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C++ Programming Homework and Assignment Online help for school and college students for better grades and marks in Test

C++ is a powerful and flexible programing language which is used to for developing games, operating system, browsers and so on. And because of that, a computer science student needs to master in c++ language. Whether it is a college student or school going students everyone gets c++ homework.

C++ homework is given by the teachers to test the understanding and knowledge of students. learning c++ language is very important to become a professional programmer. Therefore, students must pay attention to their c++ homework so that they don’t miss anything important.

C++ programming help

As students already have a lot of other work to do they don’t have enough time to do c++ homework. It is very important for students to do their c++ homework not only to get good marks but also to get a good grip over programming language.

There are various online platforms that provide c++ programming help to the students. Anyone who feels short on doing his/her homework can get help from there. Doing c++ programming requires experience and application-based coding knowledge which students lack. Therefore, they need someone who can assist them in doing their c++ assignments. 

C++ help

To get a good grade in computer science and acquire good command over c++ a student needs help from a mentor. Without it, he or she would not be able to complete his/her assignment on time. Having a mentor is a boon for students as he/she can impart the concepts that a student miss or doesn’t understand fully.

A student needs someone who can work round the clock to help him/her in c++ programming language. Someone who would write optimized and effective code with minimal complexity order. It is very difficult to find someone in person who can do this but there are many mentors who are available online to help students in their c++ programming.

c++ code help

There are various subtopics that come under c++ code which students should know about to complete their c++ homework. A mentor knows about them completely, and that helps a student in learning and coding c++.

The following are the subtopics of c++ that are important to learn about.

  • C++ flow control
  • C++ functions
  • C++ arrays and sting
  • C++ structure
  • C++ object and class
  • C++ Pointers
  • C++ Inheritance

Along with that, it is also important to have a good understanding of the relation between class and objects, dynamic memory allocation, abstraction, exception handling, STL templates, inheritance, file handling and so on.

Often, students are not good at all these concepts and because of that, it becomes really hard for them to finish their assignments or homework on time. The real test of coding lies in testing how one can write a program using minimum codes. And that’s where a student needs the help of an expert.

C programming language project homework procedures

To do C programming language project homework, a student, first, need to decide which game, software, or application he/she has to develop. Once it is decided it will become a bit easy to start writing codes. To develop software or game it is important to utilize functions, data structure and file handling effectively. Therefore, students need to learn about them and practice them so that they could use all the functions of the programming language effectively.

In case, a student has no idea about how to write codes to develop software he or she should take help from a mentor who is available online. There are various online platforms that provide c programming language project homework, some of them are free while some are paid.

Basic c programming language projects are:-

  • Calendar Application
  • Cricket Score sheet
  • Customer Billing System
  • Hangman Game
  • Hospital Management System
  • Pacman Game

These are examples of mini c programming language projects. Students can easily find the programing codes of these software online.

C++ homework help Reddit

Reddit.com is also one of the great platforms to get help for completing c++ homework. There are many experts available here who can help students in learning c++ programming language. Students just have to post their questions on reddit.com and the experts would answer all of their queries.

Examples and references are also provided on reddit.com that help students immensely in learning a particular language and coding. 

My assignment help

There are two types of assignment help are available online. Partial help is for those candidates who wish to be helped by a mentor only in some cases or on certain things. This kind of assignment help is cost-effective and is very effective for those students who have a keen interest in learning and improving their programing language skills.

A complete help is an option available for those students who don’t have enough time and programming knowledge to complete their assignments. This kind of help is sometimes expensive as mentors work relentlessly to complete students’ assignments.

Urgent programming assignment help

In many cases, students need someone who could help them in completing their programming assignments on an urgent basis. To write optimized and effective code for the assignment work requires great skills and programming knowledge. And writing it in less time requires experience and good command over the functions of the language which a student lack.

Therefore, students should consult with an expert and professional programmer who could assist them in programming assignments and projects. Writing code is not a big deal anyone with basic knowledge of programming can do it. But writing codes with minimal use of codes is a tiresome activity and doing it on an urgent basis makes it even harder. Therefore, taking help from the expert is advisable.

