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How to perform DDOS attack from an Android Device

This article is written to let you know about DDOS attack on a website using your Android Phone. This article is for educational purpose. Please don’t use it in destruction purpose. Read the full article to learn ddos attack using android phone

DDOS Attack using android phone

DDOS attack is mostly done from a windows or Linux PC. What if you can do this from an Android PC. Yes this can be done by anyone. You can perform a DDOS attack using android phone application.

ddos attack using android phone
ddos attack using android phone

I will tell you about the application that is to be used & also provide you the download link to download the application. The name of this application is AnDOSid. This application is developed by Scott Herbert. The main purpose for developing this app is to have a stress testing tool. While you should also use it that way.

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I do not support any illegal activity for anyone. This application is so powerful that you can use it to shut down the servers but don’t try this. Any illegal or destructive activity will take to a jail.

Don’t worry about it. If you follow the instructions then you can use it for the educational purpose & have a nice practical for you.

You should have an Android phone with Android 2.2 or higher version.

How to DDOS Attack using android phone

  1. Download the application from the given  link i.e. Andosid
  2. Install it in your Device.
  3. Open the application & you will see the first screen like this.
  4. Click on continue & you will see a set of menu.
  5. Enter the url of a website for ex.
  6. Enter the payload size. Default size is 1 Kb. You can increase the size to increase the load.
  7. Third options asks the interval between every hits. the default value for it is 1000 ms. You can change it as per the needs.
  8. All set to have a stress testing. You can click on start to start the stress testing. You can stop the testing by clicking on stop button.

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How to hack anything & not getting caught – Tips to stay safe while hacking something

Many of us who are learning hacking must be always in fear of being caught. I don’t support any illegal activity. But here I am telling you some hacking safety tips that will make you safe while your hacking job.

Hacking Safety Tips – Tips to stay safe while hacking something

These tips are very basic one which some of you may known but I will mention all of them so that anyone could not be missed.

  • While hacking sites never login to any accounts like Gmail or Facebook. The log of your IP will be checked after the hacked which let them trace you.
  • You can also use a cyber cafe for this & also use a VPN for it.
  • Always use VPN if you are working from a Home PC.

Hack anything & not getting caught – Stay Anonymous while hacking

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  • Use SMAC tool for MAC address spoofing.
  • If you can use a Mobile Phone Internet then it can be the best thing. As per the knowledge Mobile companies never keep the logs.

    Hacking Safety Tips
    Hacking Safety Tips
  • Using a VMware is a very cool option.As you know in the VM ware OS is not the host but it was on the vitual host. All the applications & programs are also on the VM. So after  your hack is done reset the VM & all the evidence are gone.
  • Use Gmail for sending data. As per the new protocol, all the data by sender is first send to recipient then forward to the receiver. The IP of sender is given as Server’s IP.
  • Don’t share you real information to any server . Every server on the earth is vulnerable to something. Security cannot be never assured by any sever.
  • The ads network is one of the best network , so faster the hack is complete never click on any ad from the same IP.
  • A good hacker never shares his information with anyone. All the information he has must be kept in the dark from others. He also should control his feeling which can let you do any foolishness.

Thanks you for reading.


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Reset Windows Admin password using this Backdoor technique in 2017

If someone gets a physical access to a windows computer then there are many things by which someone can get the access of a password protected PC. This article will tell you how to reset windows admin password.

Reset Windows Admin password

There is no single method of gaining access for it. One of the most common method is to use Kon-Boot which provides access to a Windows PC with password. This is done by using a CD or USB boot.

If BIOS is secured with password, then the boot order can’t be altered. Some how if you remove the jumper & CMOS battery from the computer than this can be done. This reset the BIOS & let you change the boot sequence. So if you know how to change the boot sequence , the password can be breached.

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Here I am learned a new way that can gain access to a computer without knowing the password. You can also add a new user with this trick. This method is not like the old one which required a software to install. This technique is based on making a backdoor that can let you do this by command prompt. And the command prompt can be accessed directly from the Windows login screen.The command prompt will let you do all the admin level tasks in the PC.

