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Learn basics of Linux hacking for hacking aspirants Part 7

Hello guys, back with the next part of Linux basics for hacking. This is seventh part of our series. In the sixth part we learned about the networking commands in Linux. In this this part we will go through linux file permission commands.

Linux File Permission Commands

File permissions are access specifier for a file to restrict someone in the terms of usage of a file. There are some commands that are helpful for a person to use to specify the file access. Here are some Linux file permission commands.

Check a file’s permission

To check the permission of the file first of all go to the directory where it is stored. Now you can use the command called ls with -l switch. This switch is for long list of file.


The output of the command will show us many things line by line. You can see them to know the permission of any file.

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This will show you the file permissions, number of links, owner of file, the group owner,  size of the file, creation modification date, and the name of the file.

  • if the line starts with -d then it is a directory & if it starts with – then it is a file.
  • The three permissions on a file is read, write & execute which are represented by r,w,x.
Linux File Permission Commands
Linux File Permission Commands

Change permission for a file

If we want to change the permission of a file for a group of users then a command called chmod is used to do this. A file’s permission is changed by root or the owner of the file. Permission can be changed by the binary equivalent of the permission added.

r :- 4

w:- 2

x:- 1

If we want to change the permission we have to use these numbers for it. If we want to give all three permission to any group, we have to use 7 for it. If we want to give only permission for read then it will be 4.

Now there is a file name “technology” & we are going to use the command chmod in the file.

chmod 7 7 4 technology

This command will give permissions to owner, group & other users some permission s which are shown as below.

owner or user :- rwx (All three permissions)

group :- rwx (All three as owner)

others :- r (Only Read permission to other group)

Remove a permission

UGO is the letter used in the change of permission. UGO stands for user, group & other.

There are three operators for adding or deleting a permission.

+  for add a permission
 for subtract a permission
=  to set a permission

So if I want to remove a write permission from the group than write this command.

chmod g-w Technology

This will remove the write permission from the group users.You can also edit the two permissions of the file in one line like

chmod u+x, g+x technology

This command line will add execute command in user & group for the file technology.

While installing a new hacker tool

There will be a situation when we will download a new hacker tool for installation. After we download, unzip & install it, we start executing the tool. Now what message shown “You have no permission of executing it“. With this command chmod you can add the execute permission to your user. This will let you execute the file form the Linux system.

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Learn basics of Linux hacking for hacking aspirants Part 6

Learn Linux Network and troubleshooting Commands in Kali For Ex :- PING , TRACEROUTE , NETSTAT , DIG , NSLOOKUP , ROUTE &  HOST Command.

Hello friends, now we have reached to the sixth part of this hacking series. I am sure you must have read all the previous hacking series. I you haven’t then please read all of them carefully. In this article we are going to talk about some Linux networking command.

Linux Networking Command PDF – Network Troubleshooting Commands

Those who have read the previous articles they must be having a good knowledge for working in Linux. This articles is based on some linux networking command. If you are aware of the terms used in networking then it will be very helpful for you. If not , then you should mark the word you don’t know & read about them.

I am going to write some of linux networking command for you. These commands will be helpful for the person who is working a network.

Analysis of Network

The most common command which is used in Networking is ifconfig. In windows there is a command named Ipconfig. But command is way more useful than of window’s.

Syntax : ifconfig

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After you type ifconfig & press enter, then all these information will be shown on the screen for a network. You can read about them afterwards.

In the first line it will show you the type of network & Hardware address. Second line will show you the IP address, broadcast address & mask.

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In the next paragraph that will show you the output with a letter lo. This lo means the loop back address or local host address. You can use the Local host address for the testing of web application via this address.

Linux networking command
Linux networking command

Change IP Address

Changing a IP address in a Linux can be done easily. As you know that DHCP protocol is used in the IP Assignment. You need to change the IP especially at the time of hacking. This will be useful to hide your identity in the network, but there are many things by which you can be identified.

