Debian Stretch GNU Released, Debian Upgrade Jessie to Stretch – Check the new features & download links

The Debian development team  has released the latest version of Debian i.e. Debian 9.0 Stretch. The name of this version is named as Toy Story Octopus. This version i.e. Stretch will be remain supported for the next 5 years. Debian 9 included new digital forensics tools, GNOME 3.22,Linux kernel 4.9, default MariaDB, etc. Now you can either update the installed OS or download the new version from the official website.

Debian Stretch Release Date – Debian Upgrade Jessie to Stretch

A month ago we , it was announced that the Debian Development Team is planning to release the final product of Debian 9.0 Stretch GNU / Linux distribution on 17th of June. And they did what they said & released a new stable version. Debian 9 that is named as Stretch which is a character of Toy Story Octopus. All the names of Debian versions are named on a character in Toy Story.

Debian 9 Stretch GNU

The joint efforts of Debian Security team and Debian LTS team , this will be supported for next five years. The release team has dedicated the release to founder of Debian Lan Murdock who died in December 2015.

Debian 9 is the most important Linux Distro in 2017. Many ajr Linux distros are based on the Debian 9. So we are writing some of the important features of Debian 9.

Debian Stretch Release Date - Debian Upgrade Jessie to Stretch
Debian Stretch Release Date – Debian Upgrade Jessie to Stretch

Features of Debian 9 ‘Stretch’

New releases of desktop environments

Debian 9 Stretch is released in different flovors. So it comes with GNOME 3.22, KDE 5.8, MATE 1.16, and Xfce 4.12.

Linux kernel 4.9

Debian 9 is equipped with Linux kernel 4.9 an LTS kernel. It will be followed by next LTS release i.e. Linux 4.14

MariaDB is default

MYSQL is now the new default DBMS in Debian 9. After the upgrade will be done, MySQL 5.5 or 5.6 will be changed to MariaDB automatically.

Firefox and Thunderbird

The new release has also replaced the web browser like Iceweasel and Icedove to new browsers i.e. Firefox and Thunderbird.

New important verification feature

The verification feature is also included in the Debian 9 with the help of Reproducible Builds project. With this 90% of the source package build bit-for-bit identical binary packages, makes Linux a more secure OS.

‘modern’ branch of GnuPG

Debian 9 Stretch is the only Debian version which has ‘modern’ branch of GnuPG in ‘gnupg’ package.

Debugging made easier

The debug package are also easier than before. A new ‘dbg-sym’ repository has been added in the APT source list, which can provide debug symbols automatically.

UEFI support improved

The UEFI support has been improved in debian 9. It was introduced in Wheezy release. It also supports Debian installation on 32-bit UEFI firmware with a 64-bit kernel.

New forensic tools

There are some new forensic tools introduced in Debian 9.

  • dislocker
  • pompem
  • unhide.rb
  • bruteforce-salted-openssl
  • cewl

Updated software packages

Many software packages are updates in the Debian 9 Stretch

  • Apache 2.4.25,
  • Chromium 59.0.3071.86
  • GIMP 2.8.18
  • GNU Compiler Collection 6.3
  • Python 2.7.13 and 3.5.3
  • Ruby 2.3
  • Golang 1.7
  • LibreOffice 5.2
  • OpenJDK 8
  • Perl 5.24
  • PHP 7.0
  • Samba 4.5
  • systemd 232
  • Tomcat 8.5
  • Xen Hypervisor
  • X.Org Server 1.19.2
  • GnuPG 2.1

Download Debian 9 Stretch: Live CD and Torrent

You can download the Debian 9 in different variants GNOME, KDE, LXDE, Xfce, Cinnamon, and MATE. So you can download the new version from here.

If you download the new Debian 9 Stretch, then please provide your experiences with us. Write a comment to let us know.

Linux Mint 18.2 Released with All New Features – Check Linux Mint Latest Version

The Linux Mint has released the newer version of its Operating system with so many Improvements. The popular Open Source OS i.e. Mint 18.2 has included changes to the Bluetooth application , Xed text editor, XPlayer, Xreader, Update Manager, etc. All the these are modified in terms of graphics & bug Fixes.

