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Google is bringing its new Ad Blocker inbuilt in Chrome Browser

Soon Google will announce its own ad Blocker in the market. This Ad Blocker will be integrated in the Chrome browser. This will provide help to filter the annoying ads in the web. Now Chrome users will not depend on any third party ad blocker plugin. The new Google Ad Blocker is going to be released in few weeks.

Google Ad Blocker

From a long time ,third party Ad blocker were the only way to save us from annoying ads on the Internet. But soon Google is going to release one of its official Ad Blocker in the market. Using this Ad blocker the dependency of other third party ad blocker will be finished.

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According to WSJ reports, Google has built a new Ad Blocker for Chrome browser. After this the chrome users do not have to install any other plugin in the browser. This sounds strange that the biggest advertising platform is creating Ad blocker plugin but this is not the whole story.

Google Ad Blocker
Google Ad Blocker

The Ad Blocker by Google will only block those ads which are considered unacceptable by the Ad policies. The unacceptable ads are like pop-ups, auto-playing video ads with sound etc.

A theory says that all the offensive ads will be blocked by this plugin. It is the responsibility of websites owners to control such ads.

Why Google Ad Blocker?

As Google ads are blocked by many Ad Blocker plugin which results in less audience. For example Ad Blocker+ blocks many Google Ads. After the Google Ad Blocker these ad Blocker will not be able to do this because thier need is over.

After this Ad Blocker Google will have more control on their Ad networks. This will also increase their cash. This step will also helpful for ad companies to expand their audience & consumers.

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10 Pro Tips to use Google Gboard keyboard in 2018 – Access Settings in Android

How to use gboard download for PC or android, iOS. See the settings, review, languages and app. Enable gboard in Android , do voice typing, number row, emoji style and chines version. How to launch and use gboard settings like voice typing in whatsapp on Android Phone.

How to use GBoard Android , Access Settings

Many of you are using Google GBoard in your Android phone. Do you know about its amazing features?. If no, then Google Gboard Tips & tricks is for you. This keyboard has many features like built-in search engine & to search gifs & emojis. Here you can read 10 Pro Tips to use Google Gboard keyboard in 2018.

Google Gboard Tips & tricks
Google Gboard Tips & tricks

Google Gboard Tips & tricks

Google GBoard was released a few months ago. There are many Google Gboard Tips & tricks that people don’t know about. Gboard has made the typing experience much better than before.

So if you still haven’t updated to GBoard , then you can visit the link & update you phone with GBoard latest version.

10 Pro Tips to use Google Gboard keyboard in 2018

A search Engine

GBoard is integrated with Google search engine. This may sounds you lame but this integration is one of the best decision of Google. Here you can search anything directly from the keyboard by using the search engine icon. Here you can search a query & share the searched result to your friend by using the share button. You can use all the google search tricks, image search, weather or app search.

Real Time Translate using Gboard

Yes while typing in the keyboard , tap on the search icon of Google. As the search icon opens , you can see the translate icon. As you will click on the icon your typed text will converted to you native language. And as long you will type your text, all of it will be translated in real time. You can use this feature for a message received in your phone.10 Pro Tips to use Google Gboard keyboard in 2018

Best VPN

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Best VPN

Search GIF and emoji

Now chatting is not just limited to text & smiley. Many of us use GIF images during our conversations. What we need to do is type a keyword followed by GIF and the search results will the suggestions of multiple GIF according to your search keyword.

One Hand Mode

Many times when you are eating & wants to text someone. Doing both tasks are a little difficult to everyone. To help this, GBoard has one more feature called One hand Mode. As you click on Gboard icon, you will see an icon like thumb. As you click on it, your keyboard will be shifted on one side. You can shift it anyway either left or right. After you finish eating , you can again default your keyboard’s look.

Add a row for Numbers

While typing many of us remember the old phones where the numeric pad is always available to us. Here with Gboard Settings you can add  a numeric pad in your keyboard. To do so go to  Settings > Preferences > Number Row.