To change the IP you can use the command ifconfig in the given format.

ifconfig eth0

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To check whether the IP address has changed or not you can use the ifconfig command.The command will show you the new changed IP address of the computer.

Using the same command you can change the net-mask & broadcast address also.

ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast

DHCP Server

Linus has DHCP server daemon that is called dhcpd. This provides IP address dynamically to every computer. It also creates a log file which contains all the history of the IP address that were assigned to the terminals. This log file is useful after the attack occurred. This will trace the hacker in the network that has attacked in the network.

To get an IP address from a DHCP server, use dhclient command to get an IP address in the network.


As you will type the command dhclient, you will be able to see some text on the terminal. It will request an Ip from it’s NIC (Network Interface Card). An IP will be allotted to the computer via DHCP server.

After the IP address is assigned to the computer. You see the IP address via ifconfig command.


DNS stands for Domain Name Services. This is a service which converts the name of a website to the corresponding IP address. IF this service do not work , then we have to remember the IP address of every website which we want to access.

Now there is one more useful command for the hacking aspirants . Command dig can be used by the user to get all the information about a website. This command is same as nslookup in Windows, this command is very powerful than nslookup. Every command in Linux is way too more than a Windows command. I have repeated this many times.


By using mx with the command , you can also know about the email servers of a website.The most common server used in the Linux is BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain).

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Learn basics of Linux hacking for hacking aspirants Part 5

install linux software package using terminal in Kali Linux App Store 

Hello friends, I am back with the fifth part of the Linux basics for hacking. If you are a new reader then I suggest you to check the previous article or you will not be able to understand the concepts. This article is about install Linux software.

Install Linux Software in Kali Linux

As we have already told you that all the tools used for hacking are written for Linux users. In the part 1,2,3 we told you basic commands that helps to use Linux. This article is focused to install linux software.

So as to install new software in Kali Linux, you have four methods. All four will do the same work. Read all of them to get a better understanding of the environment.

  • By Command Line: –  Kali Linux is based on Debian linux.  The command to install a new software in Kali Linux is apt-get & the components of Debian’s Advanced Packaging Tool. To install a software the command can be used in the given format.

apt-get name of software 

This command has some variations which can be seen by using man apt-get in the command line.

  • GPK application: – Gnome Package kit & Synaptic Package Manager are two graphical ways to install a new software in Kali Linux. GPK is used by a new user who do not know much about the Linux as he is not an advance user.

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  • Ubuntu Software Manager: – This is another graphical package manager that you have to install by a command. The command is written in the next line. It is already stored in the repository but needs to install by the command.

apt-get install software-center

May be these basics are not giving you the deep understanding about installing the software. I will provide you some basic examples on installing some software.

install linux software
install linux software

Install Skype in kali Linux.

  1. Download the latest version of Skype from the official website.
  2. Select the distribution carefully, for kali Linux choose Ubuntu 10.04.
  3. Download it in your system.
  4. Go to the directory where the downloaded skype file is located & then use this command.

apt-get install <name of Skype program>

After the Skype is installed in the Kali Linux, you can use this to make some video calls with your friends. You can use the method to install other programs.

After some of these basic programs you can be able to install some hacking tools.

We can install the software by the Terminal & Graphical mode both.

This article is finished now. In the next part we will be talking about the networking commands. If you haven’t read the previous parts of this hacking series, you should read this to clear the concepts.

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Learn basics of Linux hacking for hacking aspirants Part 4

Hello friends, last part was written for the directory commands, there was one networking command too. In this article we are going to tell you about linux find command which will help you to find a file or directory in the computer.

Linux Find Command , Grep Find Exec

There are thousands of files which are used in the Linux file system. You can’t use ls-l command to see & find a single file from it. You can use linux find command some more commands that will help you to find a file from the disk.

