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How to Stop Strangers from Sending Friend request to you Facebook Account

Facebook is a place where we met many people we could not see from years & get in touch with them on Facebook. Facebook is a place where people of every type can be found. One of those categories is stalkers on Facebook.

Stop Receiving Friend Request from Strangers

The most annoying activities are faced by females where they multiple friend requests from unknown people which they don’t know in real life. It is like you are seeing your Facebook on the weekend & you saw hundreds of friend request where you have to spend your time finding your real friends.

Stop Strangers from messaging on Facebook

So here I am going to tell you tell a method by which you can restrict people from sending friend requests to you.

Friend Request from Strangers
Friend Request from Strangers

How to Stop Receiving Friend Request from Strangers

  • Login to your Facebook & open Settings.
  • After settings is opened , click on privacy tab.
  • In the privacy tab, you will see “Who can contact me” . Now click on ” Who can send you friend requests.”. Change the settings to Friends of Friends.
  • Now you will not receive friend requests from any stranger. But only people who know you will be able to send you Friend requests.
  • Now you do not need to check whether these people know you or not.

What to do for your Child if you are a Parent

If your child is spending too much time on Facebook & adding all the people he do not know in real life then you need to do some things for him.

  1. Talk to him & tell him that using too much Facebook will not give him anything. If he/ she will accept the friend request of stranger then she could be a victim Online abuse, stalking & other problems.
  2. if you find a profile that is stalking your child on Facebook, then you will be reporting it on Facebook. Click on the upper right corner of that profile & click on report on Profile.
  3. Convince your child to use Facebook in your presence. Tell her you won’t check her private messages but will scan all the Facebook friends she added in her profile. May your child accept your proposal & let you help her.
  4. If she does not agrees with you, still there is a way. Go to Safetyweb & create a account in it. Request your child’s profile’s report. SafetyWeb is the best online reputation and privacy management site. It will provide all the information of a profile that is on Internet. You can buy a $10 per month subscription to use this service.

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How to make your Mobile Number look as a private Number

If you can make your phone number look like a private number then this will be helpful for anyone if you could do it. If you want to have fun from that , then you can do this to call your friends & make them scare. There will be no number displayed on their phone which will be more horrifying.

In daily life , many of us calls many strangers who can be stalkers too. In case of a lady’s number , many people start start stalking them using their phone numbers. If your is shown as private number in the screen then nothing will happen like this.

How to appear Mobile Number look as Private Number

To do this we need to know some points.

  • How to enable private number & it pre requirement.
  • Your Phone should have the option to block the Caller ID.
  • The mobile operator should allow using private number. In India this practice is not allowed.
  • Mobile operators charges an extra amount of money for activation of private number.
  • The service is not available to prepaid users by most mobile network operators. May be some have exceptions.

After all these conditions are satisfied, then you can hide the caller ID using the methods described below. This can be done by device settings. If you have already enabled the private number service then you can use for occasional calling. For ex :- if you are calling a number xxx-xxx-xxxx then you can add +55 code in the number & the person you call will see the number as *+55xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Permanent Caller ID Blocking
Permanent Caller ID Blocking

Three methods to hide your Number & make a private call

Use Caller ID Blocking Prefix

The caller ID prefix is different for all countries or can be same in some countries. In some countries you can add a code before dialling a number & your phone number will not be displayed in someone’s phone. The code is different for all countries & the service provider. It is not possible to block a number in all countries. For India the prefix code is *31#. Use this code in the beggining of the number. For example *31#xxxxxxxxxx this code is applicable to India users only.

  • North America: *67 or #31#,
  • Albania, Australia, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway: #31#
  • Argentina, Iceland, Switzerland, South Africa: *31*,
  • Germany: *31# or #31#,
  • Hong Kong: 133,
  • Japan: 184,
  • UK and Ireland: 141,
  • New Zealand: 0197 (Telecom) or *67 (Vodafone),
  • Australia: 1831 or #31#
  • India: *31#.

Permanent Caller ID Blocking

If you want to hide your Number from all phone calls , contact your service provider for this & set up Permanent Block service for Caller ID. The operator will charge few money for it which is varying to every operator.

