Facebook. IF you can’t do that its icon shows three horizontal bars.
  • This will show you many options.
  • Click on Activity Log.
  • Click on filter> Tap Search.
  • Your Facebook search history will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the delete icon on every respective entry.
  • All the search history can be deleted at once, this can be done by selecting Clear Searches.
  • Click on the confirm button.
  • All the search history will be deleted after this.

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Top 4 Books to learn hacking in 2018 – Hacker Book Free Download PDF

Buy Hacking Books at low prices in India In Hindi and English PDF Format. Learn Pen testing and other Hacking Tools for better career

Hacking Books Free Download Hacking Books in Hindi PDF

Hacking is one of the misunderstood topic in the computer world. This term is sometimes related to theft. I can’t convince you that they are wrong but these secret knowledge needs to be shred to other aspirants who are willing to learn hacking. Here we will tell you about some hacking books.

Ethical hacking books PDF in 2017 – List of 2017 Hacking Readables


As I gave a detailed introduction about hacking in my previous post. If you haven’t read that then you must read that from here. Most of the aspirants who want to build their career in hacking don’t even know what they should do to learn hacking. The name of some books will are listed for all the young readers who want to learn hacking. These books will provide you some basics that will let you have a rough idea about hacking.

Ethical hacking books free download in Hindi

As the website is made in India, I can’t forget my country people. If someone is interested to buy the hacking books in Hindi language, he can check the details from the link given.

Learn hacking from hacking books

Without proper guidance, you can never learn anything about the field. These books will be a milestone in your hacking journey. I request you not to practice any unethical experiment that violates any cyber law.

Ethical hacking books PDF in 2017 - List of 2017 Hacking Readables
Ethical hacking books PDF in 2017 – List of 2017 Hacking Readables

These books will provide you basics of security practices made in network to ensure that it is safe from the hackers. The language of these books & the method of explanation is that simple that any naive reader can learn from these. The learning process starts from normal penetration testing to information gathering & exploitation of systems.

The tools that are used in the learning process are Parrot Linux , Nessus ,Fast Track Autopawn, Netcat, Hacker Defender rootkit and many more. There will be a clear understanding of these tools. The description includes the working of tools, exploitation in network. The explanation will turbo boost your career.

Top Hacking Books 2017

BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner’s Guide

This is one of the straight forward conceptual book that will help you to do practical in your lab. The experiments will start from the basic to the higher level. Every experiment & lesson will become more advance than the previous version. This will provide you enough confidence to call yourself a hacker. After having a thorough understanding with the book you will be able to do attack on network.

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition

A book that is considered best for the beginners. The books can provide you some example of the difficulties that are faced by the beginner who is trying to attack someone. The obstacles & the internal working is explained in details to the reader so that he can have a better understanding with the concepts.


This book will take more time from you to explain all the programming, shell scripts & exploitation ideas. There will be deep explanation by the writer for the reader until he does his first experiment in attacks. Concepts of corrupt system, wireless encryption cracking and network attacks etc are the topics that I recommend you not to skip them.

CEH Certified Ethical Hacker All-in-One Exam Guide

This book is written for the complete course of EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker. Before you start reading this book you must be having a little knowledge about the basic networking. The most important aspect of this book is the mind soothing examples that will let you learn.

Metasploit: The Penetration Tester’s Guide

A book especially based on penetration testing. The tool which is a very popular tool in hacking i.e. metasploit. The beginners may not have any knowledge of this tools. This will help the user to work in Metasploit framework which helps you in discovering vulnerability in the network. After the complete reading the reader can be able to work with penetration testing in the Metasploit framework.

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How to Bypass Surveys in Chrome Browser

If I ask you to complete a survey before downloading any file will you like it? Of course not, no one like to complete irritating survey. Even if you have ever tried to complete any survey you don’t get success. Surveys just waste your time, even after doing everything they don’t get completed. From now onwards you don’t have to complete any survey to get your file. We are providing you a chrome browser extension which will do this for you. If you have thought of bypassing survey then this article is specially for you. The best part of all is that you can get this extension on chrome store free of cost.