Find a file in a directory

Linux find command is used to find a file in a directory. It is a recursive command which will search every file & folder to search for the filename we have given. Suppose we are going to find a file named hack. Then the command will be

find -name hack

This filter -name will tell the command to find the files whose name is hack. It will then return the path of all the directories where the file named hack is present. If we want to search in a specific directory then you can use the command like this.

find /Directory -name file-name

The above command will search all the directories & sub- directories in the specified directory for the name of file given. Output will show the path of all directory which contains that file.

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Find binary files in the path

Binary files can be found by using which command. This command will let us finding binary files in the path given. You don’t know what a binary file is, a binary file is a file which is like .exe file in windows OS. It is programs in Linux. These files are stored in bin directory (remember the file structure of linux).

linux find command
linux find command

Use these commands in the given sequence as follows

echo $path

which ls

First command will give you the path variable. Second command will search for binaries , it will return a path to the binary file.

which binaryfilename

This will show you the path where the file is stored.

Finding a file in any directory

Whereis is a command used to find a file of any type in every directory. This will show you multiple path of the file of specified name in output. It also shows the manual files path in the output.

whereis filename

This command will display all the paths in the disk where the given file name is found including the man pages

Find a file using database of file system

This task is done by a special command called Locate. Now if you want to search a file in the disk, then it will take some time, when which or Whereis command is used. Locate command will search the filename in the file system. A file system is log where the database of all the files are stored in the table. When the Locate command will search a file by its name it will check the filesystem to see whether file is found or not. It can’t find a file which is created in few hours. As the new file details are updated in the filesystem in the night hours when the system is on rest.

locate filename

This is the syntax of the command to be used. The output of the command will show multiple paths of the file. The file can be in the multiple location of disk. There can be multiple directories where file of same name exists.

This article was based in search commands that will let you find any file from the terminal. You will use these commands in linux when we will be installing servers in the computer. Remember all these commands for being an advance user.

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Learn basics of Linux hacking for hacking aspirants Part 2

basic linux commands list pdf for file and directory manipulations & navigation & Interview Questions 

In the previous part I gave a little basic for using linux file commands. This part will be on creating & working on directories. After reading & practising these command you will b able to work with files & directories. This will help you when you will be executing scripts.

Learn Linux File commands

Learn every variation of these basic linux file commands. You be exploring the files directories in some days. You should be mastered in using these file commands

Cd Command

This command was discussed earlier. Change directory is used in many variations.In the previous article we used the cd command as cd..Another variation is cd/ by which you can go to root directory, cd~ is used for moving in home directory.

Cd command is also used to move a directory from one location to other. You can use cd command to move to any directory by writing the location specifically. For ex. cd/abc/def/new-folder. Make sure Linux is a case sensitive OS , your spelling must be correct & exact letters are used. If any letter is written wrong then error message will be displayed.

One more way to use cd command is cd hackbook. Now as we are new-folder & hackbook is sub-directory in it then without writing the whole path again just write the name of subdirectory in it.

Listing command

List command will tell you all the contents that are inside a directory. This command can be used as ls. It will show you all the contents that are inside the current directory.

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This ls command can be used with two switches. These switches are -a & -l. The command ls-a will show all the content inside the directory with all the hidden files too. Next ls-l , this -l will provide all the details of file  like permissions, size , group & date of creation.

Both can be used at same time also. Like this ls-la , this will show the details of hidden files also. We will be knowing about the permissions in the next article.

linux file commands
linux file commands

Touch Command

Command to create a new file in Linux. It is used as touch newfile. We can check the details of this new file by using the command ls-la. After this command a long list will be displayed

Make new directory

To make a new directory use mkdir command. write mkdir directory name & press enter. You directory will be created in the current directory.

Use Help to know more about commands

To get the manual for using the commands in linux. Man is the command that can help you to know about the commands. You can use the man command to know for any command. For example man cd. THis will provide you the way by which this command can be used by someone.

