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linux environment variables

Learn basics of Linux hacking for hacking aspirants Part 9 – Environment Variables in Linux Command Line

What is Linux Environment - Set environment variable Linux In this article we are going to talk about the environment variable. In windows, there is same concept of environment variables, but nobody keeps an eye on it. If you are working on Linux then you have to work with the Linux

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Parrot Security OS 3.9 (Intruder) review

Introduction to Parrot Linux – How to use ParrotSec Security OS PDF / Basic Commands in Parrot 3.9

Parrot Linux OS Tutorial is a popular pentesting OS used by penetration tester. Her we are providing you some simple commands for the same in PDF.  Hacking cannot be done without tools. These tools are the foundations of hacking.Today we are going to provide you some details about Parrot Linux. A

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chmod 775

CHMOD 775 , CHMOD 755 Meaning – Managing File Permission with CHMOD

chmod command is one of the useful commands in user and file management (specially script files). Here we are going to explain you chmod 775 , 755 & File permissions  File Permissions in Linux using Chmod As you know the file system of linux has a file access and control mechanism which

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Linux Process Management

Learn basics of Linux hacking for hacking aspirants Part 8

Linux process management commands with examples with pdf So, guys I am back with the next part of my attempt to teach some basics to you. Those who have seen all the seven parts of this series must continue with this article. Those who haven't read must check the previous parts

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Linux File Permission Commands

Learn basics of Linux hacking for hacking aspirants Part 7

Hello guys, back with the next part of Linux basics for hacking. This is seventh part of our series. In the sixth part we learned about the networking commands in Linux. In this this part we will go through linux file permission commands. Linux File Permission Commands File permissions are access specifier

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