Linux Mint 18.2 is named as Sonya

The development team of Linux Mint has released the beta version of i.e. Sonya (Mint 18.2).  It is based on Ubuntu 16.04 , MATE 1.18 and Cinnamon 3.4 are also two flavors that are the part of this release.

Linux Mint 18.2 is named as Sonya
Linux Mint 18.2 is named as Sonya

Features of Linux Mint 18.2

While most of the new announcements were made in February 2017. The ISO released recently has come with all the changes that were announced by the team. The final release will be coming soon in the upcoming months

Linux Kernel 4.8

There will be LTS updates in the other distros but Mint 18.2 still carries Linux Kernel 4.8 from the last release. The release of Linux Kerne 4.9 LTS has taken a lot of time , Mint 18.2 was expected to be based on Kernel 4.9.

New display manager

As we know that Mint has left the MDM for the LightDM as the default display manager. LightDM is a cross desktop display manager which offers support for differen display severs i.e.X, Wayland etc. It is a very light weight less memory intense for the system & but it does not mean it will take down the system performance.

LightDM is used in other famous distributions like Ubuntu which makes the development and troubleshooting process easier.

LightDM also powers up the new greeter in Mint 18.2 i.e. Slick (a fork of Unity greeter) that supports HiDPI displays.  There is also a feature called Guest Mode feature which lets the random users to use the system with an user account.


Linux Mint 18.2 has launched a new bluetooth application that has revamped all the user interface for using bluetooth. With OBEX file transfer support, Blueberry has also the options to change your computer’s Bluetooth device name.

Before Blueberry , the functionality is done using command line. In the Bluetooth Tray , it also features as system tray status applet, similar to the battery and sounds applets.

blueberry Linux mint 18.2
blueberry Linux mint 18.2

Update Manager

To control the update process to stay safe , The development team has updated the policies & levels according to the impact of an update that cause on a system.

Updates which are marked as level 1 does not changes the OS. Then the level 2 which are carried by the most update packages & Level 3 includes updates like desktop environments, toolkits, libraries, etc. which affect multiple applications.

All the sensitive updates that affects the Kernel are marked as Level 4. In the most extreme cases Level 5 updates are downloaded as they are the most critical updates which are dangerous for the system. Mint 18.2 now  support for Ubuntu HWE kernels in kernel updates.

After the inclusion of new CLI utility called miniupdate-tool makes it easier for the users to list, install, and schedule system updates by writing scripts, routines, and cron jobs. These tools supports regular update manager features like security updates, level selection, blacklisting, etc.


Linux Mint has also changes the visuals of Xplayer application. To appear Player neat , the control & seek bar have been placed in line & the bottom status bar is also removed. Many other bugs are laso removed like errors in the on-screen display.

Xplayer now includes support for automatically adding subtitles but are disabled by default, you can enable it by pressing S key.


The changes are made to Xed text editor application. The feature ‘word wrap’ feature that was under Preference menu is now under Menu. The update has new option to sort multiple selected lines using the F10 key.

Linux mint xed
Linux mint xed

Users can also switch between dark and light themes. The multiple tabs open in the text editor can now be switched using mouse scroll wheel. The bars that are on the bottom and side of the screen adjust the screen according to the content. Also, the search feature also supports regular expressions.

Xreader, Xviewer, Pix

XReader comes with a redesigned toolbar & sidebar to get a cleaner look with new buttons in the toolbar for faster switching between view modes. If you are working on a touch screen device then you can use the standard touch gestures.

pix linux mint
pix linux mint

The image viewer app of Mint 18.2 has some UI tweaks in the toolbar & has a support for Dark Theme. The image browsing app I.e. Pix comes with improved set of mouse & keyboard shortcuts along with easy navigation and visual changes.

Other changes

The Cinnamon spices add-ons have also went on to multiple changes. The update includes  authentication, rating system, and comments for better sync with Facebook and Google.

The team will also maintain the spices with the teams of original developers. They have left the outdated themes & extensions from the repo & updated popular ones to make it compatible with Cinnamon 3.4. The website of Cinnamon Spices is revamped as part of an effort towards quality. Linux Mint 18.2 has some other set of high quality desktop backgrounds.