C++ homework help

C++ homework mostly comprises significant phases such as flowchart, XML diagrams, blueprint designing, algorithm designing, pseudo code, and coding and testing developed projects. It is important for the success of a programing project that all the stated phases are performed properly.

The online platforms that provide help for completing programming projects and assignments are best for students. Students not only get their homework done by a mentor but they also learn lots of things which they may not learn otherwise. Because of these online platforms, students can easily get in touch with an expert who could help them in finding the solution to their programming problems. Now, students can focus on other important things without worrying about their c++ homework and assignment as these things can be done by someone else.

Pay someone to do my programming homework

As it is already mentioned that there are two types of help are available. The first is partial and the second is complete. In both types of help students need to pay some amount of money to the mentor to do their homework or help them in completing their homework.

Partial help is less expensive as compare of complete help because there would be selected things which would be done by the mentor and the rest of the work would be done by the student himself. To get a partial help, students need to browse through the internet and select an online platform which suits them best. And then pay for the plan you choose and get in touch with a mentor, simple, isn’t it? 

The second help is complete programming homework help. The procedure is the same for the complete help also but a student has to pay more for this. There are various plans available online for complete help as well, select the one which suits your budget and need. Pay for the plan and get the help to complete c++ homework.

C homework

To become a professional high-end programmer, it is important that first, a student acquire a basic knowledge of programming. C programming language is one of those programming languages that are a must to learn in order to become a software developer or game developer.

Merely learning this language is not enough, practicing and using all its functionality is also important and for that purpose, homework is given by the teachers. The more students get involved in their c homework the more they learn about the programing language.

It also helps students to get good grades in their exams if they learn and practice all the functions of the c language. Later they may get the benefit of it when they choose to pursue their career in programming.

Do my school C++ project for me

Online mentorship is available for those students who find it difficult to complete their school c++ homework and projects. Because most of the students are not interested in programming and don’t intend to pursue their careers in this field, online platforms are best to help them get good grades in schools.

Now, students can focus on things that interest them most. C++ project can be completed by hiring a mentor who has good experience and programming knowledge. What all a student needs to do is just find an online platform which provides best c++ homework services and choose a plan which suits him/her, pay and get the c++ project done by an expert.

Google Stadia Price , Release Date & Future of Gaming Industry

Google Stadia Launch date, Hardware and Software requirement, price in India and the future of Stadia in Gaming Industry.

Technology has made our life easy and comfortable. Now, we people can do so many things in our day to day life with the help of technology. Technology has also helped us to explore other aspects of our life like health, entertainment, transportation and so on. Earlier, people used to go to theatre or read book to entertain themselves as it was the only way of entertainment. But, now, there are many ways of entertainment. Movies, T.V and Video games are some of the famous ways of entertainment. If I talk about the most desirable thing people like, it is playing Video games. Now, Gaming industry is worth a billion as it allows a person to live in a virtual world. There have been many developments in the field of gaming for last couple of years. In recent time, there have been drastic developments in gaming industry. Now, people can play games on any device without any special hardware requirement. This has been possible because of live streaming. GOOGLE.PVT.LTD is going to launch Google Stadia which could revolutionize the whole gaming experience.

Google Stadia Beta version
Google Stadia Beta version

What is Google stadia?

Google.pvt.ltd has planned to start operating a cloud gaming service. Google Stadia is a platform which consist entire gaming process like development, hosting, distribution and advertising. The main idea behind building Google Stadia is to bring high-quality games to mainstream gamers, that too at low cost. Google has set up 7500 data centre all across the globe to provide streaming video game service to players. This service of streaming video game comes with 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. In other words, streaming video games at super high definition video quality. This service comes with “State share” and integration with Youtube.com. Youtube.com would help users to live stream video games. “State share” would help users to access games from where it is left last time. Users can also share the like of a game with as many users as they want. The best part of Google Stadia is that live streaming games can be played on any device be it PC, Mobile phone, Laptop or T.V. Isn’t is wonderful?

How to Get Google stadia?