Reset Windows Admin password
Reset Windows Admin password

Steps to Reset Windows Admin password

You can do this simply by following these steps

  1. First of all you need to login as admin in the PC. Now type cmd in the search window & right click on the command prompt. Click on run as Administrator.
  2. As the window will be opened. Copy & paste the given command in the command window & press enter.REG ADD “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\sethc.exe” /v Debugger /t REG_SZ /d “C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe”
  3. Now the output message will be “The operation completed successfully”. This means our backdoor is installed. If your message do not comes like this then you should log in through admin access.
  4. Now restart the PC & login screen will come. Press shift 5 times or press Alt+Shift+PrintScreen. A command prompt will open with admin privilege.
  5. With this window you can change the existing password or add a new user in the PC.
  6. Net user user_name new_password :- command to change the existing password without knowing the current password.
  7. Net user user_name password /add :- command to add a new user in the PC.

Technically speaking this is not a vulnerability in windows. If it was then it would have been blocked by Microsoft. After doing this you can uninstall the backdoor. The command for this is written below.

REG DELETE “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\sethc.exe”

This is a simple method that shows how a backdoor works.

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How to shutdown your PC using a Pen Drive

Previously I told you about a trick where you can use your pen drive to lock your PC. In this article I am going to provide you another use of a pen drive. That is shutdown PC Pen Drive.

Shutdown PC Pen Drive

Here we are going to use the pen drive to shutdown a PC. May be this sounds a little odd to you ,but this can be done by notepad. You create a batch file for this task.

To do this cool trick you can follow the steps given here.

  • Open notepad & copy the following code in it.  @echo off shutdown -s -t 00

-s : shutdown.
-r : Restart.
-l : Logoff.
-t : Time(seconds after the PC should turn off).
-a : abort the shutdown of PC

Shutdown PC Pen Drive
Shutdown PC Pen Drive
  • 00 shows that PC must shutdown immediately. You can set the time (in seconds) after how many seconds your PC will shutdown.
  • Now save this file & name the file as shutdown.bat.
  • Again open a new notepad & copy the code given.
  • [autorun]
    Action=Mouse Disable
  • Now save this file ans save it but “autorun.inf”

Now you can copy both the files in your pen drive.  s you will insert this pen drive in any PC, that PC will be turned off. shutdown PC Pen Drive

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How to use Facebook Cover picture & Profile picture to create an impressive combination

This article is written to tell you about a website that helps you to combine Facebook cover & profile picture & put on your timeline to create some combinations.

Facebook is one of most used social networking website. No wonder social network is synonymous to Facebook. The number of users that Facebook has is largest in comparison to any other social site. Due to the great number of users on Facebook ,Facebook always provide something new to the users. The always changing features used in Facebook tends to attract the users in its network.

Combine Facebook cover & profile picture

You can combine the Cover photo & profile picture of your Facebook to create a single banner. This looks very impressive to the visitors . If you want to do this manually, you will not be able to do it or it will take too much time. Here I am going to tell you about a trick which can do this easily.

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How to Combine Facebook cover & profile picture

Here we are writing how you can combine Facebook cover & profile picture to create a master piece. We are going to do this by a website.

combine Facebook cover & profile picture
combine Facebook cover & profile picture
  • First of all go to this website i.e.
  • Scroll the webpage & you find a option “Merge profile picture and cover photo”.
  • As you click on it, cover photo needs to be uploaded or import from Facebook.
  • Once the picture will be input to it, a preview for the profile picture & cover will be shown to you.
  • If you find it useful then you can download it to your PC.
  • Download both of them & put it to your Facebook profile & cover.
  • Now you will find a nice banner on on timeline.

Precisely , using these steps, this task can be done very easily & in less time. You can share this information with your friends & let them know how you have done this.

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How to prevent your smartphone from being hacked by anyone

Hacking is one of the most controversial & fearful topic in the field of computer science. Now hacking is not just limited to computer. Hacking is now went on to smartphone. If a hacker gains access to your smartphone, he can easily check your back account, emails, messages & every other details that is inside your we will talk how you can prevent prevent smartphone hacking.

Prevent Smartphone Hacking

The privacy concern in a smartphone has become so secure that a terrorist in the London attack has used WhatsApp before the bomb blast. A government hacker has tried to hack iPhone so that any lead for the San Bernardino Attack can be known.

