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How to Hack Someone’s Hard disk using Command Prompt in Windows

hack someone's computer

This article is based on a simple command that works in network. By using this command you can hack someone’s computer. If you know the IP address of the victim’s computer. Read the full article to know more about this trick

Hack Someone’s Computer using DOS Commands

Hacking has become a very common topic among Internet users. Those who have some knowledge in using computer are generally using their skill to know the method to hack someone. There are various websites that are provided the tutorials for educational purpose.

In this tutorial we are going to provide you a small tutorial that will help you to hack someone’s data which is in someone else computer. In simple words we are going to tell you to access someone’s hard disk.

Don’t harm anyone

This tutorial is just written for educational purpose. Please do not try to harm someone through this.

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Let’s get started. That computer must be connected to Internet. You must know the IP of that computer. So basically you need two things one laptop or desktop with windows OS & victim’s IP Address.

hack someone's computer
hack someone’s computer

Steps to hack someone’s computer Hard Disk

  • Go to start menu & search for cmd in the search bar.
  • Press Enter & you will see a command window.
  • Write the given commands one by one in the command prompt.

nbtstat -a (Victim’s IP Address)
net view (Victim’s IP Address)
net use x: \\(Victims IP Address)\users
net use \\ \\IPC$ /u

In the part which I marked orange should be replaced by IP address of victim’s computer.

  • When all the commands will be executed, then go to My Computer.
  • A new drive will be shown in your My computer Folder.
  • Now you can access the files & folder of that drive.
  • Any operation can be done by you to that hard drive like deletion, updation etc.

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If you felt any problem in doing the task then please tell us in the comment box. We will provide you assistance to do it properly. Like out Facebook Page for more updates.  Thank You.

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