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Earn via PayPal Referral link Program in 2017 – You can earn $100 via this referral program

If you have a US PayPal Account, then you can earn up to $100 by referring it to the friends. In this post you will be able to read a simple way by which PayPal is paying money to you. Read this article carefully to earn via PayPal referral.

Earn via PayPal Referral Program

PayPal is one of the largest online payment service used by people across the Internet. It is mostly used by those who are using online transaction through Internet. It is the award winning payment service.

When PayPal was started then they started giving $20 for a new account & $20 if you refer someone and he join PayPal. After some time the offer was closed as they do not need to do this because they have already so many users with them.

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Now again they have started the offer to earn via PayPal referral program again. I don’t have the reason exactly why it happened. I supposes that the increase in the competition of other payment services, they are not used as they were before. The monopoly is not as the same it was.

Process to Earn via PayPal referral

So if you are interested to earn the money with PayPal. I am going to describe the method for you. Maximum $100 can be earned by the referral program.

You need a US PayPal Account which is in a good standing. If your account is good enough for it then you can earn $100 maximum by just inviting your friends by email.

The person who will open a US PayPal Account by your reference will get $5 when he will make a valid transaction.

A transaction is considered invalid if the payment of $5 is done by the person. This payment can’t be cancelled or reversed by the person, if it is done then it is known as invalid transaction.

How to get the PayPal Referral Link

To get the PayPal referral link, Use PayPal via mobile app. Install it using play store of App store.

Steps to earn via PayPal referral

  • Log in to your PayPal account in the mobile app.
  • Click on the setting option.
  • Click on “Invite a friend and get $5” option.
  • Select the contacts whom you want to invite for.
earn via PayPal referral
earn via PayPal referral

If you want to post the referral link like notice on website or notice, then you have to invite yourself via your own e-mail.

Look, you can only refer to the contacts you are having in your email account. No one who is not in your e-mail account can be invited. A total of $100 can be earned from it.

If you are going to refer anyone in this referral program then you must tell them about the valid transaction clause. Tell them if they will make a $5 valid transaction then only you will be able to get the money. If anyone tries to make an invalid transaction then you will become an invalid member of the referral program for ever.

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How to Use Stalkscan for scanning a Facebook Profile – FB Profile Scanner

Stalkscan for scanning a Facebook Profile

Stalkscan facebook Instagram Profile stalking application online tool for stalking. Put facebook profile link and check all the public details of it

A Belgian computer expert has built a tool that can show all the public information that can be seen by anyone. The name of this tool is Stalkscan. You can find Facebook account information.This tool is 100% legit & do not break any guidelines of Facebook. The link of Facebook profile of anyone can be used to see his public information.

Find Facebook Account Information in Stalkscan Scan Facebook

As we are providing you so many information about the Facebook. There is a new update from Facebook technology. This time the update is not directly from Facebook.With this online you can find Facebook account information. This is a very simple tool which can tell you how much information from a Facebook profile is left public. This tool is totally authentic in using, as it is not violating the Facebook guidelines.

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How to Use Stalkscan – Stalkscan App Apk

Anyone who knows to use computer can open the site & put the link of Facebook profile in the given text-box. It will shows all the information & photos that can be seen publicly by anyone. Facebook has launched a feature in 2013 known as graph search. This feature can show you any information that is public to you. To know anything from a profile you have to type a long query.

Stalkscan is an extension of a Facebook Search Query – Stalkscan Instagram

This tool can bypassed the need to write the query. Now you can just input the Facebook profile link & all the information will be shown in after clicking enter. This shows the power of an ethical hacker. There is no violation of any Facebook guideline. This tool will be used by anyone. No technical knowledge is used to use the Information server.

There are many people who always tries to find the activity log of their dear ones who are not added in their Facebook account, especially their crushes. Girls should be very careful on this discovery. For all those who are reading this must check their profile & find which of the information from their profile is public. This tool can be used by anyone to create a information database of anyone. This will be very helpful for stalkers, more people will be misusing it.

In my view the most important news will come from the Facebook. How the powerful social Giant will react on this development. May be they could remove Stalkscan from Internet. We will update all the aspects of this news. Stay tuned with us.