  1. A pre-paid number can’t be used for permanent Caller ID blocking.
  2. To use the code *31# you need to enable the Caller ID blocking.

Hide Your Number Through Your Device Settings

Many phones can allow you to hide your Caller ID by phone’s settings. If you can’t find the settings then you need to follow the previous method for the same.

The steps to enable it using your phone is


  • The android version must be 4.1 or later. Open Menu > Call settings > Caller ID > Hide number.
  • For iPhone: Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID > ON/ OFF.
  • Windows: Phone app > More button (…) > Settings > Show my caller ID to > No one/My contacts.

Why you should not use private number

  1. Many people disable the Anonymous calls , which will never let you connect to such people.
  2. If you want to switch from block number to unblock number you need to use the prefix code for it. For India i.e. *31#

That’s all for today. There are three methods we know to make a phone number as a private number. If you are going to do it, then please tell how you did to make your number private.

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How to use SD card in Android phone as Adoptable storage

Many of us uses a memory card in our smartphone because of less memory. But if someone stoles your memory card then your data can be seen & leaked. Here we will describe a method by which your memory card will act as a  adoptable storage & can’t be read in other devices.

Android installs all the apps in the internal memory. And if we install an app in SD card then it becomes a dump. But if there is no space in internal storage then we can adopt your SD card to behave like an internal storage.

Adoptable Storage

Adoptable storage is a very useful option in Android that will help you to solve space problem. Like if your phone’s internal storage is short for apps, then you can use a SD card as internal storage.

Google has introduced this feature in Marshmallow of Adoptable storage. But this is not as easy to implement.

Things to Consider before you try

While using an adoptable storage in android device like SD card or USB storage many things are there you need to know. The file system of SD card & USB drive is FAT32 or exFAT format. It needs to be converted to ext4 or f2fs. This adoptable storage looks useful to us but there are some disadvantage also.

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SD cards are slow 

SD cards are too slower than the internal storage. The read write cycle of SD card is slow . And internal storage is used for frequent write & read operation. So if used a ow quality SD card then it will be degraded soon.

There is no benchmarking for SD card in Android devices which can tell you which SD card gonna perform well with your phone.

How to use SD card in Android phone as Adoptable storage
How to use SD card in Android phone as Adoptable storage

Your Android will make it Private

Your phone will adopt the SD card as internal storage. To make it an internal storage Android will encrypt it with its device key . This device key will be stored in the internal storage of phone. Now this SD card is not for use in any other device.

Although you can use another SD card in your phone as before but the Apps installed in your adopted SD card will not be available. But you should not remove your adopted SD card without unmounting it.

Not every App is for adoptable SD card

Like you install any of the apps you like , but in the case may be you will not be able to install. Because the app developed can restrict his app to be installed in adoptable storage.

How to use SD card as adoptable storage in Android 

The process to use SD card as adoptable storage is easy. Just format your SD card before doing it & back your data in some other device.

Many phones which have marshmallow or higher version of Android do not have the option of adoptable storage. This can be done by command line forcefully. But before you can do some thing like that , lets know about the standard method.

Steps to make Adoptable SD card

  • Insert your SD card & wait till it gets detected.
  • Now open Settings > Storage.
  • Tap on your SD card.
  • Now tap on the three dots on your top right corner & click on Storage Settings.
  • Select Format as internal.
  • Now it will ask your confirmation to erase your SD card.
  • If your SD card is slower than the standard then a message will be shown to you.
  • If you want to make it adoptable , then click OK.
  • Now you migrate your data to SD card Now or later.
  • Click done to finish the process.

After the format is complete you are able to use your SD card as the internal storage. Do not remove the SD card before using eject option. If you do this many errors will flash on your screen.

How to make SD card portable 

  1. Open Settings > Storage > SD card.
  2. Click on three dots & there will be some option.
  3. Tap on Format as Portable.
  4. Click on confirmation message & after few seconds your SD card will be formatted.

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How To Install Multiple Boot / Bootable OS On One USB – Multiboot flash drive windows and linux

Here I am telling you how you can make a multi boot USB drive for your OS installation. Here I am going to provide you that technique by which you can do this.

