kernel modules

Learn basics of Linux hacking for hacking aspirants Part 12

This part will be describing you about the loadable Linux kernel modules. LKM is a very useful things in Linux Administration. It is helpful to reprogram the kernel without recompiling or restart. We can add video & other device drivers in the system without rebooting the system. LKM is very critical

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linux apache server

Learn basics of Linux hacking for hacking aspirants Part 11

Hello friends, as our linux hacking series has come to the 11th part. In the previous ten parts I told any basic commands that will make you familiar to Linux environment. However those who are practicing the tutorials must be able to use the Kali Linux in a better way

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Best GST Billing Software for India

Best GST Billing Software for India – Goods & Service Tax Accounting Software Price List

The Indian economy has changed recently after it imposed GST on the various business firms. This went as a pain for many business firms. GST is a quite new topic which has to be understand if you are going to pay taxes & your account books must be maintained accordingly. Some

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manipulate linux files

Learn basics of Linux hacking for hacking aspirants Part 10

I don't remember that I told you or not, everything in Linux are files & most of those files are text files. If you want to manipulate linux files then you can do it by just opening them, update & restart the system to see the changes. Manipulate Linux Files This article

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How to see Hidden Friends List on Facebook Timeline

Facebook Friend Mapper Chrome Extension | Apk – Reveal Profile Friends Revealer

facebook friends mapper apps apk tool extension crx  Facebook has become too much aware about all the aspects in security for a Facebook user. For example , you can hide the friends from others using the privacy settings. May this could restrict an ordinary person to stay away from your

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