One more way to use manual is to use -h or –help in any command . This will also work as same as the man command works. For ex cd–help. It will provide all  ways to use this cd command.

For now this is over. I hope you will practice all these commands nicely . Remember the commands, this will be used very soon.

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Learn basics of Linux hacking for hacking aspirants Part 3

Hi, friends, we are back with the third part of Linux basics. This part will be on the management of files & directories in the Linux. Here are some linux directory commands for you.

Linux Directory Commands for Managing Directories

In the previous part we started with some Linux file commands. These commands work in Linux for the creation of directories & files. If you are reading this article before reading the previous one, then you must read all the previous one so that you can learn the basic part first.

As in the last part we tried creating some files & directories in the desired location in the disk. Now we will be learning Linux directory commands that will be helping you in file management. So without wasting any time start with copy command.

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Copy Command

Using Cp command you ca copy a file from one location to other. This can be done by a given syntax. You can use Cp command in the syntax given at last. You can use Cp command in two variations.

Cp Filename with Source Destination of file 

Cp filename Destination of file

In the first line, we used Cp command by providing filename, source of file & destination of file.

In the next line no destination is given as the file is in the current directory.

This command creates one copy in the destination & the file in source directory remains unchanged.

Moving Files

There is no command to rename a file, Mv command is used by the user to move files as well as rename them.

mv /root/file-name

This command will move the file in root folder & file will be deleted from the previous location.

One more use of this command is to rename the files. This can be done by putting original name & new name in it. As given below.

mv filename newname

In the command I have not used any directory name. This is because we have moved the file filename from the current directory to the current directory. But now the name is changed to newname. Now the file filename is deleted.

linux directory commands
linux directory commands

Cat command

This command is used to view the contents of a file. Cat is short form of concatenate. Concatenate means to join two things together. What you have to do it use ls-l command to list all the files of the current directory. Now you can use cat command followed by the filename.

cat filename.

This command will show file content on the screen very fast until it reaches end of file. You can scroll to see the contents of the file.

More Command

There are two command that works like cat command but open the file as per the screen size. It will show the next line of file when you press the key. When you will press enter then the next line of the file will be shown. If you press spacebar then it will scroll one page through the screen.

more filename

Less command

This is same as more command but there are less functions in this command. The search capability of less command is more than more command.

less filename

After this command the file will be shown to you on the screen. Now you can search any string in the file by using /string-name in the file. This feature will let you prefer less command over more command.

Ifconfig Command (Networking Command)

This is the first networking command we are discussing here. This will display the details of your network & computer.


After this command will be entered. This will show you the details like IP address, netmask, broadcast address, interfaces, MAC address of my interface, etc.

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That’s all for the Linux directory commands. In the next part we will be discussing about the networking command.

If you have any questions for these commands, please let me know. Like our Facebook Page for more information. Thank you.

What is Ethical Hacking Full Online Course Explained Step by Step

What is ethical hacking full explained ?.

This article is dedicated to those who wants to know about the ethical hacking. There are many misconceptions related to hacking. I will try to remove them & provide you a pathway for the beginners so that you will be able to learn the hacking techniques & news related to it.

Ethical Hacking Online Course

Hacking is one of the misunderstood terms in the technical world. Most of us think that hacking is done by bad guys to steal someones data & harm them in the way they could. As the word hacking comes to our mind, we thought about the bank frauds & online thefts, but this is one face of hacking. This type of hacking comes under the black hat hacking. The other one is ethical hacking which we are going to discuss now. Read the whole article to know more.