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Whatsapp has new Feature of 2 Step verification , learn how to activate this

In this article we are going to talk about the new feature of WhatsApp. This feature is a security feature of WhatsApp. This will enable the user with more security as there are some chances when the hacker could be able to check the messages by multiple login process. This is called WhatsApp two step verification 

WhatsApp two step verification feature

Now WhatsApp has solved this issue. In the updated version two step verification WhatsApp will not let you do this. Read us in the next para to enable this feature.

WhatsApp has given a new security feature for its messaging app. The new feature is two step verification. In the newer version if you want to create a account on WhatsApp then you need to have the two step verification in WhatsApp. This is done by a six digit number

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WhatsApp is improving its services in terms of security. Last year there was a new feature introduced that was known as end to end encryption. Now there is a new feature that is called two step verification. This will be done by using six digit passcode & e-mail address.

PassCode & E-mail Address in WhtasApp

It will send you a six digit passcode which is send you to on SMS. After this you will be asked to enter your e-mail address. In case you forget or missed the passcode then you will easily get this from your e-mail address. This feature has some more restrictions.

First one is that if you want to re-verify the WhatsApp account then you will have to wait for at least one week. And the second one is after a specific time, it will ask you the passcode so that you could remember it.

How to enable WhatsApp Two Step Verification

To enable two step verification WhatsApp in your smart phone, you have to update the application in the latest version.

After this go to Settings> Account > Select Two step verification to enable this.

As I told it will ask your e-mail address & the passcode send to you. After the whole process , this new security feature is installed in your WhatsApp messenger.

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Trending Technologies in Computer Science Jobs in 2017

In this article we are here to tell you about the trending & most demanding jobs in 2017. May be you know some of them. But you will get to know some more knowledge about the computer science jobs after reading this article.

Earlier there was less job for computer science but not now in 2017. This year will be golden period of Computer Science students. Computer Science jobs will be one of the expensive one. Students will be hired according to their preferences. Students will be hired according to their field of interest.

Computer Science Jobs 2017

The reason for this is very obvious to all of us. The need of technology is more than previous years. Technology has a demand everywhere. The need is same whereas in small office or any big financial firm. Computer science jobs will be grown everywhere. If you are pursuing a computer science degree or seeking for any computer science job then you must be aware about all the technological advancement in the world. This help you to know about the jobs in which you can be recruited. For ex Cyber security is one of the biggest job in Banking Industry.

Trending Computer Science Jobs 2017

  1. Artificial Intelligence & Robotics: – Artificial Intelligence is one of the controversial topics for mankind. There is a scene of Terminator Movie in everybody’s mind. But still there is a huge investment in the AI field by the Major IT companies. There is prediction of investment of 38 million US dollars in the Robotics in 2018. Facebook, IBM & Google & investing their big share in the field. These companies know that there are so many real world application for the same. These application can change the whole world in a second. However the Robotics field is still in the preliminary stages of development.

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  1. Big data analytics: This is marked as one of sexiest jobs in 2012. This job has attracted many experts. Big data analytics is basically examining a large volume of data & to find out any pattern & examine the preferences of customer. This will help the examiner to make more accurate decision in the betterment of company’s service.

computer science jobs
computer science jobs

  1. Computer assisted Learning: – This is one of the kindest application for the physically disabled students. A teacher has to focus more on every disabled child to let him understand the basics of education. This application of computer will focus on every child better than a teacher. However it can’t replace teacher, but this will help the teacher let him teach the student in more effective manner.
  2. Bioinformatics: – A very simple application of working with software & computer science that will work with medical companies. As Medical field has a lot of data to work with. There is a huge period of time spend in the analysis of data. The applications that can work with the medical data will provide better results in medical field.
  3. Cyber Security: – As everything is online now. The data whether it is personal or sensitive needs to be protected in the online world. In other words. The protection of data is now a need for everyone. From 2007 to 2013 the cyber security jobs has grown 3 times than any other field. This topic was once touched by Former president Mr. Barack Obama. If anybody is interested in the Hacker jobs than I have some tutorials for the beginners.

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Facebook is next YouTube very soon – Facebook videos will be monetized soon


Facebook is going to share its revenue with the content creators. This means that the videos & other content you will be creating for Facebook pages can be monetized in order to generate income from it. May be facebook videos will be a new competitor for YouTube.

According to analysis Facebook is growing with very fast pace . In the last quarter of 2016, the profit was 51% more than the last year.As facebook is one of the biggest platform for displaying ads in the website. They are going to do something better than this.