Turn on a full numeric pad

Adding numeric pad is good, but you can also put dedicated numeric keypad. Click on 1234 key & you will see a numeric pad on your screen with many other keys.

Swipe the cursor key

Sometimes scrolling the cursor key is quite frustrating. So if you use the swipe option in space key, you can move the cursor by just swiping on space key.

Swipe and its deleted

To delete any text previously we need to hold on the delete key. But now with GBoard you can delete your extra unnecessary text by just swiping on the delete key to left side.

Shortcut Long Press for every key

You can enable the shortcut key for a symbol in the keypad just like we use number shortcut. To do this Preferences >Long press for symbols.

Some other useful tips

  1. Double tap space bar for period symbol.
  2. Long press a number key to see fraction value.

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Researchers have found close resemblance 40 Cyber Attacks & Wikileaks Documents

Researchers has announced a study made by them on 40 cyber attacks conducted by LongHorn. The patterns of tools & techniques that were used by the hacker have very close resemblance that are described n Vault 7.

Wikileaks Vault 7 Resemblance in 40 cyber attacks

During this month a very hot topic is raised by Wikileaks. The document released in public by Wikileaks are named as Vault 7. After a team of researchers have studied these documents & they also have a quite interesting story about the tools in cyber attacks.

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Researchers at LongHorn have concluded & relate 40 cyber attacks that were made in 16 countries. According to the these attacks were conducted by a cyber group called LongHorn. They also said that the details in the document of Vault 7 & LongHorn have a very high resemblance. many technical specifications are matched totally.

40 cyber attacks
40 cyber attacks

Conclusion by Symantec Researchers

LongHorn is using Trojans and 0-day bugs attacks to many government firms , telecoms & IT firms since 2010.

After all these conclusion Symantec researchers said in a blog post that Vault 7 activities & LongHorn activities are done by a some group & are somehow related to each other.

Vault 7 has described a tool called FluxWire which is developed on the base of Trojan. Another tool callen Corentry also belongs to LongHorn.

As many features of Corentry and the sample that is shown in Vault 7 document are apparently similar.

Another tool called archangel has a quite similar interface with LongHorn Tool called plexor backdoor.

The cryptographic methods of Vault 7 & Longhorn are also same. This includes AES & 32 bit key one key per connection. This practice prevents from MITM attacks.

LongHorn was first detected in 2014 by Symantec when they were using 0-day exploit to infect the host with plexor. After they analyze the attack , they knew that the attackers have good knowledge about the victim. The tools used in the attacks were Corentry, Plexor, Backdoor.Trojan.LH1, and Backdoor.Trojan.LH2.

Before the Vault 7 documents were released, Symantec have assumed the attakers as an informtion gathering group. But after the documents are released , the official statement of Symantec have chnaged & the link has gone through CIA.

They added “Taken in combination, the tools, techniques, and procedures employed by Longhorn are distinctive and unique to this group, leaving little doubt about its link to Vault 7.”

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A Russian hacker was arrested in Spain for involvement in US Election Hacking

A Russian hacker was arrested in Spain on Friday as the suspect over last year US presidential election. He is suspect in hacking the election process.

Russian Hacker arrested in Spain

This Russian Hacker named Pyotr Levashov is arrested by the Police in Spain after a International warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Russian Ambassy has announced the arrest of Levashov on Sunday but the reason was not specified. This is the second arrest in the case after Stanislav Lisov was arrested by the Spain authorities.

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U.S authorities are trying to deport both the accused to US & detain them for information. According to the sources both of them are doubted to operate   NeverQuest Banking Trojan which affected the election & favor it to the Donald Trump.

Russian Hacker arrested
Russian Hacker arrested

Suspect in US President Election 

The doubt is also conformed by the wife of  Levashov. His wife Maria said “at the request of the American authorities in connection with cyber crime. something about a virus that was supposedly created by [her] husband”.

The security researchers have claimed Levashov as Peter Severa or Peter Levashov. He is listed as the Top 10 spammer of the world. He is positioned as 7th in the list.

