Some developement Tools that are free & useful for every developer

This article will specify about the five software development tools used by developers worldwide. You can also use them with little knowledge. Software Development Tools in 2019 Software developers develop many software with the help of many technologies. There are many times when you need to find an idea from elsewhere. In

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Remove Pen Drive Bad Sector using Windows

How to clean pen drive bad sector using Windows 10

Many times when our pen drive becomes more usable then the windows would pop-up the error regarding bad sector. As your pen drive becomes older & the sector of pen drive contains some bad sector. These sector keep  on increasing with the period of usage of pen drive. Pen drive Bad

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reset windows password

How to reset windows 7 password using command prompt

If you have forgot your password in a windows computer than you can easily reset windows password using this simple trick. This trick will be done in the command prompt. If you want to login to your computer without the original password. It will also save your data that resides

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mount drive & devices

Learn basics of Linux hacking for hacking aspirants Part 13

Here I am going to tell you about mount drive & devices. A feature which windows does it automatically but in the Linux environment you need to do this manually. Commands to mount drive & devices The process of mounting is old when the computer were giant size , every time when

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