Facebook Videos Monetisation

Last year we got some features by Facebook like live streaming. This year Mark Zuckerburg will show your videos with ads & give one part of the revenue generated to the content creators. There are many creators who were just using their Facebook fan page for the ads of their Online business. These facebook page can be directly used to generate revenue via facebook videos.

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There is a rumour about facebook that they are developing an app for the handling of videos. The featured app will help the videos to get monetized & save them to be copied. A simple mechanism that is being known about this process. The videos will be shown in the news feed & the videos that will get more views will be shown on the trending news so the video can get more views.

Facebook videos
Facebook videos

Facebook Videos or YouTube Videos

This move by facebook will attract the content creator from the YouTube to facebook. The videos that were monetized in just YouTube will be shown on Facebook too. This will also show some new level of competition within the content creators in Facebook & YouTube.

Facebook which was just a way to connect with friends &family. For small business it was a way to create some ads in the business. From the day after this step your videos will earn some income for you.

Facebook has already shown their interest into converting them to a social networking website to a media company. This social networking giant will get some trends for the content creator.

We don’t know when the facebook will monetize the videos but as soon as it does. I too have a Facebook page for this blog. Please give a like by clicking on here.

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Whatsapp Location Tracker feature is in test mode, will be realeased soon

Whatsapp is testing a new feature known as whatsapp location tracker in the newer version. This feature will be included in the 2.16.399.Read our latest news about the new update in this article exclusively brought to you by us.

New Features of Whatsapp (Whatsapp location tracker)

At many occasions when we are calling our friends to come up & cheer with us. But there is one or two friend who has always kept us waiting. What if there is a facility of location tracker in the whatsapp messenger. This feature was just an imagination before but not now.

Whatsapp will be soon a bigger messaging service in India. yet the messenger app has to compete with many other messaging app like hike , Wechat & many others. After the facebook has taken the whatsapp with them the improvement has speed up as it was before. When the company under Jan Koum & Brian Acton. This company is still working with his 50 employees.

When this messaging app was in it preliminary stages it was just a simple messaging app which was not able to send any document through it. But in journey of 8 years the application has been working in iOS , Android & windows phone. This messaging is running on 400 million mobile devices.

A large number of user are from India. This messaging is one of the favorite among the Indian youngsters. The app has replaced the SMS services from the phone. The Audio & video calling has came as an alternative to the calling via Telecom service & video calling like skype.

whatsapp location tracker
whatsapp location tracker

Whatsapp Location Tracker

A tweet by WABetaInfo claims that there was is new feature included in the beta version of whatsapp in Android & iOS. This feature can be used by your friend for any period of time. You can check that whether your friend has reached the place or not. This feature is disabled by default. If you don’t want anybody to check your location then you can disable the options. This will disable your option to check some one else location.

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This location tracker work in the whatsapp groups where you can track all the friends in a particular group. There are some rumors about one more feature that can be launched in the messaging app. Yes we are talking about the message revoke feature that can revert the message that your friend has not yet seen. There is a variation , those messages that has not yet seen by friend can be edited by you. The feature is not yet released by Whatsapp.

Working of Whatsapp

As this blog is a technical one too. We will provide you a simple working model of Whatsapp. Whatsapp works on XMPP(Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol).The phone number is used by the app to create a new Identity in the app like [phone number] After the installation it scans all the contact in the contact list & lists all the person who are already on whatsapp.

As the user sends the messages to any contact it is end directly to the whatsapp server. The server sends acknowledgement to the receiver until the message is received by the receiver. If from any reason the message is not received by the receiver up to 30 days then the message is deleted by the server automatically.

If you have ever noticed that if you haven’t downloaded any media file received to you for 300 days, then the media file is not downloaded to you & a message says “Ask the contact to send the file again“.

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Whatsapp tricks & techniques in 2017

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging app in the world. Because of it popularity whatsapp has millions of users who use the app at least one time in a day. Whatsapp. In this article , I will be telling you some whatsapp tricks which will be helpful to you as a whatsapp user.

This may be possible that you knew the tricks already but the innovation with those option are worth knowing. This article will help you become a whatsapp pro. I recommend you read the whole article for more information.