While the above was an example of some big issues. Here we should know how a common man can prevent smartphone hacking. The personal information of a common man is not a big deal. The interesting aspect of those people is money. The bank details of a person can be used to steal money or reset your password.

So if you want to be safe from such attacks then you should be aware of such methods that will make you safe from a hacking attack.

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Keep your Phone Updated

To prevent smartphone hacking, your smartphone must be updated with all the services & apps as soon the updates come in the App store or Play store. The outdated version has vulnerability that are known to hacker & he can gain access to your phone very easily.

Lock your Smartphone with a 6 digit password

Using a password of four digit is easily guessed. You should use a six digit password. The password of six digit is less prone to be hacked. A six digit password has more combinations than a four digit password.

Avoid using free Wi-Fi in the public places.

Everybody likes to use free Wi-Fi in the public place. But you will be shocked to know some of those public Wi-Fi are traps for the people to reveal their details. If you still need to use a public Wi-Fi then you must restrict your activities on your phone. Don’t make any banking activity or check e-mail. Doing this higher your chance to get your details exposed by you. So beware while using public Wi-Fi.

prevent smartphone hacking
prevent smartphone hacking

Keep your Bluetooth off in the public use

You should switch off your Bluetooth in the public which most of us don’t. This could be a lead for a hacker.  So please switch off your Bluetooth so that nothing such could happen.

Track your Smartphone

You should know how to act if your phone is lost or stolen. So what you need to worry about is data. You should know how to erase data remotely.

You must know how to erase your data & track your phone. I mean you should know how to use location services provided by Apple & android. For apple you access it by iCloud website. Go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone. This can be done into an Android phone too. You can track it with Android Device Manager. There are several other apps that can be used to track your phone. You can download it from Play store.

Install Apps from Play store or App Store

Always install apps from first vendor of the platform. First platform means Play Store or Apple store. There is a big possibility if you download an app from a third party vendor, then the app could be a malware or ransom-ware. So please avoid them.

Make sure the passcodes are safe

The password for every must be different. This could be a little annoying for anyone, but from the security this is best. If you put a single password for all the apps there is higher chance of being hacked. If that password is known by the hacker than he will get the access to all the apps of your phone.

Another thing which I want to say is that do not depend on Auto-fill passwords. Instead of that you should be using a password manager. Password manager will create a master password that invoke any login for any app.

Lock every App

The more safe practice you make, you are safer from being hacked. You should be using lock for every app, as every app will be locked the difficulty to hack the phone become high.

If you have an Android then please use a lock app that can lock all your sensitive apps. If you have an iPhone then you should download a free lock app from App store that will help to secure all the apps.

Look inside your Phone

You must be aware about all the process that happens in the background so that you can know if any un-trusted application that can be harmful for you. For this you can install ‘LogDog’ in your computer. This application is available in Android & iPhone.

After you install LogDog you have to give all the permissions for it from Gmail & Facebook. This app will continuously examine all the apps & will give you a notification for any suspicious activity in any application.

Review all the apps on your phone

After you have installed all the apps in your phone from a trusted device. Still there is a need for review of all the apps. You should use an anti-virus that can help you to review all the apps.

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How to make ICMP Echo Requests through Windows Firewall

Here we will learn how we can use the ping command from a remote computer to our computer using ICMP Echo Request. But if your PC has a Firewall configured in it , then it can’t be done.

Allow ICMP Echo Request through Windows Firewall

Here we are going to tell you how we can use the ping command from a remote computer. This ping command will as ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol). These are called special packets that echo the request & target other devices. Then we have to wait for the device to send the ICMP reply back.

Using this you can test the activation of the network connected to the device. You can also measure the display & measure time.

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Now what about Windows Firewall. Firewall blocks the ICMP echo request through the network. If you like you can allow the ICMP echo for the testing purposes. Here we got a better solution or it.  You can create an exception that allows ICMP request through firewall. But this works in Windows 8 & higher versions.

Creating such exception & opening ports can be security issue. You should be fully aware about it. So if you allow ping requests , then it allows you to block anything you don’t need.

