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Motorola Moto Z2 Force Shatter Proof Specs & Launch date – Moto Z2 Force Price in India

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Motorola has come back with a second generation phone with mod-enabled with the new phones. The previous was a Moto Z2 Play & Moto Z2 Force. Now these phone are not just a variant of regular Z2. The new Z2 Force is slimmer than the predecessor with smaller battery & POLED shatter proof display.

Moto Z2 Force First Impressions

The look & appearance of Moto Z2 is same as the previous Motorola phone. It is a 6 mm thick phone with totally flat rear panel. The body is aluminium & mirror smooth. The slipper body of phone & fingerprint is glass like degree. There is a mod connector which you are advised to cover with a back cover.

Motorola Moto Z2 Camera

The top of rear panel , a camera module is given that stabilise the mods. The camera module is not very impressive as you need a back cover. Rumours told that there is not headphone jack on the device. The Type-c port is given on the bottom, which is given on the phone.

Motorola Moto Z2 Appearance

The look of Z2 Force is same as the Motorola Z series. The bezel is some what larger on a $800 phone. The cost of phone do not include a water resistant body, you need a style cob\ver for the phone. These aspects make the phone an expensive deal for $800.

Motorola Moto Z2 Shatter Proof Display

The 5.5-inch 1440p POLED screen is same as the last year model. The viewing angles of screen are quite satisfying. The Shatter-Shield technology of Motorola is still made using plastic instead of glass. The plastic cover has sharp edges but not smoothed as glass. This results in unpleasant fingerprint gestures.

Motorola Moto Z2 Camera

The dual camera train is a pair of 12 MP on the back. The round camera looks like a smiley face. The features of phone are selective focusing and black & white capture mode.

The image quality is good but it can’t compete over Galaxy or Pixel. The phones click darker photos. The specs of camera are f/2.0 which is not good as compared to same price. The photos are taken with a depth sensing camera that gives you bokeh effect which replicate the narrow depth of field lens. The capture time of photos are more & blur filter is very waste. Only the black & white photos are ok.

Motorola Moto Z2 Specifications

The phone is running on Android 7.1 with some motorola touch i.e. Moto Display & Moto Voice. The phone is a carrier version which shows some bloatware. The home screen reminds of Pixel.

Moto Display is good as Z2 Play. The phone has many features like Moto Actions abilities like twist for camera and chop for flashlight. THe Moto Voice is also avail. The software innovation is not as good as we thought. Some complants of Wi-fi instability is also there.

Motorola Moto Z2 Battery


The phone can be a huge sucess for the company. If there are some other aspects like battery life & camera were good. There is still some hope from the product.

Moto 360 Camera Mod

The latest mod that snaps Moto Z phones. The cost quoted for this is $300. It is thicker than the style cover. There is a dual lens camera. The mod looks like a mini lighthouse on the phone. With this you can use the camera in 360 degree mode. You can have the view from both the sensors to line the shot & several interfaces available.

The capture time of photo is about two seconds. The image will be of 6240 x 3120 in the immersive 360-degree view mode. The photos are quite simple with noise & distortion at the edges.

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