Well, as we have discussed that Google Stadia is an online streaming video game service; there is no need to buy any devices like gaming console, high end PC, Xbox or PlayStation. There are few things which users must have in order to access Google Stadia. First, users must have Google Chrome installed on the device in which they want to access online streaming games. Second, users should also have good internet connection. There is a console launched by Google which is quite compatible for Stadia streaming video games. Users can also buy it for better experience. This Google console would be available in the market soon. If gamers want to connect their T.V with stadia then they need Chromecast, which they can easily buy from the market or online. The price of Chromecast is around INR 2500. Apart from the things mentioned above, nothing is needed to play games on stadia. Once it is launched in India, you would be able to access live streaming games by following steps mentioned above.

How to use Google stadia?

To use Google Stadia, users have to install Google Chrome web browser on the device they want play live streaming games. Users can select any device be it PC, Laptop, Notebook, Mobile phone, T.V or Tablet. As Google stadia would be tightly integrated with Youtube.com, “Crowd Play” is a feature in Youtube.com which let a person to jump into the game if streamers let him/her join in. Stadia has around 7500 data centre all across the globe which help users to connect to the live streaming games.

How Google Stadia Can Change Gaming Industry?

Google.pvt.ltd has not launched Good Stadia yet, so it would be early to predict whether Google Stadia would have major impact on gaming industry. Live streaming gaming is quite a new concept to the gamers, it is yet to catch the attention of the audience. There have been other game streaming services like OnLive, Sony’s PlayStation Now and Nvidia’s GeForce Now. All these game streaming platforms had not been able to make any impact on gaming industry. The reason behind them being failed is the cost of subscription, for example, PlayStation charges $20 per/month and that too is limited to only PS4 or Window 10. But, as it is promised by Google Stadia that the services would be economical, we can hope that stadia would make some impact on gaming industry. Apart from that the big plus with Google stadia is that it can be accessed through internet on any device, which gives freedom to the users to play games anywhere, anytime.

Hardware Requirements for Google Stadia

As we have discussed above, Google stadia is a live streaming gaming platform, it relies on its data centre for high-end gaming. But the device you access live streaming games must have decent configuration so that it could connect to the internet and does not hang. Other than that, there is no specific hardware requirement to play games online on the platform of stadia.

Software Requirements for Google Stadia

It is not specified by Google that users must have certain software to access live streaming games. But it is advisable that you should have at least latest version of the operating system and decent RAM in your PC or device. If you system or device has good configuration it will provide you stunning experience with high 4k resolution.

Launch Date of Google Stadia

If we talk about Google Stadia launch date in India, it has not yet finalized. Considering the high cost of hardware and software in India to play high-end games, it is likely to say that Google stadia could be launched soon in India. Now, because of JIO, data consumption in India has gone high tremendously in last couple of years because of its cost effectiveness. In India, it is believed that Google stadia would provide high-end gaming experience to those who currently have no access to it. However, Google stadia would be launched in 2019 in countries like USA, Canada, UK and Europe.

Price of Google Stadia

Google has not yet announced the price of Google Stadia. We even don’t know yet whether Google would charge subscription money or sell its plain. But, considering, the price of maintaining huge data centres, cost of developing games and cost of manpower is huge; therefore we can conclude that the price of accessing Google Stadia could be high for some users. But, again, as it is mentioned by Google that the cost of playing games online would be economical. Therefore, there is also a possibility that most of the users would be able to afford Google Stadia in India.

Top Online Gaming Companies in the World

Top Online Gaming Companies in the World

Whenever we talk about the digital world and its market, how can we should neglect the stocking business of online gaming companies? In the past many years when advancement is somehow getting frequently increased, the sphere of the internet and its related interfaces and platforms have also expanded.

Nowadays internet is the fastest mean of entertainment when bored, movies, songs, videos, series, books, news, even games and other entertain modes are now readily available over World Wide Web in friction of seconds with many queued options. In this specific content, we are exploring the analyzing about the global online gaming market which is in recent years growing too fast and is expected to reach up to $46.61 billion by 2020.

Today online gaming and esports has emerged as one of the popular business in the entertainment industry that has made people more addictive after video games. The live streaming of games and now even with esports tournaments has led some online gaming company richest firms in the digital industry. If you are one of the fans of online gaming and live to the stream of games over websites and other platforms, then let you help you to know which are those Great and Top Online Gaming Companies In The World which are true dedicators to gaming era.