Multiple ISO Files In One Bootable USB Disk – Multiple bootable Pen drives with Windows & Linux

To make a multi boot USB drive, you need a software, this standalone software is used to create such USB. Here I am giving a list of five such software.


This is one of the amazing tool that can be used by someone. Just insert your pen drive & install the program in your PC. Your Pen drive must be of 16 GB minimum. After you run the Multiboot you can select the various options from the windows & click on create. Now the process of transferring OS from the PC to USB.

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Using the same process you can create another OS bootable Pen drive.You can use QEMU to check the working of your PC.

multi boot USB drive
multi boot USB drive


XBoot is very simple to use. You can just drag & drop to create bootable USB.

Then after select the USB drive in which you want to install the OS. After you select the ISO file & your USB drive, click on OK. This will create a bootable USB on your pen drive. After completion you can use the drive in any PC.

Doing the same procedure you can create another OS on your Pen drive. Here how you can create a multiboot USB. Using QEMU you can check the live loading of OS.

YUMI (Your Universal Multiple Installer)

This is a very popular tool that is used by many people these days. Using this tool , you will get an intercative graphics. You can create ISO in seconds using. The only feature that lack in YUMI is QEMU. You can do the live preview of any OS.


This tool is a little hard to use but you will learn to use it. The best feature of this software is that you can create multiple partition in your pen drive as you do in your Hard disk. These partitions will help you to create multiple OS in the pen drive.


Using WinSetupFromUSB you can create multiple number of OS in a single pen drive. Not only different OS but also different version of same OS. LIke you can install Windows XP, Vista, Window 7, Windows 10 and even Linux OS in a single pen drive.

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How to hide your IP while downloading Torrents

Everyone download files from torrent. Torrent provides you a safe downloading with controlled downloading. Due to the increased rules in downloading torrent, you need to be anonymous & Hide your IP address. The best option for anonymity is VPN & proxy for anonymous torrent.

How to download Anonymous Torrent

The most common used network to download a big size file such as videos & Games is still Torrent. 50% of traffic on Internet comes form Torrent. Due of increased download of Torrent, many rules are enforced in the Torrent activities.

Due to these rules many torrent websites were shut down last year. Now the situation is such that a torrent file can’t be downloaded because of less seeds.  There are many sites which are providing torrent access.

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Many of us download illegal data from torrent, those people must be restricted. But if you are downloading a free open source software then also many countries government are watching you. In that case we need to hide your Identity & then download a file.

Two methods to download torrents with revealing your Identity

Here are some tips which will let you Hide your Identity & stay anonymous during the whole file is downloaded to your device. The use of VPN is one of them.

anonymous torrent
anonymous torrent

If you use a VPN service then you can bypass the networks of Government & stay anonymous while your torrent. May be VPN is a new term to you. I have written a separate article for it. A VPN service is a service that changes your IP address, Geographical location & web traffic. This way no law organisation will be able to watch you.

When we use a VPN, then all the aspects that can reveal our Identity are changed with another ISP. So many of you will ask why everyone do not use it. The answer is very simple that is called awareness. Everyone is not aware about VPN which can secure the identity of your PC.

Using a VPN can let you do many things on Internet that are banned by your government. You can open many websites that your government do not want to show you. These services are like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, etc.

Second method is proxy websites. If you use a proxy website then you will not get any benefit of a encryption. While selecting a proxy website you must see whether it supports torrent client or not.

After you will set the proxy or VPN you can check the DNSLeak  to confirm if your DNS is leaking or not.After all this you can enjoy your Internet without being caught by anyone.

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Track Email, Facebook, Mobile number of Stranger using these Methods

Many people on Internet are hiding their Identity under a false name or number. You can find the name of that person & their real Identity. Using these tricks you can find a person & know who he is. These tricks will work with someone who is not much aware about the technology. Here you can learn to Track Email Facebook Mobile number.

Track Email Facebook Mobile number

If the person behind is a Tech pro guy then these tricks will no work. Such professional guy are able to use anonymity tools that let them hide their identity. Since we don not know about anything the person what type he is. We can use the tools to find the person & let us know.

