Hack wi-fi password with these android apps in 2017

Using wi-fi for using Internet is a very common practice in 2017. But sometimes when we are outside & we don’t have mobile data. Then we open our wi-fi to check if there is a open wi-fi network through which we can connect. If we know how to hack wi-fi using android phone then this could be a boon to us.

Hack wi-fi using Android Phone

People always spend thier time in finding the method to hack a wi-fi network using android phone. This has become one of the most searched query on Internet according to the statistics of Google. IF you are reading this article your search has ended now. This article will provide you the names of the android apps that were designed to hack someone’s wi-fi using android phone.

After learning the method I don’t suggest you to hack someone wi-fi & start using their data for fun. This information must be used by the person when he is in bad need to using Internet in case of emergency.The apps that we are describing here are included in the list due the positive reviews of users.

hack wi-fi using android
hack wi-fi using android

Hack wi-fi using Android apps

These applications can be downloaded from the links given.

  1. wi-fi hacker for free :- A very simple & powerful app that can bypass any firewall & hack wi-fi. This app is best for non-technical person. It can break the security of any wi-fi network in few clicks. You can download it from here.
  2. Wi-fi password breaker: – This app is as same as the above , only a difference is that of having a better User Interface for it.Download it from here.
  3. Wi-fi Hacker professional: – This app is designed for a technical person who have enough knowledge about the networks. Using this app can improve your image between your friends. You friend circle will think you as a hacking pro. Download it from here.
  4. Wi-fi and Router Password Finder: – This app can work in offline mode too. If you are aware about the hardware that is used for the wi-fi then it is very easy for you to hack the password of that network. What to need to do is to enter model number & version of wi-fi router. You can download it from here.
  5. Hack Wi-fi: – One of the most advanced android hacking app for wi-fi networks. This app has a good UI & UX for it. You can download it from here.
  6. Wi-fi password key: – Wi-fi password key creates the key for WEP & WAP passwords of a wi-fi network. This whole process can take up to five minutes. You can download it from here.
  7. Hack Wi-fi Prank: – This app do not hack any wi-fi network but this is made for fun purpose. You can do prank with your friends. It will create fake password for the wi-fi networks that are visible in the range. You can download it from here.

Please tell us your feedback while using these apps. Drop a comment in the comment box if you have any questions or suggestion. Thank you.