Types of Hacking Practices –  Type of Computer Hack 

Hacking is not limited to the illegal things which most of the movies has told us. There are three types pf hacking i.e. black hat hacking , grey hat hacking & white hat hacking.

ethical hacking
ethical hacking]

How many Type of Hackers exists in Network Security

  1. Black hat hacking :- These type of hackers are of criminal nature. These hackers use their skills to harm people for their personal benefit. This type of hacking practices are not recommended to anyone. Ultimately these people are called cyber criminals. If they are caught doing so, they are punished as per the law.
  2. Grey hat hacking :- Grey hat hackers are those type of hackers who sometimes do some illegal activities just like black hat hackers but they do not harm others . They just do these activities for fun & learning purpose.
  3. White hat hacking :- White hat hackers breach the network security in order to check the vulnerability of the networks. These type of testing is known as penetration testing.These people are hired in the companies to secure the network from the illegal activities.

Learn ethical hacking Free step by step 

This little information abut the world of hacking is enough for the beginners. If you want to learn ethical hacking , we are going to tell you some of the online ways to learn ethical hacking. We are here to provide some names of the websites which will help you learn the basics of ethical hacking.

Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking

  1. HACKADAY :- This is one of the most popular website that provides tutorials. It has a youtube channel for the same, which provides many hacks for hardware & software.It provides learning material for networking , hardware , signals etc.
  2. EVILZONE FORUM :- This is a discussion forum where you need to register & experts will provide you the advice for the doubts you have about hacking.
  3. HackThisSite (HTS) :- HTS is a website which provides challenge to the user which helps him/her to check their abilities . It updates the user with the latest news about hacking & technology.
  4. Break the security : – The website provides various news about technology. In addition it provides many other certification to the users.
  5. EC- Council CEH Ethical Hacking Course :-  The full form for the organisation is The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants. Various certifications are provided by them. It is a professional certification body especially in hacking courses.
  6. Cybrary :- With the help of visual education , this website can helps you to become a top professional hacker.

These websites are seas of knowledge if you are ready to go for the information. If you really want to be a professional ethical hacker you can go for any of them. If you have any question related to any hacking terms , then you can ask me in the comment box that will help you to know more about it. Thank you.

What to do after you have been Hacked – 10 tips to Minimise a hacking attack

Here I am going to tell you some tricks which will provide you the tips which will let to minimise the losses after you have been hacked. So here we have 10 tips that can tell you to minimise a hacking attack.

10 Tips to Minimise the loss after Hacking attack

So here we are going to tell you some tips to defeat the effects of hacking. The digital age is a boon to all of us, but there are some bad sides of it. Phishing, ransomware & some other hack techniques are no common in the world of hacking & many of us becomes victim of these. There are daily data breaches happen & new malware comes in the world.

If you found that your system is hacked & your system is vulnerable then you should be focusing on how to minimise the loss & securing the system. Afterwards you can think about the other things.

10 tips to Minimise a hacking attack
10 tips to Minimise a hacking attack

What to After you have been Hacked

These tips are as follows.

Stay Calm , there is nothing permanent & focus on solutions

If your system is breached then it is not dangerous always. First sit quietly & think about the online security measures that you were taken earlier.

Change all the passwords & defeat the attacks

The first step after the attack is that you need to reset all the passwords. Use all the new & strong passwords that are better than those which were used earlier.Create your password using the combination of uppercase, lower case & special characters.

Do not use any old password or any combination of your personal information in your password. Sometimes we use a password which is close to previous one sub-consciously.

Check your financial Accounts & change them

Check all your financial accounts & check all the recent & previous activities for any suspicious activity. After this check all the related account & other information like mailing address & credit cards of the accounts.

Take a new credit card & cancel the previous one for the safety.

All the connected accounts create a chain of destruction

Many of us having multiple e-mail accounts that are used for each other’s verification process. Same process is applied for Bank accounts too. So you should scan all the accounts & change the passwords of all accounts.

De-authorise all connected apps

There may be many apps that are connected to your email account or Facebook account. De-authorise all the apps & leave them for a while. You have to reauthorise all the apps again but this will not left any loophole in your security.

What to do after you have been Hacked
What to do after you have been Hacked

Use Two-way Authentication for all the accounts

If you haven’t used the two way authentication for your apps then you increase the security of your account many times. Do not under-estimate the usage of two way authentication.