ICMP Echo Request
ICMP Echo Request

ICMP Echo Request using command prompt 

The most preferred way to create an exception for Ping request is doing with command prompt. Now open it with command prompt with admin privileges. Press Window key + X. Click command prompt Admin.

To enable Ping request, you need to create two exceptions which allow traffic through the firewall.

  1. ICMPv4 requests
  2. ICMPv6 requests

Now copy this command & enter it to the command prompt & press Enter.

For ICMPv4

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”ICMP Allow incoming V4 echo request” protocol=icmpv4:8,any dir=in action=allow

For ICMPv6

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”ICMP Allow incoming V6 echo request” protocol=icmpv6:8,any dir=in action=allow

After the command , the changes will be made immediately. No need to restart the computer. You can now ping from a remote device.

To display ping request again, you need to disable both the exceptions now.

For ICMPv4 exception

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”ICMP Allow incoming V4 echo request” protocol=icmpv4:8,any dir=in action=block

For ICMPv6 exception

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”ICMP Allow incoming V6 echo request” protocol=icmpv6:8,any dir=in action=block

When the exception will be gone, the ping request will be off & shows ‘Request Timed Out’ error.

One thing you need to keep in mind while doing this. You can use any name you like to use, but you have to have to use the same for the whole time.

If you forget the name you can find it out by the command.

netsh advfirewall firewall show rule name=all

As there are many names , but you will find the on which is on the top.

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Top 10 harmless pranks for Hackers on 1st April 2017

Many of us may have prank our friends On April Fool day. Now as we have become mature than before. But that does not mean that we would leave the day as usual. As a geek you can still make a prank using your computer. This article will provide you some april fool prank ideas for geeks.

April Fool Prank Ideas for Geek

You can prank them to make the day memorable in any way. This will left them baffle, confuse, perplex when you will do them. This article will provide you some april fool prank ideas you can do on friends.

Install the Blue Screen of Death Screensaver

You can set the screensaver on your friends PC. The wallpaper can be downloaded from Microsoft as Blue Screen of Death. The BSOD wallpaper can be downloaded for other platforms like Mac or Linux. You can do this while he has gone to the lunch. In the same time you can do this.

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Fake a Desktop with Screenshot Wallpaper

Take the screenshot of the PC’s current view. Now set the picture as the Desktop wallpaper. Now hide the actual taskbar & disable the desktop icons. You can do this by Right click choose “Arrange Icons By” >uncheck “Show Desktop Icons”. When the person tries to work on PC, he will be surprised to see no icons or start menu is working.

april fool prank ideas
april fool prank ideas

Prank Call

Another april fool prank ideas is Prank call Android app. Use the application Prank call from Play store & install it in someone’s PC. After this you can set the timer for a call. You can also put some voice in the call. On the specified time, the phone will display a call to the person & the audio will be played on it.

Fill an Office with Packing Peanuts

You can use 3D posters that can be stick on the glass window. The poster should be looking like peanuts filled in the room. This will shock the victim & quickly he will open the room to check the scenario. Some of your friends can be sitting inside the room to see his reaction.

Remote Control Your Co-Workers’ Computer with VNC

Think if a computer is moving the cursor without any instruction like a ghost. Yes you can do this if you & your victim’s computer are in a same network. You can do this by using VNC, a computer remote control protocol. First install VNC server in the victim’s computer. Then you can control this PC from your PC. Make sure to take the IP address of victim’s computer. For mac users you can use TightVNC.

Message Co-Workers with NET SEND

If you use Command prompt & you know about netsend command then it is a nice command to prank someone. One person has used this command to send a message like “Microsoft has detected that you have a small penis. Please consider upgrading for better performance”. You need to have an IP address of victim. net send computername message

Hijack Firefox with the Total Confusion Pack Extension

If the victim uses Firefox, then if you install “Total Confusion Pack”  in the firefox extension. Then it will perform many pranks in it.

  • Two Steps Back: Back button will work twice or thrice randomly.
  • Rick Rollr: The video playing will be replaced by infamous Rick Astley video.
  • The Devil’s Inbox: The number of e-mails unread will become 666.
  • Sarcarsm Enhancer:  Some words like LOL, ROFL etc will show on the browser.
  • Watch it: The webpage will keep on loading for so much time.