How to Bypass Surveys in Chrome Browser
How to Bypass Surveys in Chrome Browser

Nowadays most of game or movie downloading websites contains surveys which are very irritating. These websites ask you to fill out a forum with your personal information which can result harmful later. Sometimes they conduct poles which have nothing to do with you. These all things make it very necessary for us to use online survey bypassing tool. This will surely save you lots of time and energy. We have earlier shared many other methods to bypass surveys for free and now we are again back with new.

What are Surveys and Why you are asked to complete them?

The main role of the survey is to know about public interest. These companies sell this data later to many other big companies which will use this information to come up with something you will love. The admin of any website locks required file with these surveys because it is a great source of income. These survey proving company pays a good amount of money for each successful survey completion. Surveys are irritating as you can’t proceed further on the website before completing it.

How to Bypass Surveys on Chrome Browser

The survey makes it compulsory for us to fill the form with information for unlocking your file. If you have fed up with these survey then this article will help you. Today I am going to share an extension with you which will bypass every online survey. Yes, you heard it right XJZ Survey Remover Extension for Chrome Browser can bypass surveys for all websites. This is the fantastic extension which skips the survey and automatically redirects directly to your requested URL or file.

How to Install & Use XJZ Survey Remover Extension

  1. First of all search for “XJZ Survey Remover Extension” and install it in your chrome browser. To verify that it has been installed successfully you must look on the right corner on top for its icon.
  2. After XJZ Survey Remover Extension is installed, close the browser and reopen it. This is the very necessary step you need to follow to make XJZ Survey Remover Extension work completely.
  3. Now when ever any website ask you to complete survey just click on the XJZ Survey Remover Extension, which is located right side on top.
  4. You will be automatically redirected to require page without completing survey.
  5. Isn’t it sounds amazing, this method works for most of the websites. Its very easy to install and use this extension. Say no to survey and bypass them from now onwards easily.

Final Words:

If you are facing any problem in using this application then feel free to ask us. We will try our best to help you out. This extension is works wonderfully for bypassing surveys and polls. Even if you can complete surveys easily you must bypass surveys. If you are really hate spam and you are concerned then don’t fill the surveys. I hope you have really loved visiting our website. Check out our homepage for more tricks like this.

Top Tricks to increase views on YouTube Videos in 2018 in India – How to increase YouTube Subscribers

As in many previous articles I have told you about maintaining a YouTube Channel. This is one more article which will describe about how you can increase YouTube views.

Increase YouTube views & Subscribers by yourself

It does not matter that how good content you make for your viewers, if your content does not reach to them. Creating a good content & advertising it on social networking as equally important for the Content creator.

To promote your videos for more views is a science. If you follow the article you will be able to get some tricks from here. These tricks are tested by many You-tubers & they have got better results for their channel.

Top Tricks to increase views on YouTube Videos in 2018 in India
Top Tricks to increase views on YouTube Videos in 2018 in India

There is a lot of time spend in creating a good video. But if you don’t get the number of views expected than what you should do. Have you ever thought why your YouTube channel is growing less as compared to the other channels.

So , as per the tested methods to increase YouTube views some of them are written below.

Selecting A Video Title for the YouTube Video in 2018

Selecting a video title is not  as simple than you think. The title of the video must have some features as written below. Title of a video is a major factor that is between you & your viewers

A Title must be

  • Short & descriptive
  • Add the year in the video title (For ex : Tips in 2018).
  • Must grab attention.
  • Include a keyword in the beginning.
  • Use words which posses the viewer like Best , Mind blowing etc.
  • capitalize the headline.

Tags used in the video in 2018

To promote your videos naturally by YouTube you need to put good tags in the tags section. If you don’t know about the video tags than this is something you should know. This is the most important thing for you.

If you haven’t put good tags in your video then you can still edit the tags section & put more and useful tags in the tags section & increase YouTube views.

Rules for using tags in 2018

  • Always use the brand name or Channel name in the video.
  • Use the video title as a tag.
  • Use some variation of the main keyword for your video.
  • Find some more tags that are used by high viewed videos in your tags.

You can use Tube Buddy Chrome extension for better suggestion related to tags. Tags are an important factor for organic search for the videos.