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Parrot Linux OS 3.6, Parrot AIR released – Parrot OS 3.6 Lite version , Parrot OS 3.6 Studio Edition

So finally the latest version of Parrot OS i.e. Parrot 3.6 has been released for the users. FrozenBox has released the new Parrot security OS which is based on Linux 4.9 Kernel.

We have written two more article on Parrot Linux, please consider them if you are li’l new to it.

Parrot OS 3.6 – New Alternative to Kali Linux 2017.1

The new version of Parrot OS is more focused on user experience and working environment. Now low memory computers can also use the new Parrot OS 3.6.

As the new version is based on Linux kernel 4.9.13 and Debian GNU / Linux 9 Stretch. Parrot Linux 3.6 is the new alternative of Kali Linux 2017.1.

Parrot 3.6 with better less memory usage & reliable for users.

The developer team of Parrot 3.8  has mentioned the changes in their official blog. According to them, this version is not about the new features & functionalities but this version is made to make the environment more better , reliable & less memory hungry. This has been done by by applying many minor fixes to our build platforms & packages, also tuning the start-up daemons management system. As a result Parrot 3.6 lite version can be used with just 200 MB RAM.

Parrot Linux OS 3.6, Parrot AIR , Parrot OS 3.6 Lite version , Parrot OS 3.6 Studio Edition
Parrot Linux OS 3.6, Parrot AIR , Parrot OS 3.6 Lite version , Parrot OS 3.6 Studio Edition

Parrot 3.6 Anonsurf improvement

Improvement is made to Anonsurf, now the anonymity & privacy is more reliable & well tested. Now the previous versions of Anonsurf which shows some worst nightmares to the users are past stories now.

Parrot AIR
Parrot AIR

Parrot OS 3.6 Lite version & Parrot OS 3.6 Studio Edition

The developer team of Parrot OS 3.6 has also worked on the Lite & studio Editions. As Parrot Core is not just a good security oriented platform, but is also useful in general purpose derivative projects, and workstations and personal computers. It can now take advantage of light weight Debian systems.

Parrot AIR

There is also a new version of Parrot OS i.e. Parrot AIR. Parrot AIR is very similar to Parrot Full version but the only difference is that is is only AIR version is integrated with the tools that are dedicated to the wireless testing.

Parrot AIR developed for AIRBUD

It is developed for the AIRBUD board which is a powerful blend of  wireless station & x86 embedded computer. AIRBUD is developed by Alftel. Parrot AIR is a very nice choice for pen testing boards & it can be used on a PC like the Parrot x86 edition.

The Mirror Dierctor is also improved  for faster downloads & updates. There are many new universities & companies who have recently joined Parrot Servers network.

With the joint effort of these security companies, they have worked on the side projects related to loT, Automotive securities.

Parrot Support for PineBook

Soon there will be a support for the new PineBook which is a cheap laptop build on arm64 SoC of the Pine64.

Parrot Linux v3.5 has released a new update with some new toll in the newer version. This article will give you a small introduction for it.

Download Parrot Linux v3.5 –  Parrot OS review

There are many Linux distribution that are used by users , testers & hackers too. Parrot Linux is one of them widely used by all testers & hackers. This Linux distribution is a very popular OS among hackers & testers.

Now the Parrot OS has been updated with a newer & improved version. Parrot Linux v3.5 has bring some new hacking tools with it. Some of them are Cryptkeeper & Kernel. Linux kernel 4.9.13 is used in Parrot Linux v3.5 that is the newest version.

This updated version is released after two months as said by the Company officials. They have spent more time time in testing it with debian products. Some of the old features are dropped & some new features were introduced in Parrot Linux v3.5.

Parrot Linux v3.5
Parrot Linux v3.5

The official website has told that they are witing for the newer version of debian kernel so that they could work on it & improve the product. The Parrot 3.5 still supports VMWare & Virtual Box as in the previous versions.

Features of Parrot Linux v3.5

Parrot Linux is one of the popular Linux OS used by Hackers & penetration testers. The update must be better than the previous versions

Parrot OS version 3.5 features – Parrot OS Tools

  • It has out of the box printing support i.e. CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)  called drivers.
  • Cinnamon environment experiment support.
  • ZuluMount mount utility.
  • Sirikali that is used to mange folders & file with encryption.
  • Hacking tools are included again from the previous version to newer.
  • Mozilla Firefox with security fix plugins is introduced.