Peter Carr , the Criminal Division of the US Department of Justice told media that Now they have nothing to say about the case, all the facts are sealed for now.

The US government has accused Russia for hacking the US president election. As the result Donald Trump become the President of US & real winner could not be known.

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How to do WordPress Pen testing using WPScan

WordPress is a open source tool used for blogging & other beautiful websites design. WordPress is a CMS (Content management System) that works through Php & Sql. Here we are going to conduct Wordpress testing using wpscan.

WordPress testing using wpscan

WordPress is so much used by everyone that many questions have arrived in the security of this technology.


WordPress testing using wpscan. WPScan is pen testing tool that is used for checking the vulnerability of a WordPress website. It was developed by Ryan Dewhurst and sponsored by Sucuri. It is pre-installed with many distributions of linux such as BackBox Linux, Kali Linux, Pentoo, SamuraiWTF, BlackArch. WPScan do not support windows.

Wordpress testing using wpscan
WordPress testing using wpscan

WPScan can enumerate theme, plugins, users, HTTP proxy but it does not check the source code of the page.

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Commands Used in Pen testing WordPress site

One by one all the commands are written below. There are many things which you need to do for the testing of WordPress site.
Enumerate WordPress version, theme and plugin
• wpscan –url –enumerate p
• wpscan –url –enumerate t
Enumerate WordPress users
• wpscan –url –enumerate u

How to pentest your WordPress website

Launch a brute-force attack
wpscan –url –wordlist /root/Desktop/password.txt –username kcwto
Enumerate timthumbs
If you are still using TimThumb, even after a very serious vulnerability, you have one more reason to be concerned.
wpscan –url –enumerate tt
Store the output in a separate File
wpscan –url –debug-output 2>debug.log

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Pen testing is an art that depends on the analysis & knowledge of the hacker. The commands given here are the basics of testing. You must be aware about every aspect of the site for which the test is conducted.

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RHEL 6.9 the last version of RHEL family is released on 20th march 2017

RHEL has released the last version i.e. RHEL 6.9. Red hat series has now come to an end where the last version has released. This version comes with updated TLS 1.2 and better support for PCI-DSS standard. The updated version has made easier to port RHEL 6 workloads to container-based application. Now you can use them on other platforms too.

RHEL 6.9

Red Hat is one of the leading open source software providers to the world. RHEL is a community who that provides reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization technologies. They also provides support & training for operating their products. Here we are talking about the new version of RHEL 6.9 which is also the last instalment of RHEL.

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RHEL 6.9 is available for its users. On 20th march 2017, Red Hat has announced the release of their last version of RHEL 6 family. RHEL was more popular in enterprises. The second phase of RHEL 6’s development cycle has ended now.

As phase 2 is finished Red Hat 6 will receive only security updates till 2020. Now in the phase RHEL will focus on the development of RHEL 7 platform. A version of RHEL 7 that is 7.3 was released last year.

RHEL 6.9
RHEL 6.9

The recent updates that are included in RHEL 6.9 is TLS 1.2 protocol which strengthen communication security. Enhanced support for PCI-DSS standard is also given which is used for secure online transaction for money in terms of Visa & Master Card. The retail firms who uses RHEL 6 will be get more security than before.

Features of RHEL 6.9

RHEL 6.9 is now compatible with modern applications which are working with cloud storage. RHEL provides a easier method for a application to move from a workloads into container-based applications. Applications can now easily deployed in RHEL Atomic Host, RHEL 7, and the Open Shift Container Platform.

Jim Totton the vice president and general manager of RedHat said during the release. “For more than six years, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 has provided enterprise IT with a more secure, stable and reliable platform for mission-critical workloads, from financial systems to national security applications. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 shows our continued commitment to providing a solid backbone for production deployments, adding security and stability enhancements and an updated container base image to address a variety of vital business IT needs.”

All these service & features which are discussed here are only available to RHEL subscribers. Those who would like to update the system can do it as a free subscription.

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