Recover your Accounts

All the major companies like Hotmail, Google & Facebook provides a guide to recover your account. Please check the guidelines to get your account back after you loose your account.

Outdated Security in your PC & Phones

If you run your PC & phone with older versions of OS and security updates, then the chances of being hacked increases. Hackers generally target a victim after they observe that they do not have the security updates in their devices.

Always make an habit to check the latest updates & download them.

Scan your devices for malware

Use a good anti-malware tool for the malware that left traces in your device. Download a good anti-virus & buy the payed version. The payed version will provide you better security than a free version. There re so many anti-virus available for windows users.

Always update your anti-virus every week. If your anti-virus is not updated on regular basis then there is no use of it.

Spread Awareness – If you are hacked you can prevent others

As you go through the painful situations of being hacked , you can spread the security tips with your friends & family so that they can prevent themselves from being hacked.

Awareness is power & this will lead to crime free society.

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Top 4 Books to learn hacking in 2018 – Hacker Book Free Download PDF

Buy Hacking Books at low prices in India In Hindi and English PDF Format. Learn Pen testing and other Hacking Tools for better career

Hacking Books Free Download Hacking Books in Hindi PDF

Hacking is one of the misunderstood topic in the computer world. This term is sometimes related to theft. I can’t convince you that they are wrong but these secret knowledge needs to be shred to other aspirants who are willing to learn hacking. Here we will tell you about some hacking books.

Ethical hacking books PDF in 2017 – List of 2017 Hacking Readables


As I gave a detailed introduction about hacking in my previous post. If you haven’t read that then you must read that from here. Most of the aspirants who want to build their career in hacking don’t even know what they should do to learn hacking. The name of some books will are listed for all the young readers who want to learn hacking. These books will provide you some basics that will let you have a rough idea about hacking.

Ethical hacking books free download in Hindi

As the website is made in India, I can’t forget my country people. If someone is interested to buy the hacking books in Hindi language, he can check the details from the link given.

Learn hacking from hacking books

Without proper guidance, you can never learn anything about the field. These books will be a milestone in your hacking journey. I request you not to practice any unethical experiment that violates any cyber law.

Ethical hacking books PDF in 2017 - List of 2017 Hacking Readables
Ethical hacking books PDF in 2017 – List of 2017 Hacking Readables

These books will provide you basics of security practices made in network to ensure that it is safe from the hackers. The language of these books & the method of explanation is that simple that any naive reader can learn from these. The learning process starts from normal penetration testing to information gathering & exploitation of systems.

The tools that are used in the learning process are Parrot Linux , Nessus ,Fast Track Autopawn, Netcat, Hacker Defender rootkit and many more. There will be a clear understanding of these tools. The description includes the working of tools, exploitation in network. The explanation will turbo boost your career.

Top Hacking Books 2017

BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner’s Guide

This is one of the straight forward conceptual book that will help you to do practical in your lab. The experiments will start from the basic to the higher level. Every experiment & lesson will become more advance than the previous version. This will provide you enough confidence to call yourself a hacker. After having a thorough understanding with the book you will be able to do attack on network.

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition

A book that is considered best for the beginners. The books can provide you some example of the difficulties that are faced by the beginner who is trying to attack someone. The obstacles & the internal working is explained in details to the reader so that he can have a better understanding with the concepts.


This book will take more time from you to explain all the programming, shell scripts & exploitation ideas. There will be deep explanation by the writer for the reader until he does his first experiment in attacks. Concepts of corrupt system, wireless encryption cracking and network attacks etc are the topics that I recommend you not to skip them.

CEH Certified Ethical Hacker All-in-One Exam Guide

This book is written for the complete course of EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker. Before you start reading this book you must be having a little knowledge about the basic networking. The most important aspect of this book is the mind soothing examples that will let you learn.