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Samsung Released Linux based Tizen 4.0 – Tizen Developer Conference Open Source Operating System by Samsung Electronics

Samsung has released a new Linux based Operating system. This OS is a open source System software. The main reason for the release of this OS is to spread the power of Linux OS & bridge the gap of High end & low end devices. With Tizen , more focus is given to the loT applications.

Samsung Released Linux based Tizen 4.0 @ Tizen Developer Conference

With the release of Tizen 4.0, new Z4 smartphone and ARTIK 053 IoT chipset are also released. The release of Tizen 4.0 was organised at Tizen Developer Conference (TDC). The Korean tech firm has shown the new version of Linux based operating system. Samsung also told that the OS Tizen 4.0 will be soon widely used in the various types of devices in the world.

The first version of Tizen was released in 2012 at TDC. After 5 years, the OS has shown its presence in almost all Samsung Phones. As Tizen is available to Smartphones & Televisions, now Samsung has planned to integrate Tizen 4.0 in the other household items & other loT devices. The household devices like thermostats, scales, bulbs, and more will be soon seen to be controlled by Tizen OS.This will be done via Tizen Real Time (RT).

 Tizen 4.0 @ Tizen Developer Conference
Tizen 4.0 @ Tizen Developer Conference


Samsung Microsoft Collaboration – Tizen Application using C# using .NET & Xamarin framework

There is also a news which comes into focus that Samsung has collaborated with Microsoft. With the joint efforts of Microsoft & Samsung developers will be able to develop Tizen applications with the popular programming languages. Specifically we are talking about C# using .NET & Xamarin framework.


To expand Tizen environment, Samsung is growing forward with Samsung ARTIK, Broadlink, Commax, and Gympse.

  1. Samsung ARTIK and Broadlink in China
  2. Smart home device manufacturer Commax in Korea
  3. Location based service provider Glympse in the U.S.

Samsung Z4 smartphone for Social Media users –

Samsung also Released a new phone named Samsung Z4 smartphone. This phone has a front &rear camera which optimised for social media. Another release is new ARTIK 053 module, a lightweight IoT chipset. The new Z4 smartphone will be released on May 19 with other countries afterwards.

Samsung Z4 smartphone
Samsung Z4 smartphone

According to Samsung , Tizen is one of the most successful Linux based embedded OS. The use of loT & wearable has shown more uses of Tizen. Tizen has overtook the Android wear smartwatch market share.


Tizen RT component – ARTIK 053 module

The first Tizen RT component is also announced by Samsung which includes the new ARTIK 053 module, a lightweight IoT chipset with integrated real-time processing. ARTIK 053 provides “high performance & hardened security for next generation products like connected home appliances, building products, health care devices, and industrial automation”.

ARTIK 053 module
ARTIK 053 module


This will also help in reducing the development of 320MHz ARM Cortex R4 core with 1.4 MB RAM and 8 MB Flash storage, complete with a pre-certified Wi-Fi radio.


Debian GNU Released with new features – Check Linux 8.8 Updates , Security fixes &

Debian project has announced the release of Debian Update called Jessie. The new Debian GNU / Linux 8.8 has come with many updates, bug fixes & 90 security fixes. The existing users do not need to update the existing system. The apt package tool is used to perform upgrade.

Debian GNU Release

Now the latest released version of Debian , a popular Linux distribution. The new version of Debian product is Debian GNU/Linux 8.8.

There are so many security fixes which are included in the Debian 8 release. The security Advisories for these fixes are published by the project separately. There are many new security fixes that are improved in Debian GNU / Linux 8.8

Debian GNU Linux 8.8

The major noted updates are Binutils, and NVIDIA graphics drivers & fixes for Linux Kernel. The official announcement of Bug fixes are 60 but the total are 90 in terms of security front. users must know that the Debian GNU / Debian 8.8 is not the newer version of Debian. The Debian package is updated with some new packages. So if you are a Debian user than you need to you don’t need to do anything.  You do not need to update the packages of Debian from the official website of Debian.