Top Whatsapp tricks used in 2017

  • Use Chat Shortcuts :- Sometimes multiple people start chatting with us at the same time. But if you create a chat shortcut in your home-screen, then the need of opening the chat window is lasts no longer.This can be done by doing this simple thing. Open whatsapp & long click on the contact which you want to add a shortcut. A option will appear “Add Chat Shortcut”. A chat shortcut will be added on your Home-screen.
  • Save your Whatsapp data :- Sometimes when we are a member of a whatsapp group where image & video sharing is too much & your data is just wasted on these media which is not as important to you.You can disable the auto download option from the setting. This can be done by following WhatsApp > Options > Settings > Data Usage. You can select the specific media to auto download or not.

Whatsapp tricks
Whatsapp tricks

  • Schedule your messages :- If you are not good in remembering the dates of birthday, These birthday dates could be of your close friends or girlfriend. The scheduling of messages can be done by a third party application known as Seebye Scheduler.This app is available in Android & iOS both.
  • New Broadcast :- Most of us knows about it. This feature allow us to send a single message to multiple contacts in a single click. You just need to create a broadcast list by following these steps. Open App > Options > New Broadcast > Choose contacts > Create broadcast list.

Th best part of this broadcast is that the reply of those contacts will be received privately.

Some more Whatsapp Tricks

  • Lock your Whatsapp :- There are several lock application that are used to lock your whatsapp chats. Sometimes children or some other people whom you need to keep your chat secret then the whatsapp lock is very helpful for you.

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  • Privacy features :- If you don’t want others to check your status , last seen , display picture or the blue tick, then use the privacy options for it. Follow this by setting> privacy . Here you can customize it by anyone ,  My contacts or Nobody.
  • Whatsapp Background :- You can change the whatsapp background. When you will be chatting with someone you can see the wallpaper. You can set a wallpaper by doing this options > wallpaper & now select an image or background color for the wallpaper.
  • Keep starred messages :- Many friends share many important information via whatsapp. Sometimes when we want to delete the messages but we we don’t want to delete those important messages like e-mail Id or something. If you will mark star with them then you can save those messages if you will delete the whole chat from it. To do so you just need to long click on the message & star them, now those starred messages will not get deleted if you delete other messages.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Launches BHIM App – Download Bhim App for payment from here

BHIM Payment App has been released by PM Modi so as to help the users to pay their bills using their mobile phones. This App will make payment through Unified Payment Interface (UPI).Android Mobile Phones will be used to pay the bills. You can download the application from Google Play Store.

Know about BHIM Payment App

As the vision of PM for India to be more digital & developed & to minimize demonetization crisis for payment, a new app named BHIM has been released. This App is based on UPI. The full form for BHIM is Bharat Interface for Money.

The announcement for this app has been done at Digi Dhan Mela in New Delhi. This app has been named after the Founding father of constitution i.e. Dr. B.R Ambedkar. He told that the app will be helpful to the upliftment of poor sections of society. Dr. B.R Ambedkar has worked for whole life to uplift the poor & weak people. This app will also work like him in narrow scope.

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BHIM payment app has been developed by the top Mobile UPI Banking platform. Your payment address will be your mobile number.

How to Download BHIM Payment App

BHIM Payment App can be easily downloaded from an android phone through Google Play Store. After the installation , user needs to register for the payment process. Your Bank Account will be linked with your application & UPI Pin will be assigned to you. If you don’t want your mobile number to be your payment address ,then you can create a custom payment address.

BHIM Payment App
BHIM Payment App

For the ease of use in payment app , you can also use QR Code. The single transaction limit is R.s. 10,000. 20,000 Rupees limit is set to transfer in 24 hours.

This application can be used with all most every bank.We have given the name of those banks with which the app can be integrated.

  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • Syndicate Bank
  • Union Bank of India
  • United Bank of India
  • Vijaya Bank
  • IDFC Bank
  • Indian Bank
  • Indian Overseas Bank
  • IndusInd Bank
  • Karnataka Bank
  • Karur Vysya Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Oriental Bank of Commerce
  • Allahabad Bank
  • Andhra Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Bank of India
  • Bank of Maharashtra
  • Canara Bank
  • Catholic Syrian Bank
  • Central Bank of India
  • DCB Bank,
  • Dena Bank,
  • Federal Bank,
  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • IDBI Bank
  • Punjab National Bank
  • RBL Bank
  • South Indian Bank

If I tell you my personal experience for this app then You will know that the app installation has stuck many times in my device. I tried in other devices too, but the result is still the same. This may be because of server issues. Hope this will be soon rectified by the technical team. You can share your views on the app with us. Comment your experience in the comment box.