Thumbnail for a Video in 2018 YouTube Viewers

A thumbnail in a video is very helpful for a video promotion. Thumbnail is a icon which will be shown on behalf of video. Generally what happen is , YouTube select a thumbnail itself\f if you don’t use a custom thumbnail.

Custom thumbnail can only be used by a verified YouTube channel.

If you want to use a good thumbnail then you must keep some things in mind.

  • The dimension for the thumbnail must be 1280 x 720 (640 px must be minimum width).
  • Use .jpg, .bmp or .bmp format.
  • Size must be less than 2 MB.
  • Use 16:9 ratio for the image.

In simple word we can say that the thumbnail must be like a desktop wallpaper.

You can use Canva for creating thumbnails in less time.

Branding for an Indian Youtube Channel in 2018

As I told you before that intro clip for every video & an outro clip must be made for the channel. This provides a better branding for the channel & impression to the users.

The intro & outro video must be of 3 to 5 seconds of time & not more than this.

Next important thing is that, your channel must be having a logo. If you do not have a logo yet then you must make it fast. You can hire a graphic designer to design a logo for your website.

Share Videos on Social Networking site

To get some extra views by using the popular social networks. You can share the video link in many social  networking sites. Share the video multiple times in a gap of six months.

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter profile
  • Google Plus page
  • Instagram profile
  • Pinterest profile

You can also use a chrome extension that will share the video links itself according to the time you set for it.

Start a blog for YouTube Channel

You can also start a blog for YouTube channel where you can embed your video & share . There are many blogging platforms available. There are some paid & free platforms which can be used for the purpose.

You can use a WordPress blog but it will cost you some money. If you can pay the money then its good OR you can use the following free platforms.

  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Medium

Create a playlist or add a video in a existing playlist

After a video is published you can add it to the playlist. You can add one video in multiple playlists. Add the similar videos in one playlist. Give a meaningful name to the playlist & put some keywords in the video.

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Find windows product key manually using CMD or Powershell & Windows registry

Find windows 7 product key from command prompt

Here we are talking about the problem when we have to reinstall windows in our computer. This could be of any reason. This might happen because of any virus or you were using another operating system for some time & now want to switch back to windows.

Find windows 7 product key from registry – Windows 8.1

After reinstalling you might need the windows activation key for the activation of your windows. Even if you have purchased the windows earlier & now you have lost the product key of that. You can get it back by using these methods.

Find Windows 7 Product Key Manually

As you all know about how you can download the Windows OS in a fully legal way. As you are reinstalling the Windows & you have lost your activation key. This is a serious problem which is not avoidable & you may have to face problems regarding this. To solve this you can read the methods written here.

As the windows operating system of newer versions are coming, process of finding the activation key is becoming harder than before. I assume that they want people not to get the key as easier as it was before. When you install windows OS into a computer. Windows stores it’s activation key into windows registry. Earlier Microsoft puts Certificate of Authority on the machine which can be known by some clicks.

Find Windows Activation key – Windows 7 Product Key Finder

If you have seen windows activation key earlier , then you will easily recognize it by just one look.It is a 25 character string of alphanumeric nature. Usually it is printed on the disk you have.

Where you can find Windows Key – Windows Product Key Generator

  • Windows Key on Machine’s sticker :- If you have purchased your computer from the authorized Microsoft dealer then you laptop will be having a sticker which has activation key & some bar codes. This sticker is found on the lower side of laptop. This sticker represents  COA  of it i.e. it has genuine windows installed.
  • Ask Microsoft for the Activation Key :- If you have taken the windows from the Microsoft website then you can ask for sending the activation  key again through e-mail.
  • Windows Activation key in Firmware :- As now the activation key is stored in the firmware. When you will reinstall windows in the machine then the activation key will be taken form the firmware itself. Make sure both the windows are of same version.

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Find Window Activation key using Registry file

Just copy the given code below in notepad & save as with name “actkey.vbs”. You must copy the code properly in notepad & save it the format as told above.

Copy Code from here

After you will save this code in key.vbs, then you can open it & it will show you the windows activation key. This can be written or copied somewhere else for future use.