Debian GNU Linux 8.8
Debian GNU Linux 8.8

That means if you have an old image or CD of Debian then you don not need to leave them or throw them,you can install from theat drive & update the installtion with the updates & security Fixes.

Upgrading and downloading Debian GNU / Linux 8.8

The ISO file & other installation files will be soon available to the users in the official website. So if you are looking for the upgrade then you can by using aptitude(apt) for downloading one of the mirrors. The list of mirror can be seen

The ISO files and other installation media links are yet to be published on Debian’s servers. It should be available for download very soon

Debian worldwide mirror sites

Czech Republic
El Salvador
New Caledonia
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

What is Linux Mirror

Debian is distributed through multiple servers all over the world. If a single server will serve the file then in no time it will be down. So to decrease the load, there are multiple servers that are located country wise.

What are types of Mirror

Basically there are two types of mirror

Primary Mirror  :-  It provides good bandwidth & sync directly from the Debian’s internal syncproxy network. Some primary servers are named as ftp.<country> which enables user to remember them easily.

Secondary Mirror :- A secondary site have some restrictions on what they mirror. A secondary site or mirror as same as the primary site but there are some difference. It carries your architecture & is faster to download as compared to a primary mirror

The last part is written for those readers who do not have the prior knowledge of mirror. The mirror process is done while the installation of Linux OS is done. The existing users know about it.

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Install Arch Linux 2017.05.01 Newly Released – Check Arch Linux 2017.05.01 Features & Updates

The updated version of Arch Linux has arrived with the beginning of May. The new version is named as Arch Linux 2017.05.01. Arch 2017.05.01 is loaded with kernel 4.10.13 & other security updates released in April. A new user can download the ISO & the existing get download the updates.

Install Arch Linux 2017.05.01

Arch Linux is a very popular Linux distro in the world of Linux users.The reason behind its popularity is because of its highly custom interface. But to built such interface the team needs time & commitment.

In the month of March, the developer team dropped the 32-bit support & stops the distribution of dual-arch images.

There is nothing wrong in it as the usage of 32 bit machines & buying them has come to its end. Soon there will be none.

Install Arch Linux 2017.05.01
Install Arch Linux 2017.05.01

The month of May has bring the new Arch 2017.05.01 for the die hard linux users. If you are linux user or planning to switch over linux then you have come to one of the best decisions. You can select from so many choices with you to choose from.

Install Arch Linux 2017.05.01

Arch Linux 2017.05.01 is based on Kernel 4.10.13, which has better support for drivers & hardware.

If you are a Arch linux user then you should be knowing about the updates that comes with every new ISO. All the security updates released in the previous month are included in the updated version of ISO. This also applies to Arch Linux 2017.05.01.

The size of ISO is 481.0 MB, which s quite smaller than other distro. You can choose a lightweight Linux desktop environment & couple it with Arch linux & start with it.

You can download the ISO from the official website of Arch. To make a fresh installation, the image can be burned in a CD or USB using “dd” command.

Update Arch Linux 2017.05.01

Command to Update Arch Linux 2017.05.01

If you are already using Arch Linux ten you must be trying to update it. You can open the terminal & write the command to update your current Arch linux version.

pacman -Syu

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Linux Kernel 4.11 Fearless Coyote Released – Features of Fearless Coyote Explained

Here we are going to tell you about the newly released kernel developed by Linus Torvalds. The new version of Linux i.e. Linux kernel 4.11 is named as Fearless Coyote. This eight release has come with so many new features in it. The new kernel has so many features in it i.e. Turbo Max 3.0 improvements, new perf ftrace tool, etc. You can read for all of them , so please be with us.

Linux Kernel 4.11 | Fearless Coyote

The release date for Linux kernel 4.11 was on 21st April 2017, due to some reason it was postponed to 30th April 2017. The kernel 4.11 is finally released by Mr. Linus Torvalds with a happy note on his website blog.

Linux 4.10-rc6 Released Code Name Fearless Coyote

Linux kernel 4.11 is a blend of many different things. A large variety of code section is covered by networking & sound drivers. The remaining code is focused on Arch updates, generic networking, and file system fixes. According to Linus Torvalds “The code section for Arch updates & generic networking is so small that he saw it on the last week of release date.”