I suggest you if the person is just having some fun with you , then its OK, but if the person is threatening you then you must report him to the police . Then the cyber cell of Police will track him & check his intentions behind his activities.

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Track Email Facebook Mobile number
Track Email Facebook Mobile number

Tracking by Email Address :

Tracking an e-mail Id is quite easy than tracking a Facebook Id. The tracking system of E-mail Id is invented after the E-mail Id was invented. The tracking system of E-mail Id has now got better than before. You can track someone by just tracking using these sites.


These websites will ask some information & provide you the identity of Email Owner. The best thing of this website it can bypass the anonymity tool.

Tracking by Facebook Id

Facebook is one of the hotspot for stalkers. Many people annoy you by messaging you, posting on your wall. You can block them but they they will come again with new fake profile. You can track these people & find out their IP address & taught them a lesson.

This process has two different parts i.e. Finding the IP address & Tracking the IP Address.

Finding the IP address

To find someone’s IP address in a Windows PC you can use command prompt. I expect you know about command prompt. You just have to engage the person in a chat & talk to him a little bit.

Next you can execute the netstat -an command & find the IP address that is listening to you. If you find too many IP addresses then you have to close the other Internet tasks like downloading & other browser tabs. Then you will be able to know about the IP address of the stalker.

Note down the IP addresses that you find suspicious.

Tracking the IP Address.

As you get the IP Address , you can trace it with the help of these websites given below.



All these websites are very easy to use & provides you the location of the IP address holder.

Tracking by Mobile Number

To track a cell number , you can use the true caller that contains all the ID of the cell numbers that are being used. You just have to enter the number in the website & it will provide you the holder of that  cell number.

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How to install windows 10 on raspberry Pi 3 – Cortana now supports with Raspberry Pi 3 for Windows 10 IoT Core

In the Windows 10 Creator Updates, Microsoft has included the cortana support (cortana support raspberry pi 3) in the various single board  like Raspberry Pi 3 and MinnowBoard MAX. Now Lot devices can add microphone & speakers in Raspberry Pi with Cortana support.

Cortana Support Raspberry Pi 3 Windows 10 desktop

The Windows 10 creator updates are to be released this week. A update of Cortana is now compatible with Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi is a development board that runs on Linux. I have written a separate post for Raspberry Pi, if you want to know more about Raspberry Pi. Raspberry also supports Windows as Windows 10 loT Core. In the Windows 10 creator updates , Cortana is also included in Creators Update for the IoT Core.

Now using Cortana developers can build smart devices. The device will now be able to accept voice commands too.

Buy Your Favourite Raspberry Pi from Here

To work as a voice processor Cortana requires a microphone & speaker. For this Microsoft ha tested a number of hardware like logitech S150 USB Speakers, Blue Microphones Snowball iCE Condenser  Microphone / Cardioid, Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000, and Sound Tech CM-1000USB.

cortana support raspberry pi 3
cortana support raspberry pi 3

Single Board devices that support Windows 10 IoT Core – Raspberry Pi 3 Windows 7

Windows 10 IoT Core is compatible with other development boards other than Raspberry Pi. The other board for which Windows 10 IoT Core is compatible are

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Raspberry Pi 2 v1.1 boards and earlier.
  • MinnowBoard MAX
  • DragonBoard 410c
  • Intel commercialization devices
  • Qualcomm based devices

To setup Cortana , you have to install Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard.

Requirement to Setup Cortana

  • Your device should be connected to internet.
  • User should have hotmail account with them.
  • User have to sign in to their Hotmail account for the installation.
  • A display hardware is required.
  • A microphone and speaker compatible with cortana.
  • Check the Microsoft Speech Platform Specification.

Steps to configure Cortana in Raspberry Pi 3 – Windows 10 Raspberry Pi download

  1. Install Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard.
  2. Flash your device with correct image. To know the method click here.
  3. Install Update.
  4. Set Up the Peripherals.
  5. Launch Cortana.
  6. Sign in with MSA.

To read this process in detail you can read the whole process from here.

Cortana can be customized by the developers. It can be used in the relevant applications, websites, services and bots.Voice Command Definition application can also be written by OEM that alows to add new commands in Cortana device.