Customize the Office HP Printer’s Console Message

You can flash a message on the Printer “Insert a Coin”. This will show you the message on the screen. To change the Print display message click here.

You are hacked by Anonymous Prank

You can also show a face laughing like a giant on the webpage. This will make them afraid. This will show an anonymous face which will later say “You are hacked by Anonymous.” Click here to download the JavaScript. The java-script code will only show such animation but no harm is done by it to the computer.

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Download Windows 10 Creators Update before the official release

Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Creators Update early this year. Windows 10 Build 15063, the RTM build of Windows 10 creator updates is now available to download. You can download it by Windows 10 Update Assistant tool.

Windows 10 Creators Update

The installment of final built of Windows 10 is released earlier this year. The official announcement is yet to come but the sources have confirmed that Microsoft is internally referring Windows 10 Build 15063 as the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) build.

Windows 10 Creators Update
Windows 10 Creators Update

Still some weeks are early to release RTM. But if you like to have it now then you can download it now. There are some methods which can provide you Windows 10 Creators Update right now.

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How to download Windows 10 Creators Update

  • Windows 10 Update Assistant Tool

No official announcement is made by Microsoft yet. According to experts , there is no chances for any such announcement. So if you want to grab it , you can do it by Windows 10 Update Assistant tool.

This tool will convert your Windows 10 to the latest version. You use this link & download Windows 10 Update Assistant tool to download the creators update. After the installation is complete , your windows will be updated to the latest version.

  • Windows 10 Creators Update ISO

As reported by neowin, Windows 10 Build 15063 ISO is available to download before its official release. The link for both ISO’s are.

  1. Windows10_InsiderPreview_Client_x64_en-us_15063.iso (64-bit)
  2. Windows10_InsiderPreview_Client_x32_en-us_15063.iso (32-bit)

Many people has installed the updates & they are working perfectly fine. If you want to install it then you should install it soon. Use any of these methods described here.

It is expected that Microsoft will release updates for Windows 10 Build 15063 with the 15063.XXXX build number in near future.

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How to block adults videos on YouTube – Blocking inappropriate content on Computer / iPhone / Android

Many of us who have become parents & knows a little about the world of Internet, then this article is for you. Here I am going to tell how you can restrict 18+ YouTube videos from your kids.

Restrict 18+ YouTube videos from Kids Children – Safe / Restricted Mode in Google

How to block adults videos on YouTube - Blocking inappropriate content on Computer / iPhone / Android
How to block adults videos on YouTube – Blocking inappropriate content on Computer / iPhone / Android

Everyone knows the power of YouTube. In the second decade of 21st century, when Internet has every information in itself. Anybody who wants to learn anything can learn either from websites or from YouTube videos. But as everything which have many pros, also have same number of cons too.

Make Youtube a Clean & Safer Place for Below 18 Kids

Yes, as YouTube claims to let you learn almost anything from it, still there are many videos which should not be on YouTube. These nasty videos have made cluster that are just a piece of vulgarity & shit.

If you understand then you are right, I am talking about the sexual & abusive material on YouTube. As we are adult & know what is good or bad your kid is not enough mature to know about this. Nowadays these videos are also made on many cartoon characters popular among kids. Many people has created such videos on cartoon characters that depict 18+ content & sexual abuse.

You would never know about this when you kid is watching these videos. Here YouTube is trying hard to remove these videos. Still a lot of effort needs to be made to remove these.

Prevention is better than cure. Yes you can restrict your children to watch such videos.

How to restrict 18+ YouTube videos from kids

  • You can install YouTube kids in your phone or tablet.
  • This app will restrict most of such videos. This is not a 100% working plan but still you can track what your kid has watched.
  • You can also set a timer in which your kid can watch videos for a limited time.
  • To start the timer click on the lock icon on the bottom of app.
  • Enter a password & use the slider to set a time limit.
  • Tap on Start Timer.

Restricted mode on YouTube Account

  • Sign in to your YouTube Account.
  • In the bottom of your page & click on restricted mode.
  • Turn on the restricted mode & click on Save button.

Google is trying to improve its quality to remove such videos. Google want these video to be restricted from uploading them. This feature will take time in implementation. Till then you have to use restricted mode.

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