Find Window Activation key using Command Prompt

If the above method seems longer then, you can use the Command prompt to extract the windows activation key. Open the command prompt with administrative access. For the admin access , you have to right click & click on Run as administrator. Now enter this command i.e. wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey. This method will work with retail licenses

Find Window Activation key using Power shell

This method is identical to the command prompt, but this will be working with power shell.

  • Find power shell in the start menu & right click on it.
  • After this click on Run as Admin.
  • Now enter this command in the shell i.e. powershell “(Get-WmiObject -query ‘select * from SoftwareLicensingService’).OA3xOriginalProductKey.

As per my knowledge I have told all the methods that can help you to extract the windows activation key form the windows computer. There may be some other methods. You can write anyone if you have any.

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How to find the hidden phonebook of your Facebook account – Facebook contact phone Numbers

Here we are going to provide you an application of Facebook that you do not know. Facebook can also be used to find phone numbers of your Friends.

Facebook Friends Phone Number Search

Facebook creates a record of all the e-mail address & phone numbers in the database to find a relevant friend. You can also select not to store them.

find the hidden phonebook of your Facebook account
find the hidden phonebook of your Facebook account

Facebook contact phone Numbers

You can also remove the access by following some instructions given easily.

  • Log in to your Facebook Account.
  • Click on the link & see your Phone Book.

For PC


For Mobile 

3) Done

This will show you all the contact details of your friends. Hope you are helped by the information. Thank You.

How to create a Hidden partition in a Pen Drive – Trick to create Secret partition on USB Drive

Data security is one of the biggest issue in the world. If you use USB dives to transfer data then you will not be have any option to hide your data from others.

How To Create Hidden partition in Pen Drive – Portable USB Encryption

But if you are having no option for transferring data other than pen drives than this information is useful for you. If you could make some hidden partitions in your USB drive than your data will be safe in the hidden memory block that is given to you.

Trick to create Secret partition on USB Drive – Disguised Flash Drive

The hidden partitions in the pen drive is only seen in your computer. No other PC is able to see the partition that you have made in the PC.

Before you will do this trick, you should make a backup of your pen drive’s data. The first step to do this trick is to format your pen drive.

secret Partition in Pen Drive
secret Partition in Pen Drive

How to create secret Partition in Pen / USB Drive

Steps to create Hidden partition in Pen Drive

  1. The first step for this is to download USB pen drive driver.
  2. After the download is complete , unzip the folder & copy to the desktop.
  3. Insert your pen drive in the computer.
  4. Right click on My Computer > Manage > Computer management.
  5. Choose Device Manager in Computer Management.
  6. In the right side see Disk Drives , click on your pen drive & select Properties from the menu.
  7. In Properties Window > Click on details tab > Property Drop Down Box > Device Instance Path.
  8. In Device Instance Path you can see Value in the form of string of characters , copy them.
  9. Close the window without saving.
  10.  Now open USB pen drive driver from the desktop folder.
  11. Open ‘cfadisk.inf’ in  Notepad.
  12. Find the ‘device_instance_goes_id_here’ line, it can be located at 26th line. Select it and replace it with the string of characters that you copied from ‘Value’ field in ‘Details’ tab of ‘Properties’ windows of connected pen drive.
  13. Save the changes and close notepad.
  14. Open Device manager again & open properties of pen drive. Now click on driver tab &  click on ‘Update Driver’ button.
  15. Update Driver window will open & choose Browse my computer for driver software.
  16. After this select “Select the device driver you want to install for this hardware”. Now deselect ‘Show compatible hardware’ and click on to ‘Have Disk’ Button and click next.
  17. A warning message ’Update Driver Warning’ has been showing. Click on Yes. Another warning message ‘Windows Security’ will appear on the screen, where you select ‘Install this driver software anyway’.
  18. After the update driver is complete. Now click on My computer & partition the pen drive like a hard disk. You have to partitioning of your pendrive as like hard disk. Therefore you have to right click on ‘My Computer’
  19.  Open ‘Manage>Disk Management’ under ‘Storage > Right click on this partition an click on New simple volume and create partition of your choice.
  20. You can make multiple partition but the first partition will be shown on all PC & Other partition will be shown only on your PC.

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