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business apps

Business apps for management in small & large Business in 2017

If you have a running business & you want to use technology for it. Many business apps that can be used to convert a plan to reality. Most businesses have moved on from the conventional technologies to the 21st century tech needs. Business Apps in 2017 There may be many who are still

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2017

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 has been released now , check out the surprise

Microsoft has finally released the Visual Studio 2017. This article will provide you some aspects of the new version. The new version of visual studio has bring the support for the non-windows OS. Now you can build cloud & mobile applications for other two platforms (Linux & Mac). Microsoft Visual Studio

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Smartphone Functions

You never knew your smartphone can do these things for you

Did you ever realised the power of a smartphone ever. A smartphone functions many things for you. The features & uses of smartphone makes our life easier than it was before. But now in this article, we will provide you some uses of a smartphone functions that you never thought

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Computer tricks

Tricks that every Computer Science Student must Know

In the today's world where computer has become a necessity in everyone's life. What's next if you are an IT student then you must be having some special computer tricks that can show to your friends. This article is enlisted with some of those which an IT student must know. Some

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