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So here for all the Linux users , we are going to describe the main features of Linux Kernel 4.11 & the changes that were made comparing the previous version.

Soon there will be linux distros released which are based on Fearless coyote. Before all the details are written here , you can check the new features of your post so that you can know what you are going to get after this version is implemented in the Linux Distros.

Linux Kernel 4.11 Fearless Coyote
Linux Kernel 4.11 Fearless Coyote

Features of Linux Kernel 4.11 / Fearless Coyote

Graphics changes

The power management for AMD graphics unit has been matured with new Kernel 4.11. The improved speed can also be seen in RADV Vulkan. With Intel DRM driver now you can easily handle DisplayPost & MST Audio. By default frame buffer compression is enabled for Skylake & other new hardware by default. TinyDRM is also merged with it.

Initial Gemini Lake support

The initial support for Gemini Lake chips is also added into it.

Scalable swapping for solid state drives

Modern storage devices are using Swap techniques not just to tackle memory load, but also helpful for performance improvement. Now the cloud storage SSD are also using it for more better performance as in case of traditional rotating hard disks. With kernel 4.11 the swap implementation more scalable make it suitable for modern storage devices.

SMC-R protocol

The implementation of SMC-R protocol defined in RFC7609 is supported by Kernel 4.11. If you don’t know about SMC-R protocol then read this. SMC-R stands for Shared Memory Communications-RDMA which is invented by IBM which lets the Virtual Machine to share memory & fasten communications.

Improved support for Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0

Intel Turbo Boost 3.0 was one of the feature which Kernel was lacking . With the support provided for Intel Turbo Boost 3.0, users can make use of their CPU cores more efficiently.

Pluggable IO schedulers

In Linux 3.13, the block layer added a new multi-queue design which improved performance with modern devices like SSD, NVM. But there was no support for pluggable IO schedulers.

With kernel 4.11 release , a port of deadline scheduler has been added. In future more schedulers will be added in the newer versions.

New perf ftrace tool

perf ftrace is a new tool added in the perf toolkit. This is a simple perf ftrace front end for the existing interface. It now supports only two tracers i.e.  function_graph , function.

Support for OPAL drives

OPAL drives is a set of specification for data storage devices like disk drives to enhance security.  For example if an unauthorised person get the drive some how But could not see the data because of encryption. It is a specification of self-encrypting drives.

File System Used

  • AFFS
  • CIFS
  • EXT4
  • F2FS


  1. TCP
  2. ipv4
  3. ipv6
  4. bridge
  5. Wireless (802.11)
  6. netfilter
  7. SCTP
  8. Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP)
  9. SNMP
  10. openvswitch
  11. xprtrdma
  12. vxlan


  • ARM
  • ARM64
  • MIPS
  • S390
  • X86
  • M68K

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Kali Linux 2017.1 – Check the new features & Download ISO file

Here we gonna talk about one of the most used security OS named as Kali Linux 2017.1. Kali Linux is the product of Offensive Security. Offensive Security has released a new version of Kali Linux. if you are currently using a version of Kali Linux then using some of the commands you can install this version, without changing the existing one.

Kali Linux 2017.1

The most popular Linux OS used by ethical hacker. Last year when Offensive security has released the rolling version of Kali that signifies they are always updated with new patch & works other than Debian. Kali Linux is the personal favourite for me.

In the current version released i.e. 2017.1 , the image has not been updated much. The difference in seeing is the new exciting features which I am going to write now.

Features of Kali Linux 2017.1

RTL8812AU Wireless Card Injection support

Kali 2017.1 supports wireless injection support to 802.11ac standard. This was added after the the implementation of drivers for RTL8812AU chipsets. To install the driver you need to run the following command.

apt-get update
apt install realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms

Kali Linux 2017.1
Kali Linux 2017.1

CUDA GPU Cracking support

Users can now experience in streamlined GPU cracking process. NVIDIA GPUs can be fully utilised by tools like Hashcat and Pyrit.

Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Availability (GPU Support)

AWS P2-Series and Azure NC-Series allow the GPU support. This version supports PU cracking out of the box.

OpenVAS 9 Packaged in Kali Repositories

While a Kali device a vulnerability scanner but the he addition of newly packaged OpenVAS 9 this feature is enhanced. OpenVAS 9 is not included by default but can be downloaded by typing this command.

apt-get update
apt install openvas

So if you like to download the ISO file then you can download it from the links given. Now kali 2017.1 supports HTTPS. The official link for download is here.

if you are already using Kali Linux then using the following commands you can update the version.

apt update
apt dist-upgrade

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How your Ubuntu desktop can look like a Windows – UKUI Desktop

This article is written to tell you how you can convert Ubuntu Linux 17.04 to Windows. You can change the look of Ubuntu 17.04 by using UKUI Desktop application.Read the full article for more information

Change Ubuntu Look using UKUI Desktop – Linux Desktop Environment

UKUI is desktop environment that is made for Ubuntu Kylin. Basically it is based on MATE environment but the appearance of icons, applets & themes are distinct. It is actually similar to Windows interface. If you are a Ubuntu user then you can install it & get a windows look on your Ubuntu 17.04.

UKUI Interface on Ubuntu Kylin 17.04 – UKUI Panel

Many of you have just switched from Windows to Linux & missing the good interface of Windows. This can be done now by just installing UKUI desktop that can convert the Ubuntu environment to a look alike Windows.

Ubuntu Kylin 17.04
Ubuntu Kylin 17.04

UKUI is based on MATE environment & is developed by Ubuntu kylin last year. The latest release of UKUI was to create a co-linearity with the release of Ubuntu 17.04. This will attract the users & they will install it & use it with pleasure without forgetting the Windows.

UKUI Desktop
UKUI Desktop

UKUI provides its own set of icons & file manager graphics which is called peony. This is added by the menu , time , volume slider & notification area. In addition you can add a Windows wallpaper to make it more familiar with Windows.

The task manager & file manager are exactly same but a user can easily spot the difference. Although it is quite good to use & remembers the old windows platform.

Install UKUI on Ubuntu 17.04

To download UKUI you can jump to this link.

After the installation you will get some Chinese touch, as the developers of kylin are Chinese people.

  • To uninstall the UKUI desktop , you can use the following given command.
  • sudo apt purge ukui-desktop-environment ubuntukylin-default-settings peony-common
  • After this go to Software & Updates> Other Software  to remove the Ubuntu Kylin repo.

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Fedora 26 Alpha released

Fedora 26 alpha has released finally after the delay. If you like to have the development version then you can download it. Before downloading it you can read some of the important things for it.

Fedora 26 alpha

Fedora 26 alpha has fixed the date for the release on 30 may & the final product will be released on 27 June. This version has included python 3.6 & GNOME 3.24. If you want to install the developer version of this OS , then you should be installing it on Virtual machine or some secondary PC. This OS is considered as the milestone for Fedora.

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Fedora 26 alpha
Fedora 26 alpha

Features of Fedora 26

  • GNOME 3.4 : An improved version of GNOME 3 released on april 2011. It provides many improvement in GNOME 3 i.e. user experience & bug fixes.
  • Python Classroom Lab : This is designed in three levels i.e. Workstation based, Docker based and Vagrant based. It is designed for python instructors.
  • SSSD fast cache for local users :- It resolves all users for better performance.
  • GCC7 : Helps to rebuild the packages as your customized version.
  • Modular Server Preview : This concept is used in the Fedora 26 & it is still in testing mode.
  • pkgconf as system pkg-config implementation :- Supports better handling of system file & integrating API into them
  • Golang 1.8
  • Ruby 2.4 :- The latest version of Ruby is included in fedora, that makes it the superior platform for a Ruby developer.
  • GHC 8.0 :- This version of GHC has improved support for aarch64, ppc64, and ppc64le
  • OpenSSL 1.1.0
  • Python 3.6
  • DNF 2.0

I have written a brief information about Fedora 26. If you like to read details then you can go to the official page of fedora to know more.

Download Fedora 26 Alpha

The Fedora 26 alpha version  is released on the official website of Fedora. If you would like to download the alpha version then please download it from download page. There are other links for the Alpha versions of Fedora Server, Fedora Spins, Fedora Laps, and Fedora for ARM.

The alpha versions has many errors if you find any of them than you can send your responses to the team of Fedora. Your responses are helpful for them.

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