Metasploit: The Penetration Tester’s Guide

A book especially based on penetration testing. The tool which is a very popular tool in hacking i.e. metasploit. The beginners may not have any knowledge of this tools. This will help the user to work in Metasploit framework which helps you in discovering vulnerability in the network. After the complete reading the reader can be able to work with penetration testing in the Metasploit framework.

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If you like our article then please tell us in the comment box. You can tell about some more books to us that we haven’t written here. Waiting for your response. Thank You.

Top 10 Hacking Tools for Linux & Windows

Hacking is all about being updated with all the tools & technology that are coming in the world. Hackers know the tools used in hacking in order to use them in hacking process. More the knowledge of hacking tools, more the exploitation can be done by hacker.

In this article we are going to provide you the details of the hacking tools so a person who is willing to become a hacker can read the details & learn about them. A brief introduction for all the tools are given to you. I advise you to study more about these Hacking tools. This will provide you enough information to you for your hacking career.

Popular Hacking Tools


  1. It is an abbreviation of network mapper. This is a network mapping tool which helps hosts in a large networks. It can scan all the hosts in the network. It was actually designed for the large network but if you will use it in a single user then it will work perfectly fine. This application is available on all platforms like Linux, windows & Mac. It was started as a command line tool but with the advancement in technology called Zenmap there is a GUI version available. This is a very popular tool for system administration. It is mainly used to check hosts , upgrade service & what firewall it is using.

The Metasploit Project

A very useful tool used for the penetration testing by a hacker. This helps the hacker to know about the security breaches of a network & audit them. It also creates an efficient management system for the network functionality. The most popular tool is named as open source Metasploit Framework Project. Somewhere it is also used for anti-forensic and evasion purposes.

Cain & Cabel

This is a passwords recovery tool for the Microsoft application. It used many techniques in order to recover passwords. These passwords are nor recovered by the software anomaly but through various protocol breaches. It uses techniques like recovering wireless network keys, revealing password boxes, using Dictionary, Brute-Force and Cryptographic analysis attacks, recording VoIP conversations, decoding scrambled passwords, uncovering cached passwords and analyzing routing protocols. It is one of simplified tools for the password recovery. It can put some non-ethical utility in the windows PC.


This software is developed to detect vulnerability in the networks. This actually works on the principle of black box testing that means it does not study the programming. It analyze the html code to audit the security vulnerability in the network.


If you are in the middle of LAN attacks &you don’t want to lose the access then Ettercap is suitable then. It uses many techniques in order to create an access for the user & make multiple attacks on the target. The attacks includes unauthorized access, passwords attack & many more.

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It is a scanning tool which can scan the system remotely. It checks for the network vulnerability. To ensure the safety it runs 1200 tests on the network so that it can confirm that there is no security leak in the network. It is detects any of them it alarm the admin to know about it & fixes it before happening anything suspicious.

Angry IP scanner

Angry IP scanner is a very light weight IP scanner which is used to track IP & get the details of the host & other details Like MAC address & port number. This is done by checking very IP & detect if it is alive. This supports plugin. Any java code writer can write a plugin for it & adds the functions of this IP scanner.

John The Ripper

This tool is used to help the commercial network admin to decide a password to be weak or strong. A weak password can create more vulnerable situation in a network. It is a open source software designed for a Unix system. There is commercial version available for the users who like to have a GUI based application.

THC Hydra

It is a very light weight password detection tool . It is a very fast tool for the guess a password by using dictionary to find a combination of password & username. THC uses POP3 , IMAP , LDAP , VNC,SSH & SMB.

Burp Suite

Burp Suite is a integrated platform to find out the security attacks on a web application. This process includes testing, analysis, mapping to find out the various security aspects which can be exploited.

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There are many other tools which are yet to be explored in the time. But as a beginner & to deepen your understanding you must use them for at least once so that you will be able to have some decent knowledge in the field of hacking.

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