Top Most Online Gaming Companies In The World

Online games are fo different types and themed, and some are quite difficult some are easier, and few are decoded with a strategy of winning millions. Online games are commonly based on Defense, Action, Sports, Puzzles and Scrabble Dictionary, Racing, and many more.

Microsoft Gaming Studios

 As being the leading and wealthiest online gaming firm, the total revenue estimated every year is $402.06 Billion, which excellently depicts the popularity of the firm and its streaming games. Microsoft studies started its gaming market in the year 2002 and is actually a sub-branch of a known software firm, Microsoft. Microsoft Gaming Studio was the highest and leading gaming company that earn game, fame, and bucks in billions in the year 2013-2014. The live Xbox and then Halo series marked Microsoft with high popularity and will surprise more in upcoming years with developed Gears, Softwares and Games.

Sony Computer Entertainment

Sony is always the part of entertainment world from electronics, film world, studios, and gaming. Sony Computer Entertainment is one, and the only largest manufacturer is video games and consoles globally. The creation of PS2 was one of the highest selling consoles of all time worldwide. Sony is always the prime gaming competitor of many leading gaming companies in video games, online games and more. The versions and series by Sony Computer Entertainment are getting better with every release with total revenue of $17.49 Billion. The popular PlayStations is the expertising reason that has played a vital role in the stock and business of this gaming company.

Activision Blizzard

 The gaming history of Activation Blizzard was quite struggling in its early years, but now is one of the richest and known Online Gaming Companies In The World with a net worth of $29.93 Billion This company is basically a merger of two top entertaining companies together. The patch-up between Activision and Blizzard Entertainment was done in the year 2008 and thus resulted in one of world’s biggest gaming company. In the first few years, this gaming firm startup with unique ideas of making gaming more adventurous and introduced LAN gaming that allows your computer to get connected with others in massive battle games online. Later, Activision Blizzard created success after the release of Call of Duty, Warcraft, Starcraft, Density, etc with MMO (Massive Multi-player Online) interfaces.


 Well! Most of the people are just now aware that Apple is one of the richest and leading online gaming and consoling company in the world. With many valuable deals and deeds in gadgets, with iOS, Apple is immensely popular in creating and selling online games, for websites and apps as well. The total revenue of Apple In gaming industry is $526.82 Billion, which is quite impressive to surprise us. The application games such as Candy Crush, Clash of Kings, Saga, etc. Although, Apple is also famous for creating gaming gears and consoles. The newest creation of Apple is that the firm has made gaming robot “MekaMon” which can be easily connected through the smartphone.

Electronic Arts

 Whenever it is about online gaming world, we just can not forget to list up Electronic Arts commonly known as EA. The firm is one of the leading yet oldest gaming manufacturer in the digital entertainment world with a total count of $22.90 Billion in Gaming and Consoling, Electronic Arts is mainly credited for online games such as FIFA, NBA, NEL, NHL 95, Road Rash and more. The lastest growth of Electronic Arts was planned with a platform known as Fe with a launch for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Origin.


King is actually an online streaming game company, that is known for the social development playing over socializing platforms like Facebook, etc, through the multiplayer mechanism. Despite being developing web games, King is also known firm in creating mobile games for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones respectively. The net gross of King gaming company is estimated about $5.69 Billion which prove it a profitable gaming company globally. The favorite games by the king are Candy Crush, Dimond Digger, Farm Heroes, Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch Saga and more.

Bottom Line

 Unlike with fast growth of internet the exploring of websites for various themes and niches as affected the world of digitalization, there is also a rapid change in the growth of business and trade due to online bases. Despite being a trade increase over the internet, people are more addictive to open up the internet to get entertain. With millions of websites over the internet, people are getting thousands of answers in just nanoseconds of one query which sound quite impressive. Some people look for informative solutions over the internet, some opt for shopping, and even to get entertain. So you now know the Top Gaming Companies Of The World, you can quickly generate your interest in the type of games you want to play in easy means.