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How to Make a Tiny Linux PC in a Mouse

A YouTuber named Slider2732 has shown a video on how he created a tiny PC using an optical mouse & Orange Pi. This home-made PC works on Linux. He has shared the video on his YouTube channel on make Tiny PC using Mouse.

Make Tiny PC using Mouse

Many of us who don’t like to throw away the computer accessories must read this. If you have an old mouse left with you then you can use this way to make a small PC from it. Yes using the method suggested by Slider2732 you can make Linux PC from it.

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To make a PC in a mouse Slider2732 used an old Logitech Mouse with a transparent bottom. The transparent bottom is used to see the components inside mouse.

Make Tiny PC using Mouse
Make Tiny PC using Mouse

Slider2732  has also created a wireless network that enables his creation to use Internet & watch videos on Internet.

His Mouse PC runs on RetroOrangePi 3.0.1 Linux. It has Armbian 5.25 O/S, OpenElec, Kodi and all the games system & arcade emulators. Debian 8-based Armbian can also be used. You can get a Orange Pi by visiting a link.

You can also watch this video for more information.

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What is the best way to backup your Smartphone data -Android phone or iPhone

Now a days everyone is carrying a smartphone with him. If someone gets your phone all your details can be seen. We can use self destruct option after you lost your phone but what about our data. You  should make a backup phone data.

Different Ways to Backup Phone Data

There are many ways to make a backup of your phone’s data. Some uses sync , some uses microSD card & some uses cloud backup. All methods are good but using a cloud backup is the best way to backup your phone.

Here we are giving you some reasons that will convince you to use a cloud storage for phone backup.

Use your Backup Anywhere

As you have stored your backup in the cloud. You can access it from anywhere. You just need an Internet connection & your backup will be restored to your phone using the Internet. Soon your backup will be restored depending on your Internet Speed.

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Easy File Sharing

Before cloud concept came to our lives, we had to share a file multiple times with multiple person. With cloud storage , file sharing becomes faster. You just need to share the shareable link with your friend. The size of file does not matter in the case of sharing.

Real Time Updation

A file can be seen & edited by two or more person at the same time. All the modifications can be seen inreal time all the viewers of the file.

backup phone data
backup phone data


if you use physical device for the backup , the device can be stolen or damaged. But if you use a cloud backup no such problem will occur. In fact no one know where actually the backup is stored. This leads to more protection against human reach.

Multiple Backup of your backup

If you use a backup service for your data. The backup made by you is not stored in a single physical server. The backup is also made in multiple locations. In case any physical damage happens to your data. The backup of our backup is used to restore the data back into same.

Safe & Secure

Cloud storage is always the safest option among any physical backup. Nobody knows where the data is. A hacker can’t hack the data as he don’t know where actually the data resides. The security mechanism of clod storage is quite better & know one is able to breach the verification system.

Some Popular Cloud services are

  1. DropBox
  2. Microsoft OneDrive
  3. Google Drive
  4. iCloud
  5. Amazon Cloud Drive

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How to copy Pen drive contents automatically after inserting it

This article is a guide that lets you copy pen drive contents automatically as soon as insert it into the USB port of PC. You do not need a software to do this. This can be done by using some DOS commands

Copy Pen Drive Contents Automatically

Yes you can copy the files of a pen drive into your PC as you insert it into your PC. If you follow these steps then you can follow these steps & use these DOS commands.

How to copy Pen drive contents automatically after inserting it
How to copy Pen drive contents automatically after inserting it

Follow the steps to copy pen drive contents automatically

  1. Open Command Prompt.
  2. Type copy con filename.bat.
  3. Now type  “xcopy i: f:\copied /h /s /c /q /i” remove ” “
  4. Type exit
  5. Now press f6 & a file name filename.bat will be created.

xcopy is the command to copy the pen drive contents.

i :- The letter assigned to your en drive with name of pen drive.

f:\copied /h /s /c /q /i :- the location of your PC where you can copy the files in hidden mode.

/h It is used to copy the hidden files in the pen drive.

Now copy the filename.bat file into your desktop. After all , as you will insert a pen drive in your PC, all the contents of your pen drive will be copied in your PC